Wheeleez Folding Beach Cart Review

I assume that all of you reading this article are here to buy a beach cart. Your motivation to buy one can vary, but all of you want to lead to the same end—a cart, like wheeleez folding beach cart, that can last wear and tear for long; it is reasonably priced and must address your needs.

The foremost thing prior to buying a beach cart is to define your needs, and one must be very specific about it. For instance, you should weigh all your beach party items and come up with a specific figure. (For example, 110lbs.)And then, after adding 10-20 lbs. extra weight into it, look out for the cart that can easily accommodate the load.

In this article, I have reviewed a heavy-duty cart that bears no significant advantage to those who have little to carry to the beach. The budget was my main concern, so to be brutally honest, I have favored the cart that gives a lot of bang for the buck. I make sure of that after scouring hundreds of reviews online.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to the product.

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Wheeleez Folding Beach Cart Review


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Weight carrying capacity of 165 lbs.
  • Can handle soggy sand due to low-pressure ballooned wheels.
  • High convenience of use.
  • Top-notch frame quality
  • Budget Beach Cart
  • High weight carrying Capacity
  • Dependable
  • Durable
  • No specified Warranty policy

It is easier to trust a popular brand than an unknown one, for the former has many things to lose by offering a faulty product. The very first thing in line is reputation, and good companies go to great lengths to save it. The company behind this beach cart, Wheeleez, is immensely popular for manufacturing beach products. It provides solid customer support and excellent quality as appraised by thousands of overjoyed reviewers on Amazon.

Enough has been said about the company, let’s assess the product on its own merits.


This wheeleez folding beach cart is the cheapest, most valuable heavy-duty cart available in the market, hands down.

The price tag of under three hundred dollars might seems a bit expensive than other beach carts that can even come in a hundred dollars, but you must give it a second thought. It has a superior weight carrying capacity, sturdy frame, and dependable wheels to justify its budget claim, and though you need not agree with me, I am quite convinced.


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It can particularly handle beach terrain and can adjust to a great many terrains. It will not sink or plow into soft sand or soggy turf and can do well on other challenging terrains. The credit for this goes to low-pressure ballooned wheels.

For those who are unfamiliar with treading a cart on beach sand, it would be quite interesting to know that one will have to exact more force than on leveled terrain. The small-wheels sink and the extravagant ones are difficult to maneuver. Moreover, the wheels shall better be wide than thin-sized.

This beach wagon features oversized balloon wheels that can carry heavy loads without sinking into the sand. Moreover, these 30 cm polyurethane beach wheels are convenient to detach and sturdy enough to bear extreme abuse.


If not an all-terrain cart, this cart can fit in a lot of different situation that truly makes it valuable.

It has a huge weight carrying capacity of 165 lbs., enough to carry all types of sports gear. Plus, you can use it to haul your fish gear to the local pier. On one hand, it is a perfect beach cart for hauling coolers, picnic equipment, beach chairs, boogie board/surf equipment, and umbrellas for a day at the beach. While, on the other, it is also ideal for gardening, moving sensitive camera and sound equipment, or gear-hauling for sporting events.


After wheels, the quality of frame material requires serious consideration. This cart is featuring a gray powder-coated frame of stainless steel.

Stainless steel is the baseline material in cart manufacturing. The major cons are its susceptibility to rust, and heavyweight. However, the cons can be ignored in favor of the benefits it offers. It is strong and durable. The gray powder-coated frame in wheeleez folding beach cart is protected against rust, thus compensating for the only major con in stainless steel.


The most desirable thing in a beach cart is the level of comfort it allows. The beach cart under consideration performs well in this respect. The three most striking aspects include its feature of folding, the comfortability of its handle, and the easily detachable wheels.

Foldability makes it compact. It can be easily fit in the trunk of a car, no matter how small the size of the car is. Easily detachable wheels further add to compactness. There are bungee cords, tie-down straps, and an elastic band to tie the luggage. However, in my opinion, the company should rethink this aspect of design.  A strong fabric, instead of mere chords, can better hold the luggage. Plus, it could prevent the entry of sand into the beach items.

Last but not least is the adjustable telescopic handle that goes from 29″ to 49″, so the height will never be an issue to pull the cart. The top of the handle is wrapped with foam to maximize the comfort of the user.


The final decision to buy this cart rests with you. This cart is surely not a universal cart and designed for only heavy-duty jobs. So, buyers with less than 100 lbs. to carry and on a very tight budget shall skip this one. They can, instead, check out other carts like Mac Sports Collapsible Wagon and Rio Wonder foldable Beach Cart. Those of you who can spend a little extra money and want a little upon weight carrying capacity must check out Wheeleez Heavy Duty Beach Cart. I have tried to present to you the best that I could, and if you want to share something with me, do leave a comment.

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