Top 9 Best Electric Skateboards Under $300 In 2021

Conquering distances over hoverboards, rolling skates and skateboards give more thrill, require an excessive skill set and make you feel free. Whilst many riders face widespread difficulty in balancing a skateboard for long distances, the companies turned to solve the issue by integrating technology in the skateboards and started developing electric skateboards that are much easier to ride and balance than a manual one.

Slowly, but progressively, their success rates accelerated and since the last decade, they have become quite common. With increased recognition, their rates went down and today, you can find reasonably good electric skateboards cheaply.

Plenty of helmeted riders, would you witness on the streets on Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other states, whizzing past you on their electric skateboards with their hair flying in the air and cheeks pressed by wind due to their accessible buying scale.

This article would discuss the best electric skateboards under $300. The selection is made on the basis of Amazon reviews, technical analysis, and compatible researched material.

What Should A Good Electric Skateboard Have?

There are some factors and features that need to be considered when choosing your purchase.

1. Battery time

A good time for the electric skateboards is about an hour and 20 miles on mileage. Even a cheap one should do near 40 minutes because less than that and you are screwed. You would constantly find yourself charging the battery instead of riding it.

2. Serviceability

Like every other electronic product, these are also prone to breakdown or malfunctioning issues. Many modern models contain ICs which are integrated circuits with all components connected to one circuit so fault-finding requires a technical person. Choose the skateboards that have commonly available parts or can be repaired easily.

3. Customizations & Performance

Of course, you would require your purchased board to be of top quality with great performance. Carry good research before buying such products and that’s when articles like these come in handy. You can read these and go through the reviews to find out the performance of your desired boards.

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Best Electric Skateboard Under $300

Also, with the advancement in technology, modern options provide useful customizations that can make the riding experience easier and more fun. Check out the features of each skateboard and then make a final decision.


Due to electronic integration prices are comparatively higher than the manual skateboards. We, however, discuss the top 9 best skateboards under $300 in this regard.


1. Blitzard Tornado (Best Hub Motor Electric Skateboard)

This first model carries a WWE belt-shaped design with bamboo and maple wood used as materials for its construction. The multiple layers of maple wood rest above each other and they are covered from each side by bamboo sheets. The bamboo is very strong and can sustain large weights.

The grip tape at the top is concave shaped which enhances the gripping of the surface with the feet of the rider. One side contains a carrying handle so you don’t drop it even mistakenly.

The wheels are 90mm wide and have a diameter of 3.5 inches. They are replaceable with four vibrant tire options. The wheels are made of polyurethane which is highly resistant to wear and can be used in wet conditions as well.

Each set of tires has a 350W hub motor attached with it which is not noticeable from the naked eye and the 400 mAH lithium-ion battery is attached to the bottom, which is the only thing that is visible otherwise it can easily be mistaken for a regular skateboard.

The battery gives a range of around 10 miles which is acceptable but the weight of the rider and the nature of the terrain can decrease this limit.

The good thing is that the battery charges quickly and takes 2.5 hours to reach the full limit. The hub motors allow a maximum speed of 16 miles which is very good and they are quieter than the belt driven motors. Who would want a buzzing noise when skating on quiet noon in a silent neighborhood!

The remote control is very easy to use and contains a wrist string that makes sure that you don’t lose it while cruising along the paved roads.  It contains functions of reverse, accelerates, and brake although regenerative braking is absent on this board.

The weight of Blitzard Tornado is 30 pounds which is on the heavier side mainly because of the layers of maple wood but this tradeoff between ruggedness and weight is acceptable.

  • Rugged design with the incorporation of maple wood & bamboo
  • The battery charges quickly
  • Polyurethane wheels
  • Quiet hub motors
  • Carrying handle on the board and wrist band with the remote
  • No regenerative braking
  • Complaints about clumsy delivery


2. Swagtron NG1 Youth Electric Longboard

A large skateboard measuring a length of 32 inches with a durable frame with easy handling! This weighs only 15 pounds and can be steered sharply at any speed and carried easily. It allows almost 80 degrees of turning at acute angles at medium speed but if you want to steer at high speeds, you need to bend your legs and put weight on the knees.

The body is manufactured with 7 layers of Canadian Maplewood to make it strong and carry riders up to a weight of 176 lbs. It has the right amount of flex for a comfortable ride. Swagtron longboard is carpeted with an abrasive, no-slip mat for maximum grip. The design is great with two spaces included carrying the board around.

The top frame is supported by an aluminum plate and a kingpin assembly and the ingenious design of the axle assembly allows the power from the motorized rear pair f wheels to reach the front wheels and make them rotate at the same RPM. This assembly promotes high levels of stability and navigation control.

The manufacturer intended to have only one hub motor to decrease the weight and so came up with this design. The motor is powerful enough to allow a maximum speed of 11 MPH.

The 24V battery is incorporated with cutting edge SentryShield battery technology with a battery management system that regulates voltage under every condition and prevents the risks of shorting and overvoltage.

This becomes particularly helpful while charging the battery as it prevents the battery from overcharging and ultimately losing its effectiveness. The first charge would take 3 hours but after the first use, recharge time decreases to 1.5 hours which is one of the lowest among the skateboards.

One of the features of this board is the cruising capability whereby you can employ the constant throttle of the motor and ride at a constant speed over long roads which also saves the battery. The remote control is wireless with a wrist strap and the dials can be used easily to speed up and slow down the board and the button pressed for applying brakes.

The screen on the remote shows the speed and the available charge which is crucial for long rides. It can travel an hour on the charge. This model is UL certified which eliminates any doubts related to safety. The tires are polyurethane which accounts for good traction.

  • Lightweight
  • Ingenious design to incorporate only one motor for driving the board
  • Cruising capability
  • Low maximum speed compared to the Blitzard Tornado.


3. Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard Under $300

This is an ultra-lightweight skateboard equipped with some of the features that expensive boards contain. The degree of functionality it provides in such low weight is largely raved by the customers.

The body is made from 6 layers of maple wood and one layer of bamboo for a sturdy built and can support a weight limit of 220 lbs which seems quite impossible for such a lightweight board but it is true.

Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard has an attractive design with front and rear tails and the company’s red logo looks ravishing on the black anti-slip mat padding. The red wheels sprouting from the sides add up to the chic of the model.

But it is a lot more than just looks and weight. It features two 250W hub motors which are not only quiet in operation but permit a maximum speed of 16 MPH. It can go up to inclines of 10 degrees so you are not just restricted to paved roads but slopes as well.

What’s extensively likable about it is the availability of regenerative braking which is superior in stopping power and provides energy to the battery as well. They are however sudden in the application and are not suited for beginners.

The battery included is a 25.2V lithium battery that is rated at 4400mah with a charge time of 2 hours and a running time of shy above 1 hour. This is a great balance provided we are talking about an under $300 board. It has a cycle life of 500 charges.

The remote control is equipment worth appreciation. It has general functions of forward, reverse, and braking but an LED switch that turns on the light of the screen that displays all the required info especially the useful charging status. This remote can be used at night as well. Such minor considerations surely raise the popularity charts of the model.

It even contains a cruise control which stabilizes the speed at one level and you can ride constantly at one speed for a long distance.

All of this comes with a six-month warranty for replacement and repair and a T tool for daily maintenance. To conclude, it is an enchantingly good bike that will provide a comfortable and thrilling riding experience.

  • Very lightweight
  • Regenerative braking
  • LED option on the remote’s screen
  • Battery has a long charge cycle life
  • Application of brakes is sudden


4. Urban Mini Electric Skateboard

This is a highly portable option for riders as it weighs only 7 pounds and is 17 inches long so it can be placed in your carrying bag easily. It is made with the intention to provide you a smooth-skating ride with nothing out-of-the-blue but one that is easily stored. An eye-catching color combination of orange and green which sweeps sweetly in the black base color gives it an enchanting look.

The battery is a 52.8 WH lithium type and is encased in a black box underneath the board, fully shielded. It is FAA certified so it can be taken for air travel. It powers a single 150W hub motor which is capable of producing a maximum speed of 12 MPH which is pretty decent for a low power rated motor.

The axle of both sets of wheels combines to form a vertical connector that connects with the frame to provide stability and enhanced balancing ease.

The shape of the board is elementary but the good thing is the charging time. It takes only 1.5 hours to charge and offer 7-9 miles on a single charge. It is less than other boards but provided the weight and size of this model and the presence of only a small motor, it must be accepted.

The wheels of the Urban Mini Skateboard are polyurethane which is characterized by rugged and absorbs minor shocks as well.

The maple wood construction allows a high weight limit of 250 lbs but that would surely decrease the mileage on the charge. The remote controller is convenient and gives the option of 3-speed changes. It doesn’t contain a dial for accelerating and slowing down but buttons for dedicated levels of speed.

Brake is abrupt and dangerous for first-timers so we recommend slowing down the board and using the feet to apply brakes. The company provides a warranty of 100 days during which you can try out the skateboard in every condition and replace it if not satisfied.

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Battery is FAA certified
  • 100 day warranty
  • 3 speed options
  • Weight limit of 250 lbs
  • Small
  • The brake apply abruptly


5. Maxfind Max Penny Skateboard

Portability and functionality in injected with great effect into this skateboard. It weighs only 7.7 lbs and can be stored in the bag easily or carried without even feeling the weight.

The board comes in three different colors and a sleek design which inculcates a smooth curvy frame with front and rear set of wheels in different colors that make it look a fairly costly skateboard.

The anti-slip gripping will tighten your grip while riding because it is a small platform and larger people would have slipped consistently, had it been a manual skateboard.

Maxfind Skateboard is IP65 waterproof rated which means it can surpass puddles of water on the way and splashes generated from them. It is even suitable for mild rain.

Now we move towards the circuitry. The battery is a 2200 mAh Lithium-ion which gives power to a single 500W hub motor and allows a maximum speed of 14 MPH. The battery has a charging time of 1.5 hours and provides a mileage of 8 miles on the charge which roughly amounts to 40-50 minutes of regular drifting.

The motor is properly shielded and has heat dissipation allowances thus encounter no maintenance problems and permit for use in occasional puddles of water.

The wheels have a diameter of 70 cm and are made of PU to offer traction control on multiple surfaces. If we talk about the remote, it has a joystick-style control which comes across as a great convenience for kids.

The cruise control is especially a cool feature; when your speed is 10 km/h, you can press the cruise button and the board will continue to move at a particular speed.

You may go through highways and silent streets on this control and get out of it by pressing any other control button. It doesn’t have a screen like other models which is a disadvantage. The breaking feature is strong but smooth and the board can easily go over 15 degrees slope.

  • IP65 water resistant
  • Very portable
  • Sleek design
  • Joystick styled remote
  • Can go over slopes of 15 degrees
  • No screen on the remote
  • Small platform


6. Vokul V1 Electric Skateboard

It is a seamless electric skateboard scoring a healthy amount of 4+ star rating on Amazon. The 29-inch platform can accommodate riders of any size and the 7 layered Maplewood frame is brawny enough to sustain a weight limit of 200 lbs.

The slick grayish skateboard is smoothly finished and the power circuit is perfectly enclosed underneath with no loose connections and aligned pairs of wheels.

Only a small portion of wheels is visible from the top which is a great design consideration as you feel like floating over a chunk of wood despite whizzing past people at high speed.

The components used in the manufacture are of good quality and the reliability has also been confirmed by the customers.

It features a UL 7S29 certified 4400 mAh lithium-ion battery which can be charged within 2 hours. There is a single 350W hub motor without any belts or gears that require attention.

Vokul V1 electric skateboard is capable of producing a maximum speed of 13 MPH and a range of 10 miles on a charge. There is a battery level indicator on the board as well so you can keep a check of the remaining juice in the battery during your cruise.

The fact that the braking system is regenerative makes it a highly desired board because this feature means a long-running battery as the friction of the brakes is converted to feed the battery power. The brakes are smooth in application, not abrupt as in some of the aforementioned models.

The ergonomic remote contains a dial for accelerating and braking and even separate buttons for three dedicated levels of speed attainment. It also indicates the charging levels of the battery and offers a reverse function which is absent in many mentioned models.

The lightweight skateboard can be easily steered overturn without tripping because of the abrasive carpet on the frame.

The package arrives with a warranty of six months and all charging cables. What more do you need from a killer board? It is potentially a great purchase and one of the top hits of this list.

  • Large enough to accommodate people of all sizes
  • Regenerative braking
  • UL 7S29 certified battery
  • Separate buttons for three levels of seed apart from the speed dial and reverse function
  • Warranty of six months
  • Connection problem with the remote (one complaint till the date of writing)


7. Hiboy S11 Skateboard

A very cheap yet inspiring product with excellent capabilities and a delicate outlook! This board is equally useful for adults or teenagers and kids.

The shape of the frame is very typical but the design on it which includes a combination of straight white arrows with a bright company’s logo in the center prevents you from raising the foot over it but once you do, it is all comfort and smoothness.

Hiboy S11 is 29 inches in length and is sturdily built to hold a weight limit of as much as 220 lbs. It passes the UL2271 safety standards and poses no risks in electric circuitry and other associated ride risks.

It contains a single 350W motor that works quietly to permit a top speed of 13 MPH. The stable battery management system takes 6 hours of recommended charging time for initial use and 3 hours afterward which is a bit on the time-consuming side.

Hiboy Electric Skateboard is black-boxed and fully shielded from dust and the risk of water splashing.

The board is excessively stable on turns and when accelerating and have 4 riding modes with each allowing a specific limit of max speed. It can comfortably go over inclines up to 8 degrees which is lower than the Maxfind Max model and includes a regenerative braking system. This single feature makes its way over some of the other boards available at cheap rates.

The remote is black colored and contains a finger slot for grip. It contains accelerating dial, brake button, reversal button, low battery LED indication and power button.

The wireless remote seldom gives the problem of connection. It is recommended to not be used in rain. It comes with charging cables and 30 days no reason asked warranty which speaks highly of the customer’s service provided by the company.

Overall, it is a good option for people who like bigger skateboards that are unproblematic.

  • UL2271 certified
  • Big size but lightweight
  • 4 riding modes
  • Regenerative braking
  • Fully functional remote
  • Lower run time than the competitors
  • Recommended incline level is 8 degrees which is less than the competitors


8. Miageek Youth Electric Skateboard

Another good and reasonable option to be considered with a 35″ long frame and a slot for carrying it easily coupled with IP54 water resistant capability.

It is constructed with 7-ply of Canadian Maple wood which is gelled together coherently and the finishing is flawless. All the processing was carried on the CNC machine which reduces any margins of error and gives a final product that can be validated to be of a great finish.

Miageek Electric Skateboard It has a weight limit of 220 lbs and an anti-slip pad on the whole of the frame so that wherever your foot moves during the ride, it is fully gripped to prevent slippage. The grip tape is concave shaped and has a lifted kick tail for easy mounting and support.

The 250W hub motor is powered by a battery that has a charging time of 2.5 hours but a short running time of 40 minutes when a rider is a lean person.

Miageek Skateboard contains two modes of speed; high and low with the top speed being 12 MPH. The remote control has a thumb slot and a carrying strap too.

It provides LED indicators for battery level, speed, and braking. It doesn’t have regenerative braking like the previous model.

The board can go through splashes and sustain mild rain because the wood is shielded with a solution and the battery is encased fully. The board can only move in one direction so you have to live with it.

Overall, it is a durable option with a large base but a short running time.

  • IPG4 rated water resistant
  • Large base
  • LED indicators on the remote control
  • Only moves in one direction
  • Short running time
  • No regenerative braking


9. Airwheel M3 Longboard

It holds a place in this list primarily because of the advanced shock-absorbing capability integrated into the design. It may not have received many customer reviews but is certainly a potentially decent model to consider.

The deck is 32 inches long so it is suitable for bigger riders too and is made of Maple wood like other models but the thing to talk about is the truck of the board. It has a unique design with no visible axle screws and kingpin assembly but all of it molded together perfectly.

The 40CR steel and the PU damper on the front and rear wheels account for great shock-absorbing capacity. They can go over bumpy roads easily and you won’t feel any impact in the body.

Axle is strong enough to hold the frame and the damper along with the weight of the rider. They seem to vibrate on the go but that simply provides it the flexibility to absorb the impact energy of the obstruction.

There is a single 350W hub motor that can take the rider over slopes of 15 degrees and provide good torque and power to allow a max speed of 16 MPH. The responsiveness of the motors to the remote speed dial is appreciable.

It detects small changes and speed and quickly adjusts the torque of the motor without making the rider feel the jerk like when one changes the gears of a manual car.

The battery is 162 Wh and features a BMS (Battery management system) which eradicates the risks of overcharge and discharge and even short circuit. All of these associated problems are managed seamlessly through the high-quality electronic components soldered in the circuit.

The wheels have steel covering at the spoke cover and even a protective steel frame inside the tires which connect the set with each other through the axle. The Cheng Shin tires offer anti-skid properties and enhanced traction which promotes greater stability. Moreover, It can go through rugged terrains as well.

The remote is easily connected through a distance of 10 meters and it can also be connected to a smartphone app that can be connected via Bluetooth and the user can monitor all the info on the screen.

Airwheel A3 Longboard has a cool feature of turning 180 degrees to reverse the motion which means there is no need to select a reverse mode from the remote but you simply have to change the direction and the longboard will respond to it.

  • Battery management system
  • Great shock absorbing capability with modification in design and material
  • Feature of turning 180 degrees
  • Can go over slopes of 15 degrees
  • Not Portable, as bigger in size


Editor’s Verdict On Best Electric Skateboard

Choosing the best model amongst this list of highly competitive models is quite difficult. Provided they all are under $300, it would be unjustified to compare them with the best electric skateboards on the market because getting an expensive board is not what everyone can do.

We would categorize our final verdict into two groups: portable ones and longboards. Our top pick among longboards would be VOKUL V1 because it consists of regenerative braking, good speed control, is safe, and comes with a six months warranty. It receives close competition from Swagtron NG1 due to a superior battery system and effective cruise control feature, Alouette Phoenix Ryders because of its long battery life and low weight, and AirWheel A3 as it is integrated with a technically advanced stable and shock-absorbing design.

If we talk about portable options, it has to be Maxfind Max Penny as it is water-resistant and received fewer complaints from the customers. Urban Mini has a problem with the sudden application of brakes otherwise it would have found our top spot. The honorary mentions don’t mean other models are futile. This is just what we comprehended. You can have a different thought altogether.

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