Do AirPods Consume Battery When Left Outside Their Case?

airpods placed outside the charging case after use

Have you ever wondered what happens when your AirPods are left outside of their case? Are the pods consuming battery life or losing power in any way? In short outside the charging case, AirPods enter into a low power mode to conserve energy but still drain the battery to maintain the Bluetooth connection and support … Read more

How to Use Airpods Mic for Video Recording on iPhone, Mac, PC

Guys recording video on mobile with AirPods mic for audio capture

AirPods as a microphone might seem like a marvel, but mastering this method for video recording can be a challenge. However, fear not, for this article provides a comprehensive guide on how to utilize AirPods as a microphone for video recording on various devices, including iPhone, Mac, and PC. By ensuring proper connection and pairing, … Read more

Should You Use Rice to Dry Water-Damaged AirPods? Debunking the Myth

wet airPods in a rice bowl to combat water damage

Don’t cry over spilled milk, or in this case, water on your AirPods. You’re probably panicking, thinking about putting them in a bowl of rice. But, should you? This article will decipher the truth behind this common myth, offering you sound advice on how to properly handle and prevent water damage to your precious AirPods. … Read more

Do AirPods Affect Your iPhone Alarm? What You Need to Know

alarm plays when man is sleeping while wearing airpod

When it comes to waking up in the morning, relying on the shrill sound of an iPhone alarm has become a common practice. But what happens when AirPods are connected to the iPhone? Will the alarm still go off? The answer is yes. The alarm originates from the phone itself, therefore, even if you connect … Read more

Beauty Makeup Printer: Grace Mink Product

In a world where customization has become the norm, Mink Beauty offers a breakthrough: the Mink Makeup Printer. Promising to reshape how we approach cosmetics, this device aims to empower users to produce on-demand makeup from the comfort of their homes. This article will give in-depth knowledge about Mink Beauty Makeup Printers, exploring its features, … Read more

Solar Panels: Are They Worth The Personal Investment?

solar panels

Residential solar panels are growing in popularity across the country. According to Daily Infographic, solar panel installations increased by 43% in 2020 alone. This means that residences with solar panels now number around two million. That said, given the initial installation and lifetime maintenance costs associated with solar panels, many are still understandably hesitant to … Read more

Is Fabuloso a Safe Option for Cleaning Wood Floors?

applying fabuloso on hardwood floor using mop

Is Fabuloso a friend or a foe to your cherished wooden floors? When it comes to maintaining the allure and hygiene of wood floors, selecting an effective and safe cleaner is crucial. Fabuloso, widely acclaimed for its versatile cleaning power and enchanting fragrance, raises queries regarding its safety on wood surfaces. In this article, we will … Read more

Sleeping With Headphones on: Is It Bad?

Is It Bad to Sleep with Headphones on

Did you know that sleeping with headphones on is bad for your health? Is it a dangerous trend to sleep with earbuds in your ears, or just a harmless habit? It can actually be both. Sleeping with headphones on may not seem like a big deal, but the truth is it has some surprising risks … Read more

How To Clean Headset Ear Pads: An Easy and Complete

How To Clean Headset Ear Pads

Headsets are a really great way to stay connected with friends, family, and co-workers. However, they can be difficult to keep clean! There is always something that seems to go into the ear pads of headsets – food particles, sweat from your face or hair, dust particles. This article provides you with an easy and … Read more

Are Bone Conduction Headphones Safe? Pros and cons of using them.

Bone conduction headphones are a relatively new invention in the world of audio. They have been touted to be safer for your ears, but are they really? Are Bone Conduction Headphones Safe? Do they have any pros and cons? Are Bone Conduction Headphones Safe or Are they just another marketing gimmick that will disappear in … Read more