Beachcomber Mac Sports Wagon Review (Heavy Duty Collapsible Cart)

What defines a heavy-duty cart and why should you buy one for your next beach trip?

Heavy-duty carts are primarily defined by their weight carrying capacity. While a standard beach cart can haul the load up to 100 lbs., a heavy-duty cart, like beachcomber mac wagon, is expected to carry approximately two times the weight. Anything less than that will strip off the cart of its title of heavy-duty.

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The answer to the second part of the question varies from person to person. There is no need to buy a cart, forget a heavy-duty cart, to carry a few items like a pair of chairs, some electronic accessories, an umbrella, or some snacks to the beach. You can haul them yourself quite effortlessly and conveniently. However, if the items you are carrying weighs more than 100 lb., it is practically impossible to carry all of them on a single trip from the parking to the beach. A cart, preferably a heavy-duty cart, comes very handy in this scenario.

For the users not looking for one beast of a cart and just need a simply designed cart with an average capacity of 100 lbs., wonder wheeler beach cart is an excellent choice to consider. Those who are at the opposite end of the spectrum, really in need of a beast cart, Wheeleez Heavy-Duty Beach Cart is a case in point.

I have dedicated this mini-article to the most inexpensive, yet valuable, heavy-duty cart. The product is reviewed to an extent that it encompasses all the necessary, and even unnecessary, details for the interested buyers.


Beachcomber Macsports All-terrain Beach Wagon Review


  • The weight carrying capacity of 150 lbs.
  • Durable 600 D fabric
  • It can be easily assembled.
  • Sturdy stainless steel frame
  • Convenient Compact Storage
  • 1-year limited warranty

Though not an effective criterion to appraise a product, the brand identity contributes heavily to the claims made by the product. Top-notch brands go the extra mile to meet all the essential standards, and sometimes beyond that, to sustain their market share. Therefore, the brand name—in our case, Mac Sports—shall be given due importance.

Established in 1993, Mac Sports has climbed the ladder quite effectively in the outdoor accessories market. It has beaten its competitors by rigorous innovation and providing a quality product. Lest you accuse me of digressing from topic, let’s get straight to the details.

1. Weight capacity:

This wagon can carry almost 150 lbs., a considerably high capacity for a cart. Two things contribute to the weight carrying capacity: the first, a sturdy frame, and the second, a durable fabric. We will discuss the matter in detail.

The geometry of the cart also plays a crucial role as an open cart/wagon like the one under consideration can accommodate a great variety of items. For instance, you can fit in it a couple of chairs, cooler, canopy, electronic accessories, and nearly all other essential items in the cart and will have, even then, some space left to add more. For a single person or a small family, the weight capacity will never be an issue.

2. Wheels:

For beach carts or wagons, wheels are the sole parameter that defines the comfort of the ride. The heavy-duty wagon almost always comes with large wheel size, and beachcomber mac wagon is no different. Extra-large wheels, 4″ wide and 10″ in diameter, don’t sink in the sand even if you add load beyond the cart capacity. They tread smoothly and effortlessly on the sand and can be ridden on different terrains.

As far as the material of the wheel is concerned, nothing is there to be worth praising. The featured wheels are of plastic which, in contrast to high-quality polyurethane wheels, are not very dependable. Another discouraging factor is the irritating sound they make on pavement much similar to the cheap kids tricycles.


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3. Quality of frame and material:

For a heavy-duty wagon, the frame must be made up of stainless steel and the fabric must be of high-quality material—polyester or canvas. This wagon doesn’t disappoint in both.

For the frame, the material choice of stainless steel is satisfactory. It could have been of carbon fiber or aluminum to keep the overall weight low, but that would surely have increased the price of the wagon. A wagon with a little over 100 $ price tag shall not be expected to feature such high-quality components.

The fabric is made up of 600 D polyester. Without getting into the arcane knowledge of thickness unit denier, you should set your heart at rest with the brief statement: 600 D means thicker and heavier material, and the thicker and heavier material the better resistant it would be of tearing and ripping.

4. The convenience of use:

I have already discussed earlier how wheel size adds to the convenience of use in a wagon. The other factors that also play a major role include foldability, the design of pulling the handle, and the weight of the cart.

As far as overall weight is concerned, this wagon is a little bit heavier—it weighs almost 23 lbs. The foldability of the cart, and the ease with which you can do it, are desirable in all carts for the sake of saving storage space. The handle can be adjusted to the 34-inch height at max, so anyone can pull the cart with ease.

One added factor is the 12 inches raised platform of the cart. It minimizes the chances of sand or water getting into the tub. And even if it happens, you can easily wash the wagon.

5. Adaptability:

By adaptability, I refer to the ability of the van to tread smoothly on all kinds of terrains. If a cart can do this, it becomes one of the few things that add great value to your life. Fortunately, this beachcomber mac wagon is going to be one. As already mentioned, it has extra-large wheels for hauling all kinds of gears including fishing, gardening, and sports. Also, the open geometry doesn’t limit the shape of the items it could carry.

  1. Dirt Cheap
  2. Durable
  3. Versatile
  4. Foldable
  5. All-Terrain Wheels
  6. Backed by warranty
  1. The wheels make an irritating sound on the pavement.

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