Top 10 Best Hoverboards For Kids To Buy In 2021

Which kid doesn’t love to ride along a paved road or grass-lined pathway with hair streaming along in the wind and air pressing against their cheeks. This quest for excitement and thrill was answered by the invention of a bicycle back in the 1800s and transited along the centuries to products like skateboards, roller skates and hoverboards initially.

What Exactly Is A HoverBoard?

It is a dumbbell-shaped, two-wheeled, electric device with a platform that supports the user and self-balances him. A hoverboard is powered by batteries and an integrated controller along with the sensors helps the traveler to maintain balance and skid along a surface.

Hoverboards first appeared on the screen in a 1989 film but their popularity catapulted a few years back and it has now become a great gift for your kids; be it for his birthday or for passing with flying colors, these thrilling and safe platforms have made it a renowned choice for many parents especially in the western part of the globe.

Is Hoverboard Safe For Kids Or Not?

An integral reason for its widespread popularity is the safety insurance technology that is integrated into it. Some even come in multiple modes to facilitate adults and kids at the same time.

The manufacturers realize that the prime concern of the parents while buying gifts for their kids is safety, therefore, the top-selling hoverboards that are enlisted below are all as safe as one can wish for such products because no parent or kid wants to get his knees scratched or head bruised by falling.


Best hoverboard for kids over 10 years

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Best Hoverboards For Kids

The following composition contains a detailed account of the top 10 best hoverboards for kids. All the models are selected considering the features they are adorned with. Some are costly while others are light on your pocket.

Each model is discussed with a perspective of merits and demerits both, to provide parents with an honest overview.

1. XPRIT Hoverboard (Safest Mini Scooter For Kids)

This best seller is claimed to be a mini scooter by the company and rightly so because it weighs only 19lb. Available in six different colors, this hoverboard carries a maximum weight limit of 165lb which is very good for such a lightweight product. The minimum is 45lbs so it does not want the user to be so small either. It is ideal for 7-11 year old kids.

Integrated with a supreme self-balancing technology, it has a charging time of 2-3 hours and can work fine for 45-75 minutes. The top speed set by the manufacturer is 6 mph but as the weight on it increases, the speed and the charging time depletes faster. Although it can hold a person who weighs almost 165lbs, it is recommended that the product is used between a weight range of 45-100lbs to adhere to the long-lasting riding experience.

Wheels of the board are 6.5’’ wide which are sufficient to hold the scripted weight range while the hoverboard includes flashy LED lights in the wheel area which accounts for vibrant riding experience. Kids love the shoes that twinkle in dark or dazzle at day. Take it a step further with this hoverboard.

Furthermore, you can also stream the songs and music of your choice for the kids through the in-built Bluetooth speaker. Imagine your kid, whizzing through the house’s perimeter with ‘’Old McDonald had a farm’’ playing in the hoverboard and a wide smile on his angelic face; how calming would that be.

It also contains an alarm that will go off if you are doing something wrong like going too fast and is UL2272 certified which confirms that the hoverboard is fitted with a safe electrical system and fire safety requirements.

There are some downsides associated with the product. Some hoverboards’ Bluetooth was found faulty while there were some complaints about some non-functional LED lights. The good thing, though, was that the customers received a full refund or a working replacement of the edition.

Key Specifications

  • Weight 19lb
  • Speed 6 mph
  • Wheel size 6.5″
  • UL2272 certified
  • Good charging time
  • Flashy LED lights
  • Available in six different colors
  • Excellent self-balancing technology
  • Faulty Bluetooth (some complaints)
  • Non-functional LED lights (some complaints)v



2. CHO Dual Motor Scooter – 4.5″ Kids Hoverboard

CHO is a company that specializes in hoverboard manufacture and this sublime product is a representative of their high-quality products and competent customer service. It has a wheel size of 4.5’’ which is able to hold up a maximum weight capacity of 120lbs. Their body is fashioned out of aluminum, has non-pneumatic rubber tires and powered by dual motors, one on each side for better support and efficacy.

The trademark self-balancing technology of CHO makes their hoverboards easier to learn and master. It is certified with UL2272 standards so one need not worry about the safety of their kids. The board becomes fully charged in 2 hours and has a runtime of almost 2-3 hours depending on the speed you use it with. You will get a UL charger with this product whereby it can be compatibly charged to achieve a maximum speed of 3-5 mph which is neither too slow nor fast for your kid.

This stylishly fabricated product has an LED front and headlight which makes it suitable to ride at night as well in dark surroundings. Piercing the darkness of the nighttime with these bright lights can be entertaining for your kids. The non-slip footpad grants extended stability and grip to the rider and decrease the probability of falls.

The aforementioned feature becomes increasingly helpful when your kids put their feet on the hoverboard before riding because the split-second delay between placing both feet on the platform is what causes instability usually. Now, we come to the demerits of this model.

This hoverboard is not able to access rough terrains and does not contain speakers which makes it kind of a mood killer. Which kid wouldn’t want a whole package of glossy lights with the music of his choice playing in the background while he is riding.

There were some complaints regarding the unreliable battery which broke or was not able to charge the machine after a month or two. As the charger is fragile therefore it must be used with care.

To sum up, we would recommend this hoverboard because the good reviews outweighed the bad ones by a huge margin and also available at a low price, this is one really good take.

Key Specifications

  • Weight 9lb
  • Distance In one time Charge 12km max speed
  • No Bluetooth Speaker
  • wheel size 4.5”
  • UL2272 certified
  • Cheap
  • Bright LED lights
  • Good speed of 5 mph
  • Stylish built
  • Does not have speakers
  • Cannot access rough terrains
  • The fragile charger which is reported to be broken down by some customers



3. CHO Spider Wheel Series (Self Balancing Scooter For Kids)

If you want sleekness with quality and are willing to pay a bit more than the elementary, this is the hoverboard for you. They are so alluring to the eye that young kids could easily fight to have a ride on it or could simply become jealous of their friends who own this graceful ride. They come in five extraordinary colors with black and red being the huge hits because they resemble the spider and Batman costumes.

Wheels of this model are 6.5’’ which are able to give a weight withstanding capacity of almost 160 lbs which makes it equally perfect for a 4-year-old kid as well as a 13-year-old child. Sparkling LED lights at the front and wheel sides are a treat for the eye, your companion for riding in the dark and illumination providers for the crafted spider web on the rim area which scintillates vibrantly and gives something that your kid can brag about: p.

It is equipped with wireless Bluetooth speakers that have been ensured by customers to be quite audible and functional. The power button is water-proof. If we talk about the stand out feature of this board, it has to be the uniquely designed foot pads that are shaped like a spider and embellished with non-slip carpeting to enable traction and balance of great nature. Its self-balancing technology is integrated with gyroscopes, accelerometer, and magnetometer which allows even a layman to learn to ride the board easily.

In contrast to the previous model, this is a little bit heavier on your pocket but it is worth it. The charging time of the battery is 3 hours with a runtime of 120-130 minutes and usable over mud, grass, small bumps, and water with equal ease.

How To Use It?

The product must be charged for 8 hours before the first use, for long and reliable battery timing. Although this advice is scripted on the manual, many customers oversee the need to go through it.

The only demerit this product carries is the decreased battery life as it gets older but that largely depends on the condition it is put in and the requirement of charging it for 8 hours prior to the first ride.

Key Specifications

  • Built-in wireless speaker
  • Distance In one time Charge 12km max speed
  • The power button is water-proof
  • Wheel size 6.5’’
  • Extended battery timing
  • Ul2272 certified
  • The sleek design of the board and lights
  • Water resistant power button
  • Available in five great colors
  • Nonslip foot pads
  • Expensive
  • Complaints of reduced battery life over time



4. Felimoda Self Balancing Scooter (Best Pink Hoverboard For Kids)

This product by the company, Femiloda, finds a spot in this list due to its elevated capability of sustaining a maximum weight of 265 lbs which narrates to 120 kg. You may be thinking of it as a hoverboard for elders but no, it is an ideal gift for your young ones. The minimum weight capacity is 44 lbs which means your kids of 6 years and higher can have a go at this ride. It can go as fast as 9 mph.

The 6.5’’ wheels with high-elastic solid rubber tires grant it supreme strength. There is no need to inflate them and are water-resistant.  LED lights are fixed on the sides of the carbon fiber frame that gleam at night to find a way at night. It could be just the ideal ride for your kids to cruise along the safe roads of housing societies with you jogging along because of its ornate nature and greater strength provided by carbon fiber.

Key features include the charging status indicator that becomes a necessity for restless kids who want to ride hoverboards all the time. You could show them the depleted sign on the display to make them understand that now is not a good time for a spin. Alongside, the non-slip footpads add up to the utility with LED headlights to grant a complete look. Not only this, the list is elongated: It is credited with UL2272 specifications and comes in twelve different colors; talk about the choice. Some even contain Bluetooth speakers in them that can play the songs of jingles of your kid’s taste. That is a fun way of teaching your kid some of the jingles that are hard for him to memorize.

The graffiti colored model is a unique piece to check out for sure. It comes with a 12 months warranty covering parts’ fracture or malfunction issues and costs not too high which is reasonable as per the pool of utilities there are to offer. It also comes with a carrier bag.

As for some of the downsides of this great model, a run time of 30-50 minutes is a bit less for our liking. The charging time is 3-4 hours so that makes the run time appear way too less but if you take good care of it, never let it overcharge or completely depleted, it would work the same time as other hoverboards do.

The return window is 36 days but the outstanding warranty for a year is enough for great customer service.

Key Specifications

  • Speed 9 mph
  • Over charge protection
  • Wheel size is 6.5’’
  • Explosive proof tires
  • Maximum weight capability of 245lbs
  • Available in twelve different colors
  • Carbon fiber body for greater strength
  • Charging status indicator
  • Non-slip foot pads
  • Long charging time as compared to a short running time
  • Not all models contain Bluetooth speakers



5. Hoverheart Self Balance Electric Scooter

This product of Hoverheart is a master when it comes to self-balancing scooters. Their masterly creations have won the heart of thousands of customers and the majority of their products on the websites are sold out. This 4.5’’ wheel sized hoverboard has a maximum weight capacity of about 143lbs but that is not the differentiating feature.

What’s unique about this hoverboard is the Anti-fire plastic material it is fabricated with which keeps it protected in fire accidents. It can travel to a max speed of 6 mph and is wired with an effectual self-balancing technology. The design of this hoverboard is unique as well as it defies the characteristic dumbbell shape and looks closely as a beam with wheels on the side.

Accredited with UL specifications, this hoverboard kit contains a charger and a user manual that contains the safety precautions, charging and usage instructions. Furthermore, it has a battery timing of 2 hours which decreases as you approach the max weight limit.

Like every product, it has some demerits too. Owing to the inexpensive price tag, the board is not water resistant and the charging depletes at a feverish pace if a heavier kid rides it for some time. LED lights are located only at the front which makes it a less likely choice for kids who love lights.

As a whole, it received high number of 4+ ratings so we recommend this fast, durable and cheap hoverboard.

Key Specifications

  • Speed 6 mph
  • Overcharge protection
  • Wheel size is 4.5’’
  • Anti-fire plastic body
  • Cheap
  • Anti-fire plastic body
  • Long battery time of 2 hours
  • Does contain only 2 LED lights located on the front
  • Battery timing is less when a heavier kids ride it



6. NHT 4.5’’ to 6.5’’ Wheels (Teenagers Most Favorite Hoverboard)

As opposed to the majority of enlisted models, this hoverboard comes in two-wheel sizes: 4.5’’ and 6.5’’. The 4.5’’ size is available in red and white colors while the 6.5’’ in red color only. The board contains front and rear white LED lights that can comply with decoration and night vision both. A central front headlight and LED power indicator accommodate the rest of the lights on the hoverboard.

The tires are vacuum filled and the design of this model is aerodynamically feasible with air resistance having minimal effect on the surface as the user whizzes on the road and pavements. With a maximum weight limit of 132 lbs, it can be ideally used for kids aging from 4-11 years.

There are more options in the 6.5″ model. It’s withstanding weight capability is 225 lbs and has a max speed of 7-13 mph. Fitted within, is the attribute of Bluetooth speakers that can light up the mood at any time of the day. You want the kid to have hip hop music while he skids around the house or you want your 6-year-old daughter to listen to her favorite jingles while she circles in the house’s garage, you can connect them to the Bluetooth device and play them easily.

You will get a run time of an hour on a full charge which takes about 2 hours. Again, it is UL2272 certified to ward off any safety issues you might have for your loved kids along with a 90 days warranty whereby you are responded to your queries fast.

Moving to the downsides of this hoverboard, it is not waterproof first of all so it cannot be used in rainy weather. Secondly, there could be some calibration issues where you would have to calibrate the hoverboard every time it is turned on; at least this is what we comprehended from some of the bad reviews it received. Thirdly, the 4.5’’ model doesn’t contain the feature of Bluetooth speaker as well.

Lastly, there were complaints regarding the battery timing of the hoverboard where many said it only lasted for 30 minutes. To sum up, it is a purchasable product with all the general requirements however it did receive the high amount of 1-star rating.

Key Specifications

  • Speed 13 mph
  • Bluetooth connectivity available
  • Wheel size is 6.5’’
  • UL2272 certified
  • Inexpensive
  • Plenty of LED lights
  • 5’’ model contains the feature of Bluetooth speakers
  • Speed up to 13 mph
  • Battery timing of 30 minutes (Complaints by the customers)
  • No Bluetooth speaker in the 4.5’’ model
  • Not water-resistant



7. TOMOLOO (Best Self Balancing Electric Scooter For Kids)

This hoverboard is a lavished blend of colors, style, and utility. Uniquely designed to give a stunning look and adorned with dazzling LED lights, this product is the most overpriced among all that are enlisted here.

There are 5 rhythmic lights that switch according to the music being played on the Bluetooth speakers. If the music is fast, the switching occurs swiftly accordingly. There are 4 different colored lights on the tires as well that changes their color randomly. Such a colorful hoverboard is a dream for kids and this gift can make their Christmases and birthdays a lot more exciting.

What is more soothing than visualizing a wide smile on the face of your little angels and knowing that you are the reason behind it. The speakers are not the usual as well. They are 4.0 Bluetooth technology permanent magnet speakers that provide a wholesome music listening experience for your kids. Furnished with a double security system, this model comes with greater safety. In addition to the UL2272 certification; it carries the UL2271 smart battery guarantee as well.

This hoverboard can sustain a weight of 200 lbs and is equipped with a modern-age self-balancing technology in which the memory theory of metals is used to fix a foil in both pedals at sides to ensure the scooter is balanced with an enhanced effect.

The 8.5’’ model in this collection is one to crave for. It is an all-terrain hoverboard with never-flat tires that have the capability to access terrains like mud, sand, grass, gravel, and water. The wide tires with unmatchable road-holding attributes enable it to be suitable for every landscape. It can even go up an incline of 20o and the cap of the charging port is water-proof.

The shape is so sophisticated that it will augment the grace f your kid. It is also integrated with 4.0 Bluetooth technology stereo speakers but the most comprehensive feature is the mobile app of this hoverboard. This is connected to your Smartphone and all the functions can be controlled with fingertips. It includes changing the color and brightness of the LED lights, powering the board on or off, switching on the GPS and playing with the sensitivity of the hoverboard.

The UL2271 certificion allows it to be protective of overcharge, short circuit, and overcurrent. This product received a booming percentage of 5-stars which is shows the trust of users on this product but there is some disadvantage linked to it as well.

The most important one is its high price which makes it unaffordable for some people. Secondly, a expensive product deserves to have an alarm system indicating a drained battery but it does not have any. The board suddenly stops when the battery is dead and sends the kid flying and injuring him. The app also becomes slow with regular use.

Key Specifications

Speed 13 mph

  • Bluetooth connectivity available
  • Wheel size is 6.5’’
  • UL2272 certified
  • Double protection certification
  • 5 music rhythmic lights along with four different lights on the wheels
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art self-balancing technology for user’s safety
  • Water-proof charging port
  • Expensive
  • The board goes off abruptly when the battery is dead and destabilizes the rider to injure him.
  • The app slows down with use



8. Swagtron Swagboard (Best Water Proof Hoverboard For Kids)

Swagtron is a name synonymous with skating rides. The renowned company deals in hoverboards, scooters, electric bikes, and skateboards. This hoverboard is embellished with many, if not all, features that you want your kids to experience.

The startup self-balancing technology allows the user to mount on the board easily and it balances in an upright position immediately as it turns on. This makes it one of the most user-friendly hoverboards. It is IPX4 water-resistant which means its casing can sustain scratches, impacts and water splashes of small magnitude.

The motors are powerful: 250W that are able to take your kid to a speed of 7 mph, and make him conquer some of the craggy slopes that most hoverboards fail to. The powerful lithium-free battery is another attribute to admire. It can travel up to a speed of 4.8 mph on a single charge which is outstanding.

The LED headlights can light up your path at night so you can enjoy a comfortable and safe ride at night. Moreover, the battery charging indicator tells the status of the charging exactly so you can plan the duration of your ride accordingly. The product has a weight limit of44lbs-250lbs which is a great take for a hoverboard that is available at low price.

As for the demerits, it has a long charging time which is 5.5 hours. The kids have to wait a long time for their gifts to charge which makes them itchy. There were some complaints as to the battery timing of the product. The company claims it to be 2 hours but some customers argued it was only 30-40 minutes.

Key Specifications

  • Speed 7 mph
  • Weight 23lb
  • Wheel size is 6.5’’
  • IPX4 water-resistant
  • UL2272 certified
  • Cheap
  • Startup self-balancing technology makes mounting and traveling more easy and safer
  • Powerful 250w motors that can carry a load of 250lbs.
  • Can travel a decent speed of 4.87 mph on a single charge
  • Expensive
  • Long charging time of 5.5 hours
  • Less battery timing (some complaints from the customers)



9. HYPER GOGO (Best Monster Hoverboard For Children’s)

This 8.5’’ alloy wheel model by HYPER GOGO is denoted as the “Tank” by the company and it takes every inch of pride in responding to it. It is ruggedly built and is slick at the same time. The wide hard rubber tires have made this board go over tough terrains in terms of the hoverboards like gravel and bumps inroads.

It has a weight limit of 45-264lbs which means it can serve a wide age range of kids (5-13). The 70 cm wide model only takes 2-2.5 hours to charge and can reach a top speed of 9 mph. In addition to it, it contains inbuilt Bluetooth speakers which are of good quality as well. Get this for your kids and save the money on concerts. What better way to enjoy the audible music while you are skidding around your house or along the streets.

Another appreciation-worthy feature is the safety certifications this model carries. Unlike the UL accreditation, it is approved by the CPSC, CE & FCC as well which makes it a highly safe hoverboard to use in terms of electromagnetic interference, electric circuitry, and other safety parameters.  HYPER GOGO is a reputed company and it gives a 100% Customer satisfaction warranty with this product.

The Electric smart self-balancing technology and bright LED headlights are what adds up to the feature column of this incredibly stylish and supremely safe hoverboard. It costs a bit high but provided the utilities it contains, one can surely pay this much. Don’t wait to gift this to your kids on their special occasions.

The downside of this model includes the safety feature that turns off the board if you exceed the max speed. This abrupt stoppage causes the rider to fail and cause injuries. Other than this, it received good comments from the customers.

Key Specifications

  • Speed 9 mph
  • Weight 38lb
  • Wheel size is 8.5’’
  • built Bluetooth speakers
  • Approved by the CPSC, CE & FCC
  • UL2272 certified
  • UL, FCC, CPSC &FCC certified
  • A charging time of only 2.5 hr
  • In built Bluetooth speakers
  • Rugged built and slick at the same time
  • Expensive
  • A bit expensive
  • The safety feature causes the rider to falls and get injured



10. Swagtron Swagboard Vibe T580 (Best All Terrain Kids Hoverboard)

Our list ends with this exciting off road hoverboard model. It is available in three colors and comes with an App. Through the mobile app, you can change the modes of the hoverboard, keep track of your journeys and check the status of the battery.

It comes with a Bluetooth speaker as well which can be connected with the App to play your favorite music at all times of your ride. The board can travel up to a speed of 8 mph. It is a lightweight product, weighing only 20lbs but can withstand a load of 220lbs, how strong is that!

It contains three modes: beginner, intermediate and expert. With the customized self-balancing mechanisms, it can be handled by kids of every skill level. Even you can ride up the board to teach your kid you to use it. It can climb up to 30o of an incline due to its strong 200W dual motors.x

Moreover, the charging time of this hoverboard is only 2 hours and achieves a max speed of 7.5 mph.  The durability and safety of this product are augmented by the fact that it is UL certified and has 6.5’’ wheel with rubber tires. There are blue LED lights on the front and red at the back which mimics the colors of the car’s lights. This high selling hoverboard some complaints, many of which were on part of the customers not obeying the manual while some offered real issues.

The charging port is flimsy and must be used with care or it might bend and break. Another problem is the speakers give a buzzing sound when used on high volumes so we recommend that the volume is kept low if you want a long run with this hoverboard. Such a cool model deserves to be with your kid for a long time and if you have to take caution or two, that is worth it.

Key Specifications

  • Speed 7.5 mph
  • Weight 20lb
  • Wheel size is 6.5’’
  • built Bluetooth speakers
  • UL2272 certified
  • Comes with a multi-functional app and Bluetooth speaker
  • Weighing only 20lbs but can sustain a load of 220lbs
  • Can go up the incline of 30o
  • Contain 3 modes depending on the level of your kid
  • Cheap
  • Flimsy charging port
  • Speakers buzz at high volume



Conclusion (Editor’s Verdict On Top Rated Hoverboards For Kids)

The best judge of the hoverboard selection is you. It is you who understand your kid the most. What this article covers is merely the theoretical comparison of a product’s merits and downsides. The feature that attracts your child emotionally is only known to you. If your kid loves dazzling lights, you could opt either the NHT 4.5’’- 6.5’’ wheel hoverboard or TOMOLOO Hoverboard;

In case your child likes listening to jingles, you can choose between the ones that have Bluetooth speakers among which we prefer HYPER GOGO Hoverboard because it received minimal complaints regarding its Bluetooth speakers; if safety is your prime concern, you must go for HYPER GOGO again because it is certified with all the specifications you can think of and for parents who have kids of different age groups but can only afford one hoverboard, you can choose Swagtron Swagboard Vibe T580 because it can handle a wide weight range and is safe.

The other models can be compared in terms of their price, quality, utility, and reliability. You must keep one thing in mind: a single hoverboard cannot simply satisfy you in every way. What could be a fast board might have fewer lights in them and the one which has no blue tooth speakers could be a lot safer than an expensive one. At the end of the day, it is you who have to make the final decision; we just made your life easier by throwing the spotlight on the performance of the top-selling hoverboards.

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