8 Best Hoverboards For The Money (All Types & Prices) In 2021

Hoverboards have become quite popular in the USA and what started as a particular ride for wealthy rich adults has now transformed into an accessible riding experience for kids of all ages too.

What is Hoverboard & How it Works

Hoverboards are in fact the self-balancing scooters with a dumbbell-like shape that hovers on the wheels attached. These wheels are controlled by a single or dual motor while the rider embarks on the footpads located in between both wheels.

The speed of the hoverboard is controlled by either moving forward or backward while the steering is made possible by twisting the board.

Safety Concerns

After the product recall in 2016 due to the increased number of complaints regarding overheating and batteries catching fire, companies took these issues seriously and invested their efforts in preparing highly safe hoverboard models.

Most of the modern hoverboards are UL2272 certified which is a guarantee that electronic components are safe to use and not hazardous.

All of the models discussed in this article are UL2272 certified while others would have other safety certifications as well.

This article highlights the best hoverboards for money with their full account of features and discussion of their reliability.


Why Self Balancing Scooters?

But why should one purchase a hoverboard? 

1. Easy transport for getting to and around workplaces:

While cycles have become a popular mode of transport for people to go to their offices as it avoids traffic and even passes through the traffic jams quite comfortably. Hoverboards are a much compact form so you can buzz through crowds of people on the footpaths and avoid heavy traffic on your way to the workplace.

For those who work at warehouses or large base stations where they need to walk from one place to another all day long, hoverboards can be ideal. It can take you to places fast and avoid effort as well.

2. Run errands and other short journeys:

You can easily go to a nearby supermarket or a service station on a hoverboard to get back the car which you gave for washing. Again, you are avoiding traffic and saving time by using this machine.

Also, other short commutes like visiting a nearby family member/friend or getting a book from a library can become quite convenient and fast with hoverboards.

3. Increases mobility in daily lives:

You can go to places in your daily lives, where you are too tired or lazy to go. Hoverboards increase your interaction with people because you can meet them easily.

Instead of taking your car out of your office’s garage, turning the engine on and standing on every progressive traffic signal, you can start the board with a single press and reach a place with the blinking of an eye.

For people with disabilities and other health problems, it is an ideal mode of transport. It, in fact, has kept a large part of their lives alive through movement.

We now move towards the models of hoverboards ranges between $100 & $500. Moreover, this list includes best budget, top selling, best for the money, and models suitable for off-road terrains too. This article has got all of it so make sure to read it completely.

Surely, the model of your choice lies within it. We start with the best overall hoverboard for the money.


Top 8 Hoverboards For The Price

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Best Hoverboard For The Money

Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 (Best Overall Hoverboard)

One of the top sellers of hoverboards, Swagtron, has packed enough utility in this hoverboard to impress anyone and that too, at a reasonable price. Ever wished for an inexpensive electronic machine that you can brag off in front of your rich friends?

It’s just that: p

Available in three different dazzling colors, it is powered by a 300 W motor along with a lithium ion battery which is pretty efficient in both running and charging.

With a maximum achievable speed of 8 MPH, the children can enjoy the thrill of fast driving but that shouldn’t come at the price of safety. Yes? T1 has it covered.

It is UL2271 and UL 2272 tested which are the certifications related to the battery and electronic components of the machine. They have been tested to be reliable and sustainable because a sudden lapse in their supply or performance can shudder the board which is enough to unbalance the rider.

Moreover, it is equipped with a Battery Management System that monitors the battery all the time and checks it for issues like high voltage, shorting, and high temperature.

As for the construction, it is made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene which is a tough material, the tires are made of hard rubber while the rims out of aluminum.

Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1  has got the headlights for night riding and LED indicators for low battery level which is a handy feature to have especially for careless children.

In addition, to protect against overheating, it contains a Sentry-Shield aluminum alloy casing around the battery and silicone gel covering on the mainboard.

How can we forget to mention its riding modes?

It has a learning mode that keeps the speed in acceptable limits, a standard mode which enhances the scope of the hoverboard to full speed and a self-balancing mode which is automatically activated on embarkment.

With a max weight limit of 220 pounds and a one-year warranty, it is one of the best value hoverboards to have.


  • 300W motor
  • Max speed of 8 MPH
  • UL2271 and UL2272 certified
  • Equipped with Battery Management System
  • Durable construction
  • Headlights and LED indicator for battery level
  • 3 riding modes
  • Payload capacity of 220 pounds


Best Off Road Hoverboard For The Money

It’s not always clean, you’ll get tarmac roads to ride a hoverboard on. Sometimes, it’s the rocky platforms, the pebbled walkways, and a bumpy road. That shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a free ride over your board with hair flying in the air and the companies have realized it.

That’s the reason they now also come up with off road hoverboard models that can access tough terrains.

Previously, the manufactures introduced only one such model in the variant line and that too, at a hefty price tag but owing to the growing competition in this field and with the increasing number of manufacturers, there are plenty of off-road models available at reasonable prices on the Amazon.

Gyroor Off Road Hoverboard

It is durable, stylish, convenient and versatile. Not only can kids ride it over a bumpy road but an adult can swim over it through a gravel terrain as well.

Dual motors provide a total power rating of 700 Watts that translates to a max speed of 9.95 MPH through terrains like grass, gravel and beach, and the woods. These alone are not enough to take you through these tough terrains so that’s when the 8.5-inch solid pneumatic tires come in to play.

They are not only prone to punctures but also provide that cushioning effect which saves you from sudden impacts when going over jumps.

But the wheels are not merely meant for maneuverability alone. They contain small gyroscopes and accelerometers that detect changes in speed and tilt to send signals to the main controller so that the hoverboard remains balanced. This self-balancing technology protects the beginners from injuries and provides a smooth, comfortable ride.

You can go over 30-degree incline with this board and ride it in drizzle and puddles of water as it is IP54 water-resistant.

Then, there are the Bluetooth speakers that can easily be connected with your phone and you can listen to your favorite songs or jingles on the roll.

It comes in three different colors and contains LED headlights so that night riding is not out of the equation.

For enhanced convenience, the hoverboard is controllable through a mobile app that can adjust the modes from child to adult, control the intensity of the LEDs, increase or decrease the speed and use it as an anti-theft alarm as well.

Board is UL2272 certified and the battery takes about 2 hours to charge completely.

This Gyroor hoverboard can sustain weights up to 260 lbs but the run time would vary between 40-110 minutes depending on the weight.


  • Dual 350W motors
  • 5-inch pneumatic tires
  • Access 30 degree slopes
  • IP54 water-resistant
  • LED headlights and 3 different body colors
  • Controllable through a mobile app
  • Payload capacity of 260lbs
  • 2 hours charging time


Best All Terrain Hoverboard For The Money

All terrain hoverboards are not only suitable for a particular type of terrain and weight limit but offer versatility in all types of terrains. These hoverboards are strong and come with rugged wheels and reliable functionality.

The main characteristics of an all-terrain hoverboard are as follows:

Characteristics of an all-terrain hoverboard

1. Wheels

All-terrain hoverboards must possess tubeless/pneumatic tires. Wheels must be bouncy and larger than standard hoverboards because they have to be used on all types of landscapes. They should have more traction and that is only possible if their contact area is maximized. Normal boards have 6.5-inch wheels but these hoverboards should have either 8.5 or 10-inch wheels.

2. Versatile

This translates to all aspects of the operation. Be it the ease of use or any type of terrain, an all-terrain hoverboard must be the solution for everything. It should go easily over puddles, mud, grass and access slopes, it should have modes to facilitate beginners and experts at the same time and must have a very reliable self-balancing mechanism because substandard mechanisms would fail in tough terrains.

3. Other features

Other features to consider are a good battery timing of at least 50 minutes or run a distance of 10 miles, it should be water-resistant and have a raised ground clearance to avoid touching the ground.

Also, it should have a high payload capacity and if there is some sort of a shock absorption system other than the wheels, it is an added benefit. Let’s now discuss the model we have picked up for you.


SwagtronSwagboard T6 (Best All Terrain Hoverboard)

Many regard it as an off-road board while others search it by all-terrain hoverboard which explains how wide a spectrum it has concerning functionality and utility. Characterized with large wheels and a strong structure, it would take you over all kinds of tough terrains like wet grass, loose gravel, and mud.

Swagtron was the first company to have released a hoverboard backed up with UL2272 certification. The T6 is fashioned out of tough ABS plastic and aluminum so as to keep a balance between weight, vibration isolation, and strength. Much to the ease of the user, it has a wide anti-slip footpad. It comes in three colors of desert camo, pink camo and black with a footrest that resembles a Transformers logo.

Powered by 300W dual motors, it can achieve a top speed of 12 MPH and with the help of a powerful battery, it can cover a max distance of 12 miles on a single charge. You can see the status of the battery on the LED indicator and plan the journey accordingly. It takes 3 hours to charge the battery which is a bit longer than other competitor batteries but that is acceptable keeping in view its reliability and good run time.

Talking about its functionality, it can access inclines up to 30 degrees and pass over road bumps confidently. The 10-inch tubeless tires are the point of real magic as it enhances the maneuverability and traction along with the scope of terrains that can be accessed through this hoverboard. Additionally, it can accommodate riders of weight 400 pounds which is probably the highest payload capacity of all the hoverboards out there.

It has a learner mode for the beginners and after your child has trained himself, he can switch to the standard riding mode and enjoy the complete features. LED lights at the back and front of the board can change color, much to the excitement of the children.

The board is extensively safety tested and is accompanied by UL2272 certification, UN/DOT 38.3 certification which relates to the safe transportation of the battery and RHoS certification which confirms that no hazardous material is used in its construction.


  • ABS Plastic constructed
  • Wide anti-slip foot pads
  • Dual 300W motors
  • Max speed of 12 MPH
  • 3 hours charging time
  • Access 30 degree slopes
  • 10-inch tubeless tires
  • LEDs up front and back
  • Learning and standard mode
  • UN/DOT 38.3 and RHoScertififcation


Best Hoverboard Under 150

CHO 6.5-inch Hoverboard (Best & Cheap Self Balancing Scooter)

What’s the first thing that a child looks in his toys? The attractiveness and the color and this particular model has got it in every range. Available in 9 different colors, this board is sure to excite your kid to his deepest.

Starting with the operation, it is fitted with a motor that permits a max speed of 12km/hour. Enabled with an effectual self-balancing technology, this board is a great option for beginners to learn balancing and then switch modes to do standard riding. It may not have the strongest frame but it durable enough to sustain normal weights of kids.

We don’t recommend its usage by the adults as it doesn’t have a high payload capacity but that doesn’t mean it is useless; it’s only that it’s great for kids aging between 6-14 years.

The footrest is wide and adorned with non-slip capabilities while there are plenty of LEDs that lift up the mood. Apart from headlights upfront, there is a line of red LEDs on the top and colorful ones along the circumference of the wheels.

Additionally, it is furnished with a Bluetooth speaker so you can enjoy music on the roll. Make your hoverboard a cool gadget by listening to hip hop songs or books while you stream across the streets or crowds of people. The vacuum tires are 6.5-inch large and can go over speed breakers and mild jumps easily. But perhaps the most exciting thing is the range of colors you get for this model; you can choose between a flashy pink, a composed chrome black or a dull rose gold depending on the choice of your kid.

As for the charging, it would take about 3 hours to charge and you will need to charge it for 4 hours prior to the first use for optimal performance. It has managed to gather a hefty amount of positive reviews from the customers and only a few criticized it; this is one of the most reliable inexpensive hoverboards in the market.


  • Max speed of 12 km/hour
  • Plenty of LEDs for exciting kids
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • 5-inch vacuum tires
  • Large range of colors


If you’re looking for a self balancing scooter for your child, then consider these best kids hoverboards. I’m sure you’ll get what you’re dreaming about.


Best Hoverboard Under 200

TOMOLOO (The Best Budget Hoverboard)

Backed up by an immense customer base, there is no question about the utility of this masterclass hoverboard. With a price tag that is extremely reasonable considering the features it is bedecked with, this board will be a dream come true for the user.

First things first, it comes in colors of black pink and blue and several different schemes names as K-series and Q-series with slight modifications but we will be talking about the simple 1-series here.

This hoverboard is fashioned out of highly durable plastic and has a payload capacity of 220 pounds. This means it can be used by kids and adults alike. The frame is temperature resistant and offers retardance to fire even because sometimes the battery can heat up.

It is integrated with a high-quality 4.0 Bluetooth speakers that provide stereo-level sound experience. The LEDs changes color synchronously with the rhythm of the song being played which will surely take the rider on top of the world. There are lights upfront, on the side of the wheels and in the middle of the footrests.

Talking about the performance, it can cruise at speeds of 12 km/hour and take you to 10 km on a single charge. You can choose between 3 speed levels and the self-balancing mechanism is as stable as it can be. The product has not received any complaints regarding the malfunctioning of the self-balancing mechanism. People of all ages and heights have used the different variants of this hoverboard and found it highly impressive.

TOMOLOO hoverboard is UL2272 and UL2271 certified so there are no questions about the safety too while it comes with a 1-year warranty at the same time which covers the electronic board and mechanical malfunction. One thing to be stated here; the lights on the board cannot be switched off thus if you want that option, you should look else wise.


  • Extremely reliable
  • Payload Capacity 220lbs
  • Huge range of color and models to choose from
  • High-quality 4.0 Bluetooth speakers
  • LEDs synchronous with music
  • 3 speed levels
  • 10km on a single charge
  • 1-year warranty


Willing to buy the hoverboards in the range between $100 to $200, check our detailed article: 11 best hoverboards models under 200


Best Hoverboard Under 300

Swagtron T580 (Best Self Balancing Scooter Under $300)

For those who are looking to uplift the hovering experience, this hoverboard under $300 might possibly the pick for them. Engineered with perfection, this machine has the looks and control of a much expensive hoverboard.

Available in three colors of red, blue and black, only the part between the footrests switches colors while black remains the base shade. It is powered by dual 200W motors that can help take the board to a max speed of 7.5 MPH and climb inclines to 30 degrees. It can be used on any sort of adventures, going to your workplace, or cruising around your university.

Through 3 different modes, riders of varying calibers can choose to travel with different speeds and self-balancing assistance. There is the learning mode for newbies while standard mode for more regular riders. For experienced riders and ones that are very adventurous, there is an advanced model. All of the modes can be controlled via mobile app which is another great feature of the hoverboard. Through Bluetooth, you can change modes, check battery level and play music on the speakers.

Yes, it has speakers that offer a very good music experience. The board is suitable for riders between 44-220 pounds and owing to its powerful performance and 6.5-inch hard rubber tires, you can travel anywhere you like but not on very tough terrains.

As for the safety certifications, it has it all covered. There is the standard UL2272 certificate along with SentryShield technology and Smart Battery Management System to provide against the reasons which prompted the 2016 product recall. Moreover, it is IPX4 water resistant which gives you the freedom to slash past puddles of water fearlessly. It takes around 2 hours to get fully charged and can travel up to 8 miles on that.


  • Dual 200W motors
  • Max speed of 7.5 MPH
  • Access 30 degree slopes
  • 3 driving modes
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • 44-220 lbs weight capacity
  • 5-inch hard rubber tires
  • SentryShield and BMS
  • IPX4 water resistant


Best hoverboard under 400

LAMBORGHINI TwoDots (The Best Hoverboard For Adults 250lbs)

The name is enough to satisfy the hovering dreams of individuals because a name like LAMBORGHINI needs no introduction and casts no questions regarding utility, usability, and reliability.

Powered by dual 400W motors, it is powerful enough to allow a max speed of 9 MPH comfortably. It can be operated through 3 speed modes and take a rider to the distance of 9.3 miles on a single charge. The payload capacity is 264lbs which has been tested and approved after several tests.

For the excitement and enjoyment of the rider, it contains 4.0 Bluetooth speakers which provide a captivating sound experience. They are integrated with surround sound technology and cavity design to give a seamless music experience while you are riding freely through the wind.

With LED lights, 8.5-inch rubber tires and shock absorption pedals, you can access all terrains like grass, mud, water, and gravel. Ride it in the night or at daytime, the experience would be memorable because it has an excellent self-balancing capability, and the build is durable with aluminum fenders and alloy wheel rims.

To charge the battery, you would need a time of 3.5 hours which is a bit long but acceptable, no?

Certified with UL2272 standards and the verification of passing thousands of tests with their patented multi-layered protection, this hoverboard is temperature-resistant and completely safe.

Not only it’s great in performance but very intuitive and easy-to-learn; it would require only 3 minutes for the user to learn to ride it. Enjoy this stylishly perfect hoverboard for your everyday errands, campus cruising or traveling for picnics.


  • Dual 400W motors
  • Payload capacity of 264lbs
  • 3 speed modes with a max speed of 9 MPH
  • 0 Bluetooth speakers with surround sound
  • 5-inch rubber tires and shock absorption pedals
  • Aluminum fenders and alloy wheel rims make it highly durable
  • LED lights on front and back
  • Temperature-resistant
  • Very easy to learn


Best Hoverboard Under 500

EPIKGO (Best Under $500 Self Balancing Scooter)

Now if you are spending this much amount, you deserve to get a model which is befitting to the price. This hoverboard might be everything you need especially if you are a teenager. Because such expensive hoverboards are not potential for the kids, this is a model truly meant for adults looking to have a hovering experience or boys/girls that need a smart mode of transport.

Only available in a jet black classic color, this machine is powered by dual 400W motors which are about 30% stronger than conventional motors and gives a run distance of 10 miles on a single charge. It can last over an hour and comfortably access slopes of 18 degrees. Furthermore, the wheels are 8.5 inches in size, made of rubber and provide for excellent traction and terrain accessibility. You can go over puddles of water as it is IP56 water resistant, travel over gravel, and steer over bumpy roads with ease.

ABS plastic is used in the construction of the frame while steel fenders cover the wheels to make it one of the most protected hoverboards in the market. It also has LED lights on both sides to ride at night while it can comfortably hold weights of 240 pounds.

Another significant aspect of hoverboard construction is safety which is looked upon closely by the manufactures: with UL2272 certification and UL2271 certification for smart battery, it has passed about 159 tests on safety laws. The ability to travel over all terrains, simple and uncomplicated control, high-quality self-balancing technology and high reliability, it could an excellent option for ages specified at the start of the review.


  • Jet black color
  • Dual 400W motors which are 30% more powerful than conventional motors
  • 10 miles on a single charge
  • Can access slopes of 18 degrees
  • IP56 water resistant
  • Payload capacity of 240 pounds
  • Passed about 159 safety tests
  • LEDs on front and rear



1. Are hoverboards safe?

After the product recall in 2016, the modern models are very safe and although there are reports of overheating and exploding still, but if you use the hoverboard according to the manual instructions, it is quite safe to use.

2. How long do the batteries on hoverboards last?

It entirely depends on the particular models but generally, good boards have run distances of 8-10 miles. It can last for 1-5 hours depending on the weight and type of terrain.

3. How can you restart a hoverboard?

Don’t stand on the board while restarting it. Press the power button for 10 seconds, ignore all LEDs or beeps in these 10 seconds and let it go after this time. Turn it off and voila, your hoverboard is now ready to restart.

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