10 Best Lawn Mowers For Wet Grass Cutting In 2022

Everyone knows that if you have the option to either mulch wet or dry grass, always choose to go with the dry grass because it is much easier to cut it, doesn’t create a lot of mess and can be handled by the majority of the lawn mowers. But there are cases when mowing wet grass cannot be avoided. Especially in rainy seasons when the grass sprouts out quickly with every shower, you have to mow it to maintain the garden.

We have collected the best lawn mowers for wet grass cutting along with their specifications and features that make it suitable for the said purpose.

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What To Look For In Wet Grass Cutting Lawn Mower?

1. Sharp blades: The foremost aspect of these types of mowers is the sharpness of the blades. The sharper the blades are, the more effectually will they cut wet grass. More series of blades or specific configurations like winged are the best.

2. Powerful motor: A highly rated lawn mower will channelize more power to the blades of the cutter. Moving at a fast pace is one thing but if they don’t have enough torque and power, the speed is of no use. Therefore, it is better to eye gas-powered, battery powered and riding lawn mowers that have powerful engines and batteries. We haven’t included a single corded mower in this list because the hassle of the following cord is very frustrating to handle and secondly, we all know water and electricity shouldn’t mix. Right!

3. Height adjustments: The selected model must contain 4-6 height adjustments because you would definitely feel the need to lower or raise the deck according to the height and nature of the wet grass. Also, you would have to cut the grass in increments because tall, wet grass will not be mowed in one run. You have to start with the highest height of the deck and repeat the process by decreasing the height sequentially.


Points To Remember In Mowing Wet Grass

1. Check first whether the wet garden is fit to be mowed or not. To do a test, walk in the lawn and notice if your shoe sin in the ground to leave footmarks on the soil. If that’s the case, you need to wait till it gets dry because otherwise, the rolling mower would pull out soil from different points and you could also get tipped. To remove any standing water, you need to siphon it. Take the water hose pipe and shut both of its ends ensuring that no air is remaining. Then, put on end inside the water and the next to the part where you want to expel the water. This created concentration gradient will develop a flow and siphon out the water.

2. Make sure that you are wearing boots and trousers while mowing wet grass as some water from the mowing grass is bound to splash over you. Also, some soil particles might also get shot at you.

3. In the case of hilly terrains, mow across the garden instead of up and down because water will be sprinkled on your clothes then.

4. You have to empty the grass catcher bag more often while dealing with wet grass because it’s heavier and will hinder the maneuverability of the mower or take excess effort from you in case of a push mower.


Top 10 Lawn Mowers For Cutting Wet Grass

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Best Lawn Mowers For Wet Grass Cutting Reviews

As every lawn mower doesn’t cut the wet grass efficiently, therefore, we spent many restless hours to gather information and write this buying guide for you guys. Hopefully, you’ll get the suitable one after reading the key features and reviews of the mowers which are suitable for cutting wet grass.

We have gathered two top models as a generalized category, keeping in view all the points mentioned above. There are no specifically designed mowers for wet, thick grass in the market however there are particular qualities of a mower that make it suitable for such tasks. Among these two models, one is gas powered zero turn mower while the other is a smaller, self-propelled gas mower.


Best Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

[aawp box=”B07CJN8W4V” tracking_id=”rcwetgrassmower-20″ title=”1. Husqvarna Z254 (Best Zero Turn Mower For Cutting Thick Wet Grass)”]


This particular model is amongst the most powerful mowers out there in the market. Fitted with a 26 HP Kohler engine, it would ensure that whatever the type of grass cutting operation you have on hand, there is no problem executing it.


With the ability to achieve a top speed of 4.5 MPH and a cutting deck of width 54 inches, it can handle large patches of thick wet grass with great effect.


The cutting efficacy of the mower is enhanced by the air induction technology that draws air from the top and bottom of the deck to prevent the formation of lumps and keeping the cutting surface clean. The deck is sturdily built with steel and very reliable and weatherproof.


The transmission and handling controls are excellent as well. You will require some time to understand the controls if you are a new rider because the control handles need to be moved in opposite directions for turning the mower but once you are apt enough, it is as easy as spelling “cat”.


Its driver seat is high and padded with controls in close vicinity of the hand. You can mulch, bag and side discharge the grass clippings although we recommend using the side discharge because the bag would be difficult to clean because of wet clippings.


Key Features:

  • 26HP Kohler engine
  • 52-inch steel cutting deck
  • Air induction technology
  • Mulching, bagging, and side discharge capability
  • Great handling and reliable wheels


[aawp box=”B00S6Z2GWQ” tracking_id=”rcwetgrassmower-20″ title=”2. Honda HRX217VKA”]


Equipped with a unique two-blade system that increases the amount of cutting edges and surfaces, this Honda mower has the ability to cut wet grass in tiny pieces without forming lumps. The unique prospect of this model is the 10-point toggling mechanism that controls the amount of grass being mulched and bagged. Through this 10 point scale, you can control the opening between the mulching dome and the bag.


It is powered by Honda GCV200 engine which is a powerful, much superior engine than its predecessors which ensures a superior grass cut even in thick grass.


Honda’s self-propulsion mechanism allows the user to control the speed which is an effective feature to have in case of wet, thick grass. The handle can be adjusted in length according to the height of the user as well.


The cutting deck is 21 inches and very durable as it comes with a lifetime warranty. It is rust-free and no-dent. Lifted through 7 height adjustments, it can cut grass from 0.75-4 inches and is amongst the only few which can cut such short grass.


In addition to it, it has a manual shut-off valve, a flywheel brake safety system and 9-inch rugged wheels. For added convenience, the handles can be collapsed and stored in tight places.


Key Features:

  • Two blade cutting system with control on the amount mulched or bagged
  • Honda GCV200 engine
  • Adjustable handle
  • 21 inch cutting deck which is rust-free and no-dent
  • Cut grass as short as 0.75 inches
  • Flywheel braking system for added safety


Best Riding Lawn Mowers

To be more specific, if you have a large lawn with wet grass, you would require riding lawn mowers because they can take care of a large portion of grass in one rally and are equipped with a powerful engine that gives the blades enough torque to cut stubborn grass.


[aawp box=”B01BPFLIRM” tracking_id=”rcwetgrassmower-20″ title=”3. Ariens Zoom 42 (Best Riding Lawn Mower For Wet Grass Cutting)”]


Powered by a 19 HP Kohler engine that requires minimal maintenance in terms of schedule oil change and air blowing, it is air-cooled and is integrated with self-adjustable belt-tension technology that keeps the belts in the required tightness.


The cutting deck is 42 inches wide, constructed with 12-gauge steel and cut grass of height 1.5-4.5 inches. The blades can handle wet grass with ease and there is a wash port on the deck for wiping off grass clippings after the cutting operation.


Additionally, the seat is comfortable with armrests that are adjustable in three directions. It can be slid while the control levers are connected with dampers to absorb vibrations and give a smoother ride. The braking is very good and the wheels allow enhanced traction. As a whole, it is a reasonably-priced mower for your wet grass.


Key Features:

  • 19 HP Kohler engine
  • Self-adjustable belt-tension technology
  • Cutting deck is 42 inches wide
  • Wash port for cleaning the deck
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Reasonably priced


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[aawp box=”B017S0JE1K” tracking_id=”rcwetgrassmower-20″ title=”4. Cub Cadet XT1 (Best Lawn Tractor)”]


This yellow machine is not only visually attractive but a powerhouse in terms of functionality and reliability.


Powered by 18HP Kohler engine, it can cut grass of your wet ground at a reasonable pace. The cutting deck is 42 inches wide which can handle a large patch of grass along the run.


Its hydrostatic transmission is efficient enough to access thick and sticky terrains and can handle lawns in rain as well.


Moreover, it offers reverse cut operation so you can redo the cut path once again. There is a dedicated wash port to wipe off the grass clippings and a headlight to get the mowing job done in dark too.


Driving seat is equipped with a great suspension, deck lift and speed mechanisms are located in close vicinity of hand and large wheels are rugged enough to handle all sorts of grass.


Some customers complained about the plastic parts in the engine but we assure you, if you follow the maintenance manual properly, this 3-year-warranted product is there to stay with you for a long time.


Key Features:

  • 18 HP Kohler engine
  • Cutting deck is 42 inches wide
  • Offers reverse mowing action
  • Headlights present
  • Wash deck port
  • 3-year warranty


Best Mower For Tall Wet Grass

These mowers need to have features of enhanced height adjustment levels and easy maneuverability. As tall grass won’t be mowed in one single run, it is necessary that these mowers can be adjusted to variable levels so that it can cut the longest height in one increment and the shorter ones in next.


[aawp box=”B078YYHQ8S” tracking_id=”rcwetgrassmower-20″ title=”5. Black + Decker (Best Cheap Electric Mower )”]


This model has obtained very good reviews when it’s about cutting wet grass. Good, sharp blades coupled with ruggedly designed wheels rank this mower as our top pick for cutting tall, wet grass.


In fact, it has a winged blade configuration which not only cuts the grass swiftly but does that without forming lumps. It has a cutting deck of 17 inches and can be lifted through six height adjustments which can cut grass of heights 1-3 inches.


The mower is powered by a 12A battery and contains a uniquely-designed handle which is easy on the grip and allows easy maneuverability. It gets started by a single push button so there is absolutely no hassle of a pull string. It can also be collapsed in 3 levels for easy storage.


You can either mulch or bag grass clippings by this push lawn mower and the grass catcher bag is sturdy with a level indicating cover.


Key Features:

  • Winged blade configuration
  • 17 inch cutting deck
  • 12A battery
  • Six height adjustments
  • Unique style of handle for increased comfort and handling
  • 2-in-1 mulching and bagging capability
  • Cheaply priced


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[aawp box=”B07NW8SP6H” tracking_id=”rcwetgrassmower-20″ title=”6. Craftsman M105 (Best Wet Grass Mower For The Money)”]


This is another befitting model for mowing wet grass. Powered by a 140cc OHV engine, it is equipped with auto choke function so that it can be started quickly even in freezing weather. Moreover, it provides the cutting blades with enough power to cut wet grass which proves too obstinate for general lawn mowers.


It has a cutting deck of 21 inches with 6 height adjustments which can mow tall grass of heights up to 3.75 inches. The deck lift system is easily controllable through a dual lever that is present on the front and back wheels.


Moreover, it supports 3-in-1 cutting capability so you can choose whether to bag, cut or side discharge the grass clippings.


It is advisable that you choose the side discharge option because the other two have their disadvantages: the bag will have to be cleaned off wet grass clippings which is a task in itself while the mulching capability will cause a large lump to form beneath the cutting deck to disallow its smooth running.


Craftsman’s handle can be collapsed after use while its rear wheels are 8 inches in diameter. Their surface is designed to keep any rugged operation in mind.


Key Features:

  • 140cc OHV engine
  • 21 inch cutting deck
  • 6 height adjustments that can handle grass heights from 1.25-3.75 inches.
  • 3-in-1 cutting capability
  • Handle can be collapsed after use
  • Rugged wheels (8 inch rear and 7 inch front)


Best Electric Lawn Mowers For Wet Grass

Electric mower doesn’t mean corded options in this regard because you shouldn’t be too naïve to use cords in wet conditions.

This category includes battery-operated push lawn mowers that can handle wet grass owing to their adjustable cutting heights and sharp cutting blades.

Both of the following models have received a very good response from customers and technical experts. Not only are they effective in cutting but reliable as well.


[aawp box=”B07G8FZ481″ tracking_id=”rcwetgrassmower-20″ title=”7. Worx WG779 (Best Budget Lawn Mower)”]


A magnificently crafted lawn mower that depicts the use of supreme fabrication techniques, this mower is integrated with Intellicut technology which is a patented mechanism to provide more torque on demand which not only cuts the grass more quickly but also conserves the battery.


Powered by 2 20V batteries, it has a 16-inch cutting deck that supports mulching and bagging capabilities. The mulching plug needs to be inserted to perform mulching while it has to be removed to attach the grass catcher bag for rear discharge.


Blades are sharp and move fast due to the intellicut technology thus cutting wet grass effectively. There is a battery indicator on the mower so you know exactly how much juice is left in them. The deck can be raised through a single lever along 6 height adjustments.


For the comfort of the user, the handle is padded to kill vibrations and can be collapsed after the operation. There are two charging ports on the mower so that you can charge both batteries at the same time. Silent in operation, brilliant in traction and cutting wet grass alongside being inexpensive makes it one of our top picks for electric mowers.


Key Features:

  • Intellicut technology
  • Dual 20V batteries
  • 16-inch cutting deck
  • Onboard battery level indicator
  • 2-in-1 mulching and bagging capability
  • Two charging ports to charge both batteries at the same time
  • Inexpensive


[aawp box=”B01NCVP74U” tracking_id=”rcwetgrassmower-20″ title=”8. Greenworks MO40B00 (Cheapest Lawn Mower For Wet Grass Cutting)”]


Backed up by 100+ customer reviews and the recognition of being a Greenworks model earns this model a lot of credit. What however makes this machine suitable for wet grass is the traction ability of the tires and the efficiency of cutting blades.


It is furnished with a 14-inch cutting deck but the responsive and sharp blades don’t make any lumps of the wet grass during cutting. They cut the grass following a speed which is neither too fast nor very slow. Operated by 40V lithium battery system, it gives a total run time of 40 minutes.


The deck can be raised through 5 height adjustments and cut grass of heights 1.25-3.625 inches. You can either mulch or bag the grass clippings with this mower.


A good thing, as mentioned earlier, is the wheels that are covered with rugged tire treads that don’t just give up on wet terrain and maneuver with a similar effect as on dry grass.


The handle is protected with a form sheath and it comes with a 4-year limited time warranty.


Key Features:

  • 14-inch cutting deck
  • 5 height adjustments
  • Run time of 40 minutes owing to 40V lithium battery system
  • Good wheels
  • 4-year warranty


Best Commercial Lawn Mowers For Wet Grass

Commercial lawns are larger in size and thus require mowers with wide cutting decks. They may have different terrains because buildings might be built in between patches of a garden.

Therefore, the selected choice for commercial lawn mower must be such that it handles all types of grass and terrain and offer a reliable running operation.

There are specific days of a week when the gardeners of a commercial lawn are directed to mow the grass so the mower must not be battery operated but gas or petrol powered to ensure that it doesn’t stop midway between the cutting operation.

After going through many models and checking their specifications and reviews, we have finalized Husqvarna MZ61 for you.


[aawp box=”B00IE6Z0PW” tracking_id=”rcwetgrassmower-20″ title=”9. Husqvarna MZ61″]


It is designed with commercial grade specs and power as it is fitted with a powerful 27HP Briggs & Stratton engine. Such an enormous power of the engine is suitable for large lawns and because you might possibly have to go through the wet garden twice, the long running engine will prove vital in that regard.


The cutting deck is 61 inches wide which is the largest in zero turn lawn mowers and is fabricated with 11-gauge steel which is both strong, lightweight and weatherproof. It is assisted with a 3-blade cutting system and a pedal-operated deck lift mechanism. The clippings can be bagged, side discharged and mulched depending on the need.


Its wheels are very tractive, front ones rotate at a turning radius of zero degrees so you can easily cut around trees or flower beds. The driver seat is very comfortable with vibration dampers, fenders cover the back wheels while there is a removable foot pan to access the pulleys and spindles for easy cleaning.


Other service points like hydraulic drive, oil, and filter points can be located and maintained easily as well. This is an expensive option but is a model which is there to stay with you for a long time.


Key Features:

  • 61-inch cutting deck
  • 27 HP Briggs & Stratton engine
  • Zero degrees turning radius
  • 3-blade cutting system
  • Removable foot pan
  • Comfortable seat with vibration dampers


[aawp box=”B0713T2LB7″ tracking_id=”rcwetgrassmower-20″ title=”10. Ariens IKON-X 52’’ (Best lawn mower for collecting wet grass)”]


This is yet another zero turn lawn mower in this category and while this might cost a bit more, it is a very convenient choice for handling wet grass.


The 23HP Kawasaki engine is V-twin in nature and provides smooth output owing to its vented carburetor and single-stage air filtration system.


The cutting deck is 52 inches wide and fabricated with 10-gauge steel. Its blades are very sharp and there is a dial-operated height selection system whereby you can cut heights of grass from 1.5-4.5 inches in quarter-inch increments.


This particular feature is the top favorite for owners looking to cut wet grass because seldom will you have a nice cut on such grass in one rally.


You can collect the grass in the grass catcher bag which has a huge capacity of 3.7-bushel or mulch it by inserting the mulching plug.


Other than this, it provides accessories like wheel cover and LED headlight so that if your grass dries at night, you can instantly cut it without waiting for the day to arrive.

Key Features:

  • 23HP Kawasaki engine
  • 52-inch cutting deck
  • 13 cutting heights from 1.5-4.5 inches
  • A lot of offered accessories
  • 7-bushel grass catcher bag
  • Padded seats
  • Tubular frame


Considerations When Cutting Wet Grass

1. You should cut tall, wet grass in increments. For species that grow tall like Fescue, you should raise the deck to its highest point and then cut it following a half-inch downward increment. This ensures that the grass is cut cleanly. If you trim the grass keeping a low deck height from the start, some patch will be cut brilliantly while the other wouldn’t.

2. Wet grass needs more time to cut so it is good to keep the speed of blades to ‘low’ setting, if permissible. Also, follow the one-third rule i.e. to cut the grass to one-third of their actual length.

3. Before mowing the grass, a smart way to get rid of excess moisture is to drag a hose pipe across the lawn just like wiping off a counter. The lesser amount of moisture on the grass to be mowed, the more efficient the cutting operation will be.

4. We recommend you to stay away from mulching when dealing with wet grass as it will form a pile below the cutting deck and hamper with its motion. Side discharge or even bagging are the better options, provided you have the guts to clean the bag afterward. After all, cleaning wet grass clippings off the bag is a task itself. An intelligent method is to leave the bag to dry up in the sun and then wipe it with cloth or brush.

5. If you are mowing after every five days, reduce that time period to three days with wet grass as it will take some pressure off the mower blades. Wet grass is difficult to handle and if it is tall, its two times more arduous so be sure to follow this tip.

6. Sharpen the blades of the mower more often with wet grass. The moisture of the grass will be deposited on the cutting surface of the blades and reduce its cutting power. If you don’t keep them sharp, soon they will lose their capability and you will bad mouth the mower’s brand.

7. After the mowing operation, wash the deck through the deck wash port but if the mower doesn’t have any, you can follow this procedure: Remove the spark plug and lean the mower sideways. Make sure that there is no fuel in the tank. After this, remove any deposited grass clippings by a scraper or wire brush. If you can, paint the underside of the deck to prevent it from catching rust.