Best Headphones For Bass Guitars

Do you love to play the bass, but are worried about bothering your neighbors or family members with it? If so, a pair of super-bass headphones are just what you need. When playing guitar on them and nobody feels disturbed for you. Not only that – if also want an excellent signal going into your ears when they’re connected up near the strings then crazy bass headphones should be your top priority!

The headphone market is saturated with a vast array of options. But if you’re looking for the best bass quality in your headphones, be prepared to do some research or test out various models before making a purchase decision.

If you’re a bass guitar player on the hunt for new headphones, we’ve got your back. We write about music gear and accessories all day long so our list of recommendations should be right up your alley: check out these best-selling models that match any budget!

How To Pick Headphones For Bass Guitar?

Bass headphones are a huge investment, and it’s important to consider the following things before buying them.

1. Compatibility

Before purchasing a bass headphone, you have to pay deep attention to the jack of the headphone. It is important that your headphones can be compatible with any amp and not all are so don’t forget about this!

Not all headphones are compatible with the guitar.

2. Driver Size

When choosing a bass headphone, it is important to consider the size of its driver unit. This component converts an electric signal into sound and the range generally falls from 20mm-50mm for on-ear or over-ear headphones. The larger drivers allow these models to produce louder, deeper, and thumping beats so be sure that you find one with adequate power before purchasing your next pair of cans!

3. Limitation Of Frequency Response

Bass headphones are becoming increasingly popular. These types of devices can reproduce low, high, and mid sounds with amazing accuracy. It is important to consider the limit of frequency response when you’re looking for a new pair so that your bass will be as strong as possible!

4. Impedance

Before buying a bass headphone, you have to make sure the impedance ranges are appropriate for your device. The higher the impedance of headphones is, the stronger and more robust their base will be.

5. Level Of Bass

Bass boost is important for getting the most out of your headphones. There are many different types of these headphones, but not all have a boosted bass option. You may feel more or fewer vibrations depending on what type you own and where it’s placed in proximity to other sounds- like when playing music while driving with windows down can cause treble frequencies to be lost due to wind interference against them.

6. Latency

Latency is the amount of time that takes for signals to travel from your bass guitar to your headphones! This can be as fast or slow depending on how much space you have between them.

Latency in audio technology happens when there’s not enough space between instruments and microphones, resulting in a delay before the sound reaches listeners’ ears.

7. Closed-Back Vs. Open-Back

Picking the right headphones is crucial. Open-back or closed-back? It depends on your playing place! If you live alone in a quiet room, then open back may be best for you because it doesn’t leak sound like other types of headphone options do and nobody will feel bothered when they hear more noise than usual from them. However, if you’re going to play music at school with lots of people around (and maybe some loud ones too) then try picking up a pair that isolates outside noises as much as possible – which means getting yourself some good old-fashioned closed backs!

8. Comfort

One important thing to consider when buying a pair of headphones is comfort. The ear cups and headband should be soft and well padded, so they won’t press too tightly against your skin or hurt you while wearing them for long periods of time.

9. Durability

Not just bass headphones, but all types of headphones need to be durable. Before buying a headphone ensure the materials are strong and can handle anything you throw at them.

Best Headphones For Bass Guitar


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1. Crossfade M-100 Master Over-Ear Headphone


  • Driver Size:50mm.
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz – 40kHz.
  • Impedance:32 Ohms.
  • Weight:9.9 ounces.

The Crossfade M-100 is the worthy successor of the original V-MODA. It’s an iconic bass headphone that’s developed through a unique crowdsourcing process with over 40% of DJs on tour using it! The M-100 will be your ultimate choice if you have a high budget, but I had to give up this one for its price.

The V-MODA M-100 is a wired headphone with deep and clean bass. It also has other great features that improve your guitar playing experience, such as the foldable design which enables you to carry it anywhere you go.

The earpads are made of master-crafted materials for durability while still being able to survive an accidental drop or two without breaking; in addition, they never leak sound so there’s no chance of bothering anyone nearby when practicing the guitar – even if there’s background noise! If not near any sources of excessive ambient noise like traffic or construction sites then these headphones can reduce most sounds just by using their Noise Cancelling feature – perfect for musicians who want peace and quiet during practice sessions.

This sound-isolating headphone has a detachable cable that helps to keep the bass from bleeding into any of the other frequencies. It’s also equipped with an in-line remote and microphone which means you can take calls or adjust the volume on your device without having to remove it from your ear, ensuring convenience at all times.

  • Excellent Sound.
  • Superior Durability.
  • Great Comfort.
  • Detachable Cables.
  • Expensive.
  • Clamping Force Might Be Strong.

The sound quality of the headphones is impressive and they have a built-in mic to help make high-quality phone calls. The only downside is that it’s not budget-friendly, but if you are willing to spend more for good quality then this may be an option worth considering.


2. Sennheiser HD 600


  • Driver Size:42 mm.
  • Frequency Response:12Hz – 39kHz.
  • Impedance: 300 Ohms.
  • Weight:9.1 ounces.

The Sennheiser HD 600 is the best headphone for those who want to experience true audiophile sound quality and deep bass. It’s a fantastic addition to any hi-fi stack with an impressive reputation among audio engineers all over the world!

The HD 600 is a wired over-ear headphone with an open design. This means its high quality, deep bass sounds are heard by those around you and it can’t block out background noise so be careful if you’re trying to listen in public or on the train!

For those that want to play guitar in peace, V-MODA M-100 could be a perfect choice. Sennheiser HD 600 headphones can handle loud sounds and maintain a good quality even for bass notes through its 40mm drivers with a liquid metal coating. The only drawback is when you’re playing at high volumes there will still be sound leakage because of the open back design which means people around have an opportunity to hear your music depending on how close they are to it.

The lightweight of this model is a major selling point. The slim profile ensures that you won’t be lugging around an extra pound or two on top of your laptop and other gear, but the design isn’t sacrificing features for size! This product comes with everything you need – detachable cable, lightweight construction – all at only 9.1 ounces in total!

The Sennheiser 600 is designed to ensure your long-time wearing comfort. The earpads are made of a highly breathable material that won’t cause you discomfort even after hours and hours on the go, while the headband has been patented for its perfect fit without putting pressure or weight on your skull. Plus it’s lightweight so there’s no need to worry about added strain!

Be ready for an all-around sound experience that will never let you down. The HD600 headphones provide a balanced and enjoyable listening session with extreme bass sounds to keep your head bopping!

  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Open And Spacious Sound Quality.
  • Detachable And OFC Copper Cables.
  • Leak More Sound.
  • Not For Portability.

The HD-600 is a perfect pair of open-design headphones for bass lovers. The drivers have the potential to produce amazing sound quality and deep, powerful low frequencies that you can feel as well as hear.


3. Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250 Ohm


  • Driver Size:45 mm.
  • Frequency Response:5Hz – 35kHz.
  • Impedance:250 Ohms.
  • Weight:10.2 ounces.

For bass guitar players, Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro is perfect for the job. The sound is clear and strong with a wide frequency response range that accommodates all playing styles. They’re comfortable as well!

The DT 770 pro is an awesome choice for the musician who plays a variety of instruments because it’s well suited for bass guitar, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and more.

Since the DT 770 Pro headphone has Bass Reflex Technology, it’s perfect for playing guitar. The closed-back design helps block out outside noise and gives you a more fulfilling bass experience through your music or while jamming in your living room with friends. With over-ear padding and an adjustable headband, these headphones are comfortable enough to wear all day long without any discomfort so that you can enjoy what really matters – listening to great tunes!

The DT 770 PRO offers a rich and balanced sound that will please any audiophile. The range of sounds is more prominent than other headphones which makes it perfect for mixing music, or hearing the subtle nuances in your favorite song!

If you want to be able to hear the subtleties of a track, then this headphone is for you. The 250 ohms versions create deep bass and clear sound quality that will give your ears what they need!

With its noise-canceling and over-ear closed-back design, this headphone is perfect for blocking outside sound while still enjoying your music.

Sounds like your head is in a good place with this headphone. The 3-meter audio cable makes it easy to move around and the steel spring for support will ensure prolonged comfort, making these headphones perfect whether you’re on an airplane or trying to relax from work.

  • Sturdy And Durable Build Quality.
  • Stable And Well Padded.
  • Affordable Price.
  • Excellent Audio Reproduction.
  • Cable Is Not Detachable.
  • Bulky Design.

As you plug in your bass guitar to the DT 770 Pro, with its powerful bass and rich mids, it will be hard not to smile. So go ahead; play those low notes all day long!


4. Audio-Technica ATH-M50X


  • Driver Size: 45 mm.
  • Frequency Response:15Hz – 28kHz.
  • Weight: 10.1 ounces.
  • Impedance:38 Ohms.

Audio Technica M50x should be your next headphone. It’s so well-renowned that even audio engineers love it! This classic studio monitor is designed to provide exceptional clarity, and the bass tones are nothing short of fantastic.

Audio-Technica ATH M50x is a wired over-ear closed-back headphone. This makes it perfect for studio monitoring, but you can also use them to play guitar and listen to music on the go! The demand has been high in recent years because of its quality sound.

If you compare these headphones with the DT 770pro, one of the most notable differences is in their cables. While ATH-M50x provides detachable cords for freedom and convenience; however, DT 770 pro has an attached cord that’s built to last a lifetime!

Though the M50x’s build quality is not as durable and sturdy as Sennheiser HD600, it still feels very useful for those who don’t want to spend too much money on a headphone.

The ATH-M50x is a high-quality, professional-grade headphone that not only produces excellent sound but also ensures your long-time guitar-playing experience. The comfortable earpads and headband make it easy to wear for hours of practice without discomfort or distraction from outside noise making this an ideal choice if you want the best of both worlds in terms of audio production as well as comfort.

  • Excellent Sound.
  • Nice Looking.
  • Great Comfort.
  • Detachable Cables.
  • No Mic.
  • The soundstage Is Not strong enough.

Overall, if you love to listen with heavy bass, then these M50x headphones will be your perfect match. They have an excellent deep and loud bass response that enhances the quality of the music listening experience for any listener who loves a powerful sound signature in their earphones.


5. Sony MDR-7506


  • Driver Size:40 mm.
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz – 20kHz.
  • Impedance:63 Ohms.
  • Weight:8.1 ounces.

Music lovers, rejoice! Sony’s MDR7506 is the best pick for just about any genre. With a silk-like sound and deep bass that penetrates your ears to make you feel every beat of those catchy tunes, this headphone has it all – except maybe some flimsy wiring (not uncommon with headphones in its price range).

Sony MDR-7506 is a wired over-ear closed-back headphone. The sound quality of this device offers deep bass that will immerse you in the music world and provide comfort while practicing your instrument for hours on end without any distraction from outside noise! With its foldable design, it can be easily carried with you if needed – even to play guitar at home or out among noisy conditions like an open stage.

The Sony MDR7506 is your best bet if you want to stay plugged in and rock out with a clear signal. It’s not just for guitarists either, it also works great as an all-purpose headset when used on the go or at home!

  • Great Comfort.
  • Impressive Sound Quality.
  • Great Value For Money.
  • Nice Tight Bass.
  • Cable Is Not Detachable.

The Sony MDR7506 is your best bet if you want to stay plugged in and rock out with a clear signal. It’s not just for guitarists either, it also works great as an all-purpose headset when used on the go or at home!

6. Audio-Technica ATH-Pro700MK2


  • Driver Size:53 mm.
  • Frequency Response:5Hz – 35kHz.
  • Impedance:38 Ohms.
  • Weight:10.7 ounces.

The ATH PRO700MK2 is one of the best in its range and has gained a reputation for being very powerful about the bass regions. Not only that, if you’re looking to get your hands on it at an affordable price too then we have listed it as well so please check our list out!

The Audio Technica ATH PRO700MK2 is a wired closed-back headphone with great bass but lacks some of the thumps that many other headphones have.

The headphones were designed for those who don’t want to be bothered by the outside world. Their over-ear closed-back design isolates more background noise and has minimal sound leakage so there is no chance of bothering anybody else with your music.

They are also quite bulky at 1 pound 6 ounces in weight but they come with a carrying pouch that can store them when not in use or during transit which makes it easy to bring around even if you’re on foot all day long!

This ATH PRO700MK2 is quite a versatile headphone. It can be folded into an ultra-compact form factor when you need to move around and it features detachable cables that allow for customizing your listening experience with different kinds of audio gear.

  • Excellent Sound Quality.
  • Great Sound Isolation.
  • Strong Built Quality.
  • Detachable Cables.
  • Might Not Be Comfy.

Overall you may go with this headphone if the bass is your thing and are shopping on a budget. The sound quality for the price, in addition to its versatility, makes it an excellent choice for DJs or other audio enthusiasts looking to save some money while still getting great features!


 7. AKG Pro Audio K240 STUDIO Over-Ear Headphones


  • Driver Size:30 mm.
  • Frequency Response:15Hz-25kHz.
  • Impedance: 55 Ohms.
  • Weight: 8.5 ounces.

The AKG Pro Audio K240 is a studio headphone for professional musicians, producers, and engineers. The headphones are relied upon to hear the details of mixing which allows them to be standard in recording studios around the world.

In the pursuit of ultimate sound quality, these headphones are designed to reduce distortion. They have an advanced XXL transducer with patented Varimotion diaphragms and can deliver a wide dynamic range, increased sensitivity, and high sound levels.

You can rely on the AKG K240 headphone to deliver a solid bass range and crisp, clear highs due to its semi-open back design. Not only this but it also features an XLR connector for professionals looking for something smaller than their normal headphones!

  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Replaceable ear pads.
  • Excellent vocal sound.
  • Less durable.

The K240 is an awesome investment for any audio producer. The self-adjusting headband guarantees a snug, comfortable fit, and the earpads will envelop your ears with their synthetic leather softness like no other! With its excellent sound quality and ease of use to go along with reliability and comfortability – not only does this product come highly recommended but it’s also ideal as a gift or present!

Our Top Picks

Here is the list of our top picks after a lot of research.

  • Sony MDR-7506
  • Crossfade M-100 Master Over-Ear Headphone
  • Audio Technica ATH PRO700MK2

These headphones are on our top pick list because of their deep and solid bass with excellent sound.

The best bass guitar headphones are the ones that offer deep, rich tones and excellent sound value. These new models will help you play better and feel more comfortable doing so than ever before.


Frequently Ask Questions:

Why Do Bass Players Wear Headphones?

Bass players wear headphones to hear the instruments clearly. The sound quality, primal energy, and rhythm of bassists are enhanced by wearing these devices because they can get a perfect signal from their ears.

How Do I Check The Bass On My Headphones?

The best way to check the bass on your headphone is by ensuring that you have a 40mm or higher driver unit, and are using either dynamic or neodymium. Additionally, make sure you can hear from the headphones themselves with sensitivity levels as well!