Costco Tommy Bahama Beach Cart (All Terrain) 2021 Review

The summer has just arrived, and all you can think about is tanning on a nearby beach. Or, you have been planning, in advance, for your summer vacation on a beach and want to buy all the necessary items to make it as enjoyable and easier as possible.

A tanning cream, a decent chair, a canopy or an umbrella, and a ton of other items will make their way into your list. And, in your passion to buy all essentials there are chances that you skip buying a beach cart to carry and manage them all for you. Believe it or not, that will be your most awful mistake.

A beach cart is an absolute necessity for a beach trip. Without it, you will have to haul all your items along with you as you will move to and fro shifting your items from the car to the beach. You might lose one or two items along the way or will experience an unnecessary pang of keeping track of all your items.

The very first thing is to buy a beach cart of your own unless you have a few items that they could be easily carried along. Once you have made that decision, and are ready to invest some money in it, the most logical thing that follows is a basic sort of research.

Well, you are free to consult any other resource you like, first, I would recommend identifying the key features of the product and your utmost needs from it.

In order to facilitate you so you must steer clear of the wrong choice, I have personally vetted four to five all-terrain beach carts and picked the best one of them.  You will find below its features, benefits, and a few downsides along with an in-depth review of the product.

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Tommy Bahama Beach Cart Costco

Affordable, Durable, and convenient are the top three adjectives that can fully define this beach cart in the minimum words possible. Before, dissecting this cart I want to inform you that this is not a kids wagon and you can only use it for carrying your items only.


The first and foremost aspect to consider is the price of the beach cart, as budget hold sway over all other factors while making a purchasing decision. A beach cart ranges from 50$ to 200$ depending upon the capacity and the strength of the cart. A particular brand identity raises the price bar to a little up, but it ensures that the product will never disappoint you in meeting certain expectations.

Tommy Bahama is a well-known name in the lifestyle products industry. The company has a customer base across all major continents, and it is especially adored for delivering top-notch products. Costco Tommy Bahama beach cart is certainly not the exception. It is backed by strong brand identity and is affordable which makes it affordable for many users.

All Terrain Beach Cart Weight and Capacity

By weight, I am referring to the actual weight of the beach cart. Hauling your cart that carries all your belongings from the car across the sand can be quite a daunting job, especially if the weight of the cart alone is too much to carry.

A cart should preferably be as lightweight as possible. In more specific terms, it should weigh between 15 and 25 lbs. Tommy Beach Cart meets this standard well. It weighs 17 lbs. and is definitely convenient to move along.

By capacity, I refer to the maximum weight that a cart can carry excluding its own weight. The most powerful carts can carry well over 150 lbs.; however, it is highly impractical to buy a cart well beyond your need. The 100lb capacity that Tommy Beach Cart offers is a dependable figure, as you will be able to carry all your essential items in that range.

Material Used In Tommy Beach Cart

A beach cart is fundamentally made up of a steel frame and a fiber sheet.

The quality of steel adds to the durability and strength of the frame. This cart features powder Coated Steel frames to maximize durability and strength. In case if you don’t know, powdered coated steel is corrosion and chip resistant. In a humid environment like that of a beach, corrosion resistance is a desirable feature.

The fabric can be of polyester or canvas, and both do exceptionally well in terms of tear resistance. The latter is a bit stronger than the other. This cart features a polyester fabric to survive for several years. Furthermore, most part of the fabric is meshed to easily cleanse the cart of sand particles.


The wheels are the deterministic feature that will define your hauling experience with the cart. There are two key features to consider in wheels: quality of material from which they are made, and their size.

Cartwheels, like that of skateboards and inline skates, are generally made from polyurethane. However, many companies tend to use cheap plastic wheels to make the product economical for users.

This cart features a set of sturdy wheels, though not of polyurethane, that will last for many years.

The size of the wheel should also be considered as smaller wheels tend to sink in the sand. This cart has 10 in large wheels on the rear side and dual steer, 360 wheels on the front. This combination is the best compromise between maneuverability and convenience.

Also, all the wheels are easily detachable for maintenance purposes.


Versatility is always a plus point in any product. A beach cart that can adjust to different terrains adds great value to the life of users.

The cart in the crosshairs, Tommy Bahama Beach Cart, is versatile and can easily handle different terrains. You can take your fishing gear to the piers, golf kit to the course, and food and other accessories to a picnic spot. However, it must be kept in mind that this cart gives an unexceptional performance on different terrains except for the beach where its performance will be over the top.


The convenience of usage is the most desirable feature in a beach cart. The convenience in the beach cart is defined by the ride quality of its wheels, and its ability to fold/unfold effortlessly.

I have already discussed the part played by wheels inconvenience, and Tommy beach carts do well in this respect. The ability to fold/unfold, and the ease to do it, also adds to the convenience.

Tommy Bahama Beach Cart is foldable, and thus, it saves considerable space in your car trunk. Also, the card can be effortlessly folded or unfolded, so you won’t have to put extra effort into it. There is a mesh pouch to keep your electronic devices away from the food and other items and allows you to use them readily.

One other thing that warrants admiration is the incorporation of the cushioned handle to maximize the comfort of the user. It can be both pushed and pulled and is a height-adjustable handle to provide an ergonomic grip.


  • It can carry up to 100lb, or 45 kg, weight.
  • You can painlessly fold it to save your car’s trunk storage.
  • Cushioned Handle to maximize the comfort of the user
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame to maximize durability and strength
  • 10″ Rear Wheels & Dual Steer Front Wheel for better maneuverability.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Above-average weight carrying capacity
  • Convenient to use
  • Foldable
  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Some users complained that the wheels wear off within a couple of month usages

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