Best Gravel & Adventure Bikes Under $2000, $1500, $1000, $500 (2021)

In this article, you’ll find about the best gravel bikes ranging from around $500 to $2000. Regular bikes are pretty good for plain roads and leveled terrains but once they are faced upon by bumpy roads or muddy patches, they lose their effect. Not only they make you uncomfortable but will also get damaged which causes loss of your money too. Adventure or Gravel bikes emerge as a great balance between a hybrid bike and a mountain bike. It is sturdier than a road bike, and faster than a mountain bike with the integration of enhanced comfort.

Their flexibility to conquer all types of terrains, absorb vibrations for a smoother ride and go fast on leveled roads make it a popular choice among bike enthusiasts. Let us first discuss the top features of potential best gravel bikes for the money of 2020, as we did in a similar article of best hybrid bikes for the money and best road bikes under $500.

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Hybrid Bikes vs Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes are generally drop-handled and tend to move equally well on dirt roads as well as on flat roads whereas hybrid bikes are usually flat handled and are meant for dual purposes like cursing and fitness or commuting and adventures.


What Features Should Good Gravel Bike Possess?

1. Space for Bigger Tires

While normal endurance bikes have 32mm tires, gravel bikes have larger space for tires in the frame with some accommodating even sizes of 55mm. Larger tires account for a more comfortable ride, are less prone to do flat and can go over bumps and obstacles easily.

2. Availability Of Disc Brakes

Modern gravel bikes are largely converting their braking option to disc brakes because they are more powerful, much efficient and more reliable. It is better to have both front and rear disc brakes but some models provide a single rear disc brake with a front caliper brake or vice versa.

3. Allow Upright Sitting Posture

The gravel bikes are meant to move smoothly on plain roads as well so they have a geometry that allows for an upright sitting position. The design of the front fort and the saddle are such that it can be adjusted according to the heights of the riders to keep their spine straight.

4. Eyelets on the frame

Better models contain eyelets on the frame to hold your items like carrying bags and water bottles.


Best Gravel Bikes Under $2000, $1500, $1000, $500


Check out below, the detailed reviews on the top 10 best gravel bikes for the money.


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Best Gravel Bikes Under $500

5. Mongoose Elroy (Cheapest Gravel Bike 2020)


If you want an extremely inexpensive adventure bike with ample storage space, this is the bike for you. It is available in under $500 and equipped with a front rack and a carry bag.


It has a stylish alloy frame that is geometrically stable and strong. The fork can absorb the vibrations but not to the amount that a carbon fork can.


It contains a frame bag that is integrated on the upper arm of the frame. You can store tools, snacks, or other carrying items here. It even features a front rack with storage spaces on both sides of the central beam.


It is fashioned out of steel, bolted rigidly to the frame and can hold plenty of your off-road commute items.


The internal cable routing further leaves the space for attachment of water bottle holders on each leg of the frame. Such opportunities of storage options on a cheap bike is a big ask and Mongoose does this ever so perfectly.


It comes with 2×7 Shimano Tourney derailleurs and Microshift speed shifters to allow for multiple speed ranges on roads and when ascending hilltops.


The 700c tires have durable rims and mechanical disc brakes to account for instant stop. The saddle is a bit lean and could have been more comfortable but you can ride it for hours before feeling body fatigue.


The drop handles are padded to prevent hand fatigue and can be adjusted to about 30 degrees. This is an ultimate off-road bike which is also suited for riding on roads.


  • Integrated bag and a front rack
  • Shimano and Microshift components in the drivetrain
  • 700c tires
  • Internal cable routing
  • Extensively cheap
  • No carbon fork
  • The saddle could be more comfortable




8. Tommaso Aventura (Best Gravel Bikes For Road)


The second model of Tommaso and an equally good one! Well priced and well equipped. It offers a lifetime fork and frame warranty which gives you an idea of the quality we are talking about here.

The all-black aluminum frame is incorporated with a carbon fork for shock absorption capability and better damping. It offers a smooth and stable ride and has mounts for bottles, rear rack, and fenders.

The value is further increased by the well-assembled drivetrain. It features 18 speed Shimano Sora groupset with the 50/34T crankset and 11x30T cassette.

Now this combination places the rider on high standards of all-terrain travel coupled with versatility in speed and gear options. Shimano parts make sure that the transition from one speed to another is uninterrupted and the crankset seldom encounters any problem.

The tires are 700x40c which are big enough to access any terrain. They contain a tread that promotes tight grip, stronghold, and smooth traction.

The combination of 28 spokes and TC-30D rims increases the tire’s durability and prevents it from going flat and the frame wheel from being bent due to bumps and obstructions. It is integrated with Avid BB5 disc brakes for all-weather superior stopping power.

Overall, the high durability of the frame, the versatile speed and gear ratio and the better tire design make this model a great value gravel bike for the money. You can rely on this model in all situations. It is however 35 pounds which is a bit heavy.

Although the parts are of good quality but when you would be needing replacement of them, it wouldn’t come cheap so it’s good if you take good care of them.


  • Durable aluminum frame with a carbon fork for shock absorption
  • Avid BB5 disc brakes
  • Good tires with 28 spokes and TC-30C rims
  • 35 pounds
  • The parts are not cheap


Best Gravel Bikes Under $2000

9. Diamondback Haanjo (The Best Gravel Bike Under 2000)


This is an elegantly designed bike with a unique color but loaded with usability too. It combines the versatility of gravel bikes and the design elements of a racing bike.


The frame and the steerer are both manufactured with carbon and this is the highlight of this model. Carbon is a lightweight and strong material that is machined perfectly by Diamondback to be bent in stable and upright frame design.


The flat mount carbon disc fork has 12mm thru-axle which is very brawny and can easily sustain the bumps of off-road terrains.


The degree of flexibility in terms of eyelets is very high on this bike. There are slots for fenders and rear rack attachment along with bosses for a front rack and mountain bike cranks.


It can fulfill your desire of loading up the bike with bags of supplies when going for an adventure ride or a picnic uphill with your friends.


The tires are 27.5 inches in diameter and 2.1 inches in thickness to allow smooth access over bumps but the reach is just 37cm which creates a problem for long riders or riders with very short heights. The longer ones get a slouched posture while the shorter ones find difficulty to reach with comfort.


The cables of the shifters and brakes are connected internally in the frame for a cleaner look.


As for the build, it features a Shimano Deore M591 triple crank with 11-34 cassette allowing for greater flexibility and ease of transition.


The front and rear derailleur are great in performance as well along with the bar-end shifters. They are specifically designed for lon0distance and remote adventure riding.


The mechanical disc brakes and the fully padded drop handles make tough rides smooth too. There are raised and widely spaced treads on the tires that disallow any loose gravel to be stuck in between the gaps and it can go over slimy mud and hilly roads with obstacles quite easily.


The pedals are wide enough and all of this makes a great gravel bike for adventure riding. It is more on the expensive side but is surely a long-lasting investment that poses no running problems.


  • Carbon body
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Shimano triple crank
  • Large amount of slots for connection of bags, fenders & rack
  • Widely spaced and raised treads on the tires
  • The shorter reach of 37 cm
  • Expensive



10. Raleigh Willard 2 (Best steel Gravel Bike For Adventure)


This is dug deep in a dark green color with light green portions enhancing the beauty. It has a durable built, can be taken off-road with effect and has the backing of an established company’s name.


It has a steel frame with a carbon fork to absorb the vibrations. Carbon has a layered structure with space to take in the impact force without being fractured.


It includes front and rear thru-axles for increased responsiveness and greater strength. Both these components work together to sustain the weight of the rider and the impact forces resulting from bumps on the roads or unleveled terrain.


The drivetrain includes FSA Omega Cranks and Shimano derailleur which enables a good gear ratio and needs very little maintenance. The 9×2 Shimano speed shifters allow a wide range of speeds to be employed for every on-road and off-road condition and gives you the freedom to ride according to your mood.


Sometimes, you would feel riding extremely fast to ward-off the frustration of work while the other time, you would want to cruise along on a low constant speed and enjoy the dusk’s calm wind; this bike will give you all.


The tires are Clement 700x40c with a good tread to provide strong gripping power and the TRP mechanical disc brakes enable stopping in even wet weathers. It features Prologo Kappa Evo saddle and while sitting on it, you might feel a bit long but in a good way, it gives good climbing traction and greater speed stability.


The handlebar can be altered in terms of angle and the drop handles are just the right reach but they are much curved which makes gripping them a bit of a hassle.


There are mounts for fenders, two bottles, and a rear rack as well. The package arrives 90% assembled which is a huge plus because hours can be spent on the assembling process.


Overall, this is a good-budget bike when we talk about $2000 range because it is about halfway there and can be trusted to provide a long run of a comfortable ride on multiple terrains.


  • Carbon fork to absorb vibration
  • TRP mechanical disc brakes
  • FSA Omega cranks and Shimano derailleur accounts for a good drivetrain
  • Shimano 9×2 speed shifter allows a wide range of speeds
  • Good saddle
  • The handle is much curvy that makes gripping difficult



Editor’s Pick Of Best Gravel Bikes For The Money

Every bike included in the list is backed up with good customer reviews and rugged professional testing. It is pretty hard to pick a top model form them and is likely to make the final decision confusing but we would recommend some concluding tips for you.

If you require an extremely cheap adventure bike with storage capacity, we would recommend Mongoose Men’s Elroy because it comes with an integrated bag and front rack and the price is also reasonable. Tommaso Sentiero is the best gravel bike under $1000.

Tommaso Illimitate is the best gravel bike under 1500, although it’s the most expensive bike on this list but once you have invested that amount of money, you wouldn’t have to worry about the reliability and maintenance issues.

It is just like purchasing a brand new Apple phone that requires an initial jolt of the pocket becoming light but offers a long-time relaxation. Other models are fittingly for different needs and we wouldn’t mention them again here because their descriptions are already in the article.

We assure you of the models enlisted above in terms of high performance and good durability.

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