Best Cheap Tricycles [3 Wheel Bikes] For Adults & Seniors 2021

Cycles are one of the oldest means of transport and transited excessively through the centuries. Tricycles are a type of the same class but with three wheels. There is no need to balance this ride like a cycle and comes with enhanced storage capacity.

Riding a tricycle is useful as a hobby, for nourishing joints and to carry items. As all the people can’t afford the high priced products, therefore, we have done research on trikes and enlisted eight of the best cheap tricycles for adults. These models are of low budget but possess good quality and features.


Trikes or 3 wheel bikes are usable by all age groups with increased comfort and ease.


Tricycles are particularly perfect for the seniors (older) people and adults. Sitting idle and not doing any activity makes joints stiff and bones weaker.

Engaging them through some sort of an activity that is not very stressful at such age is important and tricycles tend to be one of the best answers to it. 3 Wheel bikes jiggle the muscles and make bones work along with the thrill of accessing distances to reach places.

In addition, they can enjoy the fresh air and the moderate sunlight which is critical in making their bodies stronger. Tricycles can be used to ride for fun, delivers couriers, and sell items.

Best Selling 3 Wheel Adult Tricycles

If you’re in an extreme hurry and have no time of reading reviews, merits, and demerits of each adult tricycle. Then check below the hot and trending adult tricycles.

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However, It is recommended to read the complete buying guide of 3 wheel bikes for the seniors for making an effective purchase, I’m sure, you’ll not regret it.


Top 8 Wheel Bikes For Seniors To Buy

This article answers to the query raised by most of the people that which is the best trike for seniors and where to buy it? Therefore, we reviewed and discussed some of the best cheap tricycles for adults available on Amazon, the best online store.


Best Cheap Adult Tricycles Reviews


1. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle (Editor's Choice: Best 3 Wheel Bikes For Seniors)


Accurately assembled and conveniently designed, the first tricycle in this list comes from Schwinn which is a renowned American bicycles manufacturer. This model is available in three different colors and features a butterfly design.


The frame of the Schwinn Meridian 26-inch bike is made out of aluminum and engineered to lower the center of gravity for increased stability. This delta type of bike has a simple yet efficient design scheme.


The curved front arm of the frame connects with the saddle bar and from there, sprouts into two channels that join to the back hub which connects the back wheels.


The super-low stature of the tricycle allows for easy access and mounting while the large rear basket which is positioned perfectly in the center of the wheels compensates for the storage capacity. The rear basket of Schwinn Meridian is large enough to hold rugs, pillows, toys and everyday items.


It has a weight capacity of around 500 lbs which is good.


It features a Springer seat which is soft and comfortable. It seems to contain a thin foam lining. The full wrap fenders help to protect the bike against mud and dirty water while you cruise along with puddles or dirty streets. The saddle and handlebar are adjustable and you can unscrew the bolts to position them according to your needs.


Schwinn Meridian is a single speed tricycle with front and rear caliper brakes and a half-shielded chain guard. The versatility is great. It can be ridden by people of age group 14 to even 60 and above with ease. It is even suitable for the unfortunate ones with leg problems.


The installation may be an issue and if you are not mechanically inclined, it is better to take it to the mechanic to get it assembled for you. Also, the fenders might be too close to the tires and you might find them touching the tires if the shipping was not smooth.


Key Specifications

  • A super-low, stand-over aluminum frame.
  • Full-wrap fenders, springer seat, and swept back handlebars.
  • The alloy wheels measure 26 inches.
  • Weight capacity of around 500 lbs


  • Simple bike with a reliable ride
  • Aluminum built which is light and convenient
  • Springer saddle and low posture for easy mounting
  • Full wrap fenders to shield against mud and dirty water
  • Difficult installation
  • Fenders might be too close to the tires



2. Mantis Tri-Rad (Best Three Wheel Folding Bicycles For Adults)


The foldable design of this tricycle makes it a special model to be considered. The said attribute makes it easily transportable to places that want to ride it. Available to the customers in two colors and a price of under $400, this tricycle is one striking piece to cruise on.


The frame is made out of high-grade steel but that’s not the point. The distinguishing feature is the quick release foldable design of the bike.


The frame contains a joint in the middle which can easily be played with to fold the front side backward. This makes it accommodative behind cars especially when you are going for picnics or to a guest’s place.


The Kenda tires contain aluminum rims that are lightweight and durable. They don’t catch rust and give a nice, glossy look too.


Not only does it contain a front brake but a unique parking brake as well so you can place it in parking areas easily. Such a cool feature to come at a low price is certainly exciting.


The back wheels contain no fenders which go against the ranks of Mantis but the rear basket is well defined, sturdy and can hold heavy packages as well. It has a weight limit of 320 lbs so one has to be careful of the weight exerted on it.


The saddle is spring-based and soft but contains no back support. It can be adjusted according to your needs and so can the handlebars. The pedals are wide enough o support all foot sizes and like all the aforementioned models, the chain guard is protected. You even get a bell in the package to use it in situations where a sounding alarm is critical.


The weight of the tricycle is only 45 pounds and the perks of getting professional assistance from the company five days a week make you want to buy it even more.


Key Specifications

  • Folding steel frame with steel suspension fork
  • Aluminum rim with 20 x 1.75 inch white wall Kenda tires
  • Front v-brake with parking brake
  • Folded dimensions of 35″L x 30″W x 31″D
  • Weight 45 pounds


  • Aluminum foldable design which makes is easy to transport
  • Lightweight and cheap
  • Contains a parking brake and a bell
  • No back fenders
  • The weight limit is less than Schwinn Meridian bike


3. Goplus Enhanced Storage Tricycle (Cheap 3 Wheel Bike For Adults)


The master class idea of utilizing the handlebar space for storage like in kid’s bikes is integrated into this model. An impressive combination of versatility, affordability, and convenience!


The front basket which is hooked to the handlebar applies for enhanced storage while you go shopping for groceries or other household items. It is detachable and foldable; an even greater versatility.


You can easily take it off when not required or even fold it backward. This takes nothing away from the rest of the space available for the bike.


The frame is fashioned out of iron and this model is available in three different colors with three different sizes 20, 24 and 26-inch tires. The paint on the frame is pretty good and saves the frame from rust which is a risk associated with iron frames.


The back wheels are fully shielded with fenders that keep the bike clean and dry even if you ride on it all day. It provides the freedom to go through muddy roads and dirty puddles without worrying about investing a long time cleaning the ride.


The design is standard with one addition: there is horizontal support from the back of the fender to the saddle supporting arm. This ensures a stable configuration for a comfortable and steady riding experience.


The saddle is excessively pliable and spring loaded to protect against impact. It lacks back support but the softness of the seat covers it up. There are reflectors on each wheel and the alloy rims with galvanized iron keep weightless. The front bell is can be used to alert the rider in front of you apart from being an adorning feature.


The chain guard is shielded although the protection is a bit lean to our liking and the front/back brakes are caliper in nature. The tricycle has a weight holding capacity of 331 lbs. It can be used for shopping, past time activity, and transport mean for the picnic.


Key Specifications

  • Weight capacity up to 331 lbs
  • Frame is fashioned out of iron
  • 24 inches and 26-inch tires
  • Cheap
  • Plenty of storage with a foldable front basket
  • Good stable configuration integrated in the frame design
  • The saddle is very soft
  • The iron frame is prone to rust
  • The chain guard protection is a bit lean.


4. H&ZT 7 Speed Tricycle (Cheap 3 Wheel cycles For Old People)


This is a highly inexpensive 7-speed tricycle with a variety of six different colors. The frame design is a replica of the Goplus tricycle with similar back wheel horizontal arms joining the handlebar support arm.


It is a low-step through design which facilitates the rider during mounting and dismounting. The chain guard, however, is better shielded which is a plus point.


It features Shimano derailleur, the same one as the Komodo tricycle so it eradicates any questions about the performance of the sifting ease and efficacy. You can access inclines, alter your speed according to the need and do this all effortlessly with the convenient shifters.


The saddle is springy and contains a backseat which is absolutely the same as Komodo bike with a flexible connection. Likewise, it prevents the whole of the shock from being transmitted to the backbone. The height of the saddle can be adjusted by the caliper situated just below it.


The rear basket is 21×18 inch which is wide and spacious enough to store anything these compartments can hold. It has a weight capacity of 335 lbs which is optimal to such bikes.


Other utilities include reflectors on all wheels, front and back caliper brakes for an easy stoppage, a handle bell and adjustable handlebar to three inches.


What’s additional is the provision of a water bottle cage where you can keep the cold water or juice if going for a long ride, paint-shedding stickers to save the iron frame from rust and make it last longer and a cipher lock.


This also comes with assembly tools so the striking feature of this model, apart from the shifters, is the add-ons. You can easily assemble the ride using the provided instruction manual and anyone of the age 14-60 can ride it with similar ease.


Key Specifications

  • Weight capacity up to 330 lbs
  • 24 Inch Tricycle with 3 wheels.
  • Basket size’s load capacity 67 lbs.
  • Rear basket is 21×18 inch


  • Impressive derailleur allowing a speed transition of 7 levels
  • Wide rear basket
  • A range of six colors
  • A variety of useful add-ons
  • The wheel rims are very thin so are comparatively weak.


5. Happybuy 24 Inch 7-Speed Tricycle


It is a conveniently manufactured bike with minor issues. It is rated to be highly user-friendly, effortless on the foot, adaptable for many terrains and light on the pocket: a top competitor in the tricycle range if you ask.


The design is very low-lying to permit easy mounting low center of gravity for increased stability. It comes in five different colors and the material of the frame is iron which is claimed to be high quality but that doesn’t deny the fact that it can catch rust if not taken proper care.


The design scheme is simple with only important links forming the body and not anything extra which makes it one of the most lightweight tricycles in the list.


Speed sifting becomes easy due to the gradients on the handle. It not only makes an indication of which gear is currently working but also simplifies the functionality.


The saddle is soft and contains flexible back support that carries the same advantage as discussed earlier. The coil turns are less which incurs a risk of being slackening if a heavy person sits on it for a long time.


The rear wheels are fully shielded with fenders and the rear basket is large enough to hold cargoes amounting to about 70-80 lbs as this trike can sustain a combined weight of 300lbs.


The rims are cast out of alloy and spokes out of stainless steel so durability is not an issue. The prominent negative point of this model is time-consuming assembling.


It comes in a highly unfinished position and contains a lot of connectors and nails that have to be screwed with precision. You can consult the company and watch YouTube videos buy that means more time which can be frustrating because once you have the package, you would want it to be quickly ready to function but not the case here.


Key Specifications

  • 7 Speed Trike
  • 5 Colors
  • Weight capacity up to 300 lbs.
  • 24 Inch Tricycle with 3 wheels.
  • The 3 wheels tricycle with Ultra-large capacity foldable basket.
  • Alloy rims with stainless-steel spokes


  • Top bike in such a price
  • Low lying design allows easy mounting and greater stability
  • Back wheels are shielded with fenders
  • The saddle contains flexible back support
  • Iron frame which can catch rust
  • Time consuming assembling


6. Northwoods Rock Point (Best Tricycles For Adults)


Carrying the same design as the Schwinn Meridian, this model is only available in dark grey color. Instead of being a single speed bike, it is armed with authentic Shimano 7 speed Revo twist shifters which correspond to a higher price than the previous model.


The shifters allow for an experience of effortless pedaling and easy journey, be it fetching household items from the nearby grocery store or leaving your kid to his school, going for a picnic with a bag at the back or visiting your grandmother who lives over the hill.


The shifters can be used smoothly to access minor inclines without difficulty although it is best suited for flat roads.


You can race towards a place you are getting late for using the 7-speed system now. It has brought versatility to the riding experience.


The 24-inch tricycle had a weight holding capacity of 350 lbs. The frame is fashioned out of steel which is strong but the back tires lack fenders. This would mean an increased amount of mud and loose gravel disturbing your ride and messing up your rear basket’s package primarily. It would be better if you can install mudguards on this ride.


The saddle is spring loaded and very soft with back support. It enables a straight, upright posture while you drive and reduces back pains due to extended riding as the backbone gets straight. The basket also contains a reflector to alarm the riders coming from behind.


The brake system is fully functional with the provision of front and rear caliper brakes that can be applied for safe stopping. The handlebar and saddle can be adjusted according to your height. It is suitable for a 5 feet girl or a 6 feet man simultaneously. The chain guard is protected just like the Schwinn Meridian model.


The cost of this tricycle increases due to the presence of shifters but as a whole, it is a considerably great purchase provided you can install mudguards on it.


Key Specifications

  • Wheels Diameter 24 inch
  • Weight 57 lbs
  • Shimano 7 speed Revo twist shifters for effortless pedaling and shifting
  • BRAKE system boasts front and back braking of wheels for ensured and safe stopping


  • 7 speed sifters for effortless and versatile riding experience
  • Lighter than Schwinn Meridian
  • The saddle contains a back support for upright posture
  • No fenders on the back wheels



Editor’s Verdict On Best Cheap 3 Wheel Adult Tricycle

We discussed both single speed and 6/7 speed tricycles in the article. First of all, you have to decide which one is better suited to your needs. If you require a single-speed bike, Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike would be our best pick but it receives a good competition from Goplus model. There is an added benefit of storage in the Goplus model but if you are okay with the rear basket storage, we would recommend the Schwinn bike.

For those who require geared tricycles, the decision gets a bit complicated because the enlisted models are so toe-to-toe in features and price. Komodo 24 inch model and Mantis Tri-Rad have to be carefully chosen best all-rounders because they offer utility and reliability at affordable rates.

Northwoods Rock Point tricycle is a bit expensive. Other models come from small company names but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are not worthy. If you can work out with their issues, they can be excellent purchases for you. We hope to have aided you in every aspect and hope you make the best decision.

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