Best Smartwatch For Women 2022 (Technological Fashion Gadget)

Smartwatches were considered to be a futile invention when they first came upon the scene because it was priced heavily but manufacturers had foreseen their popularity and thus started creating multiple models that brought the price down and their recognition catapulted 4 to 5 years back. Not only are there many feature-laden smartwatches to choose from but there are now dedicated models for kids, teenagers, men, women, and athletes.

We discussed the best smartwatches for women in a bit of detail but if you’re in a hurry and want to pick the smart wristwatch immediately then check out our handpicked models below so you can buy the one you’re looking for.


Comparison Among Our Top Picks For Women Smartwatches

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What To Look In A Women’s Smartwatch?

It’s a tricky task: Some brands like Kate Spade realize the fashion statement to be a prominent feature for women in terms of purchasing a smartwatch. Tech companies like Apple, SAMSUNG, and Fossil believe the integration of technological advancement is necessary.

What makes up a good women’s smartwatch is a seamless balance between the two traits; women need a watch that is embodied with user-friendly and modern technology.

It’s not finished yet…

Women Smartwatch must also encapsulate in a striking design scheme that makes them a party sensation.

There are all sorts of women: some are fitness enthusiasts who live their lives to have the perfect bodies while others are businesswomen who want a styling element in every gadget they wear. Whereas housewives want an economically complete package to make their lives a bit easier.


8 Best SmartWatch For Women In 2022

We have managed to put together eight of the most appealing smartwatches for women and reviewed them from an unbiased perspective. I hope it helps!

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[aawp box=”B07HHDP887″ tracking_id=”rcwomensmartwatch-20″ title=”1. Apple Watch Series 4 (Best iPhone Smartwatch For Women)”]


If you have an iPhone, here is the watch for you: although it’s the most expensive smartwatch but it has a range of flashy colors that would look great on your slim wrists and have a variety of features to enjoy from.



Girls can choose the color of the strap they want from pink, gold, white and black although we prefer anyone from the first three because black looks are masculine.



Apple Watch Series 4 is integrated with a dual-core 64-bit CPU that allows it to run twice as fast as the Series 3 so that neither of your running apps frustrates you with a lag.



The screen size is about 30% larger than the previous version which was expected to provide the standard of improvement Apple promises in their updated models. It includes animated watch faces which grant life to the background especially the ‘Liquid Metal’ which depicts a silver liquid splashing the sides of the watch.


There are ten complications as to how to arrange the corners of the watch in terms of the app, notifications, and tracking monitors. LTPO backplane technology has enabled the screen to vary its frame rate according to the battery which is quite interesting.


Siri Feature

Siri’s enhanced effectivity finds new height in this model and nears the horizons of Artificial Intelligence because it manages alarms according to the situations, for example, it would give you traffic alarm if you have entered an appointment notification in the watch or tell you about an approaching rain shower if you are planning to go outside. You can also assign certain commands to functions like “Hello Siri” to turn on the recent playlist.


Fitness Tracker

Fitness tracking appears to just at par with the display: accurate and convenient. It includes automatic detection so that if you forget to turn on tracking before an activity, it will show a notification prompting you to turn on tracking


Upgrades in health apps have favored all sorts of people. You can now have more control over your running activities and have competitions with your friends, you may monitor the heartbeat more precisely owing to the introduction of an echocardiogram which tells you about your health condition.


Fall Detection Sensor

Apple Watch Series 4 also includes a fall detection mechanism whereby it will send your location to an emergency contact after detecting you have fallen hard on the ground and don’t respond to “okay” notification.



This apple manufactured ios smartwatch for girls is fully compatible with all iPhones, has accurate GPS, ability to reply to messages and has a battery life of 18 hours on a specifically busy profile but if you can tone it down, it would work for 2 days straight.



Non-compatibility with Android Phones and hefty price tags are the only negative points of Apple Watch Series 4.


  • Larger screen with 10 complications to arrange the apps
  • Great design with plenty of color options to choose from
  • Improved Siri features
  • Great and updated fitness tracking capability with ECG counter and fall detection feature
  • Good battery life
  • Expensive
  • Only compatible with iPhones


[aawp box=”B07FCH3CKQ” tracking_id=”rcwomensmartwatch-20″ title=”2. Kate Spade Scallop (Best Ladies Smartwatch For Small Wrists 2021)”]


Primarily designed for women, it appears with an elegant design with sleek strap sizes and an adorned circular dial which would appear to be beautiful on your small wrists. It comes in five different colors with leather bands and a 9mm thick dial.



But the focus if not entirely laid on looks, rather it is a decently accessorized smartwatch with connectivity and fitness tracking qualities. It works on the latest Wear OS version and can also make contactless payments based on NFC.


One of the interesting features Kate Spade Ladies Scallop is the “Choose my look” app which asks the user about the color of its outfit and suggests a suitable watch face accordingly so that you can have a matching watch face with your dress for a party or any other special occasion.


Fitness Tracker

You may accurately measure your heart rate, calories burned and steps taken along with setting daily challenges for your fitness regimes by installing hundreds of apps from the Google Store.



Sharing of music files and other apps can be made possible via Bluetooth and it works fine with all Android Phones with updates 4.4 and over.


Other Valuable Features

Water resistivity and the ability to reply to texts using voice commands and keypad enhances the utility this smartwatch offers. In addition, you can also adjust reminders, have a look at the daily weather forecasts, control your music while running on track or cycling on the gym machine: all in all, it is a pretty standard but useful watch.



With a battery life of 1 day which is of the question because if you execute demanding activities on it, it decreases to about 14 hours. Also, it weighs around 10 ounces which is a little heavy for some people.


  • Excellent design with many color options
  • ‘Choose my look’ features change the watch face according to your outfit
  • Lined with basic fitness tracking
  • Good connectivity with Android phones
  • Make contactless payments by NFC
  • Low battery life
  • A bit heavy for some people


[aawp box=”B01DBAUWV2″ tracking_id=”rcwomensmartwatch-20″ title=”3. Huawei Women Smartwatch (Best For iPhone & Android Phones)”]


Deliciously withdrawn in the classic Swiss design, it is one of the best women smartwatches because not only it’s sleekly designed, but also lightweight like a feather and can be utilized in many situations.



If we talk about the outlook of this watch, it features a large circular dial with 1.34-inch AMOLED display screen and a sapphire crystal body which is both scratchproof and shiny.


The leather strap is thin, so it can be conveniently placed over thin wrists and connects seamlessly with the dial allowing no chance of a loose connection. There is a control button placed at the 2 o’clock mark which is used to scroll through the setting and apps.



Now, we move towards its functionality. It should be understood that it is not excessively accessorized like the Apple Watch but it is a simpler version of a smartwatch. With Huawei women’s smartwatch you can make phone calls, answer to them, and set alarms or notifications on prescribed times. Its speaker and microphone are of decent quality so you don’t always have to bring your mouth close to the watch to speak or hear clearly.


Fitness Tracker

As for fitness tracking, it may not have the fitness tracking of the level of Fitbit watch but it includes the basic heart rate monitoring, step count and the number of calories burned. You may set up timely alerts or challenges amounting to a specific number of steps, reps or distance and use this watch to upgrade the standard of your health.


One also needs not to worry about the accuracy of the results because owing to the presence of a 6-axis motion sensor, it provides precise readings.



It is equally compatible with iPhone iOS 8.2 and Android 4.3 so you can sync music players or download audio files without any worry. It costs much more than what we anticipated looking at its simple functionality but that’s mainly because of the high-grade construction.


  • High grade construction with a classic Swiss design
  • Lightweight and attractive
  • Basic but accurate fitness monitoring
  • Compatible with Android 4.3 and above
  • Compatible with iPhone iOS 8.2
  • Very basic in functions
  • Expensive


[aawp box=”B074KK39FK” tracking_id=”rcwomensmartwatch-20″ title=”4. Fossil Q Women Gen 3 (The Best Smartwatch For Women)”]


Fossil Gen 3 is another smartwatch detailed within the design lines which are appropriate for women.



The leather strap fits traditionally within the dial hooks and the control button is situated at the 3 o’clock mark. Gen 3 is dissolved in a beige color scheme which is usually attributed to the feminine or submissive aspect. The circular touch-enabled display screen gives it the standard watch’s shape while an 11mm thickness ensures that it doesn’t bulge out on the wrist. Additionally, it contains multiple watches faces with the freedom to play with their colors and arrangement.



Powered by 2100 Wear Snapdragon chipset, plenty of apps can be run on it without any lag. In fact, many customers raved about this quality.


From answering to phone calls to set up daily notifications, from swiping for the correct fitness tracking meter to choosing the desired music file, it does it all and with perfection. There may have been some complaints about the inability of the watch to run some apps but that was due to the incompatibility they appeared with.


Fossil Q Women Gen 3 is IP67 waterproof so it can be taken underwater and is adorned with good fitness tracking capabilities.


Fitness Tracker

Track your daily footsteps with this watch, ensure your heart rate is normal through its heartbeat monitoring quality and get inspired by the number of calories you burn as a result of your exercises. Its always good to have all that information right in front of your eyes while you are jogging or cycling around in the park rather than coming to a halt and taking out the phone to view them.



Through Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, you can sync this smartwatch for women to Android phones running on 4.4 and iOS 9.3 and above.


Avoid Overcharging

Its priced very cheaply but take care of not overcharging it because it seems it isn’t fitted with any overcharging safety mechanism. The body would warm up and battery life would decrease gradually.


  • Inexpensive and lightweight
  • Beautiful beige design
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Multiple watch faces to choose from
  • Basic fitness tracing available
  • Touch-sensitive screen
  • iPhone and Android Compatible
  • Very basic in functionality
  • No safety mechanism for overcharging


[aawp box=”B075X4RQHZ” tracking_id=”rcwomensmartwatch-20″ title=”5. Samsung Gear Sport (Top Rated Smartwatch For Women)”]


This outstanding smartwatch for women has the potential to feature in many of the related categorial lists due to its versatility. Whilst it is supremely stocked up with necessary features, it is visually appealing too and on top of it, it doesn’t break your bank.



With reference to our topic, it has a chic design with a ridged circular dial bordered with metallic lining and a thin, rubber strap that will fit effortlessly on your wrists. It comes in colors of blue which is more submissive and black, which is traditionally attributed to men but owing to the smart design, it is equally probable for women’s use.


Fitness Tracker

Gear Sport is fitted with all the suitable sensors that will track your daily fitness routine including footsteps, distance traveled, calories burned, and heartbeat.


Sync it with Google Fit or Samsung Health and you will have your own personal health assistant right there on the wrists which will take in to account your present health metrics and direct towards a healthier, much stable lifestyle.


Make challenges for yourself, set weekly goals and enhance your fitness with this watch. It includes about 60 workouts and manufacturers say more are to come.


Other Features

You can order an Uber with it, listen to songs on the speaker, answer to phone calls, reply to text messages, read the news, and monitor sleep although it is not as accurate as of the Fitbit.



The 1.2-inch screen is touch-sensitive although you can assign the navigating control to the button located on the side. Operated by Tizen OS, you can use the rotating bezel to control all the apps on the watch.



Because it’s 50m water-resistant, you can take it underwater and track your swimming performance as well.


Battery Time

With S Voice you can toggle your playlist on the go and it all comes with a battery life of 3-4 days, how cool is that!



With easy connectivity to smartphones via Wifi and Bluetooth, you can better connect to the world.



It’s a complete package, ready to be tried although a weight of 12 ounces makes hamper its increased chances of purchase.


  • Good design and comfortable
  • Very good fitness tracking capability
  • Waterproof till 50m
  • Adjustable display and editable controls
  • Operated by Tizen OS
  • Monitors sleep as well
  • GPS tracking enabled
  • Long battery life
  • Compatible with iOS & Android
  • Not very accurate sleep tracking
  • Tad heavy


[aawp box=”B07B48SQGT” tracking_id=”rcwomensmartwatch-20″ title=”6. Fitbit Versa (Best Selling Fitness Tracker Smartwatch For Women)”]


For fitness freaks out there, we have just the right smartwatch for you. It is more of a fitness tracker than a smartwatch and will do wonders for those women whose primary reason behind purchasing a smartwatch is monitoring their fitness routines.



Fitbit Versa features a nontraditional dial design: it is square with smoothen edges rather than circular and has a rubber strap with many colors one can select from. It is an improved version of Fitbit Ionic and has a lot to present.


Fitness Tracker

Starting with its strongest point which is fitness tracking, it will measure all your general health metrics and give a very precise reading suggesting whether you are in shape or not. The screen display is vibrant and the workout routines like 10 min of abs, 2 min of cycling have background pictures that account for an engaging User Interface.


It will take you around many activity challenges that are great for your health and stamina. With the presence of 15+ activity modes, you can make sure that your workouts are recorded accurately, you can get the body you desire if you follow the instructions honestly and can challenge yourself with updated levels that Fitbit suggests.


Not only this, but it can also measure the wellness of the sleep precisely which is significant for good health. There is even a blood oxygen meter that will depict the health of your blood.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an inbuilt GPS which is a bummer so you need to have your phone’s GPS while tracking running.


It has a new operating version which has helped create a dashboard just under the home screen whereby you can see the daily progress. To do that in Ionic, you had to swipe and go into the app first.


One specific thing about FitBit is the women’s health tracking which gives info about the menstrual cycle, alterations in the time periods and related symptoms.


Other Features

Versa weighs only 5 ounces and can play around 300 songs on your playlist so you are never out of rhythm during the exercises. Third-party apps can be installed by syncing with Android Phones to increase the utility of FitBit like Uber and Food Panda. You may also take it underwater and monitor the swimming time/distance if that’s important to you.


  • Cheap and attractive
  • Brilliant fitness monitoring qualities
  • Sleep tracking is accurate
  • 15+ exercise modes
  • Women health tracking feature
  • Water-resistant to 50m
  • Stores about 300+ songs
  • Weighs only 5 ounces
  • Easier to view daily performance
  • Monitors blood oxygen level
  • NO built-in GPS
  • You have to get NFC by paying $30 extra


[aawp box=”B076HRBKZ7″ tracking_id=”rcwomensmartwatch-20″ title=”7. Ticwatch S (Best Cheap Smartwatch For Women)”]


It may not have that thin and sleek design as most women smartwatches do but the versatility of its sporty design allows it to be worn by women and men alike. Especially the Aurora and Black colors took our attention.



The rubber strap joins the circular dial with no change in width in between and that’s where the styling element lies: it appears to be a single piece and goes onto the wrist quite easily and steadily.



Once on, the magic kick in with the speed apps to work at. It has a 1.4-inch screen with 400×400 pixels display that is bright and vibrant enough to be viewed in sunlight.


Touch sensitivity

is present so you can easily navigate around hundreds of apps in the watch. With Google Play, you can directly download the apps. A unique thing about Ticwatch is the series of animations it depicts with every little detail, for example, a pumping heart while giving the heartbeat and a person doing push-ups while you select the daily push up challenge.


Health Tracker

Health tracking is great in the watch; it has an in-built GPS which will tell you about your real-time step count and distance traveled. You may choose Google Fit or any other health-related app to make folders of weekly or daily health challenges which will be the key to your desired heath rating. It keeps you informed if you have missed a meal, any exercise or reminder as well.


Other Valuable Features

Administered by Wear 2.0 OS, you can download as many watch faces as you like and take advantage of the third-party apps.


Ticwatch fully supports Google Assistant and you can have an ever-present friend with you to tell you about weather updates, approaching rain, remind you about your important meeting tomorrow and buck you up for your morning jog while you are lying lazily in bed.


The UI is brilliant with apps arranged on the circumference and smoothly toggle-able. Swipe functions perform seamlessly and you can customize the apps according to will.


Make Google Maps your default app if you are a delivery guy or put reminders on top if you are very busy. Moreover, it is water-resistant, scratch and fall-proof. The only trait limiting its utility is the short battery life which amounts to less than one day.


Although its better than many but provided the product comes from TicWatch, we anticipated something more.


  • Sporty design and cheap
  • High screen resolution of 400×400 pixels and a wide 1.4-inch screen
  • Engaging UI with the presence of animations
  • Brilliant fitness tracking
  • Customizable settings and apps can be directly downloaded from Google Play Store
  • Built-in GPS
  • Battery life of only 1 day


[aawp box=”B07JB2GLP8″ tracking_id=”rcwomensmartwatch-20″ title=”8. Misfit Vapor 2 (Best Low Budget Smartwatch For Women With Small Wrists)”]


Weighing only 2.7 ounces and dissolved in black, classy color, this women smartwatch will mark the end of the list.



It smoothes up the design with a 4-pronged strap attaching scheme which adds a spaced-effect in between the dial and strap which looks great on a woman’s small wrist.



Vapor 2 is priced cheaply and has all the basic functionality one wishes for in a smartwatch. The control button is located on the 3 o’clock mark and it contains an AMOLED screen display with touch sensitivity. Storage of 4 GB allows songs and sufficient apps to be run smoothly while the NFC allows contactless payments.


Also, the Wifi and an in-built GPS enhances the perimeter of usability because using them, you can ensure real-time tracking, connection with Android Phones or any other compatible MisFit smartwatch.


The smartwatch has a water resistance rating of 3 ATM hence you can take it underwater, use it in the shower or while doing dishes. You can answer calls, reply to text messages, view reminders, use calculator, download health or beauty apps, monitor your step count, and heartbeat: hence there is seldom anything basic you can’t do with this watch.


Compatibility / Battery Timing

It is compatible with Android 4.4 OS and iOS 9.3, gives the freedom of Bluetooth connectivity so you are never out of connection and a battery timing of 24 hours.


Those women who want an inexpensive, simple yet efficient smartwatch must have a peek in this watch.


  • Attractive design
  • Inexpensively priced
  • Built-in GPS, Wifi, NFC and Bluetooth
  • All of the basic functionality of a smartwatch is present
  • 3 ATM waterproof
  • Only basic functionality
  • A battery timing of 1 day only so you have to charge it every day
  • No sleep monitoring


What is the best smartwatch for women?

It is one of those arduous lists where the conclusion is a tricky task. Even with effort, we can’t announce a winner because there are all sorts of customers who eye for different traits hence, we will advise them categorically.

  • Best Stylish Smartwatch For Women: Kate Spade Ladies Scallop
  • Best Women fitness tracking Smartwatch: Fitbit Versa
  • Best Low Budget Smartwatch For Women: Misfit Vapor 2
  • Best Cheap Smartwatch For Women: TicWatch S
  • Best Overall Women Smartwatch for iPhone: Apple Watch Series 4
  • Best Overall Smartwatch For Women if you don’t have an iPhone: SAMSUNG Sports Gear

We take nothing away from other models and they must surely be gone through before you make a purchasing decision because you will find specific attributes of your interest in them.