6 Best Off Road All Terrain Hoverboards [2021]

Getting a hoverboard is not an art – getting a good one is, and when it’s an off road hoverboard you require, things become just a little bit tricky. Because unlike a standard hoverboard, they need to have excellent tires that can afford to sustain the harshness of terrains like mud, grass, and stones.

Not only should they provide a high grip on the surfaces but must be non-slip and easy to maneuver. We will get your job a lot easier by discussing the best off road hoverboard models here.

People often ask that can one ride hoverboards on gravel? You can if it is an all-terrain model. He models we have selected are hereafter thorough research and video analytics.

Only after being properly satisfied particularly with the performance of their tires, have they been able to find spots in this list.


Off Road Hoverboard Brands To Buy In 2021

You have to keep in mind that all terrain models are a bit expensive than the normal hoverboards. So, if you are low on budget, it is better if you select from normal ones. Some of the most noticeable brands offering off road boards are as follows:

1. Gyroor

This is a relatively new company that is founded in 2012 but has quickly taken over the hoverboard industry. Chinese own the company and it has a small workforce of 150 people. They tend to take inspiration from racing cars and have produced exemplary all-terrain hoverboards.

2. Swagtron

Who doesn’t know of Swagtron?

It was amongst the very first companies to have received the UL battery safety testing certifications. From inexpensive, simple hoverboards for kids to highly stable and fast off-road models, they construct everything.

Specifically, their T-series was and is a big hit. They regard quality and reliability to be their most anticipated considerations while fabricating hovering machines.

3. Hypergogo

Founded in 2007, this company provides hoverboards, self-balancing scooters, and other sports accessories. Not only do they deal in all-terrain models but have many variants of 6.5-inch simpler hoverboards too.

4. Lamborghini

We have included one model of Lamborghini and God! Do we love it! They are relatively new to this hoverboard industry but the recognition they have received for TwoDots will certainly allure them to dive deep in this advantageous industry.


Off Road Hoverboard Buying Guide

With the growing popularity of hoverboards, it has become quite confusing to choose which model is the most suitable. There are just so many options you can sink in. So, we have discussed the features that you should consider while buying an all-terrain model. Simply look for these features in the description of the potential model and you are good to go.

Built of the model

Durability and strength are significant for an off road hoverboard because it has to sustain impact forces and impulses of the harsh terrains it will roll on. Make sure that you buy a model that is either made of ABS plastic or a strong polymer.


Any model you opt to purchase must adhere strictly with UL2271 and UL2272 standards which are the certifications pertaining to the electrical safety of the batteries. There was a worldwide product recall of hoverboards a few years back because the number of accidents related to short-circuiting, overvoltages and catching fire was reaching a high toll.

These safety standards were then introduced and only if a product would pass this test, would it be allowed to be introduced in the market. Although the majority of the models are certified with these standards but there are some which are or not or falsely claim to be entitled to them. If you choose any of the models on this list, then you need not worry. We have included all such boards which are certified.

In addition to these certifications, good hoverboards include other too which include over-voltage protection, anti-tilt protection, and low battery performance which sounds an alarm if the battery is low so that you know beforehand that the hoverboard is about to come at a halt.

Speed and max range

This depends according to the rider. Some like to ride on fast speeds while others prefer a normal, stable, cruising pace. Off road hoverboards will vary from 6-12 MPH although we recommend a max speed of 8-9 MPH which is neither too slow nor dangerously fast.

Range refers to the maximum distance a hoverboard can travel on a single charge. Generally, it takes 2-3 hours for a battery to charge so it only seems reasonable to expect at least 7-8 miles of range. Anything less than that is less and anything more is a bonus.

It should also be kept in mind that the weight of the rider greatly affects the speed and range of a hoverboard. If your weight above 200 pounds, the speed and range are bound to decrease.


That’s the principal feature to look in an off-road model. The tires are the feature of the overall machine that makes it go over tough terrains. It must have a high-grip tread that shouldn’t lose its touch on any surface. The tires must be puncture-proof and easily maneuverable.

When you are going on high speeds, the ease with which tires can respond to the motors should be very high otherwise it will result in jerks that will cause you to fall. They must be at least 8.5 inches although some companies have manufactured 10-inch tires.


As discussed above, ideally a battery takes about 2-3 hours of charging and that’s what you should be eyeing at. Range of 7-8 miles is acceptable. It is good if there are LED battery level indicators on board because it enables you to plan commutes accordingly.


Be wary of bogus warranties and non-existent after-sale services. The safest way to remain away from knock-offs is to purchase products from highly reputable brands scripted above. They have excellent customer service and will respond to your complaints respectfully.

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Best Off Road Hoverboards

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1. Gyroor Warrior

There’s a reason this particular model has received more than 65% of 5-star rating among more than 400 customer reviews. It’s the performance, beauty, and reliability. It can, in all terms, be called a “Warrior”.

8.5-inch rugged tires

Equipped with 8.5-inch rugged tires, it can go over all tough terrains like mud, grass, and gravel. The pneumatic tires provide the cushioning effect that is necessary when going over jumps and small obstructions. The treads on the tires are really thick and ensure a high grip.

Speed and range

Another feature that closely relates to the caption of “Warrior” is the power of this hoverboard. It is fitted with a staggering power of 700 Watt with each motor rated at 350 Watts. This gives a max speed of 9.5 MPH which is damn fast and a range of 7.5-9.5 miles which is outstanding as well.

Built of the hoverboard

As for the design, it is stylishly manufactured with ABS plastic and has cut for front LEDs which will provide nighttime illumination. There are read LEDs present as well. The footpads are very wide while the raised fenders and beautifully deigned wheel rims add to the overall beauty.

Integrated with Bluetooth speakers

To further uplift the riding experience, it is fitted with Bluetooth stereo speakers which will play your favorite music or songs. It turns on with a loud notification sound that could be a problem for some riders.

Other features

Self-balancing technology is of superior standards in terms of stability and reliability. Even with a person weighing 265 pounds, it can manage to take him over all terrains safely. The mobile-controlled app gives rider control over settings like speed, LED control and switching between child and adult mode.

The hoverboard comes in colors of black, blue and red, is IP54 water-resistant and can access slopes of 30 degrees.

  • 350 watt dual motors
  • Max speed of 9.5 MPH and range of 7.5-9.5 miles
  • Rugged 8.5-inch pneumatic tires that can access slopes of 30 degrees
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Weight capacity of 265 pounds
  • Made of durable ABS plastic
  • Front and rear LEDs
  • Bluetooth speakers turns on with a loud notification sound that some people won’t like


2. Lamborghini TwoDots

You might have heard about only cars form Lamborghini but that’s not it. Their off-road hoverboard is one piece to certainly talk about too.

Immersed in an outstanding slick design comprising of raised fenders and sharp-curved bodies, it is nothing less than a sports car of hoverboards.

Ingenious all-terrain wheels

It’s 8.5-inch all-terrain wheels doesn’t feature the standard thick, patterned tire treads but it works on the dynamics solely. Made of rubber, they are ingeniously engineered to absorb shocks and pass comfortably over terrains like mud, grass, and puddles of water. The rims feature a sunflower-like design which is an attraction in itself.

Speed and range

Owing to its dual 400-watt motors. It can achieve a max speed of 9.3 MPH and a range of 9 miles on part of its 4.3 Ah battery. Constructed with aluminum alloy, it holds a great balance between strength and lightweight. One may ask how strong it is; it can hold a max weight of 260 pounds. That’s how much!

Stylish LEDs

LED headlights to add up to the stylish aesthetics we have been raving form the start. Food pads are wide and provide a good cushioning effect. Regardless it is to mention the self-balancing technology because it scores full marks in that department.

Smart mobile app

One particular feature that needs recognition is the mobile app connectivity which enables the rider to control modes from the road, sports, and racing. How cool is that! He can also monitor the status of the battery, the speed and control the sensitivity of the steering.

Bluetooth 4.0 speakers

For further enjoyment, it comes integrated with high-quality, studio-like Bluetooth speakers the volume of which can be adjusted according to the rider’s personal desire. It passes all safety tests and has a multi-layer battery protective coating. It may be expensive for some but provided the features, it is a reasonable bargain.

  • Dual 400 watt motors
  • Max speed of 9.3 MPH and a range of 9 miles
  • Bluetooth 4.0 speakers
  • 8.5-inch all-terrain wheels
  • Very stylish design
  • Weight limit of 260pounds
  • Great app which controls modes, speed and steering sensitivity
  • Bit expensive for some


3. EPIKGO Sport Balance Board

EPIKGO appears as a strong competitor in this list. Not only does it features extremely rugged tires but promises durability, fast charging, and speed of the highest levels.

Stylish and rugged wheels

Starting with the wheels, they are 8.5 inches large and contain pressure-crafted alloy wheels that ensure high strength. The tire treads feature the same design as that of the Lamborghini TwoDots so riders can be sure of the high grip while traveling over tough terrains. Equally mesmerizing is the design of the rims; thin angled lines merging to a central helical gear which gives a pleasing look.

Strong motors

With regards to dual 400 Watt motors, it can achieve speeds up to 10 MPH. Yes, you heard it right! It can go over slopes of 18 degrees and is IP56 water-resistant which is another top-quality to have.

Safe battery

Talking about the battery, it is UL 2271 and UL 2272 certified which means it has LG Smart battery and cannot be associated with any fire hazards respectively. The battery gets charged only in 2 hours and gives a range of 10 miles. There is even a 3-point LED battery indicator onboard which indicates the juice left in the battery.

More stable than other models

Further to this, it is 30% larger than normal hoverboards which means more stability and larger footpads for easier maneuverability. LED headlight gives the nighttime illumination required for post-sunset commutes. The only negative point we managed to find was the absence of Bluetooth speakers. Other than that, it is a top model.

The hoverboard comes with a one-year warranty and has the backing of a company name like EPIKGO which is a US-based franchise in Silicon Valley.

  • 8.5-inch stylish tires with alloy wheels
  • Dual 400W motors
  • Max speed of 10 MPH
  • Can access slopes of 18 degrees
  • Battery charges in only 2 hours
  • 30% so is more stable
  • Heavyweight
  • No Bluetooth speakers


4. TOMOLOO V2 Off-Road Hoverboard

We are yet again making things difficult for you by presenting this model. From high speed and range to rugged tires and Bluetooth speakers, it has got it all. TOMOLOO is usually recognized as a brand selling inexpensive and simple models but this off-road model has proven to discard off that image from the minds of people effectively.

As a general order of this article, we start from the wheels. It features 8.5-inch rubber wheels with shock-absorbing pedals and anti-slip treads. The treads also ensure a high grip on any surface it travels on which renders it suitable for any type of terrain you can think of. A larger contact area with the road surface means more traction and less probability of high impact forces.

From here, we move to the motors. It is furnished with dual 350 Watt motors that promise a max speed of 9.3 MPH and slope climbing ability of 20 degrees. It’s easy to learn and balance and even riders up to the weight of 265 pounds can ride this board safely.

The battery is UL 2272 certified and has been tested up to 1000 charges. For those who are concerned with the durability, need not to as it is fabricated with fire-proof and shock absorbent material with water-proofing capability. You can travel about 9 miles on a single charge.

In addition to it. the user can control the settings of the hoverboard through a mobile app that contains real-time speed, battery level indicator, LED lights control (as you can change colors too) and safe limit check. You can also play music on the integrated Bluetooth music.

So, what’s there to not like? It has received a better rating on Amazon. There is one minor issue and that is you can’t turn off the LEDs.

  • 8.5-inch high-grip and anti-slip tires
  • Dual 350 watt motors
  • Max speed of 9.3 MPH
  • Range of 9 miles
  • App-control
  • LEDs can change color
  • Weight limit of 265 pounds
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • LEDs cannot be turned off


5. Swagtron Swagboard T6 Outlaw

Swgatron T6 has continued the legacy of its previous models and ruled the hoverboard world with widespread popularity.

10-inch all-terrain inflatable tires

10-inch all-terrain tires are the biggest highlight of this superb model. These inflatable tires are puncture-proof and cause the rider to travel over mud, sand, and grass with the utmost ease. The shock-absorbing properties of the tires also make it one of the smoothest models to talk about.

The fastest hoverboard

Owing to its dual 350-watt motors, this can achieve a startling max speed of 12 MPH which makes it one of the fastest boards there. The performance is so great that even with that speed, it still manages to give a range of 12 miles on a single charge.

SentryShield protection on the battery

This range is particularly because of the battery which can be charged in the standard time of 2-3 hours and protected with SentryShield protection which is a trademarked technology of Swagboard.


Now, let’s talk about the built. This particular variant features a camouflage color, contains wide anti-slip footpads and a raised fender which is customary of off road hoverboards. Rims have a nice, chic feel to it while it can hold weights of up to 420 pounds.

Staggering weight capacity

Yes, you heard it right! 420 pounds and this is perhaps the second most unique part of this particular model. This is not even close to what its competitors are offering. LED headlights are bright enough to illuminate an area of 6.5 feet in both directions which is great for night riders.

Improved Bluetooth speakers

As for the Bluetooth speakers, it appears with much cleaner and louder sound than the previous models like T1, and T5. Accessibility through a mobile app has also been provided by the manufacturers through which the user can control speed, view the battery level and switch modes between the learner (child) or standard.

Some customers have complained that the range decreased when they took it on off-road terrains but that is bound to happen.

Doesn’t it?

  • Max speed of 12 MPH and a range of 12 miles
  • Wight limit of 420 pounds which is far higher than any other model
  • 10-inch wide all-terrain wheels
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • SentryShield protective coating on the battery
  • Access slopes of 30 degrees
  • Expensive
  • Range tend to decrease when exposed to off-terrain conditions for a long time


6. Hyper Gogo Hoverboard

With an SUV-inspired tire design and a nice stylish exterior, this model is another great option for those looking for an all-terrain hoverboard.

SUB 8.5-inch wheels

Starting with the wheels, it features 8.5-inch SUV rubber tires with a rugged tread that can go over unlevelled terrains if you wish to go on picnics on these cutting-edge rides or to a grocery store which has a stoned pavement in the way. It can access lopes of 18 degrees and support a maximum weight of about 220 pounds. Good news for all the obese riders!

Strong motors

Each motor provides an extreme power of 400 watts which a max speed of 9 MPH and a range of 9 miles. This is on an equal level to the Gyroor model discussed before and many other off-road models. Although we have included it here to present you with superior models, it might make your choice difficult. However, that’s what will yield the best out of the best.

Safety of the next level

It has managed to pull off an attractive design with a curved trajectory and dazzling LED headlights. This ensures that you can plan rides and commutes after the sun sets too. All safety standards like UL 2272 and UL2271, CPSC, RoHS, and FCC has been passed by the model with flying colors and is considered to be one of the safest hoverboards present in the market.

Bluetooth speakers for an upbeat riding experience

Much to the excitement of the customers, it is IP54 rated which renders resistance against dirt, minor splashes, and wet grass. You would get top-notch Bluetooth speakers with this hoverboard as well, making your commutes as enjoyable as you can imagine.

It doesn’t end here. Through a user-friendly app, you can check speed, battery levels and routes to travel. All in all, it’s a brilliant all-terrain model with only a few complaints.

  • Dual 400 watt motors
  • Max speed of 9 MPH and a range of 9 miles
  • 8.5-inch SUV off-road tires
  • Weight capacity of 220 pounds
  • Very safe
  • IP54 rated
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Mobile app
  • Nothing we could find



1. Which is the fastest hoverboard?

As of this list, the fastest hoverboard is the Swagtron T6 Outlaw with a max speed of 12 MPH.

2. Do hoverboards go on gravel?

All off-road hoverboards claim to travel on the gravel but we can only vouch for the ones mentioned in this list. All of these competitive models can go over gravel, mud, and grass with ease and utmost convenience.

3. Which is the best off-road hoverboard?

This is quite an open-ended question and the answer to which varies from person to person. Some want a speedy model while others want that can hold their weight of 200 pounds, some want a stylish variant while others want the one with a high range and low battery time.

The final decision of the best hoverboards will entirely depend on you.

4. Is it easy to use?

Yes, a hoverboard can now be learned within 5 minutes because their self-balancing technology is so responsive and understanding. Furthermore, you can watch YouTube videos to get an insight into the most effective learning tips.


Tips To Maintain Your All Terrain Hoverboard


1. Don’t let the battery drain completely

One of the biggest reasons why you see those negative reviews that the hoverboard stopped working after 5-6 months is because the users are not cautious about charging their battery. Never let the battery run out of charge completely.

This is the reason why onboard battery level indicators are becoming increasingly popular. Always plan your trips according to the juice left in the battery.

2. Let it cool down

We know that these machines tend to allure you so much that you can’t stay away from them for long but you have to accept the reality that battery becomes hot after extended use and must be given proper time to rest.

If you continue using the hoverboard for extended periods of time. Soon the battery timing will be ruined and so will be your investment.

3. Clean the wheels often

Motors are connected inside the wheels so check for any dust and twigs regularly in this part of the hoverboard. Make it a habit to clean the wheels with the help of a brush each night, no matter they look dirty to you or not.

4. Don’t rely too much on the product details

We mentioned it before and we are doing it here again. Always underestimate the product details. If it is written that the product can access slopes of 30 degrees, don’t take it over 20 degrees.

The products have been tested in controlled conditions with brand new controls but as you use it for months, the spare parts get weakened and it is unreasonable to accept the same performance form them then.



It’s a very competitive list with each model potentially capable of surpassing the other. To be truthful, anyone would become confused after looking so many great models in a single list. The first thing to be kept in mind is that you have to spend at least $300 to $400 on an all-terrain hoverboard, whereas EIKGO is even more expensive.

While some models do not contain Bluetooth speakers, it is not just that big of a reason to completely deny that particular hoverboard. So how should you choose? You need to realize that each of the mentioned models is safe, and very stable but have a different range, weight capacities, design and max speeds.

That’s what will help you to come to a conclusion. Make a list of your required speed, range, weight capacity, and price and then look at which of the enlisted hoverboard sit fit to them. The one that does, choose from its available colors and order online.

Hoverboards are not just fun but very convenient especially when today roads are jammed with traffic and you have to reach places fast. It can be used for short and fun commutes like going to a playground for your daily practice, reaching to the gym present 5 minutes away from your home quickly and fetching something your mother ordered from the nearby grocery store.

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