7 Ways To Avoid Tangling Your Earbuds

Earbuds are a common accessory for many people, and they can be very useful. They allow you to listen to music without having to use your phone, and they don’t require any cords getting in the way of things like walking or running. But if you’re anything like me, you’ve experienced that dreaded moment when your earbuds get tangled up into an impossible knot. There’s no need for those annoying tangles! In this blog post, we’re going to explore 7 ways that will help keep your earbuds tangle-free!

7 Ways To Avoid Tangling Your Earbuds

1. Budwrap

One of the most elegant and convenient solutions to carrying your earbuds is without a doubt, Budwrap. The sleek design makes it seem like you’re wearing nothing at all!

The inventor successfully completed his Kickstarter campaign so now we can finally get these bad boys out into circulation. Simply wrap them up in one of their fabric sleeves and go about doing whatever else needs attention. While still listening through top-notch sound quality (even if that means running an errand).

2. Stashcord

The Stashcord is a cool device for headphones that prevents tangling. It does not require you to wrap, kink, or otherwise damage your headphone cable at all like other methods do so it’s never been easier to have untangled cords! Simply slide on the lightweight fabric over one end of the cord when ready to stash them away and then pull downward until snug before securing both ends with ties (or pins). You could also remove this pouch from time to time but again – just takes slightly longer than wrapping things uptight every single day as needed.

3. Smart wraps

I don’t know about you, but when I’m using a set of earphones and my cord is getting tangled up with everything else on the ground or in my bag there’s this constant nagging at me that won’t stop until it’s finally untangled.

Smart wraps are a silicone rubber earphone cable management system that can be used to wrap your extra cords. They look very similar, if not exactly like something an electrician might use for wrapping up excess wire in their work area. The idea is just to put the cord around these SmartWrap-ized loops on both ends and then tie them off at different points with chains or other simple knots – preventing tangles while keeping everything neat!

4. Use The 8-Fold Method

When you want to keep your earphones free from tangling, the 8-fold loop is a common technique. The idea behind this method is that we fold the cable into an “8” shape by first holding both ends with one hand while winding more cord around our fingers until about 2 inches of it remains outside their grip on either side (making sure not too much gets past). Once formed like so: slide out and use thumb/index finger for hold; wrap remaining length tightly around center section held between those two points – now have secured tangle-free wire!

5. Zipbuds

With the rise of wireless headphones, it’s exciting to see designers push boundaries and create innovative new designs. Finally able to enjoy your tunes without being tangled up in cords! One trend we’ve seen pop-up recently is this cool pair called “Zipper Earbuds”. They have an interesting look with their heavy metal construction as well as sleek black zippers running down each side which make them kind of trendy looking too. On one hand, these things might be more trouble than they’re worth because you’ll need two hands when taking off or putting on these clunky accessories, but then again who wouldn’t want a set of fashion-forward headphones?

6. Craft An Earphone Holder From A Hard Card

If you have an old or expired card, use it to create a unique earphone holder. This low-cost solution will keep your cords untangled and free from damage while also storing the headphones safely on their own little rack for easy access in any situation! Make two small holes at one end of each side using matches as needed (you can find these easily enough). Then cut along both lines until they meet up again just above where we want our first slot through which all three pieces slide together.

7. Use A Binder Clip

One way to keep your earbuds tangle-free is by using a binder clip. Securely wrap the cord around it, then secure with an additional tie-off at either end. So they stay in place and don’t get jumbled upon themselves during use – this will also allow you more space for other items if needed. Once fitted properly, attach one side of the clip onto any desk. While keeping another somewhere within or outside its storage bag. Be sure not just leave these hanging out there freely where people can trip over them accidentally (I know from experience). They make excellent gifts too.

So there you have it! These are some of my favorite tips for making sure your headphones stay tangle-free. If avoiding the hassle is not an option, try using flat cables. Like those by Monster iSport or Plantronics MICE 2 Stream. Because they will still provide great sound quality without any tangling whatsoever.