Top 10 Best Massage Chairs 2022 Reviews with Buying Guide

Are you looking to come home with the best massage chair to relax in?


More people are now including regular massages in their daily fitness regimen, thanks to the growing awareness of the benefits of massages.

Purchasing a massager is a sure way of enjoying professional quality massages any way you like right from the warmth of your home any day, anytime–you get to relax physically and mentally fully and relieve your body from the fatigue and stress caused by poor sitting posture.

A massage chair will reduce muscle and joint strain after a hard day of running errands and helps reduce pain from lifting heavy objects.

In this blog post, we will go through ten of the best massage chairs available on the market to choose from. We’ll share our tips on how to choose the best recliner and more!

Let’s get started.


A Few Things to Consider When Buying a Massage Chair In 2020

Shopping for a massage chair can leave you overwhelmed, especially if you’re a first-time buyer, thanks to the countless alternatives the crowded market presents.

To ensure that what you invest in is the best massage chairs 2020, you need to check the following aspects and ensure your ultimate pick fulfills a lot of them.

Here’s a quick look.

1. The Size of the Chair

Check the maximum height and weight and height restrictions of the product and compare it with your values before settling on one.

Choosing the right size ensures a custom-fit comfortable massage and enhances the safety and durability of the chair. Alternatively, look for an adjustable unit that lets you set it to fit any body size or height. High-quality options will automatically adjust to match your size.

The size of the seat should also correspond to the amount of space you have available. If you’re short on space, go for a compact chair that can fit into tight spaces.

If you’ve got back problems, you need to avoid chairs that are too low because getting out of the chair may be a problem enough to require assistance.

2. Customizability

What you add to your cart should be as customizable as can be.

The chair should let you choose the massage mode and adjust the speed or intensity to suit your preference. Customization helps achieve the desired results and ensures more comfort.

The best part, you will not get bored with the same massage routine since you get a variety of massage options to play with.

The height and size should also be adjustable to satisfy different needs on the market. Courtesy of modern tech and innovations of the day, most modern models come with automatic customization features.

The Smart body scan technology, for example, is effective in scanning and detecting your body size. After that, the chair adjusts to a custom body fit massage.

Other options have built-in sensors that take the measurement of the user’s spine and automatically adjust, hugs them and take their shape before massaging all the right spots!

3. Design, Quality, and Durability

The material used determines not only the chair’s durability but also affects the comfort and pleasure you feel when you sink into the seat.

Massages can be quite vigorous.

Therefore, make sure the massage seat is well constructed and robust enough to withstand rough use. If you intend to carry the unit with you frequently, then you need to choose the best portable massage chair that is compact, lightweight, and easy to transport.

The material used should be top class if you desire a lifetime of quality massages.

You want a chair made of plush and cozy material that is coy and comfortable to sit on all day. Seats made of the breathable mesh prevents sweaty spots by allowing free circulation of air, making them comfortable and ideal for hot conditions and easy to clean.

Foam cushioning may be more comfortable but more prone to heavy sweating, especially during hot conditions. Top-quality leather may be durable enough to hold up to years of dedicated service, but it often gets hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable.

Style, esthetics, and color are huge deal breakers for some buyers.

If good looks concern you, look for modern, sleek designs that look as good as it functions and with multiple color options to match your décor. For added convenience, some designs offer spaces on the sides for your cell phone, keys, remote, or reading glasses.

4. Extra Features

The best massage chairs for home come with numerous massage enhancing and recreational features, which make your massage sessions more pleasurable and worthwhile.

Some massage enhancing features include the aforementioned body scan technology, which detects body height and shape using sensors and takes the body shape.

Air ionization feature blows cool ionized air on the user’s face end helps in relaxation.

Not just that, the memory function coupled with memory slots on some massage chairs ensure you create a customized massage routine by letting you save your favorite settings for later use.

Another additional feature worth checking out is the chromotherapy lights.

The chairs cast colorful lights onto the walls, which adds to the relation effect. Other notable functional features worth mentioning and checking out for are cup holders, armrests, neck and back reclines, feet extenders, and more.

Some chairs come with entertainment features like MP3 music support. They have built-in speakers or ports for headsets. While some feature SSD card slots and USB ports, other modern models boast of wireless Bluetooth compatibility and allow you to sync with your smartphone.

People living in small apartments with space constrains will be excited to know that space-saving technology is applied in some of these products. The chairs recline by pivoting on their base and eat up as little space as possible.

5. Ease of Use

Techy or not, your massage chair should be effortless to set up upon arrival and simple and straightforward to use. You do not want the trouble of learning other special skills or finding special tools to enjoy the pleasurable feeling.

You will also want a seat made from a material that is easy to clean.

Options that offer user manuals will guide you through seat up and use, making it more convenient. Picks that come with intuitive displays will showcase the intensity and mode settings, making it easier to use.

What’s more, the chair should offer several easy-to-access controls to make it easy to operate and save you the frustration and risk of getting stuck in the seat should you be unable to stop it.

Consider options that come with remote controls or wired controls that are easier to operate. The power chord should also be long enough if you do not wish to be restricted to sitting near power outlets.

6. Price and Value

Massage chairs can be pricier than a small car. If you do not mind sacrificing extra bucks for higher quality, why not go for the very best?

But if you are a budget shopper, ensure the choice you make is the best affordable massage chair and well within your budget. Remember, a high price is not necessarily a replication of the high quality of the product.

Some of the best massage chairs under 1000 dollars deliver much better than their pricey high-end counterparts that cost a tone. What you have in mind should be the best balance between quality and value.

Additionally, massage chairs can be quite bulky and prone to damages during transportation.

It is, therefore, a wise idea to look for options from manufacturers who stand by their products with warranties and return guarantees.

Did we mention that warranties also portray the confidence manufacturers have in the quality of their products?


Top 10 Contenders For Massage Chairs

Now that we’ve had a good look at the things you need to know while getting a massage chair, let’s take a look at the list of the top 10 massage chairs curated by our team of experts.

[amazon box=”B06W2GYD8Y,B01M24RKQY,B007XA04P6,B086STMMF4,B00RQ0E6WA,B07Z82QL9G,B07XMB6MTB,B07QGR7XYV,B07882V1YZ,B06XC6XB8D” template=”table”]


Best Massage Chair Reviews

[aawp box=”B06W2GYD8Y” title=”1. Real Relax 2020 – Best Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair Under 1000″]


The Real Relax Massage Chair is one of the best massage chairs available on the market. It comes with an excellent height range, offers smart controls, is made of excellent materials, and is overall a premium massage recliner.


The recliner is available in three color options and offers a massage that you will not forget–the chair will be something you’d look forward to coming home to!


Made for Comfort

The massage chair is made keeping in mind the user’s comfort. It is constructed for people ranging from 5’2” to 6’1” in height–the footrest extends to accommodate people who are taller.


The two mack wheels on the back of the recliner offer easy movement which is excellent.


Massage Function

The massage function is heavenly for people that suffer from tense or sore muscles and body pain. The recliner also comes with a built-in waist heater which keeps you warm while promoting blood circulation.


Rollers and airbags on your feet provide an excellent massage that helps relieve tension in the foot and pains.


Smart, Where It Counts

With the power on, the Bluetooth on the massage chair also turns on which you can connect your mobile phone to the recliner using Bluetooth by connecting it to ‘Real Relax’.


The smart remote features a high-definition VFD display screen which is easily accessible.


Another great thing about this recliner is that you can connect it with your phone and play some music while enjoying your massage!



  • Assembly: Easy to assemble
  • Remote control operation: Yes
  • Foot massage function: Yes
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Massage Zones: 7
  • Heat Function: Lower back heating

Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons:

  • Connects with your phone
  • Provides an excellent massage
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Back heating promotes blood circulation
  • Accommodates various heights
  • Massagers may feel rough to sensitive people

All in all, this massager comes highly recommended by our team and hundreds of happy buyers! This is a great choice for someone looking for an excellent massage while enjoying the comfort of a recliner. You can know more about this massage chair here.



[aawp box=”B01M24RKQY” title=”2. Kahuna Massage Zero Gravity Recliner – Best massage chairs under $2000″]


If you’re looking to come home to a relaxing massage chair, this Zero Gravity Recliner is just the right pick for you. The space-saving recliner features an L-track frame and offers zero gravity positions.


The massage chair 5 manual massage modes and 6 programmed massages to provide you with nothing but the best. The heat therapy only adds to your comfort.


Space Saving

This ergonomic chair offers a 3-stage zero gravity function while also saving precious space in your home. It needs to be placed only 3 inches away from the wall or other furniture.


Computer Body scan Technology

This massage chair automatically scans your body to provide you with a custom fit body massage. The air-cell massage technology featured on the chair covers the entire body while the dual foot rollers take care of your feet.


Heat Therapy

One of the best things about this massage chair is that it comes with heat therapy on the lower back and legs to help you get rid of any aches and pains that may come up. You can also adjust the roller speed and air cell massage up to 3 levels.


Pros and Cons

Let’s take a peek at the pros and cons, shall we?

  • Heat function
  • Excellent foot massage
  • Space-saving function
  • 5 massage techniques and 6 auto programs
  • SH-Chiro program to relieve spinal pressure
  • Yoga-stretching program
  • Difficult assembly


  • Assembly: Difficult
  • Remote control operation: Yes
  • Foot massage function: Yes
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Massage Zones: multiple
  • Heat Function: Yes

We feel that this is one of the best recliners available to choose from as it comes with a strong frame, an excellent warranty, is made of high-quality materials and has great reviews by most of its customers.



[aawp box=”B007XA04P6″ title=”3. BestMassage Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner”]

If you’re looking for a relaxing full body massage, this recliner is an ideal choice. The adjustable massage chair allows you to customize it according to your needs, which is excellent.


The air massage pressure comes with four levels to help you got get oh-so-comfortable!


Heat Therapy

One of the best things about this massage chair is that it comes with a heat therapy system installed on the back and the foot of the chair which comes in handy during the winters.


Air Massage System

If you’re looking for a soothing massage, this chair may be all that you need. With 21 airbags placed strategically across major areas of the chair–arms, hips, shoulder, thighs, calves, and feet. The airbags provide a relaxing Shiatsu massage.


Computerized Body Scanning

The massage chair scans your body to provide you with a customized massage. The built-in sensors work by measuring your spine and know exactly where to massage! On top of that, you get to choose the intensity of the massage as well.


Pros and Cons

Let’s take a peek at the pros and cons, shall we?

  • Excellent air pressure
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Feature-rich system
  • Customized massage
  • Heat function
  • Issues with fabric


  • Assembly: Difficult
  • Remote control operation: Comes with a control panel
  • Foot massage function: Yes
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Massage Zones: 4
  • Heat Function: Yes

We feel that the BestMassage Full Body Massage Chair is an excellent pick because it’ll be something that you’d look forward to coming home to. The massage and vibration function is loved by all, and so is the heat!



[aawp box=”B086STMMF4″ title=”4. Esright Grey Fabric – Top Selling Massage Chair Recliner”]


The Esright Grey Fabric Recliner Chair is one of the best massage chairs 2020 you can get on the market. The upholstered chair features heating, reclining, and vibrating functions which make it an excellent pick.


Additionally, the recliner chair has two side pockets for convenient storage and is made of high-quality materials. It comes in four color options to choose from, which is excellent.


High-Quality Material

Made of high-quality PU leather which is filled with high-density foam, the recliner is designed to provide you with maximum comfort as well as stability. The recliner comes with a multi-functional remote to control its settings for ease of use which makes it very convenient to use.


Massaging Recliner

This recliner allows you to control its power supply through the wired remote control that comes with it. The massage function comes with five different modes or intensities that you can choose from. You also have the option of choosing the location!


Another great thing about this heavy-duty recliner is that it comes with lumbar heating which means that you can kiss your back pain goodbye.



The recliner comes with the quick switch design that features an adjustable footrest which makes this a good choice for the elderly. The thicker seat cushion is extremely comfortable and the recliner back comes with a thick headrest.


You also have two cup holders to ensure you never go thirsty!


Manual Control Recliner

This recliner comes with a 140° manual control recline feature and 360° swivel features for your comfort. The company also offers customer and technical support for your needs.



  • Assembly: Easy to assemble; comes with all the tools and screws
  • Remote control operation: For massage function
  • Foot massage function: No
  • Adjustable: Manually
  • Massage Zones: 8
  • Heat Function: Lumbar heating

Pros and Cons

Let’s take a peek at the pros and cons, shall we?

  • Manual control of the recliner
  • Elegant design
  • 5 massage control modes and 2 levels of intensity
  • User-friendly
  • Comfortable and cozy
  • The footrest is hard to put down

In summary, we feel that if you have space constraints, this is a recliner you should consider getting. The massage functions on this are excellent and ensure you’re pain-free and feeling your best.



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[aawp box=”B00RQ0E6WA” title=”5. Ideal Massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair – Best 3D Massage Chair”]

This zero-gravity massager is one of the best 3d massage chairs on the market. The full body massager comes with ten massage programs and allows you to fully recline while enjoying your massage.


Additionally, it also comes with a leg massager to provide you with even more comfort!


Excellent Massage Function

The massager offers 6 Different massage techniques such as tapping, Shiatsu Massage, kneading, knocking, rolling, and combo kneading/tapping. In addition to that, it also comes with 10 different massage programs, making it an all-inclusive experience.


Smart Chair

One of the notable things about this massage chair is that it comes with Auto Height Detection, thanks to the Smart 3D program. This means that the message will hit all the right places!


Air Acupuncture Massage

In addition to the foot massage function, this massage chair also offers Air Acupressure massage through the multiple airbags built into the calves, feet, arms, shoulders, and hands.


Pros and Cons

Let’s take a peek at the pros and cons, shall we?

  • L-track massage chair with one of the longest tracks
  • Rich therapeutic massage delivered
  • 5-year warranty
  • Foot and shoulder massage
  • 10 auto massage programs
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Massage intensity deteriorates with long-term use


  • Assembly: Moderate
  • Remote control operation: Yes
  • Foot massage function: Yes
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Massage Zones: 15
  • Heat Function: Yes

We feel that this is one of the most comfortable recliners because it meets all of the advanced-level requirements on one and is of high-quality. The massage and offers a 5-year warranty.



[aawp box=”B07Z82QL9G” title=”6. Esright Massage Recliner – Best Massage Chair For The Money”]


Esright massage recliner chair ensures that you don’t have to go to bed feeling stiff and sore, as it’ll take care of that for you. Made of soft and durable PU leather, this is one of the best massage chairs on the market.


With an ergonomic thick padded back, armrests, and seat cushion, you’d love your movie nights on this recliner.


Relaxing Functions

After a long day at work, you can come home to this recliner and enjoy its five relaxing functions that ensure you’re comfortable and happy. The chair vibrates, heats, rocks, swivels and moves 360°!


Durable Comfort

The recliner is designed elegantly and comes with 2 cup holders and storage bags to ensure you never run out of snacks or have to reach too far for your magazine while lounging!


The recliner is padded with an extra thick sponge to make you feel like you’re sitting on a cloud.


Control in Your Hands

You get to pick out everything with this massager. The remote-controlled recliner offers 5 control modes, and 2 intensity levels to meet your massaging needs. It also comes with a 140° manual recline.



  • Assembly: Easy to moderate
  • Remote control operation: Yes
  • Foot massage function: No
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Massage Zones: 4
  • Heat Function: Lumbar heating

Pros and Cons

Let’s take a peek at the pros and cons, shall we?

  • Ergonomic and thick for utmost comfort
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and durable frame
  • Various color options to choose from
  • Heat option on the lumbar area
  • The footrest is hard to put down

All in all, this is one of the best-selling products out there and one of the most comfortable. People prefer it because of the heating feature on the back provides pain relief.



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[aawp box=”B07XMB6MTB” title=”7. Esright Power Lift Chair Electric Recliner”]


If you’re looking for a comfortable recliner for a senior citizen, the Esright Power Lift Recliner is one of the best. The recliner can help you stand up or lay down without any effort, which is excellent.


The recliner comes with a retractable footrest and an adjustable armrest to ensure long-lasting comfort. The 6-point massager on this recliner comes with five modes for a heavenly feeling.


High-quality Material

The recliner is made of environment-friendly timber which is high-quality and excellent to look at. The material is free of harmful toxins such as formaldehyde and meets California Air Resources Board(CARB) P2 Requirements. The recliner ensures your safety and that of your loved ones.


Motorized Recliner

The recliner comes fitted with the company’s UL Approved Silent Lift Motor which can push the entire chair up to help you stand up easily without straining your knees or back.


This recliner comes with a control button that smoothly adjusts its position and can withstand up to 320lbs weight.


Relaxing Massage

The massage points are strategically placed at the head, lumbar, thigh and shin and come with five modes–normal, pulse, press, auto, and wave–to provide you with an unforgettable massage. It’s addictive!


You can charge your phone while sitting in the recliner, thanks to the  USB charging port!


Comfortable Support

The recliner comes line with springs and an overstuffed seat cushion and backrest to ensure comfort–as if you’re sitting on a cloud! The warm and soft surface of this treated recliner is anti-pilling and anti-felting.



  • Assembly: Easy
  • Remote control operation: Yes
  • Foot massage function: No
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Massage Zones: 4
  • Heat Function: Lumbar heating

Pros and Cons

Let’s take a peek at the pros and cons, shall we?

  • Ergonomic and thick for utmost comfort
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and durable frame
  • Various color options to choose from
  • Heat option on the lumbar area
  • Issues with the remote

In summary, this recliner is a great choice because it comes with an ample amount of storage, two cup holders, several color options, and excellent build quality.



[aawp box=”B07QGR7XYV” title=”8. ComHoma Leather Rocker – Best Portable Massage Chair For Home”]


The ComHoma Leather Recliner Chair Modern Rocker is one of the best comfortable recliners for massage. The comes in various color options and adds class to any room or office.


This recliner is the perfect choice for your living space and will become your favorite place in the house to unwind after long, grueling hours at work. It comes with accessible drink holders and a side pocket to ensure you’ve got everything you need.


Swivel and Recliner

The Leather Recliner Chair Modern Rocker by ComHoma features a 152-degree recline and a 360-degree swivel. The heated massage chair allows you to recline, rock and swivel.


The recliner comes with two drink holders and a pocket to ensure you’ve got everything you need nearby.


High-quality Comfort

The recliner has been constructed to provide you with durability, strength, and comfort. The company’s stringent policy ensures that every recliner meets the highest standards.


The recliner is padded to provide you with the support and comfort you need as well as great lumbar support while providing full chaise seating as well. The recliner comes with a high-quality push-back mechanism to recline the chair.


Massage System

This recliner comes fitted with an eight-point massage system with four vibration modes to provide you with a relaxing and comfortable massage. The heat function warms the chair up to 98.5°F to ensure you’re warm and comfortable.



  • Assembly: Moderate
  • Remote control operation: Yes
  • Foot massage function: No
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Massage Zones: 4
  • Heat Function: Yes

Pros and Cons

Let’s take a peek at the pros and cons, shall we?

  • Made of high-quality PU leather
  • Padded comfortably to provide much-needed support
  • Heat and massage function ensures relaxation and comfort
  • Excellent lumbar support
  • Soft padding
  • The massaging function is a little loud

In summary, the ComHoma Leather Recliner Chair Modern Rocker is an excellent purchase because its packed with features and is easy to maintain–especially if you’ve got furry friends running around the house!



[aawp box=”B07882V1YZ” title=”9. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair – Best Massage Chair For Seniors”]


This power lift massage recliner from Mcombo is one of the best affordable massage chairs available to buy as it comes with heat as well as vibration function. The recliner comes with an eight-point massage system for a heavenly experience nine massage modes you can choose from.


The recliner is not only comfortable but is also user-friendly. The padded cushion backrest offers optimal comfort while the backrest and footrest are motorized for easy use.


Comfortable Seating

The electric lift recliner provides you with a warm, safe, and comfortable space to relax on in your living room. The recliner is an excellent choice for people with back pain because of the massage function.


The electric lift on the recliner allows you to stand without exerting additional stress on your joints, which is excellent.


The recliner is made of soft PU leather which is an air-breathing material and doesn’t start smelling funky after a while of use. The sponge padding on this is extra-thick to provide you with the utmost comfort while being easy to clean.


The chair reclines up to 140 degrees, which is excellent.


Relaxing Massage

With eight motors placed strategically, this recliner offers custom zone settings on eight areas and five levels of intensity to choose from. What’s more, is that it comes with nine massage modes that help ensure your body is fully relaxed.


The chair also soothes your body with heat, ensuring that you’re always warm and comfortable.


Easy to Use

The remote control that comes with this recliner is simple and easy to use for people of all ages–including the elderly. The chair also comes with dual side pockets that keep things such as magazines, books, tablets, etc. within your reach.


The massage chair comes with a USB charging port so that you can seamlessly scroll through your phone while enjoying your massage. The two cup holders help you keep your drinks securely.



  • Assembly: Easy to assemble; comes with all the tools and screws
  • Remote control operation: For massage function
  • Foot massage function: No
  • Adjustable: Manually
  • Massage Zones: 8
  • Heat Function: Yes

Pros and Cons

Let’s take a peek at the pros and cons, shall we?

  • USB port for your phone and tablet
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable
  • Durable upholstery
  • Vibration and heating functions
  • 9 massage modes
  • Issues with the remote

All in all, we feel that this recliner is an excellent purchase because it keeps your comfort and safety in mind while providing you with a nice massage that you’ll look forward to every day.



[aawp box=”B06XC6XB8D” title=”10.  Merax Massage Recliner – Best Affordable Massage Chair”]


At the end of a long, tiring day, all you need is something that can help relax your sore muscles and relieve your body of the day’s stress. The Merax Massage Recliner Chair does just that!


The high-quality massage chair features a solid wood frame and PU leather upholstery to ensure long-lasting function.


Style Meets Comfort

The stylish recliner adds class to any living room and compliments your decor. It is relatively easy to maintain as all you need to do to is to wipe it down with a clean cloth.


The high-density sponge on this recliner gives you a soft, cloud-like feeling when you’re sitting on it. The high-grade PU leather only adds to the appeal.


Sturdy and Durable

With a one-year warranty and sturdy solid wood frame, this massage chair is built to last. The cushions come filled with high-density foam which is extremely comfortable.


Easy to Use

This recliner comes with a remote control which makes it easy to use–especially for the elderly. It also has a storage bag to keep the things you need nearby. The chair comes with adjustable back and leg rest.



  • Assembly: Moderate
  • Remote control operation: Yes
  • Foot massage function: No
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Massage Zones: 6
  • Heat Function: Lumbar heating

Pros and Cons

Let’s take a peek at the pros and cons, shall we?

  • Solid wood frame
  • High-grade PU leather
  • One-year warranty
  • Adjustable back and leg rest
  • 8 vibration functions, 4 zone settings
  • Lumbar heat
  • No rocking function

We believe that the Merax Massage recliner chair is an excellent option as it is made from high-quality materials, is durable, and comes with heat as well as a massage function.



Final Verdict

In this blog post, we went through a few things you must know when you’re out to buy a comfortable recliner for your house. There are a lot of things to keep in your mind–your safety being the most important.


We feel that the Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair is an excellent purchase because it doesn’t only provide you with the comfort you need, it also comes Bluetooth-ready and even plays music! Not just that, the massage chair allows you to lounge while getting an intense back and foot massage, making things extremely comfortable.


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Let’s Take a Quick Look at the Types of Massage Chairs

Manufacturers understand that everyone has a unique way of relaxing. So they offer various types of massage seats to suit the different specifications on users.

The types vary based on the massage techniques, types of tracks, or the mechanism in which the rollers move along as they massage.

Massage Technique

i.      Kneading and Roller Massage Chairs

This type mimics the palms, fingers, and thumbs of a real-life masseuse. The seat uses built-in balls and rollers to put pressure on targeted parts of the body to reduce stress, stimulate blood circulation, and soothe aches and pain.

This process promotes the relief and relaxation of the muscles.

ii.    Air Massage Chairs

Air massagers work by inflating and deflating airbags to squeeze the body and offer therapeutic and relaxation benefits and do away with stress and fatigue.

This feature is applied in most of the best full body massage chairs to reach areas where rollers cannot get to like hands and outer shoulders. Not just that, air massage chairs are also used for advanced massage techniques like stretches, twists, and swings.

iii.   Vibration Massage Chairs

These seats produce high-frequency vibrations that stimulate nerves and muscles in the area, decrease stress and tension, and increase blood circulation. Vibration massage seats re less intense and are mostly used for recreation and relaxation purposes.

iv.   Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

This type works by elevating your feet to the same level or higher than your heart and minimizing the strain of gravity on the vertebrae. This elevation makes you feel virtually weightless and relieves the discomfort of back pains.

By eliminating vertical pressure and offsetting the weight of the user, the chair decompresses and relaxes the spine and muscles.

The best zero gravity massage chairs use the user’s weight to hold them on top of the rollers and offer a deeper massage. The blood flow in the legs and feet also increases.

v.    Tractioning OR Inversion  Massage Chairs

This type of massage seat is rare and normally found on costly massage chairs. You will hardly find this feature on even the best massage chairs under $2000.

Such massage chairs work by reclining past 180 degrees to an almost upside-down position. This gently pulls and stretches the spine to alleviate the pressure on the spine and back and relieve any pains.

Track type

i.      S-Track Massage Chairs

This type of massage seat is built around a steel frame bent to an S-shape to replicate the natural curvature of the human spine. The frame extends from the neck to the tailbone and will conform to your body structure and deliver a custom fit. It is the most common on the market today.

ii.    L-Track

The L-track massage chair offers additional coverage and extends the frame by 15 inches or more from the tailbone, where the S-track ends.

The frame covers the under of the seat of the chair and enables effective massaging of the back of the thighs, calves, and even feet. The seat delivers close to a full body massage and is ideal if you’re dealing with sciatic nerve pain.

iii.   Straight Track

Typically used in cheap, old, and outdated massage seats, this type features a linear frame from top to bottom.

The places offer limited contact and pressure between the chair and curved areas of your body, like the neck and lower back. This option is, therefore, less productive and ideal for recreational massage sessions.

Type of Roller Heads

i.      2D Rollers

This type of massage chair uses two-dimensional movements of the rollers to deliver a massage. The rollers are limited to horizontal and vertical movements.

ii.    3D Rollers

Apart from the vertical and horizontal roller movement, this type of massage seats also adds the dimension of depth. The rollers extend from their standard track and penetrate deeper into the muscles and tissue.

Such massage chairs usually have variable levels of intensity to match the demands of the user.

iii.   4D Rollers

While including all the dimensional movements, the 3D roller, 4D rollers have an extra dimension known as rhythm. The rollers automatically vary the speed or rhythm and imitate the dynamic speeds of a real-time massage therapist.

The rollers will speed up or slow down and offer a satisfying human-like massage feeling.

Types of Massaging Techniques the Massage Chairs Use

When you go to the market to buy the best massage chair, you are also bound to come across several massaging techniques used–each has its pros and cons. Take a look.

Shiatsu Massage

This is the most popular technique that was traditionally performed by rolling the masseuse’s palms, fingers, and thumbs over and applying pressure over specific stress points. The acupressure and stretching pair with pressing, patting, rolling, sweeping, and rotating movements promote the relief from pain, depression, anxiety, and relaxation of the muscles. The rollers or airbag on the massage seat hits different angles every time in complex dynamic movements that replicate the actions of human palms.

Kneading Massage

Here, the massage chair presses soft tissues, like muscles and the skin, against each other or the underlying bones. This pressing action relieves aches in the joints and muscles and stiff and tight muscles, neck, and shoulders.

The rollers will stretch and manipulate muscles in a circular motion covering a small area at a time. It also increases the flexibility of the muscles and improves blood circulation.

Rolling Massage

Works by lifting and rolling the skin between the human fingers or roller in massage seats. The action releases muscular tension, loosens the skin, and provides a relaxing effect.

Tapping Massage

A type of percussive massage that produces fast pounding and striking actions mimicking the fists of a professional therapist.

The tapping will stimulate the local blood flow and relaxing the muscles underneath, and increase the local temperature and elasticity of tissues.

Muscle Stretch and Spinal Relief Massage

Muscle stretch massage chairs work by using airbags to stretch and make the muscles more flexible, strengthening tendons and increasing mobility of joints, which relieves muscle stiffness and pain and leads to better coordination.

Other massage seats imitate the muscle stretch performed during yoga sessions.

On the other hand, spinal relief massage seats track the user’s spine and target the muscles next to the spine, effectively relieving any back pain and stretching the vertebrae to increase spinal relief.

Some models offer combinations of the mentioned techniques while others come with special techniques like heated massage, yoga, reflexology, muscle stretch, and spinal relief.


This technique is mostly used in Ottoman chairs or footrests of the massage chair and works reflexes on the user’s feet.


The Advantages of Investing in a Massage Chair

If you’re extremely physically active and lift lots of weight or have back issues, a massage chair may prove to be an efficient investment. Take a look at some of the advantages they have to offer!

a.   Cost Efficiency

If you cannot go for a day or two without massage therapy, then getting your massage chair can save you a ton.

A one-hour massage therapy session on the best commercial massage chair in a spa costs about $100.

Therefore, investing in the best massage chairs for the money will save you the cost of parting with your hard-earned cash every day you want to enjoy a spa-quality massage.

b.   Custom Massage

As mentioned earlier, People are different; what feels fantastic to another may not be your favorite.

Every massage enthusiast has their unique preferences when it comes to the technique, body part, mode, and intensity of the massage. Having your massage chair lets you enjoy a personalized massage on the right spot, the way you please.

c.   Convenience

People with limited mobility due to age or disability can buy their massage chairs and avoid the strain and trouble of having to move to the spa.

d.   Additional Furniture

You can decide to buy a recliner massage chair and add it to your living space. The seat will add more sitting space and luxury to your home. You can relax and watch TV while keeping your neck and back aligned all day long and getting pain, tension, and stress relief.


Massage and Myths: Frequently Asked Questions

This section of the blog is dedicated to answering some of the frequently asked questions about recliners.

Let’s get started!

1.   How important is the Heat function?

The heat spreads and penetrates tired muscles, reducing the level of lactic acid. This relaxes the tension and knots in the tissue, muscle, or joint and eliminates pain, aching, and sores.

The heat also stimulates sensors on the skin and blocks most pain signals to your brain. This effect will relieve pain from stiff or sore muscles and enhance blood circulation.

Heat therapy is also efficient in getting rid of ailments and complications such as Bursitis, thrombophlebitis, abdominal and menstrual Cramps, contracture, fibromyalgia, and muscle spasms, among others.

2.   How often should I massage?

Experts in the health and fitness niche recommend getting a massage 3-5 times every week.

You can get a massage before bedtime, working out or before doing intense physical activity to wake up your muscles and joints, and after any vigorous exercise to relax strained muscles and tissues, relieve pain and boost recovery.

However, most manufacturers discourage prolonging a massage session for more than 30 minutes.

3.   What is the importance of having a massage?

Here are some advantages of having a massage:

  • Restoring the body, enhance the fast natural body and muscle healing
  • Relieve muscle, joint and tissue pain, depression, stress, and anxiety
  • Strengthens and tones muscles and breaks the scar tissues
  • Increased flexibility and improved body posture
  • Stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system, enhances lung function and revitalizes nerves
  • Eliminates toxins from muscles and tissues
  • Improve blood circulation and boost lymphatic flow

4.   What is a deep-tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage relies on firm gliding strokes that introduce more pressure on the intended body part.

This relieves tension and stress from the fibrous tissues and muscle knots in the body. The effect is felt from the hard to reach muscles and tissues. It is used to relieve chronic pains, heighten the range of motion, increase flexibility, and more.

5.   Do massage chairs have side effects?

While you enjoy countless benefits with the best massage chairs on the market, the incorrect application does not just make it uncomfortable but can also actively compromise with your health.

It will leave you with bruises, fatigue, headaches, trigger more body pain, and encouraging poor sitting posture.

  • Affects the body structure: People suffering from diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, or cancer have fragile bones and may suffer from bone fracture during intense massages
  • Accumulation of toxins and enzymes released in the body during massage sessions cause inflammation. You need to drink lots of water after a massage session to help flush the toxins
  • Massages cause an increase in blood flow, which may have a negative toll on people with hematologic diseases like sickle cell and deep vein thrombosis, and slow down the blood clotting process