Seina Folding Beach Wagon – Utility Cart (Review)

The internet is deluged with beach carts of all types and sizes. Some of them are on the high end of quality, but expensive; while, a great many of them are cheap, but lacks in quality. You will be in a quandary to find the most valuable beach cart as there are only a few of them out there with hundreds of similar-looking products.

To steer you clear of confusion, I am telling you straightforwardly that this article will only be useful to those buyers who are looking for a cheap, foldable, and lightweight beach cart that gives the best value for the money. For those looking for a heavy-duty cart, and who can fork out a few extra dollars, Wheeleez Heavy Duty Beach Cart is worth trying. Others should keep reading the article.

The only two products that met the criteria I have mentioned earlier were folding wagon by SEINA and Beachcomber Wagon by Mac Sports. In this article, I have limited my analysis to the folding wagon by Seina. Those who are interested can visit the attached link to read the other review.

I have perused hundreds of reviews online to experience vicariously all the benefits of the product and the major drawbacks of it. So, without further ado, let’s get straight to the review.

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Seina Folding Beach Cart Review


  • Can haul weight up to 150 lbs.
  • Can be effortlessly folded
  • Is lightweight
  • Features stainless steel frame with 600 D fabric
  • Has large sized wheels.
  • Dirt Cheap
  • Sturdy
  • Foldable
  • Light-weight
  • Huge capacity
  • The cart tilt over if the weight is not evenly distributed on it.


This beach cart is one of the least expensive carts available in the market. As already mentioned earlier, it provides the best value for the money. Moreover, it provides a huge weight carrying capacity of 150 lbs., and can collapse to the size of a handbag. As far as convenience is concerned, one doesn’t need more.


This cart features large-sized plastic wheels. The front axle, in contrast to the rear axle, has two wheels with minimum separation as a design limitation. This tricycle-like wheel assembly often leads to the carts tipping over, especially when the load is not evenly distributed. Scores of users reported this particular problem, and therefore, it is the only major drawback of this cart.


It features a light-weight stainless steel frame to ensure longevity and strength. The collapsing of the frame is a sight to be seen as one marvel at the creativity of the manufacturers. The geometry makes the folding process quite painless. Also, the frame is powder-coated to protect it against the rusting that it inevitably get after several seasons in the humid beach environment.


The handle is ergonomically designed to meet user’s demands. It is strong and sturdy with a special head geometry to ensure a tight grip and stability. Also, it can be extended to a considerable height so the users won’t have to bend while pulling the cart around.


The cart’s fabric is 600 D polyester that can be easily removed. The symbol ‘D’ stands for Denier, a unit of thickness or density of a yarn. The number before it determines the thickness and the higher the number, the higher the thickness of the fabric. 600 D and 300 D are two different types of polyester in which the former, that this beach cart comprises, does the heavy-duty job and is durable.


As already mentioned, this cart has somewhat of a huge weight carrying capacity for its size: 150 lb. I would recommend you to weigh all your beach items before buying a beach cart and always buy a cart that has greater capacity than the cumulative weight of all your items. If you failed to do so, you will be carrying your items to the beach on multiple trips, thus defeating the purpose of the cart and making a fool out of yourself.


This card is foldable to an extent that you can carry it in your hand if you want to. It will certainly not take up much space in the trunk of your car, and as a matter of fact, it can fit in all types of cars. Its wheels are large-sized and can be conveniently pulled on both asphalt and sand. Lastly, the polyester fabric, which makes a major part of it, can be easily folded and hand-washed. So, as far as the convenience of use is concerned this beach cart is second to none.


Though primarily manufactured as a dependable cart for the beach, this cart can find many applications in your life. It can be used as a piece of essential gardening equipment to haul tools around. You can definitely use it to haul groceries around. Plus, its all-terrain wheels make it perfect to be taken to picnic spots and to haul your sports/ fishing gears. However, you can’t use it to give your kids a ride on it.

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