GPS Watch for Kids Safety and Location Tracking in 2022

If knowing your child’s location in the growing tense scenario of the world gives you relief then you ought to know of a GPS watch for kids.

Technology has impacted virtually all aspects of our lives. One of the many advantages it provides is the ability to know one’s location.

For curious parents, a kid’s smartwatch with GPS can be a sigh of relief. Giving you the ability to check the child’s current location is an unparalleled power.

In present times of vices and crimes, this control is necessary. According to the FBI, in 2019 there were 421,394 NCIC entries for missing children. In 2018, the total number of missing children entries into NCIC was 424,066.

Your child can be one of these too! I don’t think any parent would let that happen.

GPS can be helpful in keeping an eye on the children or in a worst-case scenario help to find one. It’s available on some wearable gadgets and smartphones. Obviously, you can’t hand over a smartphone to a kid, therefore, smartwatches and pendants are the best of options.

With smartwatches, parents can contact their children anytime, simultaneously allowing freedom yet safety to the child. The watch can easily pair with parent’s smartphones.

This allows parents to remotely monitor the activities and position of the child in real-time and keep track of the history of the movement too.

Most of all the available GPS smartwatches on the internet are supported by both the operating systems, Android and IOS, which is a great point.

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This article gives a look into the best GPS watches for kids. This shall make decision-making easier for you amidst a myriad of choices on the internet.

Knowing what to buy is critical, as Francis Bacon says: “Knowledge is power”.

How To Select GPS Watch For Your Kids

With so many GPS watches on the market, it can be tough to find the best one for your child. This article will present five of our favorites, and also provide you with some helpful guidelines to consider when purchasing a GPS watch for your kid.

The main features which one should consider before making the purchase are as follows :

1. Value for money/features provided

It’s important to take note of the features of the watch relative to the price offered. It’s unfair to term a watch expensive comparatively if it gives more out of the social. As it targets the sensitive part of society (children). It should be made with soft, acceptable materials for kids. Children tend to be choosy and easily reject any change. The target should be to make it look appealing from a toddler’s point of view. The straps should be soft with the watch being light weighted.

2. Ease of subscription

The ease with which a watch can be used is also important. Services vary between WiFi, Sim-networks such as 2G, 3G, 4G. Carrier-based options and speeds in your area should be considered.

3. User interface

The user interface should be easy for both ends (parents and children). The software on the parent’s phone which is synchronized with the kid smartwatch should be fast and give them systemized options with clarity.

On the child’s part, the icons should be big in size, colorful and attractive. The watch application should work with both Android and iOS.

4. Accuracy and speed of tracking

Accuracy of tracking is a must-have in the device. Nowadays advanced techniques are incorporated to determine the location along with GPS. LBS system is available on some gadgets which along with GPS and cellular networks determines the more accurate position.

Moreover, some kids GPS watches also come with either wifi or GPRS 2G,3G,4G. You’ll find very rare a kid smartwatch with GPS, LBS, Wifi Cellular connectivity. So, if you get an opportunity to buy such a multi-feature watch then don’t think any further and buy that one without a second thought.

5. Durability – Waterproof & Battery Life

Kids are great power-packs of energy. They tend to run, jump, stumble and repeat the cycle. Thus the material has to be sturdy to bear wear and tear. The majority of toddlers love to take a dive into the puddle so water-proofing can be a lifesaver. If the battery lasts long then this can relieve the parents of the fear of the battery dying out in critical times.

6. History and track of movement

GPS watches are supposed to give you location but the wider spectrum provided can give superiority. Some watches give you location in real-time while some give a track record of all the motions. A combination of both can be ideal.

7. GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is the gospel in the list of must-have features The accurate positioning relies on the usage of GPS, LBS, and a cellular network. Any one of these or all of these can be used to determine location. The GPS service imparts safety features that are as follows:

8. Safety assurance of the child

When you are looking for a watch that can give you peace of mind then it’s necessary to explore the safety features offered.

9. Geofencing

This feature allows parents to set up a particularly defined radius on the map within which the child can move. His movement out of this range will be immediately notified on the parent’s phone.

10. SOS Signal

It’s imperative to look for an SOS button on the kid’s watch as this shall help him in danger.


Top 10 GPS Watches For Kids 2021

Tracking your kids right now is a big problem. There are so many options to choose from and it’s hard to know which one is the best. After hours of research, we narrowed it down to 10 different watches that are the best GPS watches for kids. Whether you’re looking for a budget watch or something more advanced, we have you covered with our recommendations.

Below are our choices for the 10 best GPS watches for kids tracking and safety.


Best GPS Watches For Kids

Smartwatches for children are a great way to help your kids be more active, and let them have some autonomy. We believe that as kids get older, they should have more control over what they do, so we’ve compiled a list of the best GPS watches for kids to help you find the perfect option for your child.

1. Tick Talk 3: Editor’s Choice – Overall Best Kids Watch With GPS

Tick talk 3 is the GO-TO watch for the ones seeking a multi-feature smartwatch. It has a beautiful design and serves its purpose well.

Despite being a little pricy this watch gives you virtually everything. Features such as the 2-way audio and video calling are unique, thanks to the 2MP camera.

With features like reminders, voice messages and do not disturb mode, an edge is given to this choice. All stuff is present in its entirety: Pedometer, stopwatch, calculator, calendar; you name it.


The design is cool and attractive. There is an option to change straps to match it with the dress (bought separately).


It’s a 4G LTE standalone smartwatch that comes with a SIM card slot that must be appreciated. It not only allows you to make and receive phone calls and text messages but also provides you fast speeds of internet connection but requires a working data connection.

A wide variety of frequencies is available for SIM card carriers. However, Verizon is not one of them and the tick talk company recommends the usage of Red Pocket SIM with either AT&T or T-mobile’s network.

The other option to get connected with your loved one is through Wifi connection is a PowerPoint that enables wifi calling too.

GPS Tracking

Tic talk 3 watch is a pure beast when it comes to GPS tracking. The GPS service is exceptional in the options (of watches) available. In areas of weak GPS signals, the watch has a great backup plan. An LBS system is also present that works pretty well when the GPS signals are diminished.

Behold! The power of this watch is yet to come.

That is a 4G LTE connection. It enhances call experience and it is very beneficial in tracking location. With blazing-fast speeds of the internet, this system gives an edge over others.

Water Resistant

Tick talk 3 comes with an IP67 rating that means it’s water-resistant and a 1m dip in the water or walks through a rainstorm won’t be an issue.

Main Features:

  • Provide better accuracy in location via GPS and LBS
  • Wifi & 4G LTE connectivity
  • 2-way audio and video communication
  • Waterproof
  • 4G and wifi connectivity
  • Accurate GPS positioning
  • GPS, LBS helps to track location in no cellular network coverage areas
  • Waterproof
  • Little Expensive
  • No games available


This is “THE GPS WATCH FOR KIDS” because it gives you everything ranging from gimmicky to most useful features. If you can afford to spend some money then go for it.


2. Lsflair – Low Budget Kids GPS Watch

This is a GSM supported watch for very concerned parents. It packs a lot of unique features. It caters to all the basic necessities of a GPS watch and that too with a comparatively lower price. Children can set routines with the help of reminders and alarms. Digital math games are available which can improve brain growth.


The design is pretty and attractive for kids. It has a flashlight which is a highlighting feature. The flashlight can help kids in the dark.

2 Way Call / Don’t Disturb Mode

There is a 2-way call option through 2G cellular networks. Voice chats and group chats can be carried out. A do not disturb mode helps your child concentrate on studies during school time.

GPS tracking

The gadget utilizes GPS in the true sense to confirm the position. The GPS positioning is accurate to about 50m.

If your kid has to take a trip through the subway, GPS network positioning may suffer but here we have the LBS system that gives accurate location.

A 2G SIM network can also help in location services along with the GPS & LBS. So a safer performance is expected.

Safety of the child

An SOS emergency alarm system is also found in this watch. Whenever the child senses danger all he has to do is press and hold the SOS button which will send messages to 3 family persons.

Geofencing allows parents to set a limited area on the map in which the child can move. As soon as the kid leaves the specified area, parents are notified.

  • 2-way call
  • SOS emergency alarm
  • Flashlight
  • GPS + LBS + Cellular
  • Accurate location in real-time
  • Geofencing
  • Standalone smartwatch
  • SOS button gives a sense of safety
  • 3 way system to determine position (GPS + LBS + Cellular)
  • Intuitive games
  • Flashlight
  • Works only with a 2G SIM
  • No wifi connectivity


This is a great smartwatch for kids to buy, it gives an accurate location and keeps the kid safe with GPS tracking. Also, it keeps them indulged in games whilst mending the routine.


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3. Karaforna Watch – Attractive Design Kids GPS Watch

The Karaforna watch has a variety of options. This one with GPS tracking is a worthy competitor in the field. A multifunctional watch that works with a working Sim connection makes it even more valuable.

The features offered are overwhelming as compared to the price tag. You get all the routine options. 2-way call, a good camera, voice chat, and group chat functions. Reminder, an alarm clock is there. The presence of a Flashlight and games keeps the interest of the kids.


This particular watch stands out in the design department. The watch boasts a charming and unique design on the straps. A clear winner in the design segment. Karaforna watch is available in 4 different colors. It comes in pink, blue, purple and black colors. The watch size is good for sight and the screen is easy to touch and handle.

GPS tracking

It uses a cellular network (2G) GPS and LBS to triangulate position. In addition to this wifi network connection is also available and can replace the cellular network option in finding the exact location of the object.

The GPS on this watch is itself a powerful feature. This needs no aid. If you are a trekking-lover who carries kids along then this can give peace of mind. In a Rocky terrain, the GPS may suffer, here the LBS feature on your kid’s watch can come in handy.

You can set up your camp in the hilly landscape and allow the kid to roam around knowing that you have his back(via GPS).

In outdoors, the combination of WiFi, GPS, and an LBS system gives an accurate location that has an error of fewer than 30 meters.

Safety of the child

SOS feature is helpful to parents to react to trouble with the kids. If your kid is afraid of bullying and fears there’s no one to help him, give him this watch. When the child presses the button you receive the emergency notification and can help him out.

With geofencing, you can make sure the kid is playing within the neighborhood and can not go astray.

  • Minimal radiation
  • SOS system
  • Geofencing
  • Accurate positioning
  • It’s an economical watch
  • Safer for eyes due to minimal radiation.
  • GPS and LBS for accurate location
  • WiFi service is a plus
  • Not waterproof


Karaforna is probably one of the best GPS watches you can buy for your child. The karaforna company carefully crafts the design of its screens and tames the brightness to a low radiation value. The incorporation of GPS and LBS leaves no stone unturned in providing you the best and most accurate location.


4. Fediman – Best Smartwatch For Skeptic Parents

The options offered by this piece of gadgetry are innumerous. Considering the median price range it is good for multiple purposes.

Math games and timed alarm clocks are beneficial to enhance brain function and develop a routine. Two-way call enhances communication between parents and toddlers. Peaceful acquiring of knowledge can be done with a Class mode. The presence of a good camera seals the deal.

GPS tracking

It makes use of the latest technology that is an LBS system to triangulate the location. GPS, LBS combined with a working network connection makes the location more accurate and precise.

Both the systems (GPS & LBS) work in harmony to increase accuracy and precision. Therefore, the result of this tracing is reliable and fast.

Electronic fencing

The feature to demarcate the specified area of movement for your child is an added one of the GPS TRACKING. Parents can take a carefree nap knowing that the adolescent will play only in the neighborhood and not go astray.

Safety of the child

SOS system sets alarm in parent’s phones when the kid is in danger. This is a must-have feature.

Voice monitoring

The uncanny option being the voice monitoring feature. This feature allows parents to remotely listen child’s voice to know of his/her condition. This feature is subject to privacy breach issues but it is compensated with a Reward feature for kids. Loving reward encourages children to abide by rules.

  • Voice monitoring
  • Remote camera
  • Electronic fence (same as geofencing)
  • SOS
  • Math games
  • Voice monitoring gives parents an edge
  • Intuitive math games
  • SOS adds to the safety of kids
  • Electronic fence keeps child under close monitoring
  • Only 2G connection Sim works
  • No wifi


This sets a standard for a good watch. If you want to routine and develop the gross-motor skills of a child, this watch will serve the purpose well. Voice monitoring and best location strategies make this watch a worthy candidate in the list of kids GPS watches.


5. Themoemoe – Best GPS Smartwatch Value For Money

The Themoemoe kids watch is a similar option to the Fediman watch. It gives all of the regular features with a cherry on top being water-resistant with an IP67 rating.

Providing a wide variety of options the low price tag on this device seems to be unrealistic.

The watch is the best value for money by all means. It gives you a camera with a 2-way call feature. The alarm clock, reminder, and flashlight are the salient features of this watch. Classroom mode and a long-lasting battery complete the package.

The forbidden mode will not create a nuisance in the classroom so your kid can learn easily. Forbidden mode is present in the Themoemoe watch. This mode shall keep the watch silent while the child attends class. The duration of the forbidden mode is set by the parents. This is mostly the time during which the kid stays in school


This is the winner in giving you a safe IP67 rating. This allows you to take a dive into the water and still not damage the watch.

GPS tracking

GPS tracking on this watch is top-notch. It works really well and gives you good real-time tracking of your child.

2G cellular connection can allow you to contact your child in an emergency or even you can guide him/her to school on the phone. This connection can help in location tracking utilizing the nearest signal tower data.

The backup plan is best. You get an LBS system too. By any chance you lose GPS signals (which is going to be rare) LBS will take over and that too with ease and accuracy.

A historical record of the footprints aids in keeping a track record of the activities. If your child has a habit of wavering off then this feature is most useful for you.

You can have his track of movements right in front of your eyes.

Safety of the kid

Remote camera allows freedom to parents. They can observe their child while staying in the comfort of their chair or from the workplaceIf you feel your child is getting into trouble often. You can remotely peep into his surroundings via the remote camera feature.

  • Remote camera
  • Inexpensive
  • Long stands time
  • IP67 waterproofing
  • Reasonable price
  • IP67 rating
  • GPS + LBS
  • 2G SIM Connectivity To Make/Receive Calls
  • No wifi connection


If your child likes to have a tech gadget on the wrist which is stylish and comfortable then this is an ideal watch. It is best in features and light on the pocket. Moreover, the battery of this watch stands out with its good standby time.


6. LDB Direct – Futuristic Design Kids GPS Watch

The LDB watch attracts the eye. It suffices all the needs with pretty much the regular ingredients. 2-way calls, a Phone book, and voice chat characterize the communication department of the watch.

Math Games make it intriguing for the pupils to enjoy while continuing to learn. This prepares the pupil for future endeavors in life.

The anti-lost feature comes to use when the child misplaces a watch within the house whereas an alarm option helps your child to get up timely.

A flashlight lights up your world while the waterproofing gives parents peace of mind when near the pool. The presence of a good quality camera makes it special.


The design is somewhat classy and unique and is available in 2 different colors. Pink and blue are the available options.

GPS tracking

Integration of a GPS, GPRS, and LBS technology makes minimal mistakes in location if any. GPS is like the gospel for kids watch. It makes use of radio waves guided by satellites.

The 2G network SIM also gives it a share in finding the location that is readily available in most parts of the country.

LBS System takes records of nearby spots and updates location accordingly. This makes tracking easy and precise.

Safety of the child

The SOS Feature brings safety to the child and parents both. In case of an accident, the child can call for help by the press of a button, thanks to the fast GPS LOCATING ability of the watch.

  • Good design
  • LBS and GPS to triangulate the position
  • Math games
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Anti-lost feature
  • The strap has a futuristic design
  • GPS gives precis location, backed by LBS
  • Works on a 2g connection only


If you are looking for a uniquely designed watch. This is the watch to go for. The option of 2 colors allows you to buy for any gender. It’s a watch with a good and accurate triangulation of position and waterproofing makes it a win-win situation.


7. MeritSoar – Best GPS Watch For 10+ year Kid

The MeritSoar watch boasts a newer and mature design. This is suitable for the relatively older group of children.

The features offered are similar to all different wristwatches of the category.

Your kid wants to learn swimming. No problem! Be free to take a dive because waterproofing is a distinct feature of the very watch.

The pedometer keeps a record of the number of steps your child takes. This can encourage the kids to monitor their exercise and be healthy.

An alarm clock is there to wake you up in the morning for school. A good camera and a flashlight are among other salient points.


This watch gives a solid design and all other options are designed to attract younger children. It’s similar to an adult watch, though the company claims it for 3-12 years yet it’s best for 8 plus kids.


The watch provides a dual-tracking technology for a whole day.

GPS Service enables Real-time tracking of a kid. Your active kid will be under your observation in light of the day and the dark of night. Growing kids are active throughout the day in school and the night is their friend. Therefore, this watch is recommended for relatively older kids. Toddlers of this age want a little more freedom.

LBS services upgrade the capabilities of your child’s watch. Both GPS and LBS integrated together reduces the error to a minimum in finding the location.

  • Mature design
  • Waterproof
  • SOS with LBS and GPS positioning
  • Good design
  • Waterproof watch
  • 2G Cellular connectivity
  • GPS + LBS is available
  • No wifi and Only 2g connection available
  • Expensive

Bottom-line :

It comes with a design that will suffice the needs of a relatively older child. If you can spend a little more and want good for your teen then this could be a better option.


8. Monimo Smartwatch – Cheap GPS Kids Watch

The Monimo watch is submerged into a pool of features while keeping a reasonable tag. The important aspects packed with a waterproof design will attract every toddler to it.

The device has all the mentioned items of other smartwatches for kids with GPS which include alarms, silent modes, and a good battery.

“Listen in” feature is similar to voice monitoring which allows parents to remotely keep an ear to the kid’s activities.

Psychologists prefer children performing certain complex activities to grow and develop. One of those activities is PUZZLES. This watch has a number of puzzle games that will help your child grow and be skillful.

Water Resistant

Waterproofing is a plus. IP67 rating enables the youngster to take a dive into the pool tension-free.


In case you fear your child might end up in the wrong company, this watch has to offer some very useful features.

With voice monitoring, you can sneak into your child’s conversation via his watch. This happens without him knowing of it.

Similarly, The remote camera gives freedom to parents. As they can observe children silently. Good quality of pictures is expected from the camera.

Now you can take steps based on evidence that you have heard yourself.

GPS tracking

Real-time tracking is done with accuracy using GPS tracking. A GPS with a working GPRS connection is enough to keep you updated with the kid’s location.

Some kids are a little tough to handle. The mischievous ones pose a problem. The GPS service can solve the problem while you are looking at the phone directly but no one keeps up with it all the time.

So another feature apart from real-time tracking is the need of the hour. In addition to real-time tracking, the watch application also keeps a record of the footprints named as the FOOTPRINT RECORD. Parents can know where the kid had been wandering via this feature with utmost precision.

Safety of the child

It provides electronic fencing which is the same as geofencing. The utmost useful option in the time of trouble, the SOS button, is also present that rings the alarm of danger.

  • Electronic fence alarm
  • Good screen
  • Real-time tracking
  • Puzzles for brain growth
  • Real-time tracking through GPS
  • Movement record
  • Remote Surveillance Through Audio Video Monitoring
  • No Wifi
  • Only 2G connectivity


You would not want to miss the waterproof feature when it comes to geofencing and footprint tracking (by GPS) watch. There is an advantage of it being cheaper too which compels everyone to come for it.


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9. Bohongde – Best Smartwatch For Voice Call

Bohongde watch is reliable for making quality audio calls. This specific watch has a good weight which is a feature for mature kids.

The design is attractive and gives you power via a number of options. The option comprises 2-way calling, alarms and reminders, voice chats, and SOS features.


The strap design is pretty and the screen of the bohongde watch is a 1.44 inch HD screen. The color reproduction is neat which allows your kid to immerse in a lovely experience.

Safety of the child

An SOS button is found on the right side of the watch. This button comes in handy in a worst-case scenario. If the child senses danger, he could press the button for a 3 second period and notification would be sent your numbers instantly.

Call Option

Communication is made easy with this gadget. The voice quality during calls is most appreciated. Furthermore, the kid can communicate his way to school while he talks to you on a voice call through a 2G cellular network.

GPS tracking

The growing insecurities of the world not only impact you but your little one too.

A lot of kids feel insecure about going away from their guardians. A GPS service assures your kid that he shall stay safe as you can track his position anytime.

A demonstration of GPS location to your kid shall make him feel comfortable because this watch gives really accurate positioning.

  • Good in call quality
  • Good quality screen
  • Safety features
  • GPS
  • The best audio all quality
  • Design is good
  • A pretty heavy watch
  • GPS is not the most accurate

Bottom-line :

The watch is good but only suitable for big strong wrists. This watch stands out in design and weight because some youngsters tend to outgrow childish designs. This might be the choice of 8-year-olds.


10. Ameiqa – Best Budget GPS Watch For Kids

Ameiqa watch is the best watch which is too good to be true.

The features are superfluous which you will surely love. The design is flawless too. This watch brings all of the features to the table. Be it the grooming of your child or safety measurement, this watch can help you.

No watch can give more value for money than this piece. A good-looking screen that gives you a better viewing experience for the kids.

The torch feature will help your child go through the dark plus it can be a playful feature too. Voice chat and group chat allow good communication between the parents and children.

A camera lets your child become familiar with the advancing technology of the world. Besides the beauty purpose, its camera can be used as a tool to ensure safety.

A loving reward is another feature that makes toddlers fall in love with their parents and the watch.

GPS tracking

It’s one of those watches which are laced with the latest technology. LBS utilization gives you an accurate positioning facility. The GPS combined with LBS service can help you find the kid’s location in the remotest of the grounds.

A 2G cellular connection is readily available in most parts of the country. So pairing of 2g connection with GPS results in good positioning.

Safety of the child

An electronic fence notifies parents of the child’s movement out of the boundaries.

SOS is good to signal an emergency on the child’s part. If the child suffers an accident he can simply send a signal of emergency to the parents. The parents can quickly track their kids via GPS tracking. This shall save crucial time which is necessary for healing.

  • The best option with the lowest price
  • Flashlight
  • Geofencing
  • Affordable Price
  • Flashlight
  • No wifi
  • 2G network only


This is undoubtedly the best buy for the basic buyer. Parents get good control over the kid’s activities through this smartwatch. So, if you need to purchase a GPS watch for your kid with minimal expenditure then immediately hit the link and waste no minute in buying this beast.

Editor’s Verdict on GPS Watch For Kids

The clear winner amongst all the options is the Tick Talk 3 smartwatch. The reason it wins the editor’s choice is the wide range of features it gives. Owning this watch is like having everything under one roof which is pretty much the desire of every person.

Get yourself one and then you don’t need to worry. The sturdy yet lightweight design wins the hearts plus the wifi connectivity and the IP rating is worth the price.

The 2MP camera and the 2-way video calling feature enable clear video recording and calls. This paired with the blazing fast speeds of 4g LTE and wifi make smooth videos a normal routine. The wide range of frequencies gives you the freedom to roam around the country. No fatigue of frequency.

The design and features are suitable for a wide window of child ages. Thus ideal for all ages.

The runner-up will have to be the Lsflair watch as it does pretty much a similar job but only with some restrictions.

Benefits of GPS Watch For kids

It is high time for parents to get a GPS watch for their children. This new technology will help in keeping track of your child’s location and activities. It enables you to keep them safe at all times, especially if you live with other family members or have more than one child. They are also very convenient because they receive alerts when your child exceeds a predetermined speed limit or leaves a permissible area.

In addition, this will motivate your kids to be active as they compete against themselves to beat previous scores and records. They can also challenge their friends who own a GPS device too so that they can compete against each other and improve the quality of their workout still further.

They allow you to create virtual fences within specified areas; for instance, you can create virtual barriers to ensure that your children do not stray into specific areas. For example, if there is a danger zone along the highway, this will help prevent any accident from occurring and keep your children safe.

In addition, some GPS watches allow you to monitor things such as heart rate, calories burned, and their activities, hence ensuring they are fit and healthy at all times. They also come with detailed instructions on how to use them, so they do not require any technical expertise to operate.

All these benefits put together makes GPS watch among the best gifts for children that anyone can give them any time of year.


Q1. Are the watches good for small children?

  1. The screens are small and designed to cause minimal harm to the eyes.

Q2. What is the recommended age for use?

  1. Kids between 4-12 years of age can use the watch.

Q3. What is an LBS system? What is its role?

  1. It means Location Based Service and it can help to locate in areas of weak GSM coverage.