Best Road Bikes Under $400, $500, $600, $750 In 2021

Finding a bike with top-notch features is not a difficult task if you’ve more money in your pocket but the challenging part is to get the best road bike within your budget, let say under $750, $600, $500 or 400 dollars.

Road bikes get their name from the terrain they are destined to be ridden over; the road. Unlike other types, it’s not changed massively over the years. Their design and features remain the same pretty much with a necessary integration of technology over the decades.

Road bikes are meant to take you to places at high speeds and are not meant for going over rough terrains so are not generally fitted with high suspension forks. Therefore, comes up with a streamlined design that wards off the effects of air resistance so that you can cover distances in less time.

Characteristics Of Best Budget Road Bike

We researched a lot and brought forwards the best road bikes with the price under $750 for the readers but before we go on to discuss the models; here are some of the characteristics that a good road bike must contain.

1. The tires of good road bikes are usually thin ranging from 18-25mm. They have fewer spokes than mountain bikes because they need not be very vigorous.

2. The frame should be lighter and compact because it needs to be aerodynamically feasible. Usually, materials of constructions are aluminum, carbon, and steel. Recent models feature a sloping top tube with a short seat post.

3. Drop handlebars are characteristic of road bikes. Not only do they shape you in a streamlined posture during the ride but they offer various holding positions according to your size too. You can grip the handlebars from top, hoods, and drops.

4. The seats are usually longer than gravel or mountain bikes and thinner in width. They don’t need a lot of padding because it is the design and position of the saddle that accounts for a comfortable ride rather than excessive padding. Your pelvic bone must be properly positioned on the saddle for you to be comfortable during the cruise.

5. There are different options in brakes, pivot brakes are common but disk brakes are trending excessively nowadays because of their enhanced performance.

Let’s get on with the models now which are reviewed in this article and all come under the banner of cheap best road bikes under 400, 500, 600 up to 750 dollars.


Top 8 Best Road Bikes For The Money

Road Bikes Under $400


Road Bikes Under $500


Road Bikes Under $600


Road Bikes Under $750


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Best Road Bikes Under $400

We have selected the best models of road bikes available on Amazon and narrate the unbiased review so it may help you while making a decision during purchase.

1. Pure Fix Fixie Bike (The Best Road Bike Under $400)

Pure Fix delivers this fixie bike in a large range of chic colors and at a price that is just above Vilano Rampage. Whether it is urban commuting or coasting downhill from your relative’s house, this bike will provide you with the comfort and the smoothness one desires in the ride. With the freewheeling capability only a simple process away, you can race down an inclined track and be thrilled.

The tig welded tensile steel frame enhances the durability of this simple construction bike with tubes having a cross-sectional area a little larger than what we had in Vilano Rampage. Top tube which is parallel to the ground with a 30mm riser handlebar offers a nice, comfy posture setting along with bottle holder mounts for the added utility.

The wheelset is certainly one to talk about. 32 spoke wheels are resistant to rust and corrosion and feature Kendra 700x28c tires which are 40mm deep unlike other standard fixie and road bikes that range from 30-32mm depth. This increased thickness contributes to more strength and traction.

There is only a front caliper brake with the uplifted level of braking power primarily because it is the sole feature that will stop a bike. Brake pad connectors are fixed in a much efficient way than normal caliper connectors are.

Other features include a Z-410 chain with 44:16 gear ratio which is perfect for urban riding, a snug saddle that keeps the posterior free of aches and good rubber grips to avoid hand fatigue upon lengthy commutes. There were some complaints regarding the tires getting punctured and it has to be written that this bike is not made for off road terrains and will give problems if you take it so; we assume that to be the answer of those complaints. As a whole, this is a simple, single gear bike that is reliable for city commuting and coasting.

  • Strong steel frame
  • 32-spoke wheels with Kendra 40mm deep tires
  • Supreme brake
  • Comfortable geometry
  • Available in many colors
  • No rear brake
  • Some complaints regarding punctured tires after some time of use


2. EUROBIKE XC550 (Editor Choice: Best Low Budget Road Bike Under 400)

Wholesomeness seems to be infused with great effect in this model because it is not just an efficiently running road bike but carries alluring aesthetics along with being aerodynamically feasible.

This 26 inch road bike truly deserves to be a lot more than it is available at but thanks to the user-friendly motive of EUROBIKE, they have made this amazing model available under $400.

One couldn’t imagine the use of steel in the frame, such as the curvature of the frame but it is lightweight steel that has been molded superbly to produce tapered tubes that reduce air resistance. In fact, it is 8% more drag efficient than the previous models. A great paint job enhances the elegance of the frame with a striking combination of red, black and white.

The drivetrain is covered up by Shimano components including a TZ30 font and TZ50 rear derailleur. They are highly responsive to the shifters and smooth in operation but the model received some complaints regarding the malfunctioning of the hub and transmission gears. Mainly it was due to the unprofessional fitting of the bike; to achieve maximum benefit we recommend its installation to be performed by a professional mechanic so that every component is fixed tightly with proper alignment.

Disk brakes are rare for under $300 road bikes and this model integrates that rarity. Fitted with disk brakes, it offers more braking power and a quieter, much effectual stopping capability for the rider. The saddle and handlebar are ergonomic although we found the seat to be a little more inclined than the usual which may be uncomfortable for new riders. Double-walled wheels with 700x28c tires make up a stable wheelset that can access any terrain.

XC550 is a cruising road bike at one instance and a swift speed bike the other, such is its versatility. Its heavyweight might be a bit of mood killer but with the rest of the features at hand, that is acceptable.

We highly recommended purchasing this bike but be conscious to get is assembled from an experienced mechanic.

  • Strong steel frame with a geometry that is aerodynamically feasible
  • Dual disk brakes
  • 21 seed Shimano drivetrain
  • Kickstand included
  • 700x28c double walled wheels
  • Very attractive
  • Heavier than others
  • The saddle is a bit inclined towards the ground which may be uncomfortable for new riders


3. Giordano Libero Acciao (Best Low Budget Road Bike Under 400)

Not as well known of a company as Schwinn but has come forward with this low-budget road bike that is available in two colors and have managed a good share of 5 star rating on Amazon.

The frame is high-grade steel which is the English translation of the Italian word “Acciao” and a steel-made fork.  It is durable in nature but slightly heavier than aluminum frames but still a weight of 36 pounds is very acceptable. The frame is painted over with a striking red color with white tapes that have the company’s name written over them in between.

With a drivetrain and shifters coming from Shimano Tourney, it gives a supreme performance in the department of speed transition. It permits a total of 14 speeds and can aid you in cruising over smooth highways or tarmac roads. Shimano front and rear derailleurs never disappoint the rider in terms of smoothness and ease and the integration in this road bike is no different.

Similar to the first model, it contains dual pivot brakes that don’t offer anything unique. The tires are 700c and are furnished with 32 spokes in each so there is an ample amount of support, unlike the Shimano model. If we talk about the weakest feature of the bike, it is its saddle. Not largely comfortable and not particularly smooth in construction. If you are a sensitive rider, this could create problems for you.

The handlebars are genuine and comfortably padded with foam for eradicating the risk of hand fatigue as road bikes are meant to be ridden for a long period of time. There are bolts for mounting water bottle holder and it comes to your doorway 70% assembled.

  • Steel frame is durable and not very heavy
  • Attractive look
  • Dual pivot brakes
  • Tires have 32 spokes in each of them which provide ample support to them
  • Genuine handlebars
  • Heavier than aluminum frames
  • Uncomfortable saddle which can be problematic for sensitive riders


4. Windsor Wellington 2.0 (Best Affordable Road Bike Under $400 2020)

Referring to the sufficient features that need to be on a road bike, this model is equipped with all of them. Available to the customers at under $400, it gives a good running performance with smooth speed variations. Although it features nothing unique but the subtle simplicity and usability are its desirable traits.

The frame is constructed from 6061 aluminum, is double butted and lightweight. The Shimano A050 shifters give 21 speed options and have aluminum dual pivot brakes to bring it to a halt in traffic or when encountered by a sudden obstruction. The transition of speeds is not very smooth and one of the customers claimed that the gear ratios were not very accurate but there was only one complaint.

The fork absorbs vibrations effectually and each tire contains 36 spokes for good support. It weighs only 26 pounds and is a decent entry-level road bike.

  • Simple construction
  • Lightweight
  • 21 speed bike
  • Aluminum pivot brakes
  • Complaints regarding gear transitions


Best Road Bikes Under $500

5. Vilano Shadow (Best Selling Road Bike Under $500)

This model marks the second appearance of Vilano bikes on this list. Likewise the first model, it gives good value for the spent money.

The bike may not be one of the quickest but is certainly a solid option for commuting or exercising needs. The frame is constructed from 6061 aluminum and features a slightly shorter top tube that keeps the rider in an upright position rather than a racing-like, slouched posture. Otherwise, it is a traditional frame with color options of white and black. The weight is only 32 pounds so it can easily be moved around in house or parking areas.

Responsiveness and smooth speed transition is ensured due to the presence of Shimano components in the drivetrain. With a 7×2 cassette, it permits a total of 14 speeds which is sufficient for a low-budget road bike. The derailleurs and the crankset is constructed with precision and characterized with a smooth finish. STI shifters give the rider full control over the brakes while changing the speed. It features dual pivot brakes that are traditional to bikes in such price range. Some customers argued that the brake pads were not rigid the right amount and they are true in their remark. It can easily be changed within $15-20.

Kenda tires with reflectors on each and double walled construction make them a durable wheelset. They are machined on CNC so their finish is substantial and it contains a total of 32 spokes in each tire which is less than the Vilano R2 but an amount not to be concerned of. The tread of the tires grips well to the surface and is designed to minimize the probability of loose gravel being stuck in between the gaps.

The saddle and plastic pedals are the components that have been compromised. Pedals are cheap plastic in nature while the saddle is not the most comfortable. The handlebars are exactly the same as the Vilano R2 with cables tucked tightly with the frame and allows no loose connections.

  • 6061 aluminum frame
  • An entry bike which keeps the rider in an upright posture
  • Shimano drivetrain
  • STI shifters
  • Double walled and CNC machined 700c wheelset
  • Soft brake pads
  • Saddle and plastic pedals could be improved


6. Giordano Libero 1.6 (One Of The Best Women Road Bike Under 500)

Engraved with true Italian craftsmanship and adorned with a striking combination of red and glossy black, this bike comes from Giordano which has served the cycling community for the past 30 years with an aim of safety equipment that is fused together with tradition and technological advancement.

Libero 1.6 is ideal for starters owing to its unproblematic embarking quality and non-vigorous geometry. 6061 aluminum is used in the manufacture if its frame with fine welds joints and precise surface finishing. You don’t get any idea of a cheap-priced bike by looking at this bike. It contains a threadless stem that overpowers the traditional quill stem in terms of rigidity. Threadless stems are better adjusted and remain in have a higher tendency to remain in position on bumps and impacts.

The drivetrain is popularized with Shimano components with a crank that is of Prowheel only. The front and rear derailleurs work effectually with the speed cassette and crank to permit 16 speeds. There have been some minor complaints about jerks when transiting from one gear to another after a yearlong use but we regard this issue to be a result of untimely maintenance and minimal care. STI shifters make speed shifting and braking a breeze. It is fitted with dual pivot brakes that are responsive and require just a little tightening when delivered fresh although they offer limited functionality in wet weathers.

If we talk about the wheelset, it is appreciable too. Kenda 700x25c tires are reinforced with 32 spokes which provide the sufficient support a tire needs to access unleveled and rough terrains like loose gravel or pebbled roads. You don’t have to worry about the tire being bent on slight impacts.

Libero 1.6 features Velo saddle which is lined with cushioned padding that allows the rider to cycle for a long period of time without complaining about body pains. The height can be adjusted according to the desired position and the size of the rider. You can also attach up to two bottles with the frame and have the advantage of better foot grip due to metal spiked pedals instead of the general plastic ones.

At such a price tag, you cannot expect much more than what this bike offers. We highly recommend this women road bike model because it is backed with a high rating by a huge customer pool and is raved upon by entry-level bikers themselves.

  • Non-vigorous geometry with threadless stem for better adjustability
  • STI shifters
  • Shimano drivetrain
  • Kenda tires are reinforced with 32 spokes that provide sufficient support
  • Velo saddle lined with cushioned padding
  • Brakes face difficulty in wet weathers


7. Vilano Forza 4.0 (Best Beginner Bike Under $500)

Vilano has shaped up this bike with tapered tubes, strong fork and aluminum shifters that are bigger than standard shifters which contribute to their uniqueness. Not only does it accommodates for a good beginner bike but shines effectively in the range of higher-level road bikes meant for commuting, training, and cruising.

With a 6061 aluminum frame that is characterized with tapered tubes to reduce the effects of air resistance, is lightweight and strong at the same time along with being visually appealing. The fork terminates to a quick release wheel mechanism that permits easy removal and installment of the front wheel.

Long STI shifters are made out of aluminum and are different because of their elongated nature which makes it better accessible for a rider of every size. A usual issue associated with STI shifters is the difficulty to reach them but not with this bike. The drivetrain is fabricated with Shimano components with 8-cogged rear and 3-cogged front derailleur allowing the rider with the freedom to travel with 24 speeds.

The wheelset is made of double-walled and CNC machined wheels and 700x25c tires. Its build is of supreme precision and high durability. Front and rear caliper brakes deal with the braking department of the bike and do ever so greatly. Forza’s saddle is the only thing of concern; it is long and narrow like other road bikes but not very comfy as it only contains thin padding that loses its effect after 2-3 months of usage.

  • Long accessible aluminum shifters
  • 6061 lightweight aluminum frame
  • Great caliper brakes
  • Strong wheel set
  • Efficient 24-speed Shimano drivetrain
  • Uncomfortable saddle


Best Road Bikes Under $600

8. Schwinn Phocus 1600 (The Best Road Bike Under 600 2020)

1600 model is an elegantly crafted piece with attractive aesthetics and feature-laden body. The 6061 aluminum frame along with a carbon fork calls for an expensive rate but it’s not the case here. While the aluminum reduces the weight of the bike, carbon fiber fork isolates vibrations and give a smooth ride.

The bike is 16-speed with Shimano shifters integrated with brakes so you are in complete control all the time. The freedom to keep the hand intact with the brakes while shifting gears is very soothing. And of course, one cannot challenge the quality of Shimano products so that the field is covered.

As for the wheels, it features 700 c tires with grouped spoke sets which means there is a gap after a group of 4 spoke set. This practice has allowed this bike to eradicate air resistance and go on high speeds of 20 MPH. They, however, weaken the wheels and you should be careful of big bumps with this bike. This slight weakness is covered with double walled wheels.

The saddle is thin and contains a lever that can be used to easily adjust it with drop handlebars that give nothing away. They are soft to touch, cause no hand fatigue and can also be adjusted. Dual-pivot brakes cover the brakes field and there are decent in performance. It is an appreciable bike for beginners and is being rated highly on Amazon by the customers.

  • Aluminum frame with carbon fiber fork to absorb vibrations
  • Shimano shifters integrated with brakes
  • Grouped scheme of spokes for good aerodynamics
  • Double walled wheels
  • The grouped spokes weaken the tires


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Best Road Bikes Under $750

9. Pure Cycles 16-Speed (The Best Road Bike Under $750)

Furnished with think frame design and bolts for attachment of add-ons like bottle holders, this road bike is a heavyweight option for people who like it that way.

The frame is traditionally designed with 4130 Chromoly steel but is differentiated slightly due to thin pipes being used in its construction. The joints are firmly welded and the reason of thin pipes is the consideration to not let weight reach a very high toll. It comes in 4 different color options.

The drivetrain is all Shimano with derailleurs, cassettes and STI shifters coming straight from the world’s best company in this regard. The crankset and shifters are able to provide a total of 16 different speeds with unobstructed transitions and long-lasting performance. The gear ratios can be set according to the condition you are driving in. Conveniently, it is available in three sizes and riders of all sizes can benefit from this bike and take it to length road commutes.

The saddle is very comfortable and adjustable in height so you can alter it to attain variable postures according to the need at hand. For example, if you are looking for high speed, you need to raise the saddle so that it provides you with a slouched posture.

Dual pivot brakes along with gel-padded handlebars give stability in terms of braking and maneuverability. The Hutchinson Nitro II tires are supported with aluminum rims but have a tread that is not very good in traction. It struggles in wet conditions and slips slightly when brakes are applied. Other than that, it is a classic low-budget road bike which can take you to all places with reliability and effectiveness.

  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Shimano drivetrain
  • Very comfortable saddle
  • Gel-padded handlebars
  • Hutchinson Nitro II tires with aluminum rims
  • Heavy
  • Bike skids slightly in wet conditions when brakes are applied


Editor’s Verdict On Best Budget Road Bikes

The nature of the bike you require would decide the model that should be purchased.

If you are okay with a small but slightly heavy bike, we recommend Eurobike Road Bike EURXC550 because it is the only bike in the list which is integrated with disk brakes. Other than that, it is highly satisfactory in terms of performance and looks.

Talking about the fixed gear bikes, Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike managed to soar with the high number of 4+ star reviews on Amazon.

If you need a lightweight bike, you may choose between Schwinn Phocus 1600 or Giordano Women’s Libero 1.6 Road Bike.

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