Best Endurance Road Bikes For Money Under $1500, $1000 [2021]

Looking for the best endurance road bike under 1500 or 1000 dollars? We invested many hours to find out the top models for you guys. So, have a look at the detailed discussion, reviews of the best endurance bikes available on Amazon.

Among the many types of road bikes out there in the market, endurance bikes are one of them. The word “endurance” signifies the characteristic of enduring shocks and discomforting ripples. These bikes, sometimes regarded as sportive bikes and are higher in terms of comfort standards as compared to the race bikes. Endurance Road Bikes are perfect for those who want to find their way through cascading roads, mountainous tracks, and off-road trails but are equally effective for in-city commutes too.

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How Is An Endurance Bike Different?

Not largely distinctive from the other types of road bikes, an endurance bike does contain some special features which are discussed below.

1. Longer Head Tube

These models have head tubes that are larger in length than the race road bikes because it reduces the speed potential while elevating the comfort tendency as it works to absorb more road vibrations. This is simply because it adds more material between the fork and the handlebar. This also contributes to a natural upright riding posture which is a suicide in racing.

2. Chainstay Length

Race bikes have shorter chainstays because this permits high acceleration rates and ascending ability which is not required in endurance bikes. Such bikes need longer chainstays for more tire clearance and space for attaching fenders.

3. Smaller Head Tube Angles

Endurance bikes have slightly smaller head tube angle as it enhances the stability and control over the bike rather than fast responsiveness.


Best Endurance Bikes For The Money

Equally effective to be used as training, adventure and commuting bike, we have disclosed the descriptions of the best budget endurance road bikes for the money. It includes models from some of the best road bike brands like Tomasso, Raleigh, and Diamondback.


Under $1000


Under $1500


Best Endurance Road Bike Under $1000

1. Tommaso Forcella ( Cheap, Best & Top Rated Endurance Bike)

There is something that is so visually appealing that you tend to draw towards them and check them out. It’s the same with Tommaso Forcella but mind it, it’s not all about looks. The manufacturers of this bike have managed to incorporate good performance parameters along with its ravishing outlook.

Like many of the other bikes in this list, its frame is fabricated out of aluminum with a carbon frame. The aluminum helps to keep the weight down while the carbon fiber provides for good sock isolation capabilities. Tapered top tube with a long head tube, thick down tube and mounts for fenders and racks are the top highlights of this outstanding frame.

We can’t forget to script the drivetrain of the bike which is once again, popularized by Shimano components. An 8-speed rear and 3-speed front derailleur work in conjunction with the Claris 12-25T cassette and 30/39/50T crankset to give a total of 24 speeds and gear ratios that can take the bike anywhere. The speeds are administered by STI Claris shifters.

Other features include V-brakes that may be a frustrating choice for some, TC-30 wheelset with Kenda 700x25c tires and WTB Volt Saddle which is soft enough to take you to long cruises and commutes.

It’s the quality of the wheels that is a bit of question for Forcella. Two customers complained that the wheels could not be properly aligned and would become loose after some time. If that is really the case, it is recommended to have them replaced.

  • Stylish and attractive
  • Aerodynamic  aluminum frame with a carbon fork
  • Strong V brakes
  • 24 speeds
  • Some complaints regarding the wheels


2. Tommaso Monza (Top Rated Endurance Road Bike For The Money)

The first model of the list comes from Tomasso which is a recognized bike manufacturing brand that has been providing its customers with bikes crafted in commendable Italian design and equipped with superiorly functioning components.

This model features a sublime combination of speed, comfort, and beauty. 6061 Aluminum is used in the construction of the frame with a carbon fiber fork. Carbon, as mentioned various times before have a layered structure and is furnished with the ability to absorb vibrations much more effectively than metals. So if you are on a route to hills or any other craggy track, this bike will pamper you just well. With two color options of dark blue and black, this also provides appealing aesthetics other than performance.

As for the drivetrain, it includes Shimano Tiagra pieces ranging from derailleurs to shifters and crankset. 20 speeds are provided to the rider with a combination of 2-speed crankset and 10-speed rear derailleur. The name of the company speaks of the high performance and effectual transition it has a reputation of.

Stopping a fast bike is equally important as accelerating it and Monza has it all covered: it is equipped with Tiagra caliper brakes that ensure that the bike stops even when you are pedaling downhill. Kenda 700x23c tires add up to the traction of the bike and the 20-spoke Corsa TC-40 wheelset gives it the durability it needs. Its rims are 40mm deep which covers any unattended scope of strength. UltraCompact handlebar that ensures an upright riding posture and WTB Saddle which is highly comfortable augments the usability of this great model.

We failed to find any demerits on this model even after going through many reviews but there were some customers who rated it below 5 stars because of the need of upgrades like changing the stem and tires they encountered.

  • 6061 aluminum frame with a carbon fiber fork
  • WTB Saddle and UltraCompact handlebar for an upright riding position
  • 40mm deep rims and 20-spoke tire
  • Shimano Tiagra 20 speed drivetrain
  • Very good brakes
  • Some customers required upgrades for a feasible performance


3. Raleigh Merit 3

If it’s anything this bike can be described as it’s “potentially perfect for the price range”. Submerged in a classy blue color, lined with comfort and adhered to performance, this model is available to the customers just a shy below $1000.

Aluminum frame grants the necessary strength and lightweight required for any endurance bike. Neither does it have to be really heavy nor light as a feather and the frame does exactly that. The long head tube joins strongly with the carbon-cum-aluminum fork and the stem is anti-shock where it works on the basis of its material to absorb vibrations and prevents the transmission of jerks to the rider.

Shimano components are incorporated in the drive mechanism of Merit 3 with the inclusion of 2-speed crankset and 11-speed Shimano 105 rear derailleur. They work together to provide 22 speeds which are controlled by STI shifters that sit conveniently on the handles. Characterized with seamless functionality, it provides the rider with a speed range that can take him to inclined heights, zigzagging roads and gravel paths all with equal effect.

Disc brakes are included to provide supreme stopping power. This type of brakes has augmented power in terms of braking ability, responsiveness and use in variable weather conditions, as compared to the general dual caliper brakes.

Wheels commit to the elevated standards as well. They are Weinmann XC180 doubled walled and feature Clement Strada LGG 700X28c tires that have decent traction and durability abilities. Moreover, it includes a comfortable saddle, reflectors on the wheels and the seat post and an ergonomic handlebar that can be adjusted for the best angle-of-use. To enjoy this product wholesomely, choose a reliable delivery mode because some customers complained that there were some bent parts when the package arrived.

  • Aluminum lightweight frame with a carbon fork
  • Anti-shock stem
  • 22-speed bike with Shimano components
  • Disk brakes
  • High-grade wheels
  • STI shifters
  • Bad delivery (some issues)


4. Tommaso Tiempo

There is a reason it’s the third model of the Tommaso series on this list; they are just so fine! If you can get such an endurance bike under $1500, it’s a great take. Reliability, technical backing, and good looks are what highlight this model.

Packed in a stunning mixture of glossy black and red color, Tiempo is an improved version of the 2014 Tiempo. Aluminum is used in the fabrication of the frame that includes a tapered top tube and a thick down tube that grants drag reduction and comfort to the rider. Like many other bikes of the list, its fork is fashioned out of carbon fiber for reducing the overall weight and vibration dampening. There are mounts for attachment of a rear rack in case city commutes and picnics demands carrying a heavy supply bag and bottle holders.

Previously, the Tiempo was fitted with 12x25T cassette and 3×9 drivetrain but this model features a better 11x28T cassette that provides more range and 2×9 drivetrain to makes transition lighting quick. Some expert cyclist regards the change in the crankset as the biggest improvement; it now contains Shimano Sora double as opposed to the entry-level and heavy triple crankset. Shimano STI shifters, like the rest, function seamlessly and refuse to pose serious problems.

Likewise the crankset, the wheels have changed. Tiempo now features Corsa TC-30 wheels instead of the hefty Weimann wheels. They are aerodynamically superior, lesser in weight and the 30mm rims help to dampen the road vibrations. We would have liked to increase the number of spokes in the 700x25c tires though to grant extra support.

If we talk about the handlebars and saddle, they are elegantly designed as per the Tommaso UltraLight standards, are ergonomic and soft to provide for comfortable riding experience. Brakes, however, are caliper in nature and would have been wondrous, had they been disk brakes. Apart from some bad deliveries which resulted in some bent and scratched parts, there is not a single serious problem associated with this model.

  • Aerodynamic aluminum frame with a carbon fiber fork
  • Improved cassette, crankset, and drivetrain
  • Corsa TC-30 wheels those are light and drag-resistant
  • Ergonomic handle and soft saddle
  • No disk brakes


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Best Endurance Road Bike Under $1500

1. Diamondback Century 3

Century 3 is regarded as the jack of all trades on part of the versatility it provides to the cyclists. Be it the need for a fitness bike to help shed calories or a commuter bike to take you around the city for hours, it is specifically designed for all-day rides.

The bike exhibits aluminum alloy frame which is both lighter in weight and high in strength. It has a tapered head tube with a stiff top tube, thin seat stays for compliance and a Podium air formed alloy fork with a tapered steerer to facilitate high handling along with acceptable shock absorption.

As a whole, it is designed as EPG or Enhanced Performance Geometry which corresponds to its longer head tube to keep the rider in a more upright position. An attractive color scheme of silver and blue grants it the outlook anyone would wish for.

If we talk about the drive scheme of the bike, like every other model, it is furnished with Shimano components. A 2×11 speed drivetrain includes Shimano 105 front and rear derailleurs and STI shifters that have not received any complaints regarding the hand accessibility.

Another thing to appreciate in this bike is the wheels. Thru-axles are fitted with hed Flanders C2 plus wheels and allow larger tire clearance although this model used 700x28c tires which offer a softer ride with low drag count and larger contact area with the road for better traction. Moreover, the TRP Spyre disc brakes increase their utility by filling the braking department comprehensively.

With the inclusion of a padded saddle to prevent body fatigue even after long hours of bike riding and the presence of two bottle holders, Century 3 accommodates for a great, smooth and comfortable ride.

  • 7000 series alloy frame with Enhanced performance geometry
  • Attractive color scheme
  • 2×11 efficient drivetrain
  • Hed Flanders C2 plus wheels with 700x28c tires
  • DisK brakes
  • 2 bottle holders
  • Expensive than Tommaso models


2. Kestel Legend

This is another smart endurance road bike model under $1500. With more usage of carbon fiber in the construction of the body, this provides more strength and vibration isolation than all-aluminum body bikes.

It is the frame that needs to rave highly. Unlike other endurance bikes with aluminum frames and a carbon fork, the frame of Legend is produced by a combination of 700K and 800K carbon fiber. Regions like the bottom bracket and head tube are fringed with polyurethane with precisely measured resin weight to ensure maximum strength while the crown area is infused with EPS foam mold to increase the rigidity of the frame. To sum up, Kestel seems to have taken the concept of “endurance” a bit too seriously but all to the advantage of the customers.

As a measure of dealing with quick speed transitions, Legend is fitted with Shimano drivetrain that includes 105-speed cassette, front and rear derailleur, and 11-speed STI shifter. It is the smoothness of operation, the ease-of-use STI levers provide and swift responsiveness that makes it a highly appreciable drivetrain.

Had it included disk brakes, it would have been a complete package but it is furnished with Tektro R540 pivot brakes that may be inferior to the disc brakes but are decent in quality if we talk in terms of dual brakes.

As for the wheelset, it includes Oval Concepts 527 wheels which weighs about 1.7kg and include aluminum rims with aero spokes and covering of Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Slick 700x25c tires. In addition to it, the saddle is scratch proof and rests comfortably on the carbon seat post which further favors the vibration isolation of the bike. A bit of an issue, however, is the difficulty in the assembling process of this model as it needs to be fitted with caution for proper alignment.

  • The frame is a combination of carbon fiber, polyurethane and EPS foam mold for better rigidity, strength and vibration isolation
  • Shimano drivetrain with STI shifters
  • Tektro R540 pivot brakes
  • Includes Oval Concepts 527 wheels with Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Slick tires
  • Good seat with carbon fiber seat post
  • Needs to be assembled with caution and may need a professional


3. Kestrel Talon (Best Rated Endurance Bike)

Don’t get confused if it hasn’t been reviewed highly on Amazon, we assure you it’s a god endurance bike. Only after having gone through many technical reviews and on-page suggestion forums, we have included this model in this list of best endurance bikes under $1500.

The bike is characterized for intense riding and maybe a little uncomfortable for entry-level cyclists, the primary factor being the short length of the crown which disallows a highly upright posture while riding. Carbon fiber strands rated at 800k is used to fabricate the frame which gives a lightweight stable configuration to the bike. Good aerodynamic capability is provided by the Kestrel H-stays that are asymmetric in shape to make chainstays and the saddle able to reduce drag. The KSL carbon fork with 1 1/8” -1 ½” steerer gives good handling which is critical for accessing sharp turns of mountainous tracks.

Shimano drivetrain gives the required efficiency to the ride in terms of running performance. Tight chains that run over the sprockets fluently and move about different cogs when stimulated by the STI shifters is all that should account for a commendable drivetrain. A crankset which is 50/34T and the Praxis PF30 bottom bracket enhances the functionality of the drivetrain.

As for the wheels, they are Oval Concept 327 in nature with Vittoria Zafira 700x25c tires. As a whole, they make a strong set of good-traction wheels. Tektro R540 dual-pivot brakes fulfill the braking capabilities while EMX Carbon seat post supports the saddle and provides decent vibration isolation property to it. You can easily adjust the height of the saddle and the angle of the drop handlebars for obtaining a racing posture or a relaxed, inter-city commuting.

  • 800k carbon frame
  • Made for intense riders
  • Drag-resistant geometry
  • Shimano drivetrain
  • Good wheelset and adjustable saddle and handlebars
  • Takes professional help for assembling
  • Might be a little vigorous for the entry-level cyclists


Conclusion (Editor’s Verdict On The Best Endurance Bike)

We won’t baffle you with a long conclusion as you have gone through all the models comprehensively by now so we kept it very brief here.

Tommaso models are pretty decent as a whole in spite of the absence of disk brakes in some of their models. If you personally love disk brakes, we recommend you Diamondback Century 1 because it is also furnished with excellent wheels and accessorized with two bottle holders.

Some would want to opt for carbon frames in which case they must go for Kestrel Talon as it is fabricated out of 800k carbon strand fully.

$1500 is not a small amount and we wish you make the decision which proves fitting for you in the longer run.

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