How to Use Old English Scratch Cover

Installing hardwood floors at home is an expensive choice. Therefore it is quite important to keep them scratch free and scuff-free. In case of such an incidence, the old English scratch cover comes in handy, which helps to cover those nicks.

Does Old English Really Hide Scratches?

Old English has been used for over 100 years to cover hardwood floors’ scratch and scuff marks. It has been formalized and engineered in such a way as to replenish the shiny look of hardwood effectively. 

Hardwood floor damage repair has become easy with the introduction of old English scratch covers. The product is said to be multi-purpose in nature and has proved to be a lifesaver for many. It can be said that the original look of hardwood is restored by applying this polish to the unsightly scratches and nicks.

How does an old English scratch cover work?

The old English scratch cover works very well in hiding the damage caused to the wood. The fresh, natural, and luxurious look of wood are restored by the use of this extraordinary scratch cover.

The scratch cover is made of oil, so it provides a protective layer finish to the wood surface by preventing moisture and water penetration in the wood to save it from further damage.

How to use Old English Scratch Cover

The old English scratch cover can be used on the hardwood to hide the scuff marks and scratches caused due to any reason. It visually conceals any damage caused to the hardwood and restores its natural shine.

The old English scratch cover is quite easy to use, and anyone can use it to retain the beauty of their floor.

Shaking the bottle of old English scratch cover is recommended well before use. A small quantity of the product must be taken on a clean, soft cloth and spread over damaged are to conceal the scratches. The old English scratch cover must be spread over the whole surface of the floor to give a clean finish. Finally, Allow the old English scratch cover to absorb the wood and then buff it dry to receive the lustrous shine back on the floor.

Can I use old English for unfinished wood?

No, the old English cannot be used for the unfinished wood. The raw form of wood must be first installed as floors, then sanded and refinished. Therefore, using an old English scratch cover on an unfinished floor is unnecessary because it is mainly used to cover the damaged floor and scratches. It does not have any role to be used as a polish. For that, an oil or aerosol spray should be used. 

Can I use old English scratch cover for light woods and dark woods?

Yes, the old English scratch cover can be used for light and dark wood. As much as the old English is famous for its wood scratch cover effect, so does its protection factor. The principle of the product is to save the floor from all sorts of stains besides concealing scratches. Thus, it does not allow the stains to penetrate the wood, be it dark or light. The product is available separately for both kinds of wood, having darker and lighter tones. 

Can I use old English scratch cover on hardwood floors?

Yes, old English can be used on hardwood floors. It is because the product is known for hiding the damages caused to the hardwood. Besides hiding the scratches, the product also provides a lustrous finish to the hardwood, thus presenting it just as new.

It also provides a protective layer on the surface of hardwood, thus saving it from further water and moisture damage. The product is generally available in two tones for both dark and light hardwood floors.

To apply the old English on the hardwood floor, it must be cleaned properly to remove dirt. Then, the product must be applied on a dry cloth and put on the damaged area to conceal it. Afterward, a wait of several minutes must be carried out to let the product penetrate the wood and give final look.

How much is the old English scratch cover drying time?

The old English scratch cover takes about 20 minutes to an hour to dry completely depending upon the quantity of product being applied on the hardwood floor. 

How long does old English scratch cover last?

The old English is quite famous for hiding the scratches on the hardwood; however, it is necessary to know the type of scratches it is being applied on. Though it provides a quick concealing effect to the wood, it is still easy for the wood to lose its effect after some time because of excessive wear and tear. 

How to remove old English scratch cover from wood?

Yes, the old English can be removed from the wood, as it is recommended to use the product with the help of a cloth. However, it can be easily removed from the surface in case of excessive usage. For this purpose, several methods can be applied, such as sprinkling white vinegar on the area and leaving it for a while. This step absorbs the excess oil and the area can be swept clean afterward. Moreover, a solution of water and vinegar can also be used where the area can be wiped after applying it. 


Can I use old English to stain wood?

Yes, old English can be used to stain darker wood. This method has proved to be more effective than using any kind of polish. The old English, besides giving a lustrous stain to the wood, also helps to clean the surface efficiently. 

Can I use old English scratch cover on leather?

Yes, old English scratch cover can be used on leather furniture. For that purpose, one can buy a product matching the furniture’s leather. The product must be carefully applied to the area of damage with the help of a cotton swab or dry cloth wrapped around the finger. The efficient results can be seen within minutes after the application process. 

Can I use old English scratch cover on cabinets?

Yes, old English scratch cover can be used on the cabinets. It is important to buy the same tone of scratch cover as the cabinet. The product can be applied to the area with the help of a dry cloth which must be taken in a small quantity to avoid any sort of stain.

Can I use old English scratch cover on floors?

Yes, the old English can be used on hardwood floors and clean them properly, besides hiding their damage and scratches. 

Can you use polyurethane over Old English Scratch Cover?

No, polyurethane should be used over old English scratch covers as it is a non-drying product that can easily damage the finishing effect of wood. This would result in the bubbling, peeling, and flaking of wood and a need to sand the wood. 

How do you use Old English black scratch cover?

The black old English scratch cover can also be used on wood surfaces, which are generally heavily damaged. Therefore, a coat of black products can hide the scratch marks easily. 

Wrapping UP

When it comes to wood, scratches and scuff marks are the most common. However, old English scratch remover has proved to be a great way to remove these marks without refinishing and sanding. It can be used for all types and shades of wood and is quite easy to apply. However, it is necessary to apply it often because its effect can diminish quickly after some time.