Best BMX Bike Brands To Buy In 2021

Brand matters, Period.

No matter how you boast before your friends that you are not brand conscious, you will almost always prefer a product of known brand over the unknown. A lot of us are so loyal to a particular brand that we consider it sacrilegious to even check out the products of its competitors.

Why brands matter, or what makes people so crazy about them, is a debate that can go on and on. And, it begs a separate article to be thoroughly elaborated. For now, it suffices to know that a part of brand popularity, and the love of people for it, hinges on its ability to produce state-of-the-art products and to resonate with the values of its users.

Best BMX Brands

I will stick to the best BMX bike brands in this article. For those who are just getting into BMX, reading this article will introduce them to the first-class players in the BMX manufacturing industry.

A few of you, mostly those who will pursue their passion for BMX riding, will soon be identifying themselves with the enlisted brands. However, the advanced riders will be amusing themselves with the history and statistics of their favorite brand, as it is highly likely to be an entry in the list.

I warn you beforehand that this article is going to be a little chattier without being a waste of your time. If you are looking for specifics, skim through the first few paragraphs, and jump right into the flagship section. Or else, peruse through the whole article as I have made sure that it worth your time.

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1. Mongoose

History: I listed this brand at the top for a reason, and it has all to do with its history. Mongoose made its first key step in the bicycle market back in 1974 when its founder Skip Hess started manufacturing BMX wheels. It took a year or two after which Mongoose significantly scaled up its production unit: it started manufacturing full-fledge BMX bikes. Their journey together is a text-book example of gradual evolution, and they both have come a long way.

Exclusivity: Mongoose does deal in other bikes, but their fame owes only to their BMX models. It is one of the few pioneers in the BMX industry that introduced and perfected BMX Bikes.

Market: Although Mongoose was first introduced in the US, it is now equally popular and trusted brand across the UK and Europe. And thanks to its diverse team and high-profile sponsors, the brand is known, if not owned, to all serious BMX riders.

Support: BMX bike and its riders fall in two distinct categories: Freestyle and dirt track. Mongoose has a stake in both. It designs both types of bikes and sponsors their events, and athletes, to promote them.

For instance, Pat Casey is revered in the BMX community for he won back to back X-games medals in 2012 and 2013. Kevin Peraza is representing Mexico in international BMX events. Both stars are being backed by Mongoose, and they have, in turn, put their trust in it. Justin Posey, the nine-time USA BMX Amateur National Champion, has joined Mongoose; and he, together with USA BMX Foundation, is running campaigns to promote BMX culture across the US.

Flagship: Mongoose Legion L500 Freestyle BMX Bike

Products are the champion of a company, and nothing advocates for a brand better than a Flagship product. In the case of Mongoose, there is an entire series—the legion series. It comprises of seven BMX Bikes that fit all sizes, and are for all riders.

At Amazon, on the date of publishing this article, it has been ranked at the very 1st position for BMX Bikes and has been widely acclaimed so far.

Legion L 500 has all the essential and advanced features of a BMX, and it is the only bike in the legion series that isn’t lacking in anything. As we go down the lists—e.g. L100, L 80, L 60—the price significantly drops at the expense of certain features like the quality of frame, handlebar, and wheels.

Salient features of this bike are enlisted below:

  • Chromoly is the material of choice for all elite BMX bikes, and this model has nearly all its structure forged in 4130 Chromoly—frame tubes, fork, handlebar, and cranks. Being ductile it warns riders before ultimate failure, and being significantly stiff it can endure extreme abuse.

  • Sealed Cartridge Crank Bearing and Sealed Integrated Head Bearing. There is no point in illustrating that sealed bearing is better than unsealed. The former has no competition with the latter, it is way better than it.

  • Freecoaster Hub Technology. With Freecoaster hub, as opposed to cassette, you can roll your wheel backward without moving the crank. It may sound trivial, but in fact, it gives you a great advantage in freestyle riding.

  • Double Wall Aluminum Rims. Rims come in three types—single-walled, double and triple. Triple walled rims last longer and provide better cushion to severe impacts. A double-wall rim is, therefore, a comparative disadvantage but then, you can never have perfection in life.


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2. Schwinn

History: For over a century, Schwinn has been America’s dominant brand in bicycles. Founded in 1895 by a German-born immigrant Ignaz Schwinn, it, truly, is a symbol of the American Dream—the guarantee of prosperity and success, given you put your best for it. Schwinn is the realization of this dream.

Ignaz Schwinn may have the genius and the right attitude, but it was the ethos of America and the land itself, which provided him with the opportunity to make a name for himself. The bicycle company he set up remained unparalleled for years till it declared bankruptcy in 1992. Since then, the company is trying to rise from the ashes. And so far, it has largely been successful to resurrect itself.

The history of Schwinn is a tale of success and failures, but the thing one can’t resist noticing is it has always come back stronger.

Exclusivity: Schwinn, owing to its vast history, is here long before the first BMX entered the US market.  It has been dealing in all sorts of bikes, and BMX, ironically, was a latecomer in joining the cadre. But, its BMX bikes were quick to catch on. With its Scrambler and Predator series, it has made quite a name for itself.

Market: Schwinn is mainly focused on capitalizing the US market, but you can find its dealers across a number of countries covering nearly all the continents.

Support: Schwinn has been maintaining its PR, chiefly, by supporting local BMX communities. It hunts talent on the field, and then make the outperformers a part of their own Schwinn Scout group. The company also supports BMX racing events across the US, and many of its bikes are purposely build for dirt tracks. The company has, so far, no prominent BMX rider as a part of its marketing team. However, it has been doing great, up till now, in keeping itself relevant in the BMX industry.

Flagship Model: Schwinn Predator Team

This Schwinn model harks back to the past glory of the company. The entire model is redesigned in the famous 1983 version, but this time in BMX style. The chrome finish of the design further consolidates the nostalgic effect of riding.

If you belong to Generation X, and want your kids to have the same soothing experience of riding a Schwinn, this is the right bike for you. It is well optimized to the needs of the present, and the upcoming list of features will further elaborate on this point.

  1. High tensile steel frame. It gives the bike sturdiness and longevity. Steel frames are not the gold standard, but they are durable than other materials.

  2. 24″ Gum wall tires and steel axels. The 24 inch Gum wall tires and steel axels are the disguising features of this cruiser bike. They work fine for urban jungles as well as the dirt tracks, making the bike a perfect hybrid.

  3. Easy installation: Its simplified structure makes it easy to assemble. All you need is some basic tools and a rudimentary knowledge of setting up a bike, to begin with. And, you will be finished assembling it in no time.

  4. Limited lifetime warranty. Certain parts of the bikes can be replaced as long as you own the bike. Schwinn support service is reliable, and you can always claim the warranty of parts that are included in it.


3. Framed Bikes

History: As the famous saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention”. Framedbikes was that invention in the Twin city of Minnesota. The community there has a strong love for cycling, and when BMX revolutionized the bicycle culture for the first time, Twin City was quick to welcome it in Minnesota.

Minnesota had an army of roadies, commuters, and bikers and when BMX riding make an ascent in the local communities, there was an uproar for quality bikes. Framedbikes emerged as a consequence of that demand. It was quick to capture the local market of BMX and then expanded itself across the other state of the US.

Exclusivity: The Company was the first to provide state-of-the-art BMX bike in Minnesota. It can be said that a part of their fame was primarily due to the BMX bikes they manufactured in their earlier days. However, it is making quite a name for itself in other kinds too.

Market: Framedbikes only distribute in the US, though they are trying to expand their market beyond the US.

Support: Framedbikes organizes a number of racing events to nurture the local talent and has been a consistent sponsor of many national events. It has been, for nearly a decade, championing the BMX communities across the US and played a significant role in expanding the culture of bike riding.

Flagship Model: Framed Attack BMX Bike 

The Attack BMX by Framedbikes is a masterpiece. Both its design and working are impeccable, and its reputation, so far, has been topping the list in Amazon.

The Attack BMX is faced with fierce competition in the market, but it has maintained its position well. At Amazon, it has received quite a large acclaim and been holding the fourteenth position among other serious competitors who manufacture top-notch BMX. It is only a matter of time before it will rank up in the list; and, the pace with which people are buying the product and adding positive feedbacks, it is expected to top the list.

Now we will dilate on the outstanding features of the BMX.

  1. Design—if one were to pick a BMX bike solely for its design, this BMX can easily be counted as the best, as it outstrips all its competitors. The color scheme—red and blue combination—reflects the theme oblivious in the bike name—Attack BMX. The look is stunning, and will actually make you proud while riding it around your neighborhood.

  2. Frame—the front triangle is made up of Chromoly steel, a lightweight version; while, the back triangle of the frame is made up of hi-tensile steel, a heavier but sturdier version. This composition of two different material types is there to optimize both the strength and weight of the bike. Just like frame, several other parts are made up either of high-tensile steel or Chromoly.

  3. Handlebar—the Chromoly handlebar combined with a decently tread tires contribute to grip, handling, and speed of the bike.

  4. Crank—the three-piece crank is so far the best we can get in any BMX, and this bike features a lot more than that. The unsealed bearing in the bottom bracket and headset makes sudden rotations and other heavy-duty tricks effortless.

  5. Maintenance—with many BMX bikes, chronic fatigues and maintenance fixes are a norm. This BMX has managed, so far, to not be counted among such bikes.


4. Eastern Bikes

History: This North Carolina based company has an interesting history. Jon Byers and Mike Corley co-owned eastern bikes since 1996. Both are former athletes themselves and are the pioneer of a few early models of BMX. Before starting Eastern Bikes, Corley was a full-time employee in a big corporation. After he had disagreements with the company’s executive over a model he designed, Corley resigned.

He didn’t let go of his love for BMX. The man just loved riding bicycles, and especially BMX, so much, that he dedicated all his limited days in life to it. He, along with Jon Byers, started manufacturing frames for BMX, and eventually, it made it to fully-fledged bikes.

Up till now, the BMX by Eastern is limited to 19, or maybe a little up, but they have never comprised of quality. The company is a trendsetter, as many of the giants in the field have been observed copying them.

Eastern bikes never mind.

The company is driven by the unrelenting spirit of advancement. Their successive models, time after time, stand witness to that. Plus, how can we expect any less? If the athletes themselves don’t know what significant improvements an elegant design needs, I wonder who does.

Exclusivity: The Company exclusively deals in BMX, and has been dealing for nearly two decades. The focus on BMX has never been shifted to other bikes, as the company was so zealously absorbed in designing new BMX models, and making them popular across the country, that it simply didn’t have the time.

Market: Though its American roots, Easternbikes have a market beyond the US borders. It has its retail stores in Southern America, Western Europe and, to one’s utter surprise, in Eastern Asia.

Support: Eastern bikes patronage star players and it has in its fold riders like Kenneth Tencio, Luke Padelski, Josh Roberson, Zach Kring, Tommy Myall and many more. Furthermore, it has sponsored solely and cooperatively many BMX events and always been a big hand in promoting the BMX culture.

Eastern Lowdown 2019: Best Eastern BMX Bike

Without showering undue praise on the Eastern Lowdown, let us get to point. This bike has a tremendous sale, and if the market is the only parameter to decide the quality of a product, Eastern Lowdown 2019 is a top-notch product. The BMX, as per the official website, is sold out, and you will have to visit online retail stores to buy this model.

If truth to be uttered, this bike is nowhere near the other competitors on the Amazon. But, why? They don’t need to beat any of them there. On streets, they have an unchallenged monopoly in the territory they are based on: they sponsor world-class athletes and arrange exciting competitions.

Besides, their online store turns in more revenue than the third-party retailers like Amazon. The company claims the bike almost sells itself, and the figures support them.

Let us get into specifics now:

1. Design:

Eastern Lowdown is a beginner level bike, and the frame of the bike says it all. It is sturdy, but not enough for advanced stunts, strong but heavier, and missing pegs.

The material is made up of high tensile steel, both handle and the frame, so it’s going to weigh a little heavier than aluminum built frames. Top tube size is 20” making the bike suitable for both teenagers and averaged height adults. No pegs are there to bear the abuse, and it is a major downside to it, as in their absence the pressure directly applies to the frame.

The rims are single walled with 36 spokes, and this makes the clear distinction between a pro and entry level bike. It should have been double and triple walled, and the number of spokes should be higher.

2. Economy: By far the most prominent edge of this bike over its competitors is the price tag. Eastern Lowdown is stupendously less charged for the features it has been offering in the model.

3. Crank: For the money, you are going to spend on the bike, a three-piece crank is certainly the extra feature. It is by far the sturdiest, and most reliable crank to have. Moreover, rear lever with forged U brakes provides excelled control and stability while riding.

4. Maintenance: With sealed and rear and front hubs, the Eastern Lowdown is going to save a lot in maintenance. The bike is easy to set up and needs little to no expertise to setup.


5. Elite Bike

History: To be very fair, Elite bike doesn’t have a very long history. This BMX manufacturing company was established in 2016 and had only one ultimate aim: to provide the quality ride and thrilling experience to its BMX riding customers.

Exclusivity: The company only deals in BMX, and has so far, taken no other bikes into its fold. But that doesn’t mean it has an insignificant market place when it comes to BMX. It has been rocking the market since its arrival and made a quite expansive fan base for itself.

Support: No prominent biker has so far accepted the brand as its exclusive partner. The company has been working on its promoting and trying to capture the attention of some good bikers to boost its identity.

Market: Elite Bikes have a market limited to the US only. And because of the strong tradition of BMX riding in the country, and its enthusiastic local community, the sales have never ceased to stop for the Elite bikes.

Flagship Model: 20” BMX Bicycle the Stealth Freestyle Bike New 2019

Elite Stealth BMX Bike is the best for the money. At under $250, it has featured far superior to the bikes it is competing in the market. Price is the sole reason behind its overwhelming popularity among Amazon buyers.

A freestyle BMX must be judged for its strength and maneuverability. This model isn’t built to disappoint you in both.

Frame—the frame is made up of high-tensile steel which is pretty much a standard for freestyle bike. The fork is of Chromoly, so its combination with the structure, allows for the lightweight, yet sturdy, design of the bike.

Rims—low profile rims come very handy for instant braking and turning around sharp corners. They are best for stability and control.

Bearings and Brakes—sealed bearing saves a lot of maintenance cost which is very beneficial in the long run. You can perform almost all the tricks and stunts in this bike, thanks to its heavy-duty pegs and U-brakes.

Gears—gears are not the must have part of a BMX, but even in the low-budget, Stealth bike has added them into their bikes. 25x9T gearing set provides flexibility in performing different tricks.

Pegs—though not an essential element themselves, like gears, pegs give you the support to lean on while freestyle riding. You can grind them down, apply maximum pressure on them, and abuse them as you may like, and in return, they will keep your frame intact. If BMX is an army of separate units, pegs are its foot soldiers, and they are pretty good at their job. The Stealth Freestyle BMX couldn’t have been better, had it not included pegs in its assembly.

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