Best Home Treadmill Under $500 For Walking & Running 2022

If you’re in a hurry and want to know the best treadmill under $500 for walking and running at home then have a look at our top pick “Sunny T-4400 “.

Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean losing weight but is an efficient method to stay in shape, gain weight, and stay healthier and stronger.

Different people opt to exercise for different means. Some love going to the gym, but others prefer exercising at home mainly because they are too busy to dedicate a specific portion of time to the gym.

A treadmill is an effective machine that can help to compensate for cardiovascular activity at home. It can be used to shed weight, build up stamina, and make muscles stronger. You can stay healthy and catch minimum diseases if you continue to run on the treadmill regularly at your home.

While the premium treadmills come in a range of $2000 but there are some budget options for those who can’t afford a hefty amount. Therefore, in this article, we discussed only those best treadmills that come under $500.

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Best Treadmills For Home Under $500

There is an old saying that “you get what you pay for” so expectations must not be very high. They will not be at par with the expensive or commercial models in terms of reliability, functionality, and performance but are certainly decent alternatives for them.

Depending on the ratings, comments by the customers, and studying the reviews, we have gathered the top 09 treadmills under $500 for you. Moreover, as most homes and apartments don’t have much space, therefore, we have mentioned models of the space saving folding treadmills too.

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1. Sunny T-4400 – Overall The Best Treadmill Under $500

Sunny SF-T4400

It has got everything that a treadmill of this price range can be expected of. Getting more than 85% 4+ rating among 7000+ reviews gives you the validation of this claim.

The machine allows a weight limit of 220 lbs and comes in two colors: grey and pink but the grey one continues to be the popular choice.

Its 49 inches long and 15.75-inch wide running platform is spacious enough to accommodate a person of height up to 5ft 10 inches. Many cheap treadmills choose to shorten these dimensions even more but this model is different. The manufacturers constructed it to deliver an affordable yet reliable exercise solution to the people.

It works on a 2.20 HP motor which helps to yield a speed range of 0.5-9 miles per hour. Brisk walking can reach up to 2 MPH so this enhanced range is enough to compensate even very fast runners. The six-point shock absorption system reduces the impact of reaching the joints at high speeds and allows for a comfortable running experience.

The LCD monitor contains control buttons that are easy to press and a UI that is simple and uncomplicated. It shows all the workout info including the time, speed and calories burnt.

It features a tablet holder that can be conveniently used to hold your tablet if you want to visualize something while your workout. This feature provides for a soothing running time because many people can’t exercise without listening to music or watching a video.

There are nine integrated programs in the treadmill each with its own specifications and benefits.

The handlebars are rubber gripped and bent downwards and inwards which causes a bit of space to be consumed and creates difficulty for wide-armed runners because they occasionally find themselves hitting the handlebars and getting bruised. For easy accessibility, the handles contain controls like stop, start, and speed.

To challenge yourself, there is an option of 3 points manual incline which is as easy as pulling out and pushing in a bolt. You can achieve levels of 2% and 4.73% incline. Lubrication needs to be applied before its first use.

For easy transportation, there is a hydraulic folding mechanism integrated into the treadmill by which the running platform gets folded and can be transported in a car or mini truck and can easily be unfolded back safely. The soft drop system allows the platform to be hydraulically retracted to the horizontal position.

Sunny treadmill SF-T4400

Many complaints concerned the swiveling belt or other belt-related issues however the company instructed the users beforehand to adjust both sides equally before use to bring the belt in an optimal position to solve such issues.

Key Specification

  • 2.20 peak HP drive system
  • Peak speed is 9mph
  • Weight Capacity 220 lbs
  • 6 point shock absorption mechanism
  • Easy folding mechanism and soft drop system
  • Handrail controls allow you to control the speed
  • 9 Built-in workout programs
  • Spacious running platform
  • Powerful motors to yield a speed of 9 MPH
  • Accessible control buttons on the handlebars
  • Impressive folding mechanism
  • No auto incline
  • The handles cause problems for wide armed runners
  • Some complaints with the belt

How to assemble Sunny SF-T4400 treadmill?


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2. Weslo Cadence G5.9 – Best Budget Home Treadmill Under $500

Weslo Cadence G 5.9

Weslo specializes in manufacturing all species of treadmills ranging from affordable to luxuriously top-notch ones.

The company has earned a reputation for being a trusted provider of treadmills to all sects of people. This model is an imposing amalgamation of utility and affordability. Equipped with many of the required features and not being heavy on your pocket is what makes it one of the best-selling cheap treadmills on e-commerce platforms.

It contains a running surface of 16×50 inches which is wider than the T-4400 model so that means more freedom for the runners. It can be classified as a sublime platform for jogging and moderate for brisk running.

The comfort cell cushioning system aids to lower the impact reaching the legs and joints of the user which in turn reduces stress on the muscles and accounts for a snug session of an effective workout. It can sustain the user weight up to 275lb.

The blue LCD screen displays all the exercise descriptions including the speed, distance traveled, calories burned and the time taken. It is not backlit so is difficult to see in bright ambient light.

It features six programmed workouts which include three weight loss and three intensified exercise programs. This cancels out the guesswork from the equation by automatically adjusting the speeds and inclines to enhance the effectiveness of the programs.

It can be very useful for a timed transition in case you want to transform for your wedding or a part in the play or movie.

There are two cup holders on each side where you can place your juice or water bottles.

The motor is claimed to be 2.5 HP but is in fact 2.25 HP but can achieve a speed of about 10 MPH which is pretty much what we get in $1000 treadmills. Like the T-4400 model, it contains two manual incline modes to intensify the exercise and a folding design for the attribute of transportability.

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 dimensions

The mechanism is different though: When the treadmill is standing on the legs, it’s the zero incline and as the legs are pushed underneath the base, incline levels increase from 0 to 10%.

The space-saving design doesn’t include a vertical hydraulic arm like the previous model but has simple hinges so you have to hold the running platform all the way down to the floor when placing it in the working position.

The additional feature of a heartbeat counter could have been of great use, had it been completely accurate.

Key Specifications

  • Foldable Space saver design.
  • Six personal trainer workouts.
  • Two-position incline.
  • Comfortable cushioning.
  • Greater speed and incline range than the T-4400 model
  • Cup holders on each side
  • 275 lbs weight capacity
  • Impressive cell cushioning system
  • No issues of unbalanced belt
  • Difficult to see the display in bright light
  • Not very accurate heart beat counter
  • A subpar folding mechanism when compared to the ease in T-4400 model


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3. MERAX L510 – Best Home Treadmill For Jogging Under $500

Merax L510c treadmill dimension

This model is equipped with a long list of admirable features that can accompany your exercise session to enhance the experience you dream of. Available in black and silver color themes, this comes at a price higher than the previous two models.

The achievable speed range of this machine is 0.8-7.5mph due to the presence of vacuum motors that are quiet in operation so you don’t have to be frustrated with the constant whizzing noise of the traditional motors.

The length of the running surface is only 43 inches which means you have to be careful and not carried away out of the frame at high speeds. This is potentially the only drawback of this model. The track is wide enough, though to accommodate people of all physiques.

When it comes to the actual performance, it is sublime. It contains 12 workout programs that have different speed, incline, and distance settings to intensify the session and increase your tendency to achieve high levels of fitness and stamina. The 5 inches LED screen is backlit and shows all the tracking information on it.

The frame contains cup holders at each side and a tablet holder in the center; integration of the previous two models to generate a high-utility storage space.

There is even an AUX port that supports all Audio formats to keep you motivated while you exercise by listening to the arousing songs. What more can you demand from a treadmill at such a price!

It’s not finished yet!Merax L510c folding design

The handlebar contains the pulse counter which is accurate and the treadmill can be easily folded to be stored at a small place or be carried away in a portable posture.

The wheels on the bottom ensure smooth transportation from one place to another. The company claims 240lbs to be the max weight limit although we recommend the use of about 200 lbs by examining the reviews.

The utterly disturbing thing was the lack of incline feature in this treadmill. That hits its potential selling base surely.

It can be slightly lifted by adjusting the rubber feet but that is not enough. This downside, however, has been tried to be fulfilled by the use of 12 activity programs that include some intensified sessions but the levels of effort which can be achieved with running on an incline cannot be compared with speed and distance.

It is easy to assemble and can be done easily by two people in under 30 minutes.

Key Specifications

  • 0.8-7.5mph Speed levels & P1-P12 Programs
  • 5” LED Display & 16” Wide Tread Belt
  • Foldable & Safety & Weight capacity
  • MP3 and Audio Auxiliary Port & EKG Grip Pulse Sensor
  • Quiet Powerful Vacuum Motor & Transportation Wheels
  • Silent motors
  • 12 exercise programs
  • Cup holder, tablet holder and an AUX port
  • Accurate pulse counter
  • The design is foldable and transportable due to the presence of wheels
  • The running surface is shorter in length
  • There is no incline feature


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4. ProForm Performance 300i – Sturdy Treadmill Under $500

ProForm Performance 300i - Sturdy Treadmill

This master model from the ProForm makes fitness ever so simple. With everything from speed, incline, and music in your control, you can manage your everyday exercise sessions in the most convenient way.

It appears with a spacious running surface of 50×16 inches which is sturdily built and can handle weights up to 220 lbs although it really manages to support around 300 lbs.

The motors are 2.0 CHP Mach Z which may sound less powerful but are so not. It can deliver enough power to support such a heavyweight and incline that can go up to 10%.

Yes! And cheery on the cake, the inline function is fully automatic. Now you can lift or decline the levels without any break in the exercise. The front legs feature a spring mechanism that can adjust speedily to the incline command given by the user.

It gets even more exciting. The LCD display is 16 inches large and depicts all your activities accurately. It contains 16 pre-installed routines with different effects and results. With such a variety, you can bring all your fitness dreams into reality.

The speed range is 0.5-10MPH so it is suitable for walkers and runners alike. Someday, you might be tired and would want to walk for about 20 minutes and the other day, you would be motivated enough to run briskly at the highest incline; it supports all of that.

It comes with iFit Coach like other ProForm treadmills and after you subscribe to it, you can get access to a wide range of programs for different needs. It updates after every small-time period and gives you the best exercise routines for your body.

You can connect your smartphones with the in-built AUX port and listen to driving songs on the 2 in-built speakers.

Furthermore, it is integrated with the ProShox cushioning system which is an up-to-date impact reduction mechanism to ensure that your knees, legs, and joints feel no impact of running. The handlebars are widely spaced and incorporate the EKG grip pulse sensor to provide you with the info of your heartbeat.

When you are done, you can easily fold it up and go to rest, to follow the same healthy routine the very next day.

Key Specifications

  • 16 x 50 inches tread belt.
  • Maximum weight Capacity 300 pounds
  • 0-10 MPH QuickSpeed Control
  • Grip Pulse EKG Heart Rate Monitor.
  • Powerful motors
  • Built-in speakers to listen to music
  • 16 inch large LCD display
  • Automatic incline feature is very easy and useable without interruptions
  • Compatible with iFit
  • 16 pre-installed programs
  • Misleading claim of handling 300 lbs

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If you’re interested in high end premium treadmills then check the below articles.


5. Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T – Best Space Saver Treadmill Under $500

Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T Treadmill

Assembled with the crosswalk arms for upper-body resistance, this model owns a unique spot in this list due to this feature which simply sets itself apart.

When you are using the treadmill in a traditional walking mode, the arms just swing by your sides effortlessly; these crosswalk levers allow you toad resistance to the arms by holding them and moving them in to and fro motion which increases the intensity of the workout.

With this feature, you can shed fat faster and build up lean muscles in the arms and the upper body area. It also makes you feel occupied while you are walking which gives a sense of achievement and it truly is. You would notice it after some days.

The running surface is the high standard level of 16×50 inches and the 2.25 CHP impulse motors can hold a maximum weight limit of 250lbs. They are powerful but do make noise when in operation.Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T folding position

It features the space saver design which folds the running surface over the front panel and the wheels allow it to be carried from one place to another.

The LCD display is backlit but not very large and is sided by two cup holders, one on each side which are more of bottle holders because the cups are very likely to slip from the prescribed space.

It can operate at speeds from 1-10 MPH and the two levels of mechanical incline function allow you to intensify the workout. It contains a minute quantity of four pre-loaded exercise routines which is the lowest among all the enlisted models.

The recognized comfort cell cushioning which is symbolic of the company makes sure that the joints and muscles of the leg and the rest of the body are saved from the impact of running. The handlebar contains the thumb pulse counter sensor which detects and gives your pulse reading.

Key Specifications

  • 2.25 HP Impulse O Motor, 16″ x 50″ Tread Belt
  • 2 Position Adjustable Manual Incline
  • 10 MPH Digital Speed Control
  • 250 Lbs Weight Capacity
  • Crosswalk arms for upper body resistance
  • Spacious running surface integrated with comfort cell cushioning
  • Spacesaver folding design for portability
  • Only 4 pre-installed exercise programs
  • Cup holders can’t hold cup efficiently
  • Noisy motors


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6. Goplus 2.25 HP – Best 2 in 1 Treadmill Under $500

This is one of the best options for a treadmill under $500 if you’re going to use it under your desk in your home office environment.

go plus 2 in 1 treadmill under 500 dollars

The allowable speed range in walking mode (handrails folded) is 0.6-2.5mph whereas, in running mode (fully erected unfolded handrails position) it can go up to 7.5mph which is lower than other competitors in the list. So if you are a sprinter or a very fast runner, it won’t give you much of a challenge despite the 2.25HP motor installed.

The handlebars are curved downwards and incorporate the heart rate sensor along with the speed controls so you can change the course of the activity without lifting your hands from the handles. It provides 12 programs with different settings of speed and time so versatility is there.

It comes with a narrow dimensioned, runway space of 39 x 14 inches. If you are ready to cope with this, it could be the treadmill for you. It can easily accommodate persons of heights ranging from 5’ to 5’10’’. If you are longer than that, the rest of the description might be futile for you.

Constructed from steel, the frame is strong enough for a weight limit of 200 lbs with the machine weighing only 59 lbs.

It comes in two colors of pink and black and contains a click front panel that holds the LED Display that shows all the performance parameters, a tablet shelf to hold your phones on which you can sight your favorite videos while running and shedding weight, and cup holders which are deep enough to house your drink without any chance of spillage.

It can be folded, mechanically inclined in two levels, and be wheeled anywhere. The lightweight feature also adds up to the ease of transportation.

The package comes with a three-year warranty and the assembling of the treadmill is easy and explained perfectly by the manual that comes with the package. If you can cope with the issues stated, you must look into this model for sure.

Key Specifications

  • Heavy-duty Construction
  • Space Save Design & IPAD/Mobile Phone Holder
  • Safety Guaranteed Design
  • Multi-function LED Display & Handrails
  • Very lightweight so can be moved very easily
  • Impressive cup holding capability and programs provided you are satisfied with the low speed range
  • Steel frame which is strong
  • Narrow running surface and sitable for people of heights 5 ft-5’10’’
  • Low speed range of 0.5-7.5 mph

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7. Merit Fitness 725T Plus

Merit Fitness HTM0779-01 725T Plus Treadmill

It is another machine that features everything that can be demanded from a $500 treadmill. It gives the vibes of a traditional treadmill with neither too shabby nor modern design.

The running surface is 48×18 inches which is wide enough for bulgy persons as well. It is quoted to hold a weight of 250 lbs so you have to be careful as to who is using the machine because it might be okay with a heavier person while walking but as he starts to speed up, the frame would start feeling the pressure and may be damaged. Some customers even complained that the frame wobbled when a 200 lb person stood on it and strolled.

The 2.25 CHP motors can help achieve speeds from the range 0-10 MPH and it contains seven programmable exercises including weight loss, cardio, and hill climb.

The two windows LED display can explicitly display all your parameters as calories burned, distance traveled and the speed achieved. There is a contact thumb sensor on the handlebar that measures the pulse rate and tells you whether you are achieving the required fitness level or not.

While many of the enlisted models contain a mechanical incline option, this machine offers a motorized incline that can be controlled from the LED panel’s buttons. It can be tilted up to 10% which is a fairly high rank.

It also contains a water bottle handler on one side so you don’t get dehydrated or low on energy during the workout and a stand for the tablet for music listening or video watching.

The Aerosoft cushioning system manages to bring together an effectual impact reduction mechanism whereby you are able to achieve extended exercise sessions without feeling exhausted, painful, or stressed on the joints.

It can be effectively folded after the activity and so can conveniently be placed in your room or even a drawing-room.

Key Specifications

  • 2.25-horsepower drive motor
  • Intuitive console controls with adjustable speed
  • 2-window LED display tracks your time, speed, distance, calories
  • Spacious 18-by-50-inch workout area with Aerosoft cushioning system
  • Folding frame for easy storage
  • Motorized incline up to 10%
  • Wide 2 window LED screen for displaying all info
  • Seven intelligently set workouts
  • Frame wobbles after a 200 lb weight
  • The belts need to be lubricated repeatedly

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8. EFITMENT T012 – Only Treadmill with Auto incline Under $500

This is a stylishly constructed treadmill with a combination of classy black and grey color segmented with portions of white on the base. You can attain high levels of fitness on this treadmill while enjoying your favorite music on the inbuilt Bluetooth speakers.

The powerful 2.25 CHP motors are quiet in operation and work effectively to allow speeds of 0.5-9 MPH along with sustaining a max weight of 220 lbs.

The running surface might seem to wobble while you run at high speeds but the impressive shock absorption technology not only prevents it from breaking, it also minimizes the shock reaching your body. Even taking long strides for extended periods of time will not make you out of breath because there is no stress on the joints.

The running platform is 47 x 15.6 inches which is reasonable but the handlebars are sprouted straight and seem to have occasionally hit the user while they run especially. Had they been oriented a bit outwards, this bruising scheme would have been eliminated. It offers a motorized 15-level incline option whereby you can lift the platform up to 5.6 degrees.

An inclined workout increases the pressure on the muscles, intensifies the workout, and earns you the credit of higher stamina and faster weight loss if that is the case.

The tablet holder is pretty wide and you can connect it with the Bluetooth speakers of the machine. The sound is very audible and the quality is comprehensive. Pump up your morale now with this great feature.

The backlit LCD display shows all the normal information that others do and contains nine pre-installed routines that you can perform.

It even contains 3 ‘Quick Speed’ buttons apart from the speed buttons that take you from the walk to jog to run. This improved option other than the standard speed control gives you a higher level of versatility.

The handlebars contain the pulse rate sensor which depicts their reading on the screen.

Equally good is the portability of the product. It comes with a Space saver design and you can easily fold the running platform and carry it away through wheels on the base. It not only makes movement hassle-free but efficient and safe as well.

Efitment slimline folding dimensions

Key Specifications

  • Compact 47L x 15.6W running surface
  • Incline 15 levels of Auto Incline at your fingertips
  • Speed – 0.5 to 9 MPH 0.5 to 9 MPH
  • Pulse Rate Monitring
  • With a Backlit LCD Display, 9 User programs
  • Built in Bluetooth speakers
  • 15 levels of motorized incline
  • Wide tablet holder
  • Comprehensive shock absorption technology
  • ‘Quick Speed’ buttons for increased versatility
  • The handlebars hit the user occasionally and bruises him


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9. MARCY JX-650W

A general all-rounder but lacks the option of incline which may come across as a deal-breaker, this treadmill is perfect for casual runners.

The motor is rated at 2.0 CHP which gives a speed range of 0.5-8 MPH and can hold up to 245 lbs. The motor is not very quiet in operation but you tend to get used to the humming noise over time. The running surface is spacious: a 14.2×16.5 inch which is suitable for people of all heights and body structures.

The LCD screen is 5 inches and is a little unfocused but very detectable. It shows all the exercise parameters. It comes with 3 modes and 10 programmed routines including casual walking sessions and brisk running sessions too.

You can adjust the settings by using the user-friendly buttons on the front panel. There are two holding compartments on the sides of the screen to store small gadgets that you may require access to while exercising.

The shock absorption mechanism is made possible by the incorporation of springs which lowers the amount of impact resulting from running to reach your legs and joints.

It features a z folding mechanism that resembles the T-4400 model with a vertical arm but it is not hydraulic in nature and contains a screw lock that has to be tightened to hold the running platform in place.

Marcy folding treadmill dimensions

For greater ease of transportation, there are roller wheels that can carry the 108-pound machine from one place to another easily.

This treadmill can be a very good option if you just started running or want a daily fitness workout but if you are a fast runner with a competition on hand and want to shape yourself for it, we advise you to sneak into other options.

Key Specifications

  • High-Performing Motor
  • Led Screen To Track Progress
  • Customizable Workout
  • Compact And Foldable Construction
  • Wide Running Area
  • 10 programs and 3 modes to choose from
  • Lightweight and can hold a weight of 245 lbs
  • Good shock absorption scheme
  • Foldable design
  • No incline feature
  • The LCD display is a bit distorted

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Wrapping Up

Treadmills at this price range do have to cut on some features like wide and long-running platforms, high-power motors, long warranties, and powerfully built but we have bought forward some of the closet-to-these-features models for you.

If you ask for our best pick, it would be Sunny T-4400 with ProForm Performance 300i and EFITMENT T012 following it closely. The purpose of the purchase is another critical factor to consider as if you want the treadmill for casual use, you can impart full faith even in Merit Fitness 725T. Another consideration could be the height of the user.

If you are shorter than 6 feet, the Goplus model could be a good pick for you but if you part of the ‘Eiffel tower’ community, there have to be other choices to look for. Some of the enlisted models lacked audio support and if you are not the type of person who listens to songs while exercising, you can opt for much cheaper options like Goplus.

The offered speed ranges also differ and the models than the challenge you must be purchased. For some, a 5 MPH running scheme is arduous while it is a piece of cake for the others so it is you who need to call for the final decision.