Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon Review

I don’t want to start this review by pitching run-of-the-mill marketing questions and their equally predictable answers: “Are you looking for one of the best stroller wagons in the market”? Or, “Do you want to get the best deal on the stroller wagons?” The answer goes something like this, “Look no further, here I reviewed the best wagon under the sun.”

Well, enough of that ‘nonsense’. The wagon I am going to review is certainly not the ideal wagon under the sun and people with a very tight budget can skip this review. I cannot be more honest with you. Many, and especially the ones with ridiculously high standards, will find this wagon undesirable and will waste their valuable time reading this review, so they, too, should better skip this one.

I have no partnership what-so-ever with the company, and though I might earn a few pennies if you happen to buy this product, I will try to present things as it is. As, when I present my analysis to you, my honor and credibility are on the line. And, I would better not give you the reason to question it.

There are a few things that I want to make clear at this point. This wagon costs under five hundred dollars: so unless you can fork out extra dollars for it, cross this item from your list. The wagon, despite the claim by the company of it being versatile, is unsuitable to be taken to picnic spots and the beach. And if you are adamant to do so, you will have to buy an extra pair of wheels to make it truly versatile.

I hope only concerned readers have followed me to this point. So without further ado, let’s move on to the review.

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Keenz 7S Wagon Stroller Review


  • It has 110 lb. weight carrying capacity.
  • Incorporates Aluminum Frame to minimize the weight of the wagon.
  • Comes with a canopy
  • Ergonomic design: it has built-in shoe storage, cup holder, grey cooler bag, canopy storage bag, and storage cover.
  • Foldable with enough room to accommodate early teenagers.
  • Light-weight
  • Decent weight-carrying capacity
  • Collapsible
  • Can be both pushed/pulled
  • Durable
  • It is a bit expensive.
  • The wheels are not suitable to carry to the beach and other rough places.

Before we get to the key features, let me mention that this wagon is entitled to the privilege of being an ‘Amazon Choice’ product. Hundreds of users have bought and rated it positively to make it happen, and if they can trust the wagon, it won’t harm you doing so.

Budget and Value

As I have mentioned earlier, this wagon is a bit expensive. However, I would like to add here that it is truly worth every dollar you are going to spend on it. It serves, and serves efficiently, its purpose at a stroller and can very well handle other items like grocery and gardening tools. Despite the claim by the company of it being an all-terrain wagon, you will find it considerably well-performing on even surfaces than the uneven ones e.g. beach and parks.


The 110 lbs. capacity is a great thing to have in a wagon, but it is certainly not the best one can get. There are carts that have more than 200lbs. capacity in a similar price range, so, we have every reason to expect more capacity from “Keenz”—the company behind the 7S stroller wagon.

Though I am still sticking to my point, the company’s perspective shall also be acknowledged. According to Keenz, a stroller wagon shall be more concerned about comfort and utility than to be a hauling beast. The explanation is convincing but is still short. The wagon shall at least be able to carry 150 lbs. as if other brands can make this happen, why not Keenz?


This cart features two small wheels at the front and fairly large wheels at the rear. This combination helps to increase the convenience of pulling the cart as well as the ability to maneuver at sharp corners. Therefore, the company claim that this wagon can be pushed and pulled with ease is not without grounds. It would not be a claim but a fact if the users faced no difficulty in pushing the cart. The cart under heavy load, and especially on uneven surfaces, becomes very difficult to handle.

The spring-suspension wheels, though pretty efficient on a smooth surface with an excellent ride quality, don’t perform well on beach sand. Nonetheless, you can’t reject this wagon outright just because it is not an all-rounder. It is going to add great value to your life as a dependable stroller and can be made further efficient by buying an extra pair of wheels.


One of the major advantages of this stroller wagon is the light-weight aluminum frame. As opposed to the stainless steel frame, which is a baseline for the wagon frame, the aluminum frame neither rust nor add extra weight to the wagon.

One major disadvantage of aluminum is its high malleability under heavy load. The 7S stroller wagon has managed to counter it by choosing a considerably thick aluminum. The 1.6mm aluminum frame meets all the standards for strength, and with its strong corrosion-resistant properties it is capable of lasting several years. In short, the frame makes the wagon durable and dependable.


What can we demand from the padding of a cart or wagon? At first, it could be effortlessly detached for cleaning purposes. Also, it must be thick enough to resist tearing apart in rough usage. And last, it should be UV resistant to retain its color and to protect it against cracking in extreme exposure to the sunlight.

Fortunately, the 7S stroller wagon doesn’t disappoint us in any of the expectations I mentioned above. The padding is 900 D polyester which is supremely thick, and therefore, can’t be ripped easily. Furthermore, it will not shed color or crack under high exposure to sunlight as it comes with a chemical treatment that protects it from harmful radiation.


Foldability is a must thing to have when you often have to carry the wagon around. If you have a small car or limited space available in the trunk, there is no point to buy a wagon that doesn’t easily fit, even if it meets all other criteria.

7S stroller wagon, as many users affirm in positive, can be easily fit inside nearly all types of vehicles, thanks to the sophisticated design that allows for foldability. This enormous wagon can be conveniently folded for compact storage and easy transportation.


Though the wagon’s prime purpose is to carry kids around, the first and foremost expectation that we could have from it is the incorporation of certain safety features. Well, the company made its best in this respect. To mention a few provisions that it has made, I would like to inform you that it is fitted with 5-point harnesses to keep the babies tightly in place. It also includes a one-touch parking brake and lockable front wheels, which are enhanced security features.  With a one-touch brake, you can instantly jam the rear wheels, while with the front wheels lock the movement, if not desirable, can be efficiently restricted.

The top-notch safety features, along with many features that ensure comfort, were the main reason that it has been endowed with ‘stroller certification’: ASTM F-833.


Second, only to safety and budget, comfort is the major criterion that drives the purchase decision of a stroller, and rightly so. After all, which parent wouldn’t like to have the maximum comfort for their kids?

As discussed above, the spring-suspension wheels that this wagon incorporates are second to none in providing excellent riding quality. They can be effortlessly pulled on the pavement and will do considerably well even on an even surface, provided that it is not swampy or soggy e.g. beach sand.

It also features two adjustable handles that offer multiple possible positions for complete comfort on the go. They can be adjusted to different height positions so taller parents won’t have to bend.


A canopy is a must-have to protect the kids from shade and rain. Keenz went the extra mile in the design of the canopy, and it definitely deserves the wide acclamation it got for it. The canopy is made up of 900 D polyester fiber that doesn’t easily rip or allows for cracking under extreme UV exposure. The featured drop-down drapes ensure privacy, whereas the side curtains can be used to protect the children from sensory overload mainly due to crowding and noise.


To maximize utility, it includes a cup holder, grey cooler bag, canopy storage bag, and storage cover. They don’t seem existing features to many, but in fact, they are extremely useful. The storage bag for the canopy and wagon contributes to tidiness and protection against extreme weather conditions.  The cooler bag, cup holder, and a separate storage place for snacks and dresses add to the convenience of the parents.


I won’t waver from the point I made in the introduction of this review. This wagon works excellent for the parents. Over two hundred enthusiast reviewers on Amazon alone affirmed the company’s claim of providing utmost safety, top-notch quality, and convenience to the users. And in the face of numerous features to validate this claim, I cannot resist but acknowledge the capability of the wagon to do so. However, those who are looking for a versatile wagon, primarily the one that can be taken to the beach, must consider buying an extra pair of beach wheels for that.

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