Radio Flyer Ultimate Family Wagon With Canopy (Review)

Almost all buyers, newbies more than experienced, are spoilt for choice when it comes to purchasing a wagon for riding or hauling. A part of it has to do with the sheer number of different wagons available in the market, undoubtedly huge; and a part has to do with the ignorance of buyers, equally huge.

There is one way, and the only one, to make it simpler and that is to predefine your needs and then filtering out the products as you navigate through the internet.  And if you have limited time at your disposal, you can trust reviewing platforms, like this one, for a specific product you need.

This post is dedicated to parents who want a dependable covered wagon to carry their kids around. Also, the people looking for a sturdy cart to haul gears and groceries will also find it useful. It is pertinent to inform you at this point that this wagon won’t cost you a fortune, and if the size isn’t a problem, you will be more than satisfied with it.

I have scoured scores of wagons on the internet and find Radio Flyer Wagon to be the most valuable of all. There are hundreds of enthusiastic buyers who acclaimed its utility as a reliable and all-terrain wagon and have vouched for its sound performance. So without further ado, let’s get straight to the review.

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Radio Flyer Ultimate Family Wagon With Canopy


  • Dimension: 42 x 20 x 15. It is collapsible, not foldable, so can be stored in a large trunk.
  • It can carry two children at maximum and has a weight carrying capacity of 200lb.
  • Non-tipping front axle for better security
  • Two fold-and-flip seats that can be arranged in five different ways
  • It comes with a canopy and a storage bag for it.
  • Reasonably priced
  • High weight carrying capacity
  • Safe and comfortable
  • All-terrain Wagon
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Unsuitable to be carried in cars with limited storage space.


1. Budget

The kids wagons come in all shapes and sizes, and thus, they definitely have different price tags. The elite ones of them are priced over 400$, and despite being high-quality products, they are out of range for a buyer with a tight budget in hand.

The wagon under consideration is anything but elite, but it fares better in performance and quality than the others that cost much higher than it. Radio Flyer Wagon has priced at a little over a hundred and fifty dollars, and it provides a lot of bang for the buck. Keep reading to find out yourself.

2. Weight carrying capacity

The wagon has a room for two kids at maximum with a labeled weight carrying capacity of 200 lbs. The labeled capacity is often not the actual capacity of the wagon, so you should not try to meet the extreme. Despite the good reputation of this wagon in terms of hauling a load, the maximum weight shall not exceed 150 lbs., as it keeps you on the safer side.

3. Wheels

This wagon features fairly large wheels to smoothen the riding experience. In case you don’t know, I can spell out the main difference between small and large wheels in a wagon. Large wheels can make the wagon easy to haul, while small wheels come handy on sharp corners to take swift turns.

The Radio Flyer Wagon performance suffers greatly in small spaces. But, we can accept this compromise for a safe and comfortable ride. The sturdy rubber tires roll smoothly and add to comfort; whereas, the non-tipping front axle ensures that the cart doesn’t overturn while taking sudden turns.

4. Canopy

A canopy protects the wagon from rain and sunlight. It must be water and UV resistant so the wagon could be in shade and is free from water that gets inside when it rains outside.  Fortunately, Radio Flyer Wagon does come with a canopy that is water, UV, and tear-resistant.

It can be removed/attached within seconds, thanks to a quick clip attachment system. Also, there is a storage bag for the canopy that keeps it tidy.

5. Design

One of the most striking aspects of this cart is the ingenuity of design. The two fold-and-flip can be arranged in a number of ways to provide 5 different settings in different circumstances. You can flip down both seats to make it a flatbed wagon to carry your items around, or can flip only one to make it an activity table for your kid. The other three styles are covered storage, storage and rid, and two child seating.

An illustration book comes with the wagon to help you navigate through different seating positions. Furthermore, there are four cup holders, two for kids and two for adults, on the inside and at the front of the wagon to make the drinks readily accessible. There is a hole in the bottom which drains water or other beverages accidentally spilled by the kids.

6. Foldability

This wagon is not foldable, hands down. So, it will take a lot of space in the back of your vehicle, and it will surely be a headache to carry if there isn’t room for it in the trunk. However, you can significantly reduce the fully assembled size by effortlessly detaching the wheels and folding over the handle, as the wagon is collapsible if not foldable.

7. Comfortability

The manufacturing company, Radio Flyer, has paid due attention to the comfortability of the cart. It has two seats that can be arranged in a number of ways. Instead of providing merely a pad to sit on, the company has gone to lengths to provide providing seating arrangements for the kids.

The large-sized wheels tread smoothly so the wagon can be pulled easily. Moreover, the long handle also adds to comforts as the tall users won’t have to bend to pull the wagon.

8. Safety:

The safety of the kids is the top priority of parents. I have already mentioned the role of the non-tipping front axle in keeping the wagon stable. With the safety lap belts, the company has gone the extra mile to keep the children securely in place.

9. Maintenance

This wagon has a pretty much simple design. Though made up of plastic, it is sturdy enough to last inevitable wear and tear over time. The maintenance cost is significantly low as reported by the scores of users online. Also, assembling the parts of the wagon is a no-brainer for even those who have little to no knowledge of wagon parts.

10. Usage

There is no doubt that this wagon is manufactured to provide the best riding experience to the tweenagers. Infants can also be carried on it. However, that doesn’t forbid us to use it as a cart to haul items to various places.

It has an enormous weight carrying capacity, nearly matching that of Wheeleez Heavy Duty Beach Cart, and a sufficiently large wheel to be carried to all kinds of terrains. It can tread on beach sand, provided that you load it lightly, and can be used to haul sports gear and grocery items. All in all, this is a truly versatile wagon in the market and worth every penny you are going to spend on it.

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