Fastest Hoverboards In The World To Buy In 2021

You don’t automatically associate hoverboards with high speeds but get ready to experience that thrill in this article because it will be nothing but the sheer speed and nerve-tingling pace here.

There was a time when the first hoverboard was introduced by Hovertrax in 2013. It was a two-wheeled machine with low speed and not-so-high stability. But from there, it has come a long way.

Now, we are talking about extremely stable and responsive machines that can cruise and steer at lightening speeds of above 10 miles per hour. Their widespread popularity was gauged by the manufacturers who starting investing serious efforts in this field and came up with incredible models.

Motors grew in power, wheels became rugged and stability algorithms improved. All these capabilities merged together to form speedy and safe hoverboards. Today, we will be talking about the fastest hoverboards in the world and this article will be specifically appealing for those who are obsessed with speed.

We have included those models which have a top speed of or higher than 10 miles per hour and have limited or no issues. Customer reviews were skimmed through and professional reviews were studied before choosing the enlisted models. There isn’t a single model that qualifies for a substandard hoverboard because, for us, quality is the most important.

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What Should The Fastest Hoverboard Contain?

Here are some of the capabilities that you must see in a model before purchasing it.


That’s the most important feature to analyze because these will define the maximum speed of a hoverboard. Generally, the higher the power rating of the motor in watts, the more its top speed is. However, this relationship can be denied if the construction of the motor is superior. In that case, even a low power motor can provide speed equivalent to motors with higher wattage.

Generally, we will be talking about the power of 300-400 watts in this list and that’s what you should be keeping in mind as well. Anything less than that and you will get speeds of below 9 MPH which is not acceptable for high speed lovers. You should eye at a max speed of at least 9 MPH. The list contains models that permit a top speed till 12 MPH.


Almost all of the models in this list are highly durable and meant for off-road conditions as well. They are either constructed with aluminum, ABS polymer or steel and contain wheels that are at least 8.5 inches in size.

When you go on high speeds, the impact forces increase and thus the built of the hoverboard should be very durable and rugged.


What good will be high speed if it lasts for only 20-30 minutes? That’s why the model you purchase must contain high-quality motors that are at least 3.5 Ah, have low charging times and provides a range of at above 8 miles.

Swagtron comes with their patented SentryShield protective coating on the batteries which shields against overheating but if you are not a fan of this company, make sure that the battery of your selected product passes UL2271 and UL2272 certification. If it contains a Battery Management System, that is even better.

Bluetooth Speakers:

Would it feel okay to be streaming along with platforms swiftly in total silence? Of course, no. Unless there is music to uplift your mood while hovering on these boards, its never a fulfilling commute. Almost every new model considers the importance of integrating Bluetooth speakers in the hoverboards but there are many that still haven’t got them.

Be wary of these models and get the one that contains studio-level speakers. By the way, there are always exceptions and people who are not interested in speakers can get one without them. Ensure that you can control the volume of the speakers because there are even some very good models that lack this feature.


Why Should You Buy Fast Hoverboard?

It gets you to places

Now think of a situation when you have to reach your college within 15 minutes but the road is flocked with cars, lorries, and bikes. It would take you ages if you choose to go on a motor vehicle because there are traffic and signals to follow so you can easily take out your hoverboard and race across the footpaths to your destination.

Neither do you have to stay at red light nor there will be traffic that won’t allow you to pass over. It’s faster and smaller than a cycle which allows you to squeeze through tight corners.

It’s cooler

Heavy bikes and skateboards have become common nowadays. But entering the gate of your university on a hoverboard would just not be a cool entry but it would also roll female eyeballs towards you. Who doesn’t like attention and this board would help you get that.

If you are in a hostel located near the university, getting ready and reaching for your classes on the motorized board would enable you to never get late for them.

There’s thrill

That’s the most obvious point. Why do Formula 1 racers are not afraid to go over 400 km/h? That’s because they take thrill in them. It is an inexpensive and safer way of taking that sort of a thrill. Whizzing on cemented platforms and tarmac roads on fast hoverboards is one of the best ways of satisfying your speed cravings.


Top 6 Fast Speed Hoverboards In The World


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1. Gyroor G-F1

There won’t be a single reader here who hasn’t heard about Formula 1 racing. You would also know about the design and shape of cars used in those racing events. This hoverboard is the Formula 1 version of hoverboards – clearly depicted by F1 in the model name.

Stylish design inspired from Formula 1 racing cars:

Available in silver and yellow color, the design is one to die for just like F1 cars. It features a wide segmented design with a central raised platform that includes the handle from where it can be held and transported from one place to another. Curves of the board are refined and the edges are supremely manufactured without a hint of substandard processing. Wide tires are covered with fenders that complete the look of a ravishing hoverboard.

Powerful motors:

Jumping straight to the motors because that’s where the power to achieve high speed comes from. Equipped with dual 350 Watt motors, it can hit a max speed of 10-12 MPH. Think about that – streaming on a spacious running field with hair flying and air pressing against your cheeks, wouldn’t it be a sight to die for?

All-terrain wheels:

Tires are the next thing that makes this model a huge hit despite being overpriced than standard hoverboards. The tires are 8.5 inches wide and inculcated with all-terrain capability which renders it useful on terrains like mud, sand, and gravel. They offer great impact reduction and can access slopes of 18 degrees.

Portable and removable battery:

As for the battery, it’s another new thing. Instead of unremovable battery, it is fitted with a removable battery for portable charging. The battery contains 20 cells, is rated at 4 Ah, takes 2 hours to charge and -give a high run time. No need to carry the whole hoverboard near a socket anymore. This superb invention lets you charge battery anytime and anywhere.

Portable handle- first of its kind:

It’s also the first hoverboard to have a portable handle that lets you carry it around easily. Not only is this hoverboard convenient to ride, but also to carry and store.

Music on the go:

Bluetooth speakers have been integrated to give an upbeat riding experience and can easily be connected with any smartphone. Front LEDs are stylish and high in illumination which provides you the opportunity to ride at night also.

High safety standards:

F-1 has been safety approved owing to its UL2271 and UL2272 certifications alongside FCC, RoHS and CE testing which also makes it one of the safest hoverboards in the world in recent times.

Controllable through a smartphone app:

Much to the convenience of the tech-driven riders, it can be controlled through a smartphone app that can signal the speakers on and off, view the current speed and the status of the battery, change LED lights and switch between child and adult mode. There’s a complete range of other operations you can execute from the app.

All in all, it’s a great model to purchase if you are a speed lover. It contains nothing which one can hate.

  • Formula F1 design
  • Portable handle
  • Max speed of 10-12 MPH
  • Removable battery which allows portable charging
  • 8.5-inch all-terrain wheels
  • Very safe
  • Can be operated through a smartphone app
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • A bit expensive


2. Lamborghini TwoDots

You might have heard about only cars form Lamborghini but that’s not it. Their off-road hoverboard is one piece to certainly talk about too.

Immersed in an outstanding sleek design comprising of raised fenders and sharp-curved bodies, it is nothing less than a sports car of hoverboards.

Speed and range:

Owing to its dual 400-watt motors. It can achieve a max speed of 9.3 MPH and a range of 9 miles on part of its 4.3 Ah battery. Constructed with aluminum alloy, it holds a great balance between strength and weight. One may ask how strong it is; it can hold a max weight of 260 pounds. That’s how much!

Ingenious all-terrain wheels:

It’s 8.5-inch all-terrain wheels doesn’t feature the standard thick, patterned tire treads but it works on the dynamics solely. Made of rubber, they are ingeniously engineered to absorb shocks and pass comfortably over terrains like mud, grass, and puddles of water. The rims feature a sunflower-like design which is an attraction in itself.

Stylish LEDs:

LED headlights to add up to the stylish aesthetics we have been raving form the start. Food pads are wide and provide a good cushioning effect. Regardless it is to mention the self-balancing technology because it scores full marks in that department.

Smart mobile app:

One particular feature that needs recognition is the mobile app connectivity which enables the rider to control modes from the road, sports, and racing. How cool is that! He can also monitor the status of the battery, the speed and control the sensitivity of the steering.

Bluetooth 4.0 speakers:

For further enjoyment, it comes integrated with high-quality, studio-like Bluetooth speakers the volume of which can be adjusted according to the rider’s personal desire. It passes all safety tests and has a multi-layer battery protective coating. It may be expensive for some but provided the features, it is a reasonable bargain.

  • Dual 400 watt motors
  • Max speed of 9.3 MPH and a range of 9 miles
  • Bluetooth 4.0 speakers
  • 8.5-inch all-terrain wheels
  • Very stylish design
  • Weight limit of 260pounds
  • Great app which controls modes, speed and steering sensitivity
  • A bit expensive for some


3. Swagboard Swagtron T6

Just like every other article on hoverboards, the Swagboard model creeps in this list as well with perfection. T6 model might have featured in various other lists of top hoverboards as well which depicts how superior it is.

Lightning speed:

As for the sake of this article, we would first discuss its motors. It is bedecked with dual 300-Watt motors that permit a max speed of almost 12 MPH. You heard that right! 12 miles per hour! That makes it on par with the Gyroor F-1 model. The battery is powerful enough to be giving a range of 12 miles provided the rider doesn’t weigh above 300 pounds which is considerably good, if not only the best.

The largest wheels a hoverboard can have:

10-inch all-terrain and inflatable tires add enhanced value to this model because you wouldn’t find this size anywhere else in the list. This large size increases the surface area with the road or any other platform it travels on, reduces the pressure and ultimately the impact reaching the body of the rider which accounts for a highly stable and smooth ride. Conveniently enough, it can pass over small pebbles, mud and small puddles of water. Also, there is a need to mention that it can access slopes of 30 degrees.

SentryShield protection:

Moving on to the safety of the hoverboard which is one of the prime concerns of the buyer although it has been taken care of largely since the product recall. T6 includes the patented SentryShiled protection on the battery which saves it from sparking and heating up. It also adhered to the UL2272 regulations.

World record weight capacity of 420 pounds:

Now, the weight capacity. Readers will be astonished to find out that it can hold weights up o 420 pounds which is the greatest in the world, at least to out vast knowledge. No matter how obese you are, if you are into hoverboards, this is the model you pick however one mustn’t expect the top speed if he is really heavy.

Bluetooth speakers:

What’s more; there are the Bluetooth speakers that take your riding routine up a notch. T6 comes with a better and louder sound than all the previous models and it is also controllable through an app. There is an onboard battery indicator, LEDs on both sides to warn the person or ride coming from the opposite side and strong, aluminum frame.

Heavy Hoverboard:

There has been some testing by the customers and they found out that T6 faced a bit of limitation in passing through tight corners because of the heavy build. It weighs about 40 pounds which makes it one of the heaviest hoverboards in the market.

  • Max speed of 12 MPH
  • Weight capacity of 420lbs which is greatest in the world
  • SentryShield protective coating on the battery
  • Range of 12 miles
  • 10-inch wide off road tires
  • Bluetooth speakers present with great sound
  • One of the heaviest hoverboard in the market



We didn’t miss this beauty in our list of off-road hoverboards and we will not do that in this list either; it’s that sort of a hoverboard. Beautiful, fast, all-terrain and durable.

Keep the price in mind:

You would have seen that we start with the positives first but let’s reverse that for a change. That’s because it’s got only one; the price. Only if you are a die-hard fan of swift hoverboards you can buy this machine because it costs more than $500 which makes it the most expensive model of the list.

But don’t lose your heart. Go through the pros before discarding the idea of buying this superb hovering board.

Top speed and stability:

Furnished with dual 400 Watt motors, it can achieve a top speed of 10 MPH for about an hour on a single charge. One design consideration that has accounted for greater stability in this particular model is the presence of motors on the board instead of the wheels. As the center of gravity stays in the middle, it renders more stability to it.

Go wherever you want:

Rubber tires are 8.5 inches in size and offer all-terrain capabilities owing to their width and rugged treads. Fashioned out of high-quality rubber, the tires provide high grip and easy maneuverability and not only this, they can climb a slope of 18 degrees with comfort. Fenders on wheels are constructed with steel that protects them from any damage while the IP56 rating ensures that they can be used in minor splashes along with sand and mud.

Fast charging:

LG battery can be charged within 2 hours and give a range of 10 miles. It is certified with UL2271 smart battery certification and UL2272 safety certification that ensures it is completely safe. In fact, it has passed about 159 safety tests before bestowing grace to the shelves of the market and online platforms.

Durable and exciting with Bluetooth speakers:

Shell of the hoverboard is made of ABS polymer which is extremely durable while the wide footpad design doesn’t cramp up any rider as some riders have a large foot and find it difficult to place their shoes on the footpads.

LED lights are present for nighttime cruising while 4.0 Bluetooth speakers give high-quality music streaming. No need to use any headphones or hands-free while traveling on this hoverboard.

Higher stability, good ratings, fast charging, and wide footpads are the highlight of this model and one simply cannot deny its superiority in these fields.

  • Dual 400 watt motors
  • Top speed of 10 MPH and range of 10 miles
  • Higher stability
  • 8.5-inch all-terrain wheels
  • IP56 rated
  • Fast charging
  • Shell constructed with ABS polymer
  • 0 Bluetooth speakers
  • Wide footpads
  • Very expensive
  • No mobile app


5. TOMOLOO V2 Eagle Hoverboard

Nothing beats this classic hoverboard if you are the type of customer that relies heavily on reviews before purchasing a particular product. Reviewed by over 900 customers, the majority of which blessed it with a 5-star rating, this model gives tough competition to others in this list although is not extremely fast.

350-watt dual motors:

Let’s discuss the motors first. It is furnished with dual 350 Watt motors that provide a top speed of 9.3 MPH and a turning radius of zero degrees which is simply superb. You must have heard about zero turn lawn mowers and how easy they make mowing at tight corners. Well, this makes turning anywhere possible. No need to look for an extra foot or two to change the direction, simply spin it at its axis.

Go anywhere with the 8.5-inch wheels:

Tires are 8.5 inches in size and never get flat as they are non-pneumatic rubber in nature. More to it, they can go over all sorts of tough terrains like gravel, grass and cobbled streets. The grip is good and the slope climbing ability rests at 20 degrees which is great to have. You can drive this thing over the first floor of your college if there is a sloped passage on the side of the stairs. How cool would that be!

Safety on the impressive side:

Safety scored full marks. Constructed from fire-resistance material, it is durable enough to withstand overheating of the battery but there won’t be as it is UL2272 certified. There are all sorts of checks integrated into the 4.3 Ah battery like overcharging protection, over-current protection, short-circuit prevention and overheating shielding. Charge it without worrying about any accidents.

Bluetooth 4.2 speakers:

To further enthrall the readers, it contains new Bluetooth 4.2 stereo speakers that are worthy of proving studio level sound without pressurizing the battery. How great is that? You can listen to rap, fast or slow music at will while riding.

Mobile app for more control:

In addition to it, there is a smartphone app that increases the rider’s control on the hoverboard. You can perform all sorts of functions with the app like changing the color of the RGB LEDs, switching the modes of the machine from adult to learner. If your child is recalcitrant on riding this kids hoverboard, adjust the speed and set Auto shut downtime which can be a great feature if you are not sure about the juice left in the battery.

  • Max speed of 9.3 MPH
  • Reviewed by more than 1000 customers
  • 8.5-inch wheels with slope climbing ability of 20 degrees
  • Safe battery
  • Bluetooth 4.2 stereo speakers
  • Turning radius of zero degrees
  • Mobile app to control the hoverboard with an auto shut down feature
  • Reasonably priced
  • Not as fast as some of the other models


6. Gyroor Warrior

Gyroor features twice in this list owing to this model. This is another off-road model with enough specifications to enthrall the readers.

Max speed:

The board is fitted with two 35o Watt motors that give a top speed of 10 MPH and a range of 7.5-9.5 miles. As the tires are fitted with shock absorption pedals, motors get saved form impact and give a longer life as a result.

Go anywhere with off-road wheels:

You would love the 8.5-inch all-terrain wheels because of their high-grip tire treads and stylish aluminum rims. It can go over dirt, mud, and grass along with slopes of 30 degrees.

Available in three colors of blue, red and black, it contains RGB LEDs and raised fenders for a slick outlook. It gets charged in only 2 hours and is fitted with Bluetooth speakers.

Music on the go:

Forget those silent and slow roller-skating commutes with this all-terrain hoverboard which can easily be connected with your smartphone and play the music you desire on the go. There is a dedicated mobile app than can control the settings of the hovering board like speed, light switching, and mode changing. It’s IP54 water resistant and can sustain a max weight of 265 pounds.

A few negative comments:

Although the majority of customers appreciated the product, there were very few who complained about the shaking of the board while riding. It may have been the high weight or a defected piece, but negative reviews were like needle in a haystack.

  • Max speed of 10 MPH
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • 8.5-inch all terrain tires
  • Three colors
  • Stylish design
  • Mobile app support
  • Some complained about shaking and instability



  1. What is the top speed of a hoverboard?

Among this list, the fastest hoverboard is the Swagtron T6 and Gyroor G-F1 if the person riding it is not very heavy. Their top speed is 12 MPH.

  1. What to look for in a fast hoverboard?

The top considerations for such a hoverboard have been mentioned at the start of the article although the top speed, range, battery charging time, built of the board and ruggedness of the wheels are the top qualities to check before the final purchase.

  1. Is a fast hoverboard safe?

The modern models are all very safe in terms of electric safety and balancing stability. Even then, the riders are advised to wear helmets and knee and elbow caps while driving them.


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There is not much to conclude about this article except that you are the one who will make the final decision. We have presented you with in-depth details about the top products in terms of speed, reliability, and quality.

If the price is an issue, you should keep your hands and eyes away from the EPIKGO hoverboard. And if you a the type of customer who regards reviews greatly, then you must choose TOMOLOO or Swagboard T6.

Best of luck with the model you purchase.

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