19 Best BMX Bikes To Buy In 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

BMX has an undisputed authority in the arena of bikes, and a huge fan base of its own. Since its arrival in the late ’70s, the only thing that has not changed is the unflinching passion of its riders and their sheer love for it.

The bike itself has evolved to a whole new level of sophistication. It has been further categorized, into Freestyle, Dirt, and racing, based on the terrain it treads, as long ago they left bumpy dirt tracks of California, its birthplace, and became a street sensation across all the states of the US, and beyond.

The details, which I have painstakingly gleaned, are for the beginners who are just getting into BMX. The pros already know them. To inform you straight ahead, I have written this article to facilitate all entry-level riders, irrespective of their age and gender, to make the best purchasing decision while buying a BMX. Nonetheless, there is much in it for all BMX lovers.

In the first part, I will arm you with all the necessary information and valuable insights to make an objective decision of your own. In the second, I will equip you with my top picks for BMX bikes so you don’t have to go through the agony of choice.


Table Of Contents

BMX Bike Buying Guide


Almost any purchase you make in your life is checked by the budget. It is, simply, the most decisive parameter to guide you along the market corridors, both physical and virtual, where products abound and time is rare. Although its inherent limitations, the budget is more of a blessing than a curse. It effectively narrows down the choices by excluding all options that exceed your budget or didn’t meet your requirements.

Buying the best BMX bike, in the same way, hinges on the budget first, and then on your skill of riding—entry, advanced and pro. The price tier for the BMX has low budget, entry-level bikes at the bottom; while, the high-priced professional bikes make the top block.

Sr. no Level Price Range
1. Beginner 100-300$
2. Advanced 300-550$
3. Pro 550-800$


The price is primarily decided by the quality of the material of the frame of the BMX, the presence of required components, and the ultimate purpose the bike is going to serve. A lightweight aluminum frame, essentially a part of racing bikes, is costlier than a slightly heavy tensile frame that is a benchmark for freestyle bikes.


Purpose defines buying choices as much as the budget available. In BMX riding, purpose means the choice of tricks and the track on which you want to try them. For high-speed racing, the BMX bike would have an altogether different makeup than performing tricks on flatland which require mastery in balancing.

According to purpose, the BMX bikes are categorized into the following types:

  • BMX Race Bike:

Racing BMX bikes are sleek and have a light aluminum frame which is often butted to slack the overall weight of the bike. Minimal weight is the desired characteristic in these bikes which usually comes at the expense of strength.

  • BMX Dirt Bikes:

Dirt Bikes perform various Ariel tricks on special trails made particularly for them. These bikes take extreme abuse mostly from landing from height and have sturdy frames to sustain pounding from the jumps. With Large wheels, longer top tube with rigid frame, and 26’’ tires, this BMX is perfect to perform mid-air tricks.

  • BMX Freestyle Bikes:

Freestyle bike culture followed the skateboard culture and soon beat it in popularity. These bikes take advantage of the different features of the modern infrastructure: curbs, handrails, stairs, ledges, banks, and other obstacles. Freestyle bikes are further categorized into the following types:

  1. BMX Flatland Bikes:

Flatland Bikes perform tricks that are commonly known as the breakdance of the BMX. These tricks require skill and talent to maintain stability and control while tweaking BMX back and forth on flatlands. Pegs are a must for these bikes.

  1. BMX Park Bikes:

BMX park bikes, as the name implies, ride on purposefully built parks. They have hurdles and aids that riders employ to perform inventive tricks. BMX parks are similar to skateboard parks and mostly resemble a swimming pool. Most entry-level bikes are used in the park, as it is basically the learning place for beginners.

  1. BMX Vert Bikes:

Vert is basically a platform in the shape of a halfpipe. The rider air out of the half bike and land back into the half bike, pumping back and forth to get the speed so he can maximize the flight in the air. Vert riding is dangerous as it launches rider to more than 10’ feet off the edge of the vert thereby significantly raising the stakes. So the frame for these bikes cannot compromise on strength.

  1. BMX Street Bikes:

Street riding is truly freestyle, but it is looked down upon owing to the fact that BMX bikes are ridden on things that are not built for them to ride. Stairs, ledges, walls, and curbs are all ingredients of the urban environment that riders maneuver to perform breathtaking stunts. These bikes have 4 pegs as there is a lot of grinding abuse involved in it, and a robust frame to sustain the uneven pressures.

Constituents of BMX Bike

The constituents of a BMX bike decide its price. A few of them are so important that it immensely filter out the choices to an extent that you can count the remaining bikes on finger types, and thus can easily make a painless purchasing decision. Let us look into them.

  • Frame Material:

Frame materials are of four types: Carbon Fiber, Titanium, Aluminum, and Steel. Steel frames are further categorized into Hi-Tensile steel and Chromium-Molybdenum (Cro-mo) steel. All four types have their own pros and cons and without diving deeper into details, we will try to cover all of them.

  • Budget and ease of repair—Steel frames tops the list in budget and ease of repair. They are the material of choice when manufacturers want to capitalize on the profit margin on entry-level, low-end bikes. Carbon Fiber Frames, on the other hand, are highly expensive and certainly not easy to repair.

  • Strength to weight ratio—Carbon Fiber Frames have the highest strength to weight ratio, followed by Titanium and Aluminum. High tensile Steel lies at the last position in the list.

  • Durability and Speed—Racing BMX BMX bikes have to trade off durability to maximized speed. Aluminum Frames are lightweight and thus allow for the rapid acceleration much needed to gain performance advantage in competitive racing. They, however, are unreliable in terms of durability. Cromo Steel Frames triumphs all in terms of longevity.

  • Corrosion Resistance—steel is highly susceptible to corrosion, while all other materials are corrosion resistant ranging from a low to a high extent.

BMX bikes Frame is not necessarily made up of a single material. Many come with a combination of two or more to optimize strength, weight, and budget. It is highly likely that the supporting triangular structures and forks can all be of different materials.

  • Crank:

BMX cranks come in three types: one-piece, two-piece, and three-piece crank.

One-piece crank, as the name implies, has both the crankarms and spindle in one unit. They are difficult to repair, and this complication makes them highly undesirable. BMX Bikes for children usually have these cranks.

Two-piece cranks have one crankarm attached to the spindle, while three-piece cranks have all three components detachable.  These cranks are sturdier and thicker in construction, and thus adds to the durability of the bike. Owing to the ease of maintenance and longevity, all professional BMX bikers have three-piece crank as a must unit in their bikes.

Crank weight and the length of the crankarm play a pivotal role in the speed and maneuverability of the BMX bike. Lightweight aluminum cranks are common in Racing BMX, whereas their length varies from person to person—mainly depend upon weight and height of the rider. The small length of crankarms is desirable, for it maximizes clearance when performing tricks.

  • Hub:

BMX bikes hubs are of three types: Freewheel, Cassette, and Freecoaster. Freewheel hubs are outmoded and usually found in kid bikes. Cassette Hubs are appropriate for all BMX riders. They make a clicking sound when peddling, and require constant peddling whether you drive backward or forward. Freecoaster hubs, on the other hand, are silent, require no peddling while riding backward. They are expensive and only appropriate for flatland riding.

  • Brakes:

BMX bikes often have no brakes at all, but those which have them, feature U-brake mechanism. These brakes allow for clearance while performing tricks and are intensive rim engagement—the pads of brakes rub through the rim to slow momentum. While sitting inside the rear triangle, they are out of the way of the rider.

‘Gyro’ braking systems, both for the front and rear wheel, is the most compatible braking system for BMX bikes. Fitted in the headtube, they allow a full bar spin of 360 degrees without wires getting tangled in the process. The advanced riders choose ‘Gyro’ or ‘detangle’ braking system, for it facilitates them in performing one of the most advanced tricks in BMX riding—barspins and tailwhip.

The linear pulled V-brakes are also common in BMX bikes, and they usually are the front brakes.

Wheel and tire:

Wheels are composed of two elements: rim and spokes. The thicker the rim and the higher the number of spokes, the more the strength of the wheel. A rim is made up of aluminum and it can be single, double or triple walled. The more the thickness the more the strength and an equal increase in overall weight. The width of the rim also contributes to the strength of the wheel.

There are 36 spokes in a standard wheel, and they are often butted to keep the weight low.

Freestyle BMX should have a high number of spokes with the three-walled thick rim as it has to bear the extreme abuse by the rider. Whereas for racing BMX, the number of spokes is reduced and the double-walled thick rim is used to keep the weight lower.

20-inch wheel size is the benchmark for most of the BMX bikes. A little lower sizes, like 16 and 18-inch wheels, are for kids. A little higher, like 22 and 24 inches, are for dirt jumping and are also known as cruisers.

The tread pattern characterizes tires. For streets and flat surfaces, a smooth tread pattern in a wide tire is a great choice. It will offer high speed, smooth handling, and sufficient grip. For dirt jump BMX, the tires should be wider with knobbler tread for better traction. Narrower tires with standard tread are appropriate for racing BMX.


Handlebars are differentiated on the basis of their material, height, and sweep—upsweep and back sweep. Steel and aluminum handlebars have their own upsides and downsides: the former is stronger and heavier, the latter is the exact opposite.

The height, also known as rise, of the handlebar is purely a personal choice. Taller riders opt for high rise bars.

The more the upsweep and back sweep angles, the more the rider can lean back and avoid agonizing back pain while riding for long hours.


Pegs are an essential component of freestyle BMX bikes.

The flatland BMX bikes need them to perform many balance and control tricks and have usually four pegs attached to the rear and front hub. On the other hand, raw street riding requires pegs to bear grinding while riders perform rough tricks on the urban environment. The pegs act as a cushion, so their presence in BMX bikes is always a good thing to have.

Now, as we have gone through a basic buying guide of BMX bikes, let us move forward to our best picks for nearly all kinds of riders—kids, men, women. Also, there is a classification of bikes on the basis of appropriate tracks and expertise of the rider.


Best BMX Bikes For Kids and Teenagers

Elite 20” & 16″ The Stealth Freestyle Bike— Cheap Kids BMX Bicycle

With under $250 price tag, this BMX by Elitebikes is by far the best you can get for the money spend. The bike, bought by hundreds of customers online, is rocking the market.

The company touts it as the entry-level bike that works perfectly fine for all tracks—be it street, dirt, and parks. However, the specifications point to the other direction. The low profile rims, set of pegs, and street 20×2.5” tires make them highly suitable for street and park stunts, but equally less desirable for dirt track.

The bike comes in both 16” and 20” inch frame sizes, so it is designed for both teenagers and adults alike. The sealed bearings are there to slack maintenance costs as most of the time dirt and debris are the culprit behind the malfunctioning of the drivetrain.

One major downside is the one-piece crank which is highly common in children’s bikes, so one should not be disappointed by its presence. The U-brakes are pretty much the standard in BMX bikes—they provide better control and stability. The hi-tensile steel frame might have a sturdy outlook, but it will crumble once rust gets to it.

Weighing both the pros and cons, one leads to the conclusion that we should not be too hard on the model. It is under 250 dollars and loved by nearly all online buyers. This together with the unblemished reputation of the Elitebikes brand, makes a strong case for the suitability of this bike for purchase.

  • A complete entry-level bike
  • Include pegs
  • Inexpensive
  • Sturdy Frame
  • Maintenance Cost is high
  • Poor Paint Quality


RoyalBaby freestyle — Best budget BMX Bike

One could say without any doubt that this bike is specifically designed for kids, and also that it is the cheapest BMX bike for kids out there.

It has training wheels, a water bottle, and a quick release seat post for easy adjustment. As the training of the kids in cycling is the sole purpose, this BMX model has unusual features as compared to standard models.

You might not see a chain guard in normal BMX bikes, but this model has one. The company has put a good consideration on the safety of the rider and therefore has taken many uncommon measures. Of these, the chain guard and safety grips are the most prominent.

Also, there are two brakes, with short distance brake lever, to facilitate the rider intermittently stopping the bike. Moreover, the bike can be effortlessly assembled as all you would have to add are the training wheels, handlebar, saddle, and paddle. It is 95% assembled as it arrives.

The frame of the bike is strongly built; therefore, many showered praise on the bike for its sturdy frame and aesthetics. Kids loved it, so the praise from their parents, who took the actual purchasing decision, is easily understandable.

  • 95% preassembled
  • Quick Release Post
  • Training Wheels
  • Safety features—chain guard, safety grips
  • Limited to adolescents
  • Poor tire quality


Mongoose Legion Sidewalk Freestyle BMX Bike for Kids — Best for the money

Mongoose is the tycoon in the BMX manufacturing industry. For the last forty years, they have been producing state-of-the-art BMX models, and have contributed to the BMX culture across the US.

Legion Sidewalk Freestyle bike is an offshoot of legion series with specifications adapted for kid’s needs. Let us examine them one by one.

The hi-tensile steel is not a highly desirable material for a frame. It is strong yet heavy, last long but vulnerable to corrosion. It has a one-piece crank which as we already discussed in the buying guide is appropriate for kid bikes. The single wall aluminum rims are there to minimize weight, although they are more susceptible to fatigue. The U-brake is an excelled choice for the rear brakes, but there must be a gyro for it in the headset.

Enough with finding faults in the bike. We must not set the standards too high for the model as it is designed for kids and entry level riders, with the tight budget constraints. With cassette hub incorporated, catchy aesthetics, and 25T alloy chainring, the company has made serious effort to provide the best it could for kids.

  • Low-budget
  • Cassette hub
  • Sturdy Frame
  • High maintenance cost
  • Susceptible to corrosion

Which One is the best kids BMX Bike?

Editors Choice: The BMX is a low-profile bicycle. So, there is no clear-cut distinction between the bikes for the kids and adults. The same bike with lower wheel size can satisfy the needs of both riders, but there is a difference in use. The adults tend to be more aggressive on their BMX bikes and so need an equally strong bike to sustain their abuse. The kids, on the other hand, usually have an easy-going ride. Plus, safety and likability are the two most important concerns while purchasing a bike for them. In this regard, Royal baby freestyle BMX is the best of all three options. It has safety features like chain cover and short distance brake lever as well as the bottle placer to delight kids.


If you’re looking bikes for 2 to 4 years old then check these Best Kids Bikes

Best BMX Bikes For Men

Mongoose Legion Street Freestyle — Cheap Men’s BMX Bike

Mongoose legion series comprises of BMX bikes for all kind of riders. It has remained the buyers’ choice for many years, and with no potential competitor to contend in quality and budget, it is likely to maintain its popularity in many years to come.

We will confine our discussion to the legion L60 model only. However, you are free to look into other models if you are among the few for which this model does not seem in taste with their demands.

First, to save your time, it is pertinent to know the height of the rider that it can accommodate. The company claims the height to be in the range between 5 feet to 5 feet 6 inches, but given the height of crack and head tube, a slightly taller rider, of 5’8’’, can have a comfortable ride on it.

The Hi-Ten steel frame may last longer than other types of frames available, given that it is protected from rust. One major downside of such frames is the weight they add to the bike. The single wall rim wheel reduces the overall weight but is susceptible to deformation while landing in aerial tricks.

The cassette hub would make a clicking sound, and need constant peddling irrespective of that you ride forward or backward. The sealed bearing, also known as cartridge bearings, is there to cut the maintenance cost of the bike.

Lastly, U-brakes incorporation is a good thing to have. It provides both precision and control, much needed for flatland bikes.

It is suitable for nearly all kinds of tracks—street, dirt, and ramps.

  • Sealed Assembly
  • Cassette hub
  • Low maintenance cost
  • U brakes
  • Susceptible to corrosion
  • Poor seat and pedal material


Elite 20″ & 18” Destro Model – Best Budget Mens Freestyle BMX Bike

Elite Destro Model freestyle BMX be easily declared the best budget bike for adults. Its price isn’t too high, and the features it has are enough to perform high precision tricks. The 20” model is for averaged height adults, while 18” size is for teenagers. Also, it is a midlevel complete bike suitable for all kinds of tracks.

The most striking feature is the 4-piece Cr-Mo handlebar, which is popular for being sturdy and durable. Also, it is butted to reduce weight. The handlebar is sufficiently backswept and upswept to make for a comfortable ride and has 8.75 mm rise from the Stem.

The central frame is of hi-tensile steel, but the forks are of Cr-Mo steel to optimize weight and durability. Without three-piece crank, the bike would have been seriously lacking. You can’t imagine the ease of ride and maintenance that a three-piece crack assembly offer. Further in the drive train there are sealed 48T bottom bracket, and 25T sprocket and 9T driver. There are no gears in this model, and there is no reason to expect them in any BMX.

The tire size is 20” and the width is 2.4”—a standard for all freestyle BMX. The same standardization is for brakes—U brakes with trek alloy brake lever.

Finally, the pegs are there as the icing on the cake. They are robust and can easily bear the grinding involved in street tricks.

  • Four piece Cr-mo Handlebar
  • Durable
  • Low maintenance cost
  • U brakes
  • Pegs
  • Susceptible to corrosion
  • Heavy Frame


Framed Attack BMX Bike — Best for the money

The first thing that is going to grab your attention is its peculiar color; the first feature that will ensure that you never turn your head away is the fact that it is a hundred percent Chromoly bike. If you have forgotten what a Chromoly frame is, there is a need for a reminder here. These frames are made up of a chromium-molybdenum alloy of steel to maximize strength and ensure durability. They are highly resistant to rust and fatigue.

Another good thing about its design is that it allows for upgradation. You can change the wheels, crankset, and the seat if you want. As far as the rider’s height is concerned, the 20.5” top tube is perfect for 5-4” to 5”-8” tall riders.

The three piece crankset and two piece handlebar are there to facilitate a smooth riding experience. While, all critical assemblies are sealed, so you will not have to spend huge money on its maintenance.

It has only rear brake, which like many other BMX bikes is a U-brake assembly.

Like all other bikes we have discussed for the adults, this bike is suitable for all platforms except for racing.

  • 100% chromoly BMX
  • Durable
  • Sealed Assembly
  • High strength
  • Expensive


Which One is the Best Men’s BMX Bike?

The framed attack BMX bike is a high end product. The Chromoly steel frame, three-piece crank, and lightweight handlebar demonstrate that the model has state-of-the-art technology fitted into it. The absence of pegs is a major downside, but like all other components of the bike, they can be added and upgraded as per the whim of the rider. Moreover, the liberty to ride it on any track you want is another plus point. It has many features that a standard mid-level BMX bike must have, plus a few extraordinary that compelled us to make it the best choice of our list.


Best Women BMX Bike

There is no definitive difference between BMX bikes for women and men. All the bikes I have enlisted above are equally suitable for women riders. However, girls tend to be leaning towards certain colors, like pink and mint, and much of it has to do with the cultural stereotyping. Many companies capitalize on such social realities and manufacture exclusive BMX bikes for women. To be honest, they are just the low-end versions of BMX bikes which are painted in certain colors to appeal to a specific gender. Also, these bikes are cut-rate bikes. I have added a model to demonstrate my point. A professional rider wouldn’t mind the color of the bike, but if you are buying it for your kids and she happens to be a girl, a distinguished color might make her feel special, nevertheless perpetuating gender stereotyping.

Razor Angel Girls BMX Bike

This bike is so stereotypical. The color, as I have already discussed in detail the reason, is pink. Other features are pretty much the same as that of a standard BMX bike—a frame, forks, drivetrain, and handlebar. The bike needs a professional to bring it into shape and is 50% assembled when it arrives.

The stupendously low price is a pronounced hint that the company has made certain compromises in the design. The steel frame and fork assembly can be anything but enviable. Given that you don’t ride it in a humid environment, and protect it from lust, it can last much longer without failing. It also features 20-inch rims with highly unexpected 48 spokes. The higher the number of spokes, the stronger would be your wheel, which is the first point of contact is most susceptible to breakage.

The incorporation of pegs is surprising as they were never to be expected in a bike of low price. Also, there are brakes for both wheels.

This bike is super expensive, and given that you are not harsh on it, it can last considerably longer.

  • Cheap
  • 50% assembled on arrival
  • Pegs included
  • Strong wheel with 48 spokes
  • Susceptible to Corrosion


Best BMX Bikes For Racing

A lightweight frame, thinner tires and sturdy frame is expected of all racing BMX bikes, and that is what you are going to get in these model.

Mongoose Title Expert BMX Race Bike (cheap)

Many of the models I have enlisted in this article are from Mongoose. We have no affiliation with the company, and yet you will find its repeated mention. It is primarily due to the fact that the company manufactures topnotch BMX bikes for a diverse range of users.

Mongoose Title Expert BMX race bike is a single model in the title series which was introduced to meet the growing demand for high-end racing bikes.

This bike features a tectonic T1 aluminum frame to give users a competitive advantage in racing. The integrated headset and internal cable routing make a sleek design with an added advantage of clearance and protection.

It has a three-piece crank assembly —pretty much a gold standard in BMX bikes. The crank is made up of cro-mo steel to optimize weight and strength. One unique feature is 42Teeth chainring with a Euro cartridge bottom bracket to minimize maintenance cost.

The wheelset features Arisun XLR8 20-inch tires mounted on Xposure aluminum double wall rims with aluminum ball-bearing front hub and 16T cog freewheel rear hub. The higher gear ratio helps in fast acceleration and increase the efficiency of the bike. The double walled rims are the best compromise between weight and strength of the wheel. The V brakes are a significant feature as they contribute subtle improvement in braking and steering of the bike.

The handlebar is of hi-ten steel which is definitely a minus point. Of all BMX, it is least expected in racing BMX bikes due to their fragility and weight.

  • Durable
  • Tectonic T1 Aluminium Frame
  • Integrated headset
  • Internal cable routing
  • Heavy handlebar


Redline Bikes Proline – Best Budget Racing BMX Bikes

Racing BMX bikes are exacting—they need special frame material, need purpose-built tires and drivetrain. Redline Pro BMX race Bike has distinguished itself from other BMX bikes in exactly these features.

It comes with a Redline proprietary aluminum alloy frame. The company made a great fortune for itself by the frame material alone as many top-notch riders have incorporated this frame in their bikes. It is light yet strong—sufficiently butted to strengthen critical fatigue areas and to cut extra weight. The complementary Chromoly forks aid the main design by adding to the strength of the bike.

The second significant feature is the tires. Vee Speed booster tires are no joke. They are the masterpiece of engineering and the latest evolution in the history of tires. Specially designed for the BMX racer who demand lighter weight, better cornering stability, and the lowest possible rolling resistance in high speed, grippy racecourses.

The 42 x 16 T cog sets are perfect for quick acceleration which plays a pivotal role in competitive racing. The cassette hub, as compared to Freecoaster, are at a slight disadvantage in the racing bike, but in the end, purely a subjective choice as many eminent riders are still using them.

The seats come with no padding, but if you are not comfortable with it, you can easily replace it with a new one. Also, there is a quick release seat clamp.

  • Durable
  • Tectonic T1 Aluminium Frame
  • Integrated headset
  • Internal cable routing
  • Quick Release Seat clamp
  • Heavy handlebar


Redline Bikes MX Cruiser BMX Race Bike (Best For the Money)

This model is identical to the one I discussed earlier except for one thing—it has cruiser 24” tires. For those who are not familiar with the crucial role a tire can play in BMX racing, the upcoming details will be very exciting. A bigger tire means that you will cover more distance in a single turn of the wheel, and will maneuver the bike better at the corners. Also, they are super fast as compared to normal 20” size tires.

Other features include a combination of a lightweight aluminum frame with Chromoly crank. There is no reason to explain, as I have already done many times before, that it is the perfect optimization of weight and strength. The crank length is a little bit longer, while three piece technology comes very handy in servicing of the bike.

The saddle, no matter how ignored, plays an important role in a smooth riding experience. Therefore, special race saddles are included in this bike to comfort the rider.

Last but not the least, the tires it comes with are no ordinary tires. The Vee Speedster 24 x 1. 75 tires are exclusively engineered for BMX racing— they are light weight, have better corner stability and tight grip, thanks to their unique knobbler tread.

  • Lightweight aluminium Frame
  • 24” cruiser Tire
  • Special race Saddle
  • Vee Speedster Exclusive Racing Tires
  • Fragile Frame


Which One is the Best Racing BMX Bike?

Editors Choice: Now that we have discussed all first-class BMX bikes for racing, it is time to narrow the choice to the best of all. The Redline MX Cruiser BMX Race Bike, despite the most appropriate tires for racing, is a runner up in our list. The Proline BMX race bike by the same company has made it to the top. It is easily customizable, so the fan of cruiser tires can fit them in this bike. It is less expensive, so an ideal for any entry level rider who is just getting into BMX racing.


BMX Bikes For Street, Parks & Dirt Tracks

The freestyle BMX bikes, as opposed to racing bikes, are solidly built to withstand the abuse of the rider. Speed is not a priority so any material with higher strength and durability can be used as a frame material. The pegs are necessary for flatlands and street riding and unusually come with all good freestyle bikes.

Let us dig into our three top picks for complete BMX freestyle bikes in the following paragraphs.

X Games FS20 Single Speed 20″ Wheel Freestyle Trick BMX Bike — Low Budget

When it comes to budget, the X Games FS20 bike has a serious superiority over other bikes.

Before we get into other features, let us first appreciate the gyro/rotary system it has for cabling. Though it seems a minor feature, you can’t imagine how much it can widen the choice for stunts. The 360 degrees Ariel spin is one hell of an exciting trick which this model will allow you to do. Moreover, it aids in clearance while performing the trick—the last thing you would expect is your wires getting tangled and resulting in you falling off the bike.

It holds heavy-duty alloy pedals and rims to absorb extreme strains bumps and bruises from dirt tracks or off-roading. There are two sets of pegs for both front and a rear wheel that help the perform trick which requires delicate balance and stability. Plus, they can also be used in grinding on the urban environment. Welded steel frame and forks make the bike perfect for extreme abuse by the rider.

The bike is popular for its low budget and certain features in which it has a huge lead over other BMX bikes.

  • Gyro/Rotary System for 360 barspin
  • Maximum Clearance
  • Two sets of pegs
  • Cheap
  • Susceptible to corrosion


If you’re looking for low budget bikes then check these Cheap BMX Bikes


Mafiabikes Madmain 20” Teal Harry Main BMX Bike

Some BMX bikes are known for their strength and some for maneuverability on tracks. The lightweight models are easily maneuverable and you can perform nearly all park tricks on them. But, street riding demands strength. Mafia Madmain 20” BMX bikes have strength as the most prominent feature.

The high tensile steel frame comes very handy when you are riding the bike in a street. The urban environment—kerbs, railing and stairs—the exact heavy toll on the bike, and therefore high tensile steel is a bliss to have in your bike. Nevertheless, it is not the best option.  The expensive titanium and carbon fiber frames last more than tensile ones.

Rims along with the spokes decide the strength of the wheel. A double walled rim can withstand impacts more efficiently while performing aerial tricks without adding to the weight of the bike.

25/9 gearing is what you find in nearly all BMX bikes. This bike is no different. Although not suitable for long trips, this gearing assembly allows you to exert optimal pressure on the drivetrain to perform wheelies on the BMX bikes.  The handlebar size, 29’’ x 9’’, is long and high enough to perform wheelies, and you can go on to a considerable distance on one wheel in the air.

Maintenance of the bike is quite irritating, but with BMX it is a norm. BMX is the most abused bike of all others. A part fractured while performing a stunt, or the debris in your unsealed bottom bracket will make you to fork out extra dollars on the bike. With this bike frame and sealed brackets, you don’t have to worry about any of it.

  • Superior Strength
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Durable
  • Susceptible to corrosion
  • Poor tire quality


Schwinn Black Panther Freestyle BMX Bike

This bike appeals to the die-hard fans of Marvel Studios, and especially the character black panther. The color scheme—black and purple—is in line with the theme of the fictional character, and it shows that Schwinn has rigorously marketed the bike on the back of Marvel star power.

Apart from the trendy color theme, another unusual feature is the wheel size of the bike. BMX Bikes usually come in 20 in wheel size, but a few with the large cruiser wheels are up to 24 in. Any BMX lover will be extremely surprised to know that Schwinn Black Panther has 26″ wheels. If you don’t know already, then these wheels are perfect for wheelies and dirt jumping and also, they are perfect to use for 5’4’’ to 6’4’’ height.

The 2.3 wide BMX tires have excellent grip suitable for the dirt jumping and riding on verts.  However, there is a catch. You cannot perform topnotch Ariel tricks on this bike as the frame doesn’t allow for maximum clearance. There are chances that the wire gets tangled in the middle of a stunt.

With an easy to use single-speed drivetrain, it offers simple maintenance, and a robust steel frame is there to make it last the fatigues involved in hardcore riding. It features linear pulled brakes which brakes provide crisp stopping power in all conditions. The pegs are certainly an extra feature that doesn’t come usually with the BMX bikes. This BMX model has a rear peg set.

  • 26 in Wheel size
  • Excellent for Dirt tracks
  • Pegs included
  • No height limitation
  • Not suitable for Ariel Tricks


Which One is the Best Freestyle BMX Bike?

The best pick of the above-mentioned freestyle bike list can be no other than X games FS20 bike. It comes in a tight budget, and yet it never ceases to amaze us with its extraordinary feature. True that many of them are standard components, much like other run-of-the-mill BMX bikes. Nevertheless, you can’t ignore the company’s effort to incorporate gyro headset and multiple pegs to unleash maximum freestyle tricks. With this bike, BMX riders can certainly perform mouth-dropping tricks without anything holding them back.


BMX Bikes For Beginners

A lot many people link learning with age, so whenever one says a BMX-riding ‘beginner’ what comes to their mind is a kid, or a teenager, trying to pedal on a bicycle for the very first time in life.  But, a beginner is not necessarily a kid or a teenager. It can be a fifty years old adult who has recently discovered that there is a thing for BMX bike in his/her heart, and wants to try one despite the age. Therefore, bikes for beginner do not necessarily mean bikes for kids or teenagers, they are for those who have just got themselves into BMX riding.

The BMX bikes for beginners are categorized on the bases of their components and overall value for money forked out.

  • Cheap
  • Best budget
  • Best for the money


Mafiabikes Kush1 K2 Blue Black 20″ BMX Bike (Super Cheap)

Mafiabikes has many BMX bikes in the kush series. Of which, theKush 1 is an entry level BMX which is popular for being dirt cheap. It’s perfect for beginners who want to bash about the streets or the riding parks. Let us get into its components.

The Hi-tensile steel frame, as I have discussed many times before, might last longer than others, but it is susceptible to erosion in a humid environment and add considerable weight to the overall weight of the bike. This bike has one with a 20.4” top tube. The handlebar has 9” rise and is 29.5” length with an appropriate back sweep to provide the rider the comfort of riding the bike without having to lean forward all the time. This assembly saves the rider from experience chronic back pain.

Many of its features are more or less the same as you find in other entry level bikes. One exception though is its gear ratio. The 36 teeth front sprocket and 16T rear sprocket is a distinguishing feature of this bike as BMX Bikes usually come in 25T/9T assembly. This bike has a gear ratio of 2.25 (36/16T) which tells us that it is easy to peddle but can’t give the rider the explosive power needed for pro stunts.

The crank of the BMX bike differentiates a premium model from another. Mafiabikes didn’t put a high price on this bike, but it has certainly included some premium features: the three-piece crank, padded seat with integrated alloy post, alloy rims and hubs and much more.

  • Super cheap
  • Ease to peddle (gear ratio: 2.25)
  • Durable
  • Heavy Frame


Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle BMX Bike (Best Budget)

Mongoose needs no introduction in the arena of BMX bikes. It is certainly the mogul in it. It has on its back star power, state-of-the-art technology, and a dedicated team to perpetuate its cause—promoting BMX riding all over the US and beyond.

Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle is suitable for beginners and advanced riders alike. The model got the name after its 20 in Mag wheels which are one of the most envied in the industry. Just in case you are not familiar with it, a mag wheel contains magnesium or aluminum generally alloyed with steel, which makes it lighter in weight and shinier than an ordinary steel wheel. These wheels don’t have spokes, and yet are stronger than the standard ones.

The premium Mongoose Hi-Ten Steel BMX frame and fork feature low-stance geometry to offer a durable, responsive ride. However, if you had remembered the fact about hi-ten steel, you would have been able to guess by now that it is unreliable in humid conditions.

Another remarkable feature is its cable rectangular mechanism—you can turn the handlebar 360 degrees without getting the cables entangled. The riders with a thing for handle bar spin and other flat street stunts must seriously consider buying this bike.

The drivetrain is also noticeable. 40x16T BMX gearings are incorporated in it so it has a gearing ratio of 2.5. Speaking of which, you can have the ease in pulling the bike forward in exchange for top speed and acceleration of the bike. Furthermore, it is a one piece forged steel bike which is a major disadvantage in terms of maintenance.

The U-brakes are the most suitable assembly for BMX as it allows for maximum clearance and immense stopping power. Also, the inclusion of 4 pegs is welcomed by the buyers as, in case to the contrary, they would have to buy them separately to perform flatland balancing tricks.

Legion Mag is available in several colors so the choosy riders could have a variety to pick from. The maximum height of rider is specified as 5’4”, but a two to three inch higher is permissible.


  • Mag Wheels
  • Ease in riding
  • 4 pegs included for grinding
  • Unreliable in humid conditions.


CULT Devotion A BMX Bike Mens Sz 20in Black

Cult is an exclusive BMX bike brand. From individual parts to a complete bike, this company sells each and everything under the sun which is related to a BMX bike. It has its own proprietary frames and complementary parts completely in line with market standards. The Devolution A bike is a flagship model that is so good that it sells itself.

Let’s start with the frame. Cromoly frame is a mark of perfection. Many bikes use it in combination with tensile steel: the front triangle is made up of steel to minimize price and the rear triangle is made up of Chromo to maximize strength. Cult has not compromised on quality as it built the frame and the forks of pure Chromo material.

Besides this, even the handlebar is made-up of chromo. The two-piece structure of handlebars comes very handy in the maintenance of the bike. During a few hardcore stunts, there are good chances of the fracturing of single-piece handlebars, which render it useless. The two piece handlebar is therefore made to last the extreme abuse and to be easily serviced in case of any misadventure.

The sealed mid bottom bracket and integrated headset are the indicators of its durability. It is simply built to last for years. The rear hub is Sealed 9T Cassette Hub which is usually found in professional BMX bikes, and which gives a ticking sound while riding.

The comfort of rider seems to be the top priority of the Cult as it has incorporated exclusively designed grips and seats in the bike.

  • Proprietary Frame and other Components
  • Two-piece Handlebar
  • Light weight
  • Sealed Assembly
  • Expensive


Which one is the best BMX bike for the beginners? 

Editors Choice: Choosing the best overall BMX bike led to a stalemate between Legion Mag Wheel and Cult Devolution A. The Mongoose Legion Mag has a brand name and certain outstanding features; the Cult devolution is struggling to make its authority in the BMX market. Despite the Mag wheels, efficient gearing and whatnot, Mongoose has failed to make the cut in beginner level bike when it limits the height to 5’6’’ making it exclusively a bike for kids and averaged height persons. Cult Devolution has superior frame material and it has—as can be expected from an underdog—incorporated features well beyond the budget.


BMX Bikes For Pros

It is useful to know prior to buying a BMX bike for professionals that it would be anything but inexpensive. Also, as these bikes are specifically designed for mega BMX events and top athletes, you will find high end feature—frame and handlebar—incorporated into them.


Radio Comrad 20″ 2019 Complete BMX Bike — Best Cheap BMX Bike For Pros

This Comrad BMX by Radio is popular among eminent riders mainly for its durability. Two Radio bikes have made it to our list and this one is limited to freestyle riding.

It has a responsive geometry of which if you have no clue suffice is it to know that each and every part is fixed at a perfect angle and has ideal length to make the bike light-weight and stronger.  The frame is entirely made up of Chromoly, one couldn’t expect less in the expensive bikes. Just to remind you, a Chromoly frame is a heavy-duty frame that can effortlessly bear the wrath of professional riders. The four piece handlebar is also made up of Chromoly, and its structure (4-piece) makes it less prone to fracturing.

Instead of cassette hub, a Freecoaster hub has been chosen for this, primarily to give the rider the freedom to perform fakie tricks. The rider does not have to peddle while driving back with a free coaster hub and those who get annoyed by the clicking of the cassette hub, it is a blessing. Freecoaster hub is a coved component among professional athletes.

Radio Comrad has sealed bearing throughout minimizing the cost of the maintenance. The headset is no different—sealed and integrated.

To make it fit for all riders, with the exception of adolescents, the top tube is fairly long—21”. The drivetrain is pretty much standard—25T sprocket and 9T driver with a gear ratio of 2.78—allowing for top speed and lightning-fast acceleration.

  • Responsive Geometry for freestyle riding
  • Freecoaster Hub for Fakie Tricks
  • Sealed Assembly
  • Superior Strength
  • 100 percent chromoly Frame
  • Expensive


Colony BMX Sweet Tooth (Alex Hiam Signature BMX Bike)(Best Budget)

X Games 2018 was held in Minneapolis and of all its other sensational moments one was the performance of Alex Hiam. The Australian athlete won the gold in Dave Mirra’s BMX Park Best Trick event and the audience was enthralled by his breathtaking stunt. Colony’s BMX sweet tooth is a brainchild of Alex Hiam and it is a winner BMX bike for worldwide competitions. Let us get into the details

The frame is what you must expect of an Elite BMX Bike—a cent percent Chromoly frame. It is immune to corrosion, to the grinding and to the extreme abuse of the riders. Tooth frame is 20.7’’ size making it perfect for those who want to learn technical super combination stunts. Another distinctive quality of the frame is its super lightweight, precisely 10.5 kg, with strength unmatched by other lightweight bikes, thanks to the heat treatment involved in the processing of frame material. Sweet tooth is what you call a beast among BMX bikes.

The company behind Sweet Tooth, Colony, has incorporated certain innovative and proprietary technology into it. The stem, bars, pedals, tires, sprockets and even the seat post are the specifically designed components that the company sells standalone. The integrated headset and sealed bottom brackets add to the durability of the bike.

Though most riders prefer Freecoaster, this BMX bike is featuring a cassette hub. This hub requires constant peddle engagement while riding the bike and gives a clicking sound. Furthermore, the 9T rear and 36T front sprocket combination unleash explosive power and top speed.

Standover height is the distinctive feature that limits the height of the rider. A 8.5” standover height is suitable for nearly all adult riders.

Black, Pink and Rainbow are the only three colors in which this bike is available on Amazon.

  • Signature Bike
  • Proprietary Technology
  • Sealed Assembly
  • Superior Strength
  • Light weight
  • Cassette hub, unsuitable for Fakies
  • Expensive


Radio Helium 24″ BMX Race Bike – 21.5″ TT (Best For The Money)

Radio Helium 24” Race BMX is a cruiser bike specifically designed for dirt tracks and racing. However, one can also use it as a freestyle bike on the street, parks, and ramps.

The Helium frame which gave the model its name is an innovation credited to Radio. As compared to aluminum, it is made up of Hydroformed 6061-T6 Alloy which gives it superior strength while keeping the weight significantly low. For competitive racing, the weight becomes very important as it often decides the fate of the rider.

The handlebar is significantly high and wide, 6’’ rise and 26.75” width that facilitates in spinning the bike around it. Also, it has 8 degrees back sweep and a 2-degree upsweep to save the rider from the backpain. The quick release clamp further adds to the comfort as rider can instantly pull up or lower down the seat while resting and performing tricks respectively.

Almost all the components of this bike are proprietary technology by Radio. Crank, bottom bracket, and hubs are all designed by dedicated teams of engineers and designers to meet the demands of professional athletes. You can guess that by the peculiar gear ratio. The 41 teeth sprocket and 18 teeth driver enable the rider to unleash explosive power.

Radio has many top-notch riders in its fold including Tom Tucker and Jack Kelly. The Helium Cruiser bike is tested and raced by many of them on international platforms. Those who are going to buy this one should be excited to know that they are riding a BMX exclusively made for professional athletes.

  • Best for Dirt track and racing
  • Cruiser tires
  • Helium frame
  • Quick release clamp
  • Allows for explosive acceleration
  • Expensive


Which One is The Best BMX Bike For Pros?

Editor’s Choice: The top pick of our list can be no other than BMX Sweet Tooth by Colony, and it has little to do with the fame of Alex Hiam. All the bikes have more or less the same market value so the budget didn’t make any difference. It has proprietary components all dedicatedly manufactured to meet the exacting demands of pro athletes. The other most convincing factor was the suitability of the bike for all tracks and the buyer’s accolade for its performance and longevity.


BMX Bikes History

In the late twentieth century, a band of unruly, impassioned and rebellious kids took inspiration from motocross racing and pioneered the first BMX known in history. To ride BMX, just like any other extreme sport, is an edgework—the behavior at the edge of chaos and control. One simple trick gone wrong will send you reeling in the air, and gives you the pain unfathomed, unknown. But the sport gained traction, primarily due to the touch of madness and exhilaration it involved.

BMX riding was a sport for hoodlums and degenerates feared and loathed by parents. But, then it was the fertile soil of America, where it takes no time for an alien idea to become an indispensable part of the culture. The BMX culture ballooned, sprouting an entirely new industry in its wake. To keep abreast of the rising demand for the BMX, rookie engineers became entrepreneurs. A few of them dared to establish one of the most revered BMX bike brands in the US and succeeded. Companies like Mongoose and EasternBikes owe their existence to the rise of BMX.

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