Best Skateboards Under $50 of 2021

Skateboarding is one of the most popular sports in America and with so many new people getting into it each day, it’s no wonder that there are so many skateboards on the market. There are different types of boards that cater to all sorts of riders but finding the best skateboard under $50 can be tricky. That’s why I created this blog post about what I think are some of the best skateboards you can get for under $50.

Why Skateboarding?

First of all, it is a fun activity in which people can lose calories. Many studies have confirmed that this activity sheds weight and builds stamina and does all that in a joy-packed manner.

Secondly, it is the cheapest mean of riding. Best hoverboards or bikes cost you a lot but skateboards give you that thrill without breaking the bank.

Thirdly, it can be a perfect learning pastime that involves training for your kids. Learning to embark a skateboard and keeping it in a steady position while cruising engages the learning aspect of your little ones just like riding a bike does. Instead of playing video games on play station and getting struck with eyesight problems, you must engross your children in healthy activities one of them is skateboarding.

Best Cheap Skateboards Under $50

This class of rides comes at all rates but one wouldn’t want to spend a lot especially if he is a beginner. We will talk about the best skateboards under $50 here. As we have discussed the standard required features of good skateboards already in the article of best electric skateboards under 300, so we will jump straight to the models.

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1. KPC Pro (Best Complete Skateboards under 50)

KPC specializes in the manufacture of excellent skateboards that are effective for both beginners and skilled riders. It is available in 12 different back designs including checkered, multi-toned, and character-themed.

The 32 by 7.75-inch deck is made out of Canadian Maple wood which grants excess durability to it and it can even sustain weights of 200 lbs despite itself weighing only about 5 pounds. It is wide enough to accommodate riders of all sizes and heights. It features a deeper concave design than other skateboards that makes it the most preferable for starters. This concavity ensures greater stability and fewer chances of accidents.

The wheels are 55 mm in diameter, fashioned out of hard plastic that doesn’t get deteriorated even if the ride is encountered with gravel. They are tightly bonded to the Havoc trucks and you have to loosen them up to permit spinning. It incorporates ABEC 7 graded bearings that are fluent and less noisy in operation. The customers have confirmed that the board flies about 20 m in the air and land safely on the ground without any damage or loosening of components. They are pre-lubricated as well.

The anti-slip covering on the deck makes sure that the rider has a strong grip while riding and the black grip tape provides the necessary edge support. This model is extensively reviewed on Amazon and the most valid demerit we managed to find was the faulty brushings in some deliveries. They were not properly aligned which made the board steer to one side even when going straight.

  • Wide deck that can accommodate riders of all heights and sizes
  • ABEC 7 graded bearings
  • Tightly connected trucks that don’t get loose
  • Anti-slip covering on the deck gives good grip
  • Faulty brushings in some deliveries


2. Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Skateboard Review (Cal Complete All-rounder Skateboard)

It receives a comprehensive percentage of 5-star rating on Amazon and provides you with countless options ranging from 7.5 inch Mammoth designed board to an 8-inch Dynasty-themed skateboard. It is, however, 22 inches in length so it will not accommodate riders of all heights.

The deck is constructed from 7-ply maple wood which is both strong and flexible. It is lined with 80AB grip tape which accounts for a very good grip, prevents slippage, and allows the riders to perform stunts whilst remaining intact with the board. While its traction favors skillful riders to perform acrobatics, is it also particularly helpful for starters who even face difficulty in balancing the board.

The tucks range from 5-5.25 inch and are cast out of aluminum with a rise padding in between. They are very tough, lightweight and not prone to deterioration. The riser pads disallow wheel bite and give vibration isolation to the rider while riding on unleveled terrains. It is also incorporated with HR95A brushings which are a sublime balance between stiffness and flexibility. It is great at ramps, skate parks and streets.

The wheels are polyurethane and rated at 99A or 100A. These depict high tear strengths and are a little softer than normal wheels so they can be rolled over pebbles and cracks comfortably. You can loosen the nuts of wheels according to your desire to allow different levels of smoothness and buoyancy.

It is a comprehensive skateboard with a wide range of design options on the back. Kids love to have vibrant designs on their rides and this model will come as a ‘dream come true’ for them.

  • Wide range of design options available
  • Deck is made of 7-ply maple wood
  • Aluminum trucks with riser pads to avoid wheel bite and isolate vibrations
  • 99A and 100A polyurethane wheels
  • HR95A brushings
  • Only 22 inches in length


3. Krown Rookie (Cheapest Complete Skateboard)

Another versatile option with elegant designs that your kid can boast in front of his friends!

It measures 31x 7.5 inches and can accommodate riders weighing 250 pounds with ease. The deck is constructed from Canadian maple and gives a comfortable and stable ride while you cruise along paved roads or perform stunts in front of people.

The trucks are aluminum and 5 inches in size which are sturdily attached with the frame while the 52mm Graphic wheels are a little smaller than usual but they provide a smooth riding experience with little noise and more speed. In fact, the speed is faster than other competing models which makes it an unlikely option for beginners or slow riders.

The board is bidirectional and because it contains risers on both sides and has a low center of gravity for enhanced stability. The coarse black tape provides the necessary grip while the designing on the backside is not merely a sticker glued to the frame but an adhering composite is used to keep it intact. It comes in 6 different sleek designs and has a simple yet efficient construction.

  • 31 inches long deck
  • Fast speed so is ideal for experienced riders
  • Available in six elegant designs
  • Adhering composite is used to keep the design intact with the frame
  • Very fast for beginners or slow riders


4. Rimable Skateboard Review (Best Cheap Skateboard Under $30)

Rimable Skateboard is a 22 inch board that is very convenient for the beginners because it provides them with the initial support in the balance due to its low-lying design pertaining to high stability and wide design of wheels that sprout out of the deck.

The deck is fabricated out of plastic with a boxed tread that grips well with the feet of the rider while 59mm wide urethane wheels give smoothness and steadiness to the ride. As it is fitted with ABEC-7 rated bearings, thus there is no risk of creaking, misalignment or loosening of nuts.

The kicktail permits the rider to do stunts and make sharp turns and the deck is able to support people of weights up to 200 lbs. This model is available in 17 different color options that are vibrant and chic. Some are characterized by designs like skulls and Galaxy while others have a single solid color fill.

  • Convenient for beginners because of high stability
  • 58 mm wide wheels
  • Aluminum truck is fitted with ABEC-7 rated bearings
  • Available in 17 vibrant options
  • Only 22 inch in length


5. Imitor 31 Inch Skateboard (Best Affordable Skateboard Under $50)

Imitor presents this model with an aura of perfection and high utility. Canadian maple wood is used in the construction of 31-inch deck with anti-slip padding that provides a gripped and weather-proof riding experience to the user.

The 53 mm polyurethane wheels are rated at 95A but the unique feature is the integration of magnesium material in the construction of aluminum trucks. This gives the 5-inch trucks more strength and helps to decrease their weight. Magnesium parts are usually used in Formula 1 cars to reduce the weight of the ride for achieving more speed. Bearings used in this board are made of chrome steel which is very durable and keeps the truck well in the position.

Its double concave design makes it dual-direction whereby the rider doesn’t have to worry about embarking from the correct side. The lack of riser pads and the small size of the wheels make vibrations isolation very difficult and you can feel the bumps and cracks of the track. Other than that, it is a fairly good board which received the highest amount of 5 star rating on Amazon amongst all the enlisted models.

  • Long 31-inch deck
  • Magnesium aluminum truck
  • Double concave design makes it directional
  • Received the highest amount of 5 star rating on Amazon amongst the enlisted models
  • Lack of vibrations isolation


Editor’s Choice For Best & Cheap Skateboard Under $50

You can choose any skateboard amongst these models because it is a highly specific list with all models in the affordable price range and adorned with acceptable performance parameters. The drawbacks, though minimal, are discussed along with every model and the final decision would rely on the magnitude of concern they impart on you. Some wouldn’t bother about smaller length so can go for 22-inch boards while others would worry about the fast speed and have to keep their hands away from Krown Rookie board. If you have read the whole article, you would be pretty straight forward as to which model to choose by now.

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