Best Women Road Bikes Under $500, $600 In 2021 [Stylish & Affordable]

People use road bikes for different purposes. Some cruise on it for long, relaxing commutes, some ride it to shed body fat, while others employ them as their favorite past time. Women, along with men, are involved in road biking as well and the popularity of women riding bikes has increased in the ongoing decade in America.

As women body differs from that of men, thus their road bikes are also different in style, shape, and size too.


Best Selling Women Road Bikes For The Money

Mostly women purchases online in hurry, therefore, we enlisted below the top and best selling women’s road bikes. So, you get the idea about the trending and hot-selling line of women bikes.

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Differentiating Features Of A Women Bike

1. The Frame

While many women can comfortably ride a man’s road bike, those designed specifically for them have a difference in the design of the top tube. The top tube is the uppermost horizontal arm of the bike that connects the seat post and head tube (the tube that supports the handlebars). Either they are slanted downwards towards the saddle or are shorter in length. These changes are made in accordance with the fact that women have short torsos so they can mount on bikes easily.

2. The Handlebars

Females have smaller shoulder width and this is incorporated in the shorter length of handlebars. A woman bike generally has a handlebar of length 38-40 cm as opposed to men bike with a width of 42-44 cm.

3. The Saddle

This distinction is not very common but still many women bikes are equipped with it. Their seats are wider to accommodate their flatter and wider pelvis. Males have a smaller and narrower pelvic girdle, therefore, their saddles are long and narrow.


Best Women’s Road Bikes Under 500 & 600

Although there are many outstanding women road bike models in the market either they are too expensive or don’t deliver to the U.S.A. This list contains appreciable road bikes that are conveniently priced in the $500-$600 range and come from reputable companies.


1. Giordano Libero 1.6 (Best Women Road Bike For Beginners)


The male variant of this model featured in our list of best beginner road bikes under 500 so there are no questions about the quality of the bike. To assist this claim further, it has to be written that it received a good number of ratings of 4-star or higher ratings on Amazon.


Themed up in a feminine blend of white and pink, the frame is forged out of aluminum and is low-lying with a slanted top tube for easy mounting. The frame is stable on the road and is pretty durable. Seat stays and steel fork are bolted rigidly to the wheels and have not been complained to get loose over time even after extended use by the customers.


Shimano features full might in the drivetrain with front and rear derailleur permitting a total of 16 speeds. These are controlled by STI shifters on the handlebars that are a little far from the general women’s finger reach. This issue, however, gets a bit shadowed by the STI nature of the shifters which gives easy control to the rider. Brakes can be applied in the conventional pulling manner while the shifter is engaged by twisting the lever upwards.


Chainring is well protected with aluminum covering while the pedals are manufactured out of plastic. If we talk about the brakes, they are standard dual-pivot and function effectively. Wheels of this specially made women bike are supported by 32 spokes which don’t allow the wheel to get bent upon impacts. Kenda 700x25c tires wrap up the wheels and provide reasonable traction.


Giordano’s saddle is a bit to question about. This is not one of the most comfortable seats and does necessarily have to be replaced after some time, if not immediately.


One hack for the customers that find the shifter’s levers to be out of reach is that they can add rubber padding under the brake cover to lessen the distance you need to stretch to reach the levers. Overall, it’s a good choice for women’s entry-level bike which can undoubtedly be ranked among the list of best value bicycle.


  • Stable and durable aluminum frame
  • Shimano drivetrain
  • Protected chainring
  • Wheels are supported by a high number of spokes
  • Seat is not very comfortable
  • The levers of the shifters are a bit out of reach for some riders



3. Schwinn Phocus 1600 (Best Women's Bikes On A Budget)


Highly rated on Amazon, this is among the top selling models and also the best Schwinn women bikes on a budget. Beautifully designed between a balance of women and unisex bike, the aluminum frame resembles a hybrid bike with a slanting top tube and an aero bike with the thick down tube.


It features a carbon fiber fork which is more capable of absorbing impact energy and the whole frame is characterized with sublime surface finish and designed tubes. It is in fact, a versatile bike that can be used by women for cruising as well as accessing touch terrains.


Shimano front and rear derailleur grants seamless shifting in between 14 speeds with STI shifters for greater control. The crank is fashioned from SR Suntour which is high in quality. In addition, the wheels contain alloy rims and a paired scheme of spokes that are unique to the eye and reduce the weight of the bike.


Promax alloy caliper brakes are fixed tightly to the frame which results in high functionality of the brake pads. They are responsive, smooth and have strong power. Other features include a comfortable saddle and an adjustable drop handlebar which is gel-padded to disallow hand fatigue of any sort.


Plastic pedals are a sort of mood killer but then again, what can one expect for a road bike at such a price range. This model is not meant for professional riding but an enjoyable and reliable personal ride.


You will have a lifetime warranty for this bike.


  • Lightweight aluminum frame with carbon fiber fork
  • Great balance between a hybrid, aero and road bike
  • STi shifter and Shimano 14 speed drivetrain
  • Promax Alloy caliper brakes
  • Comfortable saddle and gel-padded handlebar
  • Plastic pedals


If you are looking for a bike which is better suited for tough terrains and is supremely comforting, you should certainly eye for best gravel bikes under 2000.



5. Retrospec Beaumont- 7 Speed Women’s Bike (Cheapest Women Bike)


Immersed within a traditional 90’s design theme and accessorized with plenty of features, Retrospec introduces this women bike to satisfy the commuting and picnic riding needs.


A sturdy, long, step-thru frame cast out of high-tensile strength steel forms the basic body of this bike which extends to full fenders on both wheels and half-covered chain guard.


The design of the frame allows the rider to embark on the bike and disembark from it with extreme ease while the excessively inclined tubes account for a lower center of gravity and consequently higher stability and the non-vigorous geometry allow for a comfortable ride.


To facilitate the running quality of this likable model, Shimano rear derailleur seamlessly coordinates with the crankset and grip-integrated shifter to give 7 speeds. Revoshift twist shifter ensures that the bike is never out of control when transiting between two speeds.


In addition, the rear rack comes included where you can store your belongings and carry-able items like grocery and picnic baskets, the saddle is, however, a bit small for the majority of the riders and hard but it can be easily replaced by spending $20.


More of a concern is the linear-pull brakes that could work fine but are prone to misalignment easily. The mechanical lever scheme of this type of brakes is not very well supported therefore we recommend replacing it as well to enjoy a long-lasting association with this model.


Wanda 700x35c tires and double-walled wheels with durable spokes and traction-favorable tread form an appreciable wheelset which can go over all terrains and survive effectively in all weathers.


  • Lightweight, long and step-thru steel frame
  • Front and rear fenders
  • Wide double walled Wanda tires
  • Rear rack and kickstand included
  • Revoshift twist shifters
  • Shimano derailleur
  • Cheap
  • Small and hard saddle
  • Linear pull brakes are the biggest source of concern


6. Royce Union Comforter Bike For Women (Best Flat Bar Road Bike Under $500)


Royce Union is a cycle manufacturing brand known to all. Gown back as a seed in 1940, it has now transformed in an enormous, shady tree and provides admirable models in the categories of commuter and mountain bikes. The aforementioned model is part of the commuter class and is genuinely the best flat bar road bike under $500.


Lightweight aluminum frame features a step-thru design with precise cable routing and a suspension fork which is hard to come by in comforter bikes of such price range. It can eliminate the effect of impacts greatly and damp the vibrations in an effective manner. You can move over hilly and bumpy terrains without being uncomfortable due to this capability.


Other than this, it includes Shimano components in the drivetrain with a 7 speed rear and 3 speed front derailleur that gives a total of staggering 21 speeds. The speeds are shifted through Revoshift twist shifters that are blended neatly in the handle grips. This makes sure that the rider always has a control on the bike even when applying brakes because he can employ the transitions with just a simple twist of the wrist.


Ergonomic flat handlebar and saddle accommodate for a very comfortable journey and their height and angle can be adjusted easily to fit your desired position. Brakes are caliper in nature and decent in effect while the tires are 700c with well-spaced alloy spokes for the provision of sufficient support.


There have been complaints regarding the hard handle and narrow wheels which may be a deal-breaker for this model. Too narrow a wheel and you face difficulty in gripping to the surface especially when steering.


  • Step-thru aluminum frame
  • Suspension fork
  • 21-speed Shimano drivetrain
  • Revoshift twist shifter
  • Flat handlebar and soft saddle for a relaxed ride
  • Some complaints regarding the hard handlebar
  • Narrow wheels


7. Sixthreezero Ride in the Park (Best Women’s Touring Bike)


It is another variant of the sixthreezero Women’s bike which closely resembles the Pave n’ Trail with a slight difference in curvature of the frame and saddle but had to be included in this list because it expands the span of choices customers can choose from.


Characterized as a touring bike, the top tube of the frame is curved rather than straight as was the case in the other sixthreezero bikes. It doesn’t give any efficiency but provides more space for mounting and dismounting.


It is a 3-speed bike with Shimano rear derailleur administering the drivetrain and Nexus shifters accompanying it in the speed transition. This simple setup accounts for a reliable and long-lasting bike run.


This model doesn’t feature a suspension like the other but contains similar caliper brakes. A very snug saddle is a great improvement because it is fluffy and loaded with springs to eliminate the effects of transferred jerks in the spine of the rider.


Fenders and a rear rack are exact replicas of the other variant with Kenda 700x32c tires and double walled wheels. Although the tires are leaner than the variant model but wider than other of its competitors, therefore, gives improved traction and steering stability. It is cheaper than the Pave n’ trail model and is also available in the 7-speed line.


Within the few negative comments received by this bike, the majority of them concerned to an unprofessional delivery. Some received bent parts while some got a frame and fenders with scraped off paint.


  • Curvaceous top tube of the frame gives more space for mounting
  • Soft and spring-loaded saddle
  • Fenders and rear rack included
  • Caliper brakes which function well
  • Kenda 700x32c tires
  • Shimano 3-speed bike with Nexus shifter
  • Cheaper than the Pave n’ trail model
  • Delivery issues


Editor’s Verdict On Best Women Road Bikes

We will categorize these models of women’s road bikes into two parts.

One which contains suspension fork while others which don’t. Among the ones that are equipped with a suspension, we would recommend sixthreezero Pave n’ Trail model because it is supported by better reviews, contains fenders and a rear rack which are absent in Royce Union 700c.

As for the rest of 5 models, Raleigh Bikes Women’s Superbe City Bike and Schwinn Phocus 1600 models could be potential winners mainly because of their limited number of demerits. The spring-loaded saddle and the pannier basket of the step-thru designed Raleigh Bikes Women’s Superbe City Bike earns it respect and acceptance in the road biking community of women.

At the end of the day, you the best decider yourself. Go through the article carefully and note down the limitations of every bike after which you can arrive at a better solution.

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