Top 7 Best Hoverboards For Beginners In 2021

Have you or your kid saw a hoverboard video on the internet recently and is inspired by them?

Do you or he want to enjoy the same thrill that the rider in the video has on his face? It’s nothing wrong to buy a hoverboard to calm your emotions before they become an obsession.

But wait!

You need a board that is suited for newbies like you. You can’t just buy an upbeat model and complain later. We address this issue by discussing the best hoverboards for beginners.

They will be lined with easy mounting and dismounting, equipped with enhanced self-balancing technologies, have a low price range because of being entry level models, and have good battery timing.

Not to mention that each one of them will be certified with UL2271 or UL2272 standards. If you’re looking for all-terrain hoverboards then check this article of best off road hoverboards and read explore amazing features.


Best Hoverboards For Beginners

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So, without any further delay, let’s jump to the discussion of the top models. We are sure that by the end of this article, you would be able to find a model that is best suited to your needs. Fingers crossed!


1. NHT 6.5″ Hoverboard

We will be starting the list with this New High Tech model. Regarded as one of the best beginner models in the market, it is characterized by simple operation and high safety parameters.

Motor and speed

Available at a very affordable price, this product offers a complete range of operations to the new riders in a way that is easy to understand and fast to learn. Equipped with dual 350W motors, it provides a top speed of 7 MPH which is neither too slow nor too high for a beginner and a range of 13 miles which is excessively enough.

Easy-to-learn self-balancing technology

But what makes it so easy to learn is the precisely designed self-balancing mechanism that fosters the learning aptitude of the rider. It is triggered as soon as the first foot is placed on the anti-slip footpad which makes mounting and dismounting a breeze. Turning left and right is as simple as moving your body sideways while leaning forward and backward controls the front and back speed.

Shimmering wheels

If we talk about the wheels, they are uniquely lit with circumferential LEDs that are not very dazzling but bright just the right amount. There is a line of red LEDs even on the tire fenders apart from the headlights. Kids specifically would love this feature as they like lights more than adults. It features a 6.5-inch vacuum tire with never flat capability which is an added benefit for a new rider as he is escaped of a common problem of a tire going flat.

Enjoy music on the go

Noteworthy is also the fact that a Bluetooth speaker is integrated within which will entertain you with your favorite songs and music while you are learning the use of this thrilling machine. It will be charged within 2-3 hours and comes with UL2272 safety certification which ensures the electrical hazards are kept in check.

Had there been a learner mode with much lower speed restrictions as some people are very slow learners, it would have been a killer model but still, it takes nothing away from its installed learning algorithms.

  • Very cheap
  • Available in 6 different colors
  • Plenty of LEDs which is exciting especially for kids
  • Strong 350W motors with a max speed of 7 MPH
  • Good range fo 13 miles
  • Superior self-balancing technology for easy learning
  • 6.5-inch vacuum tires
  • Supports 200 lbs
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • No specific mode for learners


2. Felimoda Hoverboard

If the color range is what you are looking for, this is the product for you. Manufactured in a wide array of composed and flashy exteriors, this inexpensive hoverboard could potentially be your go-to option if you are a newbie rider.

Let’s talk about the specifics:

Motors and weight limit

Powered by dual 300W motors, it can achieve a maximum speed of 9 MPH and a range of 10 miles. Alongside this, they provide enough power to access slopes of 15 degrees. Although, this would decrease if a heavier person rides it but the fact that it can manage 240 lbs makes it less of a probability. We are still to find a customer review negating the specified incline limit.

A wide range of colors

Now for the colors; the least we can say is, you say it and they have it. Ranging from pure black to blue, pink, red, gold and white, you will get a nice polished frame in all colors. The style of LED lights on the wheel would change with the model you choose however there are two particular configurations: one which shapes up as a fan and the other, as lines to form a circle.

Safe for newbies

Owing to its high-quality self-balancing technology, it is a safe option for amateurs who are looking for a hoverboard that is not very advanced. It has not been reported to cause any accidents and has been used by kids and adults with similarly good results.

Rugged tires

Rugged 6.5-inch tires will enable you to go even on muddy or gravel roads although we advise you first master the art of stabilization on flat roads.

Safe battery system

The battery system is top-notch. It includes a well-managed scheme of low-voltage protection, overheats protection and short-circuits prevention which allows you to ride without fear. Ul2272 rating further strengthens the electrical safety warranty of this product.

  • Multiple colors available
  • Max weight limit of 240 pounds
  • Max speed of 9 MPH which is greater than the previous model
  • Rugged 6.5-inch tires to take you on off-road terrains too
  • The high-quality self-balancing mechanism
  • A well-managed battery protection system
  • Inexpensive
  • No Bluetooth speakers
  • Some complaints regarding its low running life


3. Swagboard T5

Specified for all the new riders out there, this Swagboard hoverboard is as easy to ride as one can wish for. Weighing at just over 18 pounds, it provides the newbies with the technical support and stability that they want. Get ready for a cool and safe journey with T5.

Construction of the hoverboard

Available in four different colors, it is constructed with an incombustible polycarbonate shell that is strong as well. Owing to the dual 200W motors which are supreme in functionality, you can achieve max speed of 7 MPH. Considering the motors are rated at just 200W, this achievable speed limit is at par with others that contain 300W motors. It can comfortably access slopes of 30 degrees as well.

Facilitation for the new riders

To facilitate the new riders, it has two speed modes. While professionals can quickly jump to the standard riding mode, learners can learn to stabilize and balance themselves in the learning mode which only operates at slow speeds. Once they are fit to shift, they can change the mode to standard easily enough.

T5 is furnished with an upgraded software although the gyroscopic technology is the same as the previous models. It provides more responsiveness to the controls and hence gives a much comfortable ride.

Led-lighten wheels

As for the wheels, they are 6.5-inch in size and the tires are made up of hard rubber. Aluminum rims that are packed with LEDs give an upbeat rhythm while you ride along the pavements. Bluetooth speakers further enhance the riding experience as you can be amused by your favorite music alongside.


Similar to T3, it includes a smart Battery Management System which looks after every problem that can occur in the battery including overcharging, short-circuiting and uneven voltage distribution. Furthermore, the SentryShield coating is there to protect it against mechanical damage.

It comes with a one year warranty and standard UL2272 certification but is not water-resistant like the previous models. Other than that, it has proven to be quite a favorite for riders.

  • Constructed with strong and incombustible polycarbonate shell
  • Max speed of 7 MPH
  • Can access slopes of 30 degrees
  • Separate speed mode for new learners
  • Upgraded software technology
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Smart Battery Management System
  • Not water-resistant


4. Razor Hovertrax 2.0

It may be an expensive hoverboard bu there’s a reason why it has been able to receive so many reviews and sales. That’s the quality of the product which has forced the customers to buy and recommend it.

Characterized by a fireball logo on the full covered rims and thick fenders, this hoverboard is a cutting-edge model instilling strong competition for other brands.

Powerful motors

Owing to the dual 350 Watt motors, it can reach a cruising speed of 8 MPH and an hour of continuous usage. Thes strong construction enables it to withstand weight up to 220 lbs. It comes in colors of white, black and blue and is adorned with smart Everbalance technology which gives smooth and safe riding.

Learning mode

Due to its separate riding modes, it can be ridden by professionals and beginners alike, such is the degree of stability it provides. The controls are highly responsive and with conventional forward, backward and sideways movement, you can control it easily. It allows the rider to be mounted and dismounted very safely.

High-grip tires

For a smoother ride, 6.5-inch wheels are covered with high-grip tire treads that can go over minor obstructions like stones and loose gravel with ease. The rims contain the attractive company’s logo but there are no LEDs there. Only headlights would provide for nighttime illumination.

Safe battery

As for the battery, it is equipped with a 36V lithium-ion pack with LG cells and has an onboard battery level indicator to indicate the amount of juice left behind. It also shows the mode you are currently riding in. The Battery Management System (BMS)protects against electrical hazards like over-voltage and shortcircuiting.

Hovertrax 2.0 has passed over 40 tests before being released in the market so there are absolutely no questions about safety. It is guaranteed with UL2272 certification. Unfortunately, there is no Bluetooth connection to make your ride more enjoyable.

Also, it comes with only a warranty of 90 days which is very short for our liking.

  • Backed up by a large number of reviews
  • Max weight holding the capacity of 220lbs
  • Cruising speed of 8 MPH
  • Safe battery
  • Separate learning mode
  • Everbalance technology
  • Short warranty
  • No Bluetooth speakers


5. Swagboard Twist

This entry-level hoverboard truly lives up to the standards of the company it comes from Swagtron is reputed to provide commendable models to its customers over the years and this is just another exquisite example of it.

Speed and Range

Immersed in a perfect balance of affordability and usability, this model is equipped with dual 250 Watt hub motors that give a maximum speed of 7 MPH and a range of 6 miles. Some might argue that the range is a bit short but they shouldn’t forget that we are talking about beginner models here who will ride these machines not majorly for cruising but short commutes meant for learning balance.

Startup wheel balancing technology

This brings us to its self-balancing technology. Its startup wheel balancing technology allows easy mounting and dismounting for kids and adults alike. This is, in fact, ideal for new riders who have issues mounting on the hoverboard for the first time.

High-grip tires

Available in colors of black, blue and red, it has a wheel size of 6.5 inches which can access slopes up to 30 degrees and has a high-grip tire tread. Although it is not meant for off-terrain riding but it won’t give up if encountered by an unexpected rough patch like mud or grass. There are LEDs upfront to provide night illumination because once your kid is obsessed with the board, it will become difficult for him to let go of it even after dusk.

Electrical safety

The battery is coated with SentryShield protective coating and comes with UL2272 certification. It, however, takes a long time of 5 hours to charge which can be a deal-breaker for some customers. You get battery level indicators on board which directs you about the amount of charge left behind so you can plan your commute accordingly.


The bad part is the absence of Bluetooth speakers which should have been included in the hoverboard. Although it is not that of an issue for tech-driven kids/adults who can easily get wireless handsfree for them but still a model the level of Swagtron deserved to have this capability.

This, however, takes nothing away from the superior performance and stability it provides to new riders.

  • Startup wheel balancing technology makes mounting and dismounting easy.
  • 6.5-inch wheels can access slopes up to 30 degrees.
  • SentryShield protection on the battery.
  • Battery level indicators present on board.
  • High-grip tire treads
  • Very reliable and affordable
  • Battery takes 5 hours to charge
  • A range of 6 miles is a bit less
  • No Bluetooth speakers


6. Gyroor T580

Gyroor hoverboards are known to be safe and that’s probably the foremost consideration when choosing segway for a new rider. Strongly built and precisely engineered, this model will provide comprehensive performance in all departments.

Speed and range

Manufactured with an antifire exterior, T580 features dual 250-Watt motors that can provide a max speed of 8 MPH and a range of 5-7.5 miles. Considering the price it comes at and the reputation of the company, it is nothing less than a blessing.

Weight shifting technology for new riders

To facilitate professionals and newbies equally, this contains 2 modes. The kid mode shifts the hoverboard to an extra-sensitive configuration where the sensors detect minor changes in the weight shift and trigger the motor in that particular direction. As for the adult mode, it takes the board at high speeds and lets you do stunts that you have always dreamt of doing.

Mobile app connectivity

Mobile-app connectivity makes the control even smarter. It can control the colors of the LEDs on the board, displays the current status of the battery, triggers shift between adult or kid mode and adjusts the self-balancing mechanism.

Stylish wheels

As for the wheels, they are 6.5-inch large and features piano lacquer technology that expresses fine-tuned colors and a streamlined configuration that effectively fights against air resistance while it cruises along with high speeds.

Low charging time

Another good thing about this model is the fact that it only takes about 1-1.5 hours to charge the battery. Lithium-ion battery provides regular voltage to the motors at all times and minimizes issues of short-circuiting or over-voltages. UL2272 certification further proves the authenticity of its electrical mechanisms.

Bluetooth speakers

For an upbeat cruising experience, you can also connect your smartphone with the Bluetooth speakers and listen to hip-hop songs while riding on footpaths or along the tarmac roads of your housing society. There is however no control to lower the volume of the speakers which can be frustrating for some.

  • Max speed of 8 MPH and a range till 7.5 miles
  • 2 separate modes for kids and professionals
  • Mobile app connectivity
  • 6.5-inch rubber tires with piano lacquer technology
  • Charges within 1.5 hours
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Speakers can’t be played at a lower volume


7. LIEAGLE Hoverboard

Inexpensive in price but high in utility, this hoverboard has received a large share of 5-star which depicts that customers really liked this product.


Motorized with dual 200-Watt motors, one would believe they are not powerful but that’s not the case. It can sustain weights of 200 pounds, reach a maximum speed of 6.2 MPH and a range between 10 kilometers.

Simple to learn

The biggest reason it has been included in this list is the simple construction and easy-to-understand working which makes it quite suitable for the beginners. It prompts them to mount and dismount safely and gives an enhanced level of stability. Not only can it cruise along smoothly but can rotate 360 degrees in a smooth and fast yet safe manner.

Integration of other technologies

Let’s talk about the integration of smart technologies in it. Apart from the standard self-balancing technology, it is furnished with Speed limit protection and anti-tilt protection which makes it one of the safest hoverboards on the market right now.

Electrical safety

The battery can be charged within 3 hours and there is an onboard battery indicator that indicates the charging status of the hoverboard. It is UL2272 certified so you don’t need to worry about overheating and overcharging.


Wheels are 6.5-inches in size and feature a high-grip tire tread which is suitable for terrains like gravel, tarmac, marble, and mud. They are resistant to puncture, don’t slip on the surface and provides damping so that the transfer of impact forces is minimized to the body of the rider.

Star-shaped LEDs shine on the rims which accounts for nighttime illumination. Headlights are also present for the support. LIEAGLE comes in various colors ranging from black and pink to blue and white.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t include Bluetooth speakers so you can’t listen to music on the go but other than that, it’s surely one of our top picks.

  • Max weight capacity of 200 pounds
  • Can access slopes of 15 degrees
  • Very easy to learn
  • Speed limit protection and Anti-tilt protection
  • Attractive LEDs on wheels which are puncture resistant and suitable for terrains like gravel, mud, marble
  • Bluetooth speakers are absent


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Quick Tips

If you are in a scurry, the following tips will let you skim through the models to find out the best possible option. We are living in a world today where time is the most precious entity. Everyone wants to make more in less time and take quick but effective decisions. Here’s what to do if you are looking to purchase a hoverboard without spending hours on the internet.

1. Filter according to your requirement:

That’s the most important point. Everyone wants a different kind of hoverboard; some want a shiny, vibrant one while others want fastest hoverboard. Some require a one which is long-lasting while others want to use it for off-road conditions. Instead of filtering the models according to price or number of reviews, first, do them by the choice of models you wish to buy.

Suppose you are looking for models with only front LEDs and that has a maximum speed of at least 7 MPH. You make a search for best hoverboards online and start opening the models that fit in this category in separate tabs. Once you have 15-20 models, you start narrowing them down.

Discard the ones that are too pricier for you and you will be left with 12-14 models. Then, close the tabs that have less than 50 customer reviews and you will have about 5-8 models. After this, jump in the descriptions of these models deeply. Look for their YouTube unboxing and usage videos, read their 1-star reviews and locate if there is any particular problem associated with it and find out about their warranties.

Within an hour, you will be able to select the model of your choice.

2. Do give significance to the customer reviews:

These are your helping hands. Sure, there may be plenty of bogus and biased reviews in that section but that doesn’t affect the overall credibility of reviews. People who have purchased the item before are the best judge.

They would have described the performance in terms of charging time, durability, ease of use and electronic safety. Play review videos if you can to see if the speed and movement of the hoverboard inspire you. You can also ask questions from previous clients and get their unbiased feedback.

3. Prefer highly reputable companies:

This is the safest option especially if you are ordering online. Brands names like Swagtron, Razor, NHT, Gyroor, and CHO are some names in the hoverboard industry that have been supplying commendable models to its customers for a long while now.

They will offer excellent after-sale services and products that are reliable and provide good value for the money. It is not particularly bad to purchase an item from newer brands, only a bit risky. That being said, we are taking nothing away from the other not-so-well-known brands because they are also credited with the provision of some marvelous hoverboard models.

4. Eye the warranty

Purchase only the model which is offering a good warranty of at least 6 months. As we all know that all hoverboards were sent back as a product recall when electrical hazards became quite normal with these machines. It was only after the companies availed the UL certifications that they were allowed back in the market.

After-sale services are also a point of consideration. Some companies will have a very courteous and considerate tone with you when you are looking to purchase their product but will turn a deaf ear to you once the order has been received. They won’t answer your calls or give any compensation if there is a problem.

You can get to know about the customer service of the brand by reading the comments and customer reviews.

5. Check the weight limit of the hoverboard

Some customers complain that the hoverboard broke down or couldn’t achieve the max speed displayed on the product description but fail to read the max weight limit of the hoverboard. If the manual states 250 pounds as the weight limit, you should consider it 200 pounds and ride accordingly.

Weight greater than the limit or even very close to it cannot let the machine achieve its max speed and may break down even although that has become quite a scarce issue now. Always ride the hoverboard according to the weight limit and its good to underestimate the displayed limit.


That’s it then. If you have reached this section, it means you have gone through the entire list and are now looking for the final decision.

We know it’s a hard task because all the mentioned models are superior in technology and well within affordable price range.

For us Swagtron T5 and Felimoda hoverboards are the top picks with the absence of Blue tooth speakers separating the two only.

There are models that are without Bluetooth speakers in the list so if you are looking for on-the-go music, these could be discarded which will make the decision much simpler.

For those who don’t consider speakers as an issue, will be highly in doubt. The easy solution is to find a hoverboard professional and take his feedback on the models you are confused between.

He could explain to you better about which qualities are more important to you. We wish you the best of luck for the most appropriate selection.

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