Hauck Eco Wagon Review

I get tired of carrying items around the house. Also, when I am planning for a picnic with my friends/family, the idea of hauling all the item form the car parking to the park/beach always evoke a wearisome feeling. And believe me or not, I often get so annoyed by it that I drop the whole plan just because of the trouble involved in carrying things long distance.

Some of my friends used wagons to carry things around for them, and if the truth be told, I was not much in their favor. I had my objections in which time and experience have addressed fully. For instance, one of my prime objections was the size of the wagon. It seemed ridiculous to me that the wagon eats up enormous space in the car trunk, while, it is expected to make life easier. I later discovered that a great majority of them are foldable and can be conveniently placed in all-sized cars.

Over a couple of years, I have tried many wagons and developed a profound likening for them. My interest ranges from heavy-duty beast wagons, of which Wheeleez Heavy Duty Beach Cart is my personal favorite, to all-purposes economical carts, of which Tommy Bahama All-Terrain Cart is the best example.

In this article, I have assesses a wagon manufactured by a toy company: Hauck. Scores of enthusiastic users have blessed it with positive reviews, and their feedback was the main reason I am adding my two cents here. It took me scouting several hours on the internet to provide the most relevant information on this product, so you could save your time.

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Hauck Eco Wagon Review


  • It can carry up to 50kg (110 lbs).
  • Easy to clean
  • Has cushioned seats that can perfectly fit two kids.
  • Can be conveniently folded, saves roo
  • Can be easily assembled
  • Comes with a weather shade
  • Reasonably priced
  • Smooth ride quality
  • Compact
  • Sturdy Frame
  • Comfortable
  • A little overweight

Though introduced to carry kids around, this wagon has made quite a name for itself among all-purpose wagons. Buyers have reported that they have used it as a cart to carry groceries around, to carry their gear to the beach and picnic spot and much more. To find its suitability for your needs, you will have to delve deeper into the review.


Fairly speaking, this wagon is a little expensive for a weight carrying wagon. The retail price of near two hundred dollars is relatively high than the other wagons that come much cheaper and have nearly double the weight carrying capacity. But, you will have to look at it from a different perspective.

It, definitely, can carry your items around, but it is primarily made for carrying toddlers or teenagers. The comforting pad it provides and other safety features compel us to cut it some slack as far as the money is spent. Users vouched for its value, as many reported that it is a lot of bang for the buck.


This wagon can carry up to 50 lbs. half the weight a normal cart carries. Though capacity seems a downside, it is anything but a drawback. As I have already mentioned being a kids wagon, it is used to carry kids around, a maximum of two, and it does that quite efficiently. The company has done a significant job at making it comfortable than at its weight carrying capacity and provided that its primary utility as nursing equipment, one cannot question their thinking. 


This wagon is featuring large-sized wheels. These rubber cased wheels tread smoothly in all types of terrains thanks to the two sets of bearing in it. The large-sized wheels don’t allow much maneuverability, for example, sharp turns at the corner, but they definitely make pulling the wagon around a breeze. The tires are pretty well grooved to add to the grip. Overall, if it comes to that, the wheels will be the last thing that disappoints you.

Frame and Fabric:

This wagon features a stainless steel frame that is pretty much a baseline material. It is strong and durable, but one will have to be very cautious with it in a humid environment as it is highly susceptible to rusting. The fabric complements the frame by being tear-resistant and water-resistant. It can be hand-washed quite easily.

This wagon is also featuring a canopy to keep the kids protected from sun and rain. It should be appreciated as a valuable extra in the wagon. Also, it features a hand brake that pretty much needs to be used when stationary, otherwise the lightweight wagon will continue to roll.


When it comes to the convenience this cart truly stands out. The foremost aspect is the function of folding and quick-release wheels. If you have thoroughly read this, you might remember that one of my primary concerns was the room a wagon takes in the car. Well, the folding ability of the wagon is the perfect solution for it. Moreover, it takes little to no significant effort to assemble this cart.

There is a separate cushioned platform to provide the kids with maximum comfort. Though the wagon doesn’t allow relaxing the leg, the kids can comfortably sit in it cross-legged.

Last but not least is the ergonomically designed handle. The long handle makes it quite easier to pull the wagon around.

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