Best Window Air Conditioners For RV To Buy In 2022

There are three options for cooling up your RV or Camper van: window, rooftop, and portable air conditioners. While each of them carries its own benefits, before going on with the explanation of the best window air conditioner for RV, we would discuss the merits window ACs have.

Advantages of RV Window AC over Rooftop or Portable Air Conditioners:

1. Low cost

It is probably the biggest advantage of this type of air conditioner because money/investment is a big purchase factor. These units can provide just the same amount of cooling effect as the other two types but at much cheaper prices. Of course, it won’t be movable like the portable ones or drag-reducer like the rooftop air conditioners. Various noticeable brands like Frigidaire and LG have come up with window air conditioners that are well within the reach of middle-class customers.

2. Very energy efficient

Not only they are initially inexpensive, but cheaper in the long run too because of the energy-saving design of the powerhouse. A high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) suggests it is more cost-effective. For increased credibility of this article, we have included the models that are Energy Star certified.

3. Saves space

Unlike portable air conditioners that require space inside your RV for placement and movement. Window ac units have about half of their body outside the window and thus required space is comparatively less than the others. Although the outer portion contributes towards the induced air resistance while an RV is moving but nothing should be taken away from the advantage it provides within the ride.


Top 7 Windows Air Conditioner For RV In 2021

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Let’s now discuss each of the products mentioned above in the listings of best budget campers window air conditioners.


Best Windows AC For RV/Campers

1. Frigidaire FFRA051R1E (Best Small RV Window Air Conditioner)

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Frigidaire FFRA051R1E is one of the most selling window air conditioners on Amazon due to its minimalistic design and compact size along with a reasonable price. This cheap AC for RV runs on 115V and 4 Amps, a given electrical set-up for any RV.

Rated at 5000 Btu, it is ideal for smaller spaces ranging to about 150 sq. feet; although it can cool areas larger than that but not with equal effect. The great thing about this small window AC is that it measures only 15x16x12 inches and comes with a window mounting kit for hassle-free installation. Alongside, it weighs only 28 pounds so it can be immediately dismounted and fitted to a new caravan or camper trailer easily.

Now we come to the technical details of the cooling capacity. It cools the area with the help of 2 fans and 2 cool speeds. These can be altered according to the desired temperature. To spread out an even temperature throughout the room, it has two sets of grills; the upper fins which are spaced along the length of the unit while the main fins run along with the height of the unit. Both of them contain grills that move vertically and horizontally respectively. It can also be used for directed cooling. To control the settings, there are rotary manual controls.

Superior functioning is made possible through the integration of a powerful 1310 ROM motor and a durable compressor. With an energy efficiency ratio of 11.1, customers shouldn’t worry a lot about the pressure exerted on their power system. If some fault occurs and the power goes down, it is equipped with an automatic restart function which will turn it on immediately after the light is back.

What’s more?

It is a decent dehumidifier with the capability to remove 1.1 pints per hour which not only increases the comfort level of the space but kills harmful bacteria and keeps away odors. Its filters are washable and thus need not be replaced. Moreover, it works on a noise level of 56 Decibels which is even less than many of the rooftop and portable air conditioners. As a whole, it is an ideal choice for travelers looking for a decent cooling unit well within their financial reach.

  • Effective cooling for small spaces
  • Automatic restart function in case the power breaks down
  • Lightweight and small
  • Two fins for even or directed cooling
  • EER of 11.1
  • Decent dehumidifier
  • Noiseless operation
  • Not effective for larger spaces
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2. Home labs HME020003N (Top Rated Small Window AC For RV)

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Largely versatile due to the presence of seven different fan speeds, this model follows a perfect balance between utility and price. Therefore Homelabs HME020003N is one of the most liked models of Window AC on Amazon.

A rating of 5000 Btu is enough to cool spaces up to 150 sq. feet; the same as the Frigidaire model but is a little bit larger than it: it measures 16x15x12 inches and requires a minimum window width of 23 inches to be installed. As advised earlier, it is necessary that you know the dimensions of your RV’s window before purchasing window ACs as to whether they have enough clearance or not for the particular model.

With two sets of fins, you can easily control the movement and the fan speed depending on the time you desire before the room starts feeling cool. The 7 speeds can be altered using the mechanical rotor on the right side of the unit. The second rotor lets you choose between 2 cooling levels and 2 prescribed fan speed levels. We went through the reviews and many of them were convinced that it can cool up space within 15 minutes of operation on the low setting.

With an EER of 11.1 and reusable filters, this unit finds itself among potential top sellers. With this EER, you would have a low yearly energy cost and with the removable filter, space gets cleaned as it can effectively remove odors and bacteria. To clean the filter, remove it with ease and wash it with soap or detergent before drying it in weak sunlight.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come equipped with dehumidifying capability and some customers also reported leakage from the backside of the unit after months of use. But this was mere because they installed the AC without giving it a backward tilt so that the excess water if gets collected quickly can be drained due to gravity. Besides that, it is a noiseless product with more control settings and a reasonable price tag.

  • 7 different fan speeds
  • Cools an area of 150 sq. feet within 15 minutes
  • EER of 11.1
  • Reusable and antibacterial filter
  • Cheaper than LG Energy Star
  • Larger than Frigidaire
  • No dehumidifying feature
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3. Keystone KSTAW05B (Cheapest Small Window Air Conditioner For RV)

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Keystone’s 5000 Btu model is sufficient enough to cool rooms or spaces of 150 sq. feet through its two-direction cooling and resembles closely Homelabs’s model because of its similar configuration of cooling grills and side panels.

We start with the modes it provides. Conveniently furnished to provide you a comfortable sleep throughout the night, its sleep mode will gradually change the temperature by sensing the indoor temperature. For keeping the running costs low, it has an energy saver mode which develops a good balance between the coolness power and the drawn current. The motor and compressor are also designed to restrict power losses too. Like modern laptops where your settings are saved if it turns off accidentally, it also includes an auto-restart function that will power up the AC in the exact same settings in which it was shut down. Also, the timer option gives you the freedom to program the cooling schedule of your air conditioner.

The front panel contains the digital display of the temperature, control settings and can be adjusted by a remote which is ergonomic in construction and usage. It is integrated with temperature sensing quality that allows you to control the temperature of the space from a distance. Whether you want a chilly ambiance while watching a movie on a TV or want to reduce the cooling effect while playing darts with your kids, just press the prescribed buttons and it will be done.

For removing excess moisture, you can switch to the dehumidification mode that can effectively remove 1.3 pints per hour, so that you have a non-irritating indoor atmosphere while it is humid outside. A combination of 3 cooling and fan options gives you even more control over the desired temperature for your RV. Alike the previous model, it is fitted with a filter alert that prompts you to clean the filter after certain hours of operation.

Now for the customer complaints, the most eligible was the noise of the compressor. It is not one of the quietest models you can wish for and you must be ready to accept it. Others complained about the malfunctioning of the remote as to the incapability to respond from a certain angle or distance; that is a given with sensing technologies and given the price of the unit, it would be harsh to expect outstanding results on this part.

  • Sufficient for 150 sq. feet
  • Equipped with many modes including energy saver, sleep and timer
  • Removes 1.3 pints per hour of moisture
  • 3 cooling and fan speeds
  • Temperature sensing remote
  • Auto restart function and filter alert
  • Noisy
  • Large measuring 15x18x18 inches
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4. LG Energy Star (Large Window Air Conditioner For Big RV)

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If you are looking for an air conditioner that can cool a larger area or big size RV, this 8000 Btu unit is capable of chilling areas up to 300 sq. feet effectively.

LG Energy Star provides a flow rate of 220 CFM at an EER of 12.1 which is larger than the first model. Therefore, given it costs much than the first model, it is more efficient at the same time; a trade-off with different customers opting for either. The higher cost is also due to more power and cooling-area capability.

As for the design of this unit, it also includes two fins with the lower one larger than Frigidaire integrated with 3 fan and cooling speeds. Likewise, it can either be used for directed cooling for a single area or for even cooling throughout the space. The modes include energy saver and sleep: energy saver turns off the fan with the compressor and turns on following a repeated order which ultimately saves energy while the sleep mode which is quite common in portable AC units steadily increases the temperature throughout the night to account for a snug sleep.

Dehumidifying capability is higher than the Frigidaire model as it can remove 2.2 pints per hour. If your probable tourist destinations are humid, you might want to choose a unit that is equipped with superior dehumidifying quality as this is one of them.

Among the complaints registered by the customers, the noise was the most noticeable. Because it is a larger model with more flow rate, it is destined to get noisier and buyers have to live with this fact. The size is 19x19x12 inches, therefore, you might need a trailer that has a larger window or it won’t fit. For the good part, it has a year-long warranty which covers all parts.

  • Higher CFM rating and can cool larger spaces
  • More fan speeds
  • Higher EER
  • Sleep and energy saver mode
  • Can remove 2.2 pints per hour
  • Larger in size
  • Noisier
  • Costly
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5. Friedrich Chill CP06G10B (Best Window Air Conditioner For Large RV)

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This is another good option for those who have large RV windows and can afford to invest an extended amount of bucks on the purchase of an air conditioner.

It is rated at 6000 Btu and can cool an area of 250 sq. feet. If you have a small RV with little amenities, it is better if you overlook this model and look for others in the list but if you have a lavished RV equipped with deluxe facilities, this might be your grab.

Friedrich Chill differs from the previous models in terms of design; it contains two sections of fins but both run along the length of the unit. This resembles more to the window air conditioners we have in our home where the whole family sleeps in one room and one fin is dedicated to the side of the children and the other for the kids. The Auto Sweep swing allows the cool air to be spread throughout the room evenly through four-way airflow and provides for a comfortable sleeping ambiance in the middle of a hot outdoor environment.

To enhance the utility, it contains 3 fan speeds and 3 cooling speeds that can be adjusted electronically through the remote. The temperature is depicted on the LED panel on the left side of the unit’s front.

Not only this: with a flow rate of 200 CFM and a 24-hour timer, you can preset the ON and OFF times. For example, if you want to precool your RV for a visitor or are out for a swim but want tome to come back to a chilly indoor bedroom, this feature will assist you greatly.  It contains three fan-only speeds which means the fan will get ON without the compressor and emit air without cooling it. This not only saves energy but also accommodates for scenarios where you don’t require an AC but a fan instead.

With the dry mode, you can also remove moisture from the space to feel normal on a humid day. Friedrich CP06 has an EER of 11.2 which amounts to about $44/year running cost depending upon eight hours of three-month use. The company provides an installation kit with the product and that too along with a one-year warranty that covers all pieces including the motor and compressor.

  • 6000 Btu which can cool areas of 250 sq. feet
  • Auto sweep swing and four-way airflow for even cooling
  • Digital control
  • 24-hour timer
  • Dry mode to remove excess moisture
  • EER of 11.2
  • Expensive
  • Larger in size so installation and movement is a bit hard
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6. HAIER ESAQ406P Serenity Series 6050 (Best Quietest Window RV AC)

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Quietness along with cooling efficiency is the most desirable feature in an air conditioner for many people and we found this model to be unrivaled in that regard.

Intertek conducted tests on the HIER Serenity Series and deduced that they are quieter by 9 decibels from its competitors. It is a state-of-the-art cross-flow fan and U-shaped evaporator that works in conjunction to provide cool air inside the window and emit noise outside. This works more than just fine to help you doze off in no time and not be disturbed by the rumbling of the compressor.

Rated at 6000 Btu, it generates an airflow of 200 CFM which helps cooling up a space of 200 sq. feet within 15 minutes. This is facilitated by the two sets of fins that move in vertical and horizontal directions to spread out cool air through space evenly. Between the line of fins, lies the panel which contains the LED display for the temperature and control buttons. The settings can be managed through the remote and contain many modes.

The fan mode allows air to be channelized through space without the use of the compressor while the energy save mode reduces the amount of amperage drawn for the desired cooling. There is a sleep mode as well that regulates the temperature throughout the night so the room neither gets too cold or warm while you are asleep. For presetting temperature adjustment, you can employ the timer function that turns the AC on before you arrive to your RV. In addition, it also contains the dehumidify feature which removes 1.4 pints per hour. Among its competitor with an average of 1.4 pints, this is one of the highest.

As for the filter, it is reusable and the cleaning time is prompted through an indicator light that flashes on after 240 hours of operation. Once cleaned and inserted back, the light is turned off, but just to be lighted again for the next cleaning process.

Now, for some of the shortcomings. It measures 21x9x12 inches, therefore, is difficult to be installed in the window of your RV and also needs the correct window size. Also, there have been some complaints about the squeaky voices after 2-3 months of usage but that resolved after the customer service team visited and located the issue.

  • 6000 Btu with 200 CFM that can cool the space within 15 minutes
  • The quietest unit of the lot
  • 4 modes of operation including the dehumidifying function which removes 1.5 pints per hour
  • Sleep mode for a comfortable sleep and timer mode for pre-setting the ON time
  • Indicator light for the cleaning of the filter
  • Large so installation is a bit difficult
  • Some complaints regarding the squeaky noises
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7. Whirlpool Energy Star (RV Window AC with Remote Control)

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This is the terminating model for this article of the best window ac for the camper and is supported by a satisfactory star rating on Amazon among 200+ reviews.

With a CFM rating of 206 and a Btu rating of 8000, this air conditioner can cool areas to 300 sq. feet effectually. It has a traditional boxed structure with two sets of cooling grills and a control unit on the top right corner. If you have an RV that is spacious, this may be the product for you as it can cool large spaces with perfection.

It is equipped with sleep, energy saver, and timer mode which works without any lapse. Alongside, its dehumidifier can remove 1.76 pints per hour which is the highest among the lot enlisted here. To improve user-friendliness, it contains an LCD display to depict the temperature, fan speed, and selected mode and can be controlled by a remote so you can administer it by sitting at a distance.

With a total of three fan and cooling speeds, it can work just fine for any type of weather situation. This, too with a 12.1 EER rating which ensures that it is also energy efficient along with being versatile. The only thing going against it would be its size and weight which makes it a hefty unit and adds drag to the moving RV. The engine needs to exert more power with this AC installed in your vehicle.

  • High Btu and CFM rating
  • High EER rating
  • Highest dehumidifying capability among the list
  • LCD display and remote control for controlling by sitting at a distance
  • Equipped with all the modes
  • Heavy
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What is the Best Window AC For RV / Camper?

Its already been discussed in the respective descriptions as to which model is suited to which particular need however, we will summarize it here at the end as well and share which model we recommend.

If it is a small space of 150 sq. feet we would advise the purchase of Frigidaire FFRA051R1E because it has been blessed with highly positive user ratings and recognition on part of technical grounds.

For those customers, who wish for a quiet and efficient air conditioner, the Haier model is for you. It’s been tested, experimented and approved by Intertek; the most recognizable testing lab.

As for those who want to cool large RVs, there is a strong competition between Friedrich and LG Energy Star but the noise issue of LG pushes its potential chances a little bit backward.

At the end, of the day, it will be your decision to choose the window air conditioner for an RV depending on your requirements.