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If you have ridden a bike even once, you would have experienced the extra power you need to pedal with when there is a wind blowing across or towards you. Scientists and experimentations have confirmed that most of your effort during bike riding is invested in overcoming the air resistance. Aero road bike is an ingenious invention by which levels of that effort can be reduced, as the name depicts, are aerodynamically feasible.

They are designed to reduce drag which as a result, reduces the effort of a cyclist and enables him to ride faster on a road or other commuting tracks.

These bikes are an embodiment of senseful engineering, stylish outlook, compromised comfort and heavyweight than normal road or endurance bikes.

So which are the best aero road bikes under $2000 out there?

You need to resist the temptation for a while as we will first-script down some of the differentiating features of a general aero bike.


What Makes An Aero Bike?

1. Vigorous geometry:

Specific changes are made in the geometry of an aero bike to aid in the reduction of air resistance. Firstly, the length of the headtube is shorter which creates a reserved frontal profile. Secondly, it will have a larger frame reach. It is the horizontal distance from the center of the bottom axle to the headtube. Due to these alterations, discomfort might creep up a rider and he may incur body aches and this becomes inevitable if the rider is not flexible enough to conform to the desired posture for such bikes.

2. Aerodynamic properties:

The tubes of the frame are usually thick and tapered to be more slippery that can effectively decrease the degree of drag. They have a straight top tube, unlike endurance bikes that have inclined top tubes. This is done to reduce the frontal profile of the rider. Also, they have deep section wheels ranging from 40-80mm to enhance the degree of aerodynamic property.

3. Integration:

This is specific to aero bikes. They will commonly have frame cutouts for cable routing. You would seldom see any cables on a good aero bike. Brakes are usually hard to spot because they are either shielded by the bottom bracket or concealed by some other ingenious methods but in this price range, this feature is hard to come by.

4. Large gear ratios:

Aero bikes are meant to be quicker so they are fitted with gear ratios that permit high speeds. A 53/39 crankset is traditional but it can vary. This feature is not largely specific.

Some of you might expect disk brakes and unique shielding mechanisms for the brakes but within such price range, it is unjustified and all of the models to be discussed will not be largely accessorized.

Let’s now move on to the main body of the article.


Best Aero Bikes Under 2000

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1. SAVA HERD 6.0 T800 (Best Carbon Fiber Bike Under 2000)

SAVADECK is a recognized brand that deals in many unique bike ranges and accessories. A carbon fiber frame and tires are the top highlights of this model.

It features TORAY 800 Carbon fiber frame which is engraved upon with a sleek design of 4 varying colors. The frame is lightweight and tapered to avoid air resistance especially the head tube has a smooth and slippery finish that reduces drag by a great amount. The carbon fork helps to absorb the vibrations which make it a good option for several terrains like muddy mountain roads, plain tarmac or grassy patches. Integration of carbon fiber in the whole of the bike causes the weight to be only 19 pounds which comes across as a surprise in the field of aero bikes. Not only this, it is very high in strength and doesn’t bend easily.

Shimano 105 components make up the drivetrain. Shimano is a name synonymous to high-class quality and widespread usage so there are no issues regarding the transmission of this bike. Shimano RD-7000 front and rear derailleur work seamlessly to allow a total of 22 speed variations. The Shimano speed shifter is user-friendly in design and works with just the right amount of force. It has a 54/34T crankset which works just fine too.

The model comes with a 50mm carbon wheelset with 20/24 spoke count that offers unobstructed handling, good support, effectual traction and augmented streamlining. Most aero bikes come with aluminum or steel frames but the high-end material choice even in this regard bestows this bike with a commendable performance. It doesn’t have disk brakes but V-brakes which can be regarded as a shortcoming because had it been disk brakes, the bike would have been modernized-equipped in all regards.

The cables are internally routed as you would expect and the saddle is very comfortable. You can adjust the height of the seat post and the position of the handlebars to devise a posture of your liking and that will permit high speed. The frame contains bolts for attachment of bottle holders and comes 85% assembled although it is not uncommon to expect misaligned geometries due to the delivery.

  • TORAY 800 Carbon fiber frame
  • Lightweight
  • 500 carbon wheels which are more durable
  • Shimano 105 drivetrain
  • User friendly handlebar and comfortable saddle
  • Internally routed cables
  • Chances of misaligned geometry which can be corrected easily



2. Eagle Z2 ULTEGRA Aero Road Bike

Eagle Z2 is a high-end aero bike and is the second member of the Eagle Z series. It resembles the first model in many ways.

First of all, the frame is fabricated out of the Japanese 700 series carbon fiber. It grants the strength and lightweights to the bike which is crucial for achieving high speeds. The frame is characterized by tapered and short head tubes and a thick chamfered down tube. The frame divides into the seat stays millimeters away from the back wheel. This design prompts the existence of high aerodynamic capabilities.

The fork connects rigidly with the frame to absorb the vibrations and prevent their transmission to the rider’s body. Secondly, it contains V brakes rather than disc brakes which gives acceptable braking power but struggles a bit in wet conditions. Bolts for bottle holders are located at exactly the same locations as well.

Thirdly, it is fitted with Shimano drivetrain with a slight difference in the components’ type. It features Shimano Ultegra shifters and derailleurs which are pretty much the same in performance to Shimano 105. The crankset is Apollo however and it allows a total of 11 speeds. The chainring is beautifully adorned with blade design.

Fourthly, the wheelset is made of carbon fiber but with 65mm rims instead of 50mm. The number of spokes is the same. Aero bikes contain less number of spokes as a measure to minimize drag. The handlebar is fully padded and gives no clues of hand fatigue upon long riding commutes. The saddle is snug with adjustable seat post for all sizes. This model is available in four sizes.

  • Japanese 700 series carbon fiber frame
  • Shimano and Apollo drivetrain allowing 11 speeds
  • 65mm carbon wheels
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Loose flywheel that makes noise and needs to be tightened before use


3. SAVADECK Phantom 2.0

SAVADECK features again in this list with another versatile bike with varying classy color combinations and high utility.

Single-piece frame is manufactured out of TORAY T800 Carbon Fiber and is equipped with the general aerodynamic considerations which include a short, 12 cm headtube (medium size), a bigger frame reach of 37.4cm than normal road bikes, and a thicker down tube. The fork connects seamlessly with the frame allowing no chance of misalignment or disengagement. Smoothness and precision have been indulged in the surface finish of the bike’s body. It weighs only 17 pounds despite being massively brawny.

As for the drivetrain, it includes Shimano Ultegra 8000 parts starting from the front and rear derailleurs to the 22-speed shifter and a 50/34T crankset; every component works without any error and gives a larger power output using less force which increases the driving efficiency of the rider.

The seat post, tube and stays are designed after vigorous testing in the wind tunnel and are approved to be aerodynamically contoured and stable. The cables are routed internally to further reduce drag but a minor overlook error is the presence of unshielded rear V-brake caliper. It could have been hidden under the stays to augment the drag-reduction quality.

Phantom’s saddle is claimed to be selected by 60% of Italy’s professional Cycling team so it is up to the ranks of a highly comfortable and well-positioned seat. 700x25c Maxxis tires account for a good grip and smooth, relaxed run over long commutes.

  • Toray T800 carbon fiber frame and fork
  • Aerodynamic design all the way
  • Shimano Ultegra 8000 drivetrain
  • Saddle chose by Italy’s professional cyclists
  • Rear V-brake could have been shielded for further drag-reduction


4. BEIOU 700C Carbon Aero Bike

The aforementioned model will mark the conclusion of this list. It comes in two colors with both characterized with smooth curves over the black, glossy base.

Carbon fiber is used in the manufacture of frame and fork. While it provides superior strength to the frame, it grants acceptable shock absorbing capability to the bike. The tube profiles are tapered to provide aerodynamic relevance and the headtube is short to gain a low frontal profile.

Whole of the drivetrain is assembled with Shimano 105 components that are effectual in running and hardly incurs maintenance issues. Front and rear derailleur, crankset and speed shifter function in a cohesive manner to allow 22 speeds depending on the speed you desire and the terrain you are riding on.

Its handlebars are gel-padded, the brake handles and shifters are positioned perfectly, cables are routed through frame cut-outs and saddle is lined with thin leatherette for a comfortable, soothing, non-aching ride all around.

The wheels are 700x23c with the aluminum frame but are a little less deep. In fact, the tires are not very stable and cannot sustain a weight more than 200lbs.

  • Carbon fiber frame
  • Shimano 105 components used in the drivetrain
  • Aerodynamically feasible
  • Wheels are not sturdy and deep enough


Conclusion (Editor’s Verdict On Best Aero Road Bikes)

Validating a top pick from this list is hard because all of the models are fairly the same in performance parameters with little downsides.

One of the deciding factors for the best aero bike could be the price, SAVADECK Phantom 2.0 and Eagle Z2 are better but much heavier on the pocket.

The other factor might be the type of frame used. All of the featured bikes are made of carbon fiber but of varying nature. Strengths can be compared through technical datasheets to pick up the strongest yet flexible carbon fiber.

The article has been summed up after carefully analyzing the ratings on each bike and their individual information is scripted keeping in view the customer reviews on Amazon and technical specifications, therefore, we suggest you make your decision depending on them, without worrying about bogus credibility.

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