Trendy Designs: 5 Window Blinds You Can Use As an Inspiration

Decorators, designers, influencers, and every creative person with a social media account starts coming up with new and beautiful designs every other season.

Therefore, looking into trending home décor ideas is not easy, as you might feel overwhelmed with the options and choices right in front of you.

This season is no different. There are many lovely window décor designs all over the internet as well. But to make things much simpler for you, here are some of the top window treatments you can choose from for your home.


Textured Curtains –Most Rooms

There are many options for drapes to go with vintage décor, but the one most hit this season might be the textured curtains. They add a charm to the vintage décor like no other.

Getting curtains that have an airy and light texture can allow you to add a particular softness to the room. You can also benefit from plenty of sunlight while still getting a little privacy in your home.

You can also double the curtains by installed some thick curtains over the light-textured ones. This look would be lovely, especially with a big window.


Classic Wood Blinds –Kitchens

To make a contemporary kitchen design even more picture-perfect, you can look into adding wooden blinds.

A contemporary kitchen design is a minimalistic one. From sophisticated color schemes to sleek cabinets, it’s a modern and completely functional design. If you already have a minimalistic kitchen, find the perfect wooden blinds for your space. You can look into those and countless other options on Select Blinds Canada.


Sheer Shades with Curtains –Living Rooms

Many people go with lovely curtains or blinds for their living rooms. But, have you ever seen a design that has a mixture of both?

Depending on the colors in your living room, you can select many tones. But the most popular way to do it is going with dark-colored curtains with light-toned sheer shades.

You can also get twice the benefit of this design. The sheer shades can be used to control the amount of light entering the room and privacy with it. On the other hand, the drapes can help you completely block all-natural light and blackout the space for complete privacy.


Floor to Ceiling Drapes –Living Rooms

Drapes that go all the way up from the floor to the ceiling aren’t new. They have been trending for quite some time, and it seems like the trend isn’t going anywhere soon.

Keeping your living room décor in mind, you can look around for the right color and material for these long drapes for your home. With the right décor, these drapes can add drama and just a touch of casualness to your living room.


Roman Style Shades –Bathrooms

Finding the right type of window treatments for your bathroom can be incredibly challenging because privacy is a massive concern. However, you still want to get a pleasing appearance.

Therefore, roman style shades might be the perfect option. They can completely block out the windows to provide privacy, and they can add to your bathroom décor.