Best Bikes For Kids in 2021 [Especially For 2 To 8 Years Old Kids]

Is it too early for a 8-year-old to give a bike? Well, no. Kids, nowadays want to develop abilities themselves and are excited when provided with opportunities.

Balancing and riding a bike is one of the first learning experiences of your kids and it’s fun too.

They love to take out their glossy and cleaned bikes from the garage and ride it on the streets near to the house and cherish the thrill they experience when they whizz down the slope speedily to help them balance the bike over some distance.

Many rides with their friends who help each other in balancing the ride. It is a great activity and an important one too, both for mental and physical nourishment.

Alongside this, it helps your kid to bond with other children, develop within him a learning aptitude and the desire to not give up.

Many medical officers recommend at least an hour of physical activity for young kids every day and regard bike riding to be an effective way of doing it.

It helps with the focus and studies have proven that kids who pedal to school develop a better focus than those who don’t.

Best Bike For Kids

Giving a bike to kid will give him a healthy past time and a nourishing activity but which bikes are perfect for a 2 to 8 year-old kids?

There are some considerations for such a bike. It should be light-weight so that balancing it is easy. You can buy the one with trying wheels but then your kid won’t learn how to balance it which is the most important thing.

You can phase him through a process whereby he can start with two trying wheels followed by only one after some time and when he is able to balance the bike on one side, you can take off both wheels and make him learn to ride accordingly. A 12-14’’ bike is suitable for such age group because generally, the kids of this age group have inseam lengths of 13-17 inches.

We would be talking about some of the best bikes for your little heroes. Some would carry trying wheels while others without them, some would be expensive while other quite affordable.

We try to cover every sect of parents and so the final verdict for the best bike will be yours. We would just give a complete and sincere review of the model which we think is best for a 4-year-old kid.

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1. JoyStar Vintage 14’’ – Best Bike For 4-year-old Kids 2020

The first bike features a model that is equipped with trying wheels. It is a beige bike with the option of two colored trying wheels. The seat height is adjustable between 20-24 inches which is the optimal range for 4-year-old kids.

It is supported by a strong spring which allows for a comfortable ride even on road bumps. The saddle material is leatherette which is very soft and snug. Make sure to adjust the saddle’s height such that both feet of your child touch the ground.

The handlebar is also adjustable depending on the height of the child and the size of his/her arms. It contains leather grips which are softer than the elementary rubber ones.

To make up for an enjoyable riding experience for your kid, the cycle also contains a front basket that is fashioned out of plastic that can be the spot for the rider’s favorite toys, dolls or other gadgets.

They can load the toys that they need to play within the park and unload them when they reach the destination. The basket can even be used to carry an everyday item like eggs which kids often break if supported on the handlebars.

The frame is cast out of premium steel and is sturdy to sustain the bumps, scratches, and falls that are integral for a bike learning experience.

It contains a unique roast brake which is employed by pushing the pedals backward and stopping the bike. The chain area is shielded with a frame so that your kid’s clothes won’t get stuck in it.

The weight is an issue for this bike as it around 20 lbs heavy which makes it difficult to carry and balance for the kids once the trying wheels get removed.

But other than that, it is a great bike for your kid’s first ever ride. It comes with an easy-to-read and stepwise installation guide because the cycle comes only 85% assembled.

  • Plastic basket to carry toys
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Protection around the chain area
  • Unique roast brake
  • Heavier weighing about 20 lbs



2. RoyalBaby Freestyle Bike – Best Bike For 5 Year Old

RoyalBaby specializes in manufacturing kids bikes and has presented the world with sublime models one after the other over the years. Their material selection is lab-tested and complete safety standards.

This bike comes in sizes from 12-20 inches but we will be discussing only the range of 12-14 inches.

The model is available in seven vibrant colors and has a strong frame that can withstand bumps and jerks. There are plenty of features to talk about. Firstly, the tires are made out of pneumatic rubber and are 2.4 inches wide that promotes a safe and stable journey.

The wider contact area lowers the applied pressure on the tire when passing over stones or pebbles and the chances of damage decrease.

There is a water bottle stand at the back of the saddle which can be filled with cold water, juice or energy drinks for your kid while he cruises along the streets.

There is even a bell on the handle that he can ring when encountered by someone in front. It will give him road sense and on the other side, children love to ring the bells just for excitement too.

There are two options for a brake, One is the hand brake for the front tire and the coaster brake for stopping the back tire.

It can be employed by turning the pedals backward. These dual safety brakes help ensure maximum safety for the kids even when they drive through moderate traffic or are faced by the sudden emergence of any kind.

The chain guard covers the whole of the chain and there is absolutely no chance of clothes being meddled in it. The trying wheels feature a rubber covering that reduces the noise and are wider in a placement that accounts for better stability while riding.

The adjustable saddle is a bit small for our liking but soft and contains back support as well. The company seems to have invested serious thought in every aspect of the design.

The crank is one piece and the package arrives 95% assembled.

The major problem with this bike is also the weight. It is around 21lbs so is hard to carry around and balance on the two driving tires.

The trying wheels can become loose but with the use of thread locker, this issue can be easily resolved. It’s an affordable yet fully functional bike with enough features to bring a wide smile on the face of your kid.

  • Two brakes
  • Provision of water bottle and a bell
  • Wider tires give a stable ride
  • The trying wheels are wide and have rubber covering to reduce noise
  • Seven colors available
  • Heavy
  • The saddle is a bit small



3.  COEWSKE 14″ – Best Kids Bike Under 150

This is an attractively adorned bike with a unique feature of a back doll seat where your kid’s favorite doll, teddy or penguin can sit and be a companion for the ride.

This model is available in six different colors and comes with a complete toolbox. Pretty similar in functionality to the RoyalBaby bike but with an exciting doll seat feature, some of the colors and sizes of this bike cost more than the regular price which is expensive than the previous two models.

The 2.125’’ wide knobby air-filled tire compensate for a smooth and stable journey that can efficiently roll over small hindrances.

The stable is a bit hard for our liking as it doesn’t contain any leather or foam covering. Likewise RoyalBaby bike, It contains a set of two brakes: the front and the coaster which means more flexibility when it comes to stopping the bike.

Footrest is wider than general footrests which allow the rider to deliver minimum effort while paddling.

Chainguard is fully covered and the handgrips are flanged. This ensures a strong grip and doesn’t allow any slippage.

Handlebar streamers is another cool addition to the design because of the kids at this each love decorative entities.

Your kids could place their bed toy on the doll seat and go for a ride around the house or along the society’s street with streamers flying in the air and the bell dangling. Imagine the thrill that will captivate your angels.

The features list doesn’t end here. You have the option to choose between two styles of the front plastic basket as well: one with flowers and the other without it.

We highly doubt that your kids would opt for the one without flowers. It’s that part of their age!

It weighs 20 lbs and comes with 95% finished assembly. You only have to connect the pedals, trying wheels, handlebar and the saddle.

  • Presence of doll seat, front basket and a bell
  • Available in six different colors
  • Good hand grip
  • Streamers is an exciting add-on
  • Wider footrest for minimum effort exertion during pedaling
  • Heavy
  • The saddle is a bit hard
  • Some colors are expensive



4.  Huffy 12’’ Spiderman – Best 12 Inch Boys Bike

If your kid is a Spiderman fanatic, this is the bike for him. Completely submerged in the design element supporting the character of Spiderman, this bike will be a treat for him and can be a handy tool by which he can boast in his friends’

This is a 12-inch bike with a durable steel body frame that is different in design. It features a diamond-shaped design rather than the more general two-beamed design. This allows for even weight distribution through the bike.

The adjustable saddle is not largely puffy but comfortable and has a graphic of Spiderman on it. Even more thrilling is the handlebar area.

The classic web design is integrated on the handlebar and there are hooks through which action figures or other toys can be attached.

It is supported by red grips that are embellished with a webbed design at the start of them. When seen from the front, it resembles a Spider-man classy vehicle that is ready to remove the crime of the world.

The back also features a similar web design to make it a wholesome package. The chain area is fully guarded with a blue covering that is embellished with a design that is sleek. The trying wheels are easy to connect but the plastic tires make noise when a ride is on the way.

The package contains the assembly guide which is only 5-step that is both quick and simple. You would only require an adjustable wrench to connect all the disconnected parts of the bike.

It weighs 19 pounds, contains a coaster brake and costs a little above $150 which is an expensive take but provided the decorative nature of the bike; such a price demand is justified.

Huffy retains its mission to provide kid-loving models of bike that are reliable and strong.

  • Integrated with Spiderman design everywhere including the frame, handlebar and saddle
  • Chain area is fully guarded
  • Highly adjustable handlebar height & angle and seat height
  • The trying wheels make noise
  • The seat is not very puffy
  • Expensive



5. WOOM 2 – Best Bicycle For Kids 2020

A supreme combination of top-notch components, frame design and adjustability is fed into this bike coming from a renowned company like WOOM Bikes.

This company creates the best bikes for every age group and is credited with many awards regarding quality, safety standards, and reliability.

WOOM 2 is a brilliant purchase but only if you are willing to pay a considerably high amount of money. This single info is enough to discard many of the desired candidates. The rest of the description is for those who can afford to pay this much.

This bike comes in four different colors and is fabricated with kid-friendly geometry. It is a seamless transition from non-pedal bikes to pedal

bikes. The design permits a low center of gravity for enhanced stability and a long wheelbase for reduced exerted pressure and directional stability combined with lightweight aluminum construction.

The chosen material reduces the weight of the bike to only 12 lbs which are easy to control and pick.

The absence of trying wheels in this model is related to its lightweight. A heavy bike is difficult to balance but a lighter bike can be controlled even without trying wheels and the concept behind this model is to help kids learn bike riding rather than just letting them ride.

The 14-inch model includes front and rear brakes along with coaster brakes. The front and rear brakes are color-coded to educate the child about which brake he should press in particular situations.

This trio of stopping capability provides for a completely safe ride along with a comprehensive learning experience for your kid.

The saddle and handlebar are fully adjustable and provided this bike will go a long way with your kid, you can change the heights as he transits in terms of age and learning aptitude.

The only negative point of this bike is the absence of protection on the chain area which may result in injuries. In spite of this, this is a reliable and strong option if you have that amount of money.

  • Lightweight and easy to balance
  • Kid-friendly design
  • Color coded trio of brakes
  • Reliable and long lasting
  • Very expensive
  • No protection in the chain area



6. Schwinn 14″ – Full Cover Bike For Kids

Featuring three different colors, this strongly built 14-inch bike is another great option for your little ones. The durable steel frame resembles the RoyalBaby with a slight bend in the upper arm.

The saddles can be easily adjusted with a wrench, is not very soft but contains back support for stabilizing the rider in an upright position.

This ensures that he doesn’t damage his posture which is likely to happen if he rides too long on a fixed posture.

This stand can also be used to tow the bike or hang packages. There is also a small reflector with the saddle which is a cool addition.

The braking area is fully covered with a front caliper brake and a coaster brake. This allows the kids to go through an easy transition period to a larger, hand-brake-only bike with the passage of time.

The chain guard is fully covered which is a standard in such bikes and the trying wheels come with the set.

Of course, they can be removed once the kid is confident enough to ride without them. A similar problem of plastic trying wheels is associated with this bike too.

It makes noise while riding. Had it been covered by rubber, the model would have been more fitting.

The handlebar can be adjusted and it features a plastic base that is connected upfront which is specifically a number plate. This would give rise to a feeling of ownership t your kid.

The grips are soft and gentle. The position of the pedals is narrower which better matches the width of the rider’s hips.

Schwinn is a renowned bike manufacturer that innovates its products to suit the demands and needs of the customers and this bike is no different. Apart from its heavyweight largely due to the steel frame, it is a top pick.

  • Two brake system
  • Back seat support and a reflector are improved features
  • Narrower pedal position to better suit the rider’s posture
  • Heavier
  • The plastic trying wheels make noise during ride on concrete paths



7. Costzon 14 inch bike – Best Bike For 8 Year Old Boy

This single-armed bike is available in 12’’, 14’’ and 16’’ models and all of them come in three colors namely yellow, green and pink. This is a highly affordable option with a sleek design and sturdy built.

Weighing a shy below 20 lbs largely because of the iron frame, this bike is unique in structure as it contains a single-arm originating from below the handlebar and reaching the saddle to distribute into two channels, one linking with each tire.

The iron frame induces the risk of rust and that’s a trade-off between sturdiness and usability.

The double brake system: both caliper ones make sure that the kid is safe and have no problem shifting to the bigger bike which contains similar brakes. The brake lengths are neatly tucked with the frame and do not come loose.

The improved feature of this bike, however, is the mudguards that protect the frame from mud and are significant in terms of safety too as children like to catch each other while riding and may accidentally put their hands on moving tires to receive injuries.

The colorful combination of different bike parts gels together to produce an attractive mode of transport.

The trying wheels are not all plastic but have a hard rubber film on it which reduces noise but the chain guard is not shielded which is a big disadvantage for such bikes.

It may cause legs to get bruises or clothes to get entangled. The tires are anti-skid because of the improved rubber material which allows safe ride over all terrains.

The rest of the features including the saddle, handlebar, bell, and pedals are standard but the striking thing remains the low cost.

  • Colorful and attractive design
  • Addition of mudguards
  • Rubber film on the trying wheels reduces noise
  • Iron frame which is prone to rust
  • Unshielded chain guard



8.  Goplus – Best Bike For Tween

A somewhat similar to the previous model, this bike comes from GOPLUS. It is available in two different colors of blue and pink.

It emerges as a traditional bike with a butterfly figure which contains only one arm sprouting from the handlebar and channelizing into distributaries, each going to the side of the back tire.

This triangular design may be conventional but highly stable. The frame is strong but fashioned out of iron with a similar issue of catching rust.

The saddle is foam-lined but that is very thin but is supported by a pair of compression springs that function perfectly on bumps to keep the rider stable and accommodates for a smooth ride. The anti-skid tires add up to this functionality as well.

The mudguards are not as classy as the Costzon bike but are curved closely with the tires like the old-fashioned models.

There is even a reflector on the back mudguard to alarm the cars or bikes coming from behind and a front plastic basket.

Its design is simple but it serves the purposefully. It can be used to hold toys, favorite characters of packages from the nearby shop.

The braking system and the nature of trying wheels are similar to the Costzon bike but the improvement is the shielding on the chain guard.

There have been some complaints regarding the reliability of the bike on account of the cheap price and the materials used.

If you can promote a sense of responsibility in the child to take care of his ride, it would certainly last longer.

The genuine problem we yielded from the reviews was the tedious assembling of the bike. It took a lot of time and the instructions were not user-friendly.

  • Inexpensive
  • Contains mudguards and a front basket
  • The saddle is supported by a pair of springs
  • Iron frame that is prone to rust
  • Assembling is difficult



9. RoyalBaby Space Shuttle 14″ – Best Lightweight Kids Bike

Modernization is injected into the design of this bike. Inspired by the shape of stars and galaxies, the design of the frame is fashioned out of magnesium which is lightweight, ductile and strong.

The royal black frame with a steel front fork brings up a very strong bike. It is characterized by smooth lines, refined finish and a glossy look.

Even the rims of the wheels are cast out of magnesium which makes it lightweight and stylish. This bike resembles the chic bikes you usually witness in movies and always crave for them.

The braking system includes an efficient front disk brake and a Quando brand coaster brake which is superior n performance. Together they function to decrease the stopping distance fairly and help from accidents and injuries.

The rubber tires are 2.4 inches wide just like the other RoyalBaby model and give a stable and smooth ride without exerting a lot of pressure on the tires which makes it a long-lasting ride.

The trying wheels are made out of magnesium as well with rubber filming that reduces the noise. The chain guard is fully protected as well.

The model supports all assembly tools and you don’t have to worry about buying special tools for it.

RoyalBaby regards safety as the foremost consideration and has integrated that in every aspect of this model, be it the braking system, the tire construction, the frame design or the material of the trying wheels.

It is the Ferrari of RoyalBaby and with the bell and additional front basket, your kid can ride this supreme bike with pride.

  • Magnesium material usage which is lightweight and strong
  • Modern hollowed design of frame and steel front fork
  • Supports all assembly tools
  • Comprehensive braking system
  • Somehow expensive
  • Maybe a bit large for the usual 4 year old



10. DUWEN Bike – Kids Bicycle With Dual Brakes

We had to include this bike because of the sublimely refined finish. The design of the frame may not be the most stylish but the construction is worth appreciation.

It is made out of carbon fiber which is the strongest material out there along with being lightweight. Each and every component is characterized by smooth lines and a completely finished look.

The mudguards are fairly chic with the back one lifted up which makes it look like a racing bike. This bike gives no clue of a kid’s bike and has everything that an adult bike contains.

The double braking system which features a front and back caliper brake increases the safety of the rider while the antiskid tires prove vital to bring the bike to a smooth halt.

The front basket is sturdy and can be used for heavy storage. The chain guard is fully shielded and the trying wheels are lightweight.

They can easily be bolted and removed when your kid grows in confidence to ride without them.

The wide pedals reduce the force exerted by the rider and the cushioned saddle helps to maintain a good posture.

It weighs 17 lbs. There is nothing to dislike about this bike except the high price. It’s expensive largely because of the carbon fiber material.

  • Carbon fiber body and great finish of the bike
  • The saddle is fully cushioned
  • Wide pedals reduces the force exerted by the rider
  • The front basket allows heavy storage
  • Lightweight
  • Expensive




There is a very tough completion among most, if not all the bikes mentioned in the list.

If you ask for an overall winner, we will have to go for RoyalBaby freestyle bike because of the versatility it offers in terms of performance, price, and features including a water bottle and bell and the colors it is available in.

It may be a bit heavy but that takes nothing away from the elongated list of merits it comes with. If your child loves decorative bikes, you can opt between Huffy Spiderman bike and COEWSKE bike.

While both are excessively adorned, they offer minimal downsides as well.

For those who can pay a huge amount, they must blindly choose the WOOM 2 bike because it is a complete package: reliability, performance, and looks.

Apart from the high price range, there is no way you can turn your head away from this most lightweight bike.

Other models are not far behind either. Some are costly while others have some complaints about the installation.

It is your verdict in the end as we mentioned at the start of this article. It is your child and you know better which bike will suit him the best.

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