Wheeleez Heavy Duty Beach Cart Review

Hauling your language from the car parking to the beach is an exacting job, especially when you have a great number of items to carry and have to make several rounds to carry them to the right place. A beach cart comes very handy in this scenario. With an easy push or pull mechanism, it requires minimum effort to haul your luggage from one spot to another.

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Beach carts come in all shapes and sizes. They are primarily categorized on the bases of their capacity, price, and quality of the material of which they are made. Our focus in this article will solely be on the heavy-duty beach carts.

The heavy-duty beach carts shall not be judged by the standards of normal carts, as they are required to perform tasks disproportionately greater to the extent to the normal carts. They should be strongly built to withstand the maximum amount of load, be lighter in weight so that their own weight shall not add burden on the user, and must be long-lasting as no one want to fort out extra dollars for maintenance.

While the essential expectations from a heavy-duty beach cart are limited to the ones I mentioned above, there are a few extras that, if present in the cart, makes it highly valuable. For instance, the versatility of the cart, or the number of ways it can be used, makes it superior to other competitors. Though heavy-duty carts tend to be costly, there is no harm expecting that you can get a fairly good cart at a reasonable price.

What follows next is a detailed review of Wheeleez Beach Cart which I have personally vetted after scouring tons of carts available online. So without further ado, let’s get straight to the review.


  • Huge weight carrying capacity of 220lbs.
  • Balloon Wheels(16.5 Diameter x 7.9W inches)
  • Weighs almost 29lbs
  • Frame made of Marine Grade Anodized Aluminum to keep the cart lightweight
  • High-Density Polyethylene Tub to last longer
  • Heavy Duty Mesh Beach Bag included (12H x 10L x 5.5 inches)
  • Multipurpose
  • Strongly-built
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Includes a Beach Bag
  • High weight carrying capacity
  • It is a little bit expensive

All heavy-duty carts have high standards of quality, they could not afford less, for, after all, they have a reputation to maintain.


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With respect to material quality, there are two fundamental things to be looked into in a cart: frame material and tub material.

The frame is usually made up of stainless steel, the most preferred material due to high durability and strength. However, this beach cart is exceptional in this respect. It is featuring marine-grade anodized aluminum popular for its high strength, formidable corrosion resistance and low density. Not only anodization provide it excellent resistance to salty water in the long-term sea wind and rain, but also being a marine grade material makes it as lightweight as it’s practically achievable.

The cart shall not be judged only by its frame alone, the tub also holds its due Importance. The tub is made up of high-density polyethylene that is known for being higher chemical resistance, high strength-to-density ratio, and environment-friendly.


The ease of usage is the most desired feature of a beach cart, as nobody wants to spoil a beach trip having a difficult time pulling their cart. The most important feature in this respect is the foldability of the cart, the ease with which it can be done. The handle surface also plays a critical role in determining convenience.

This heavy-duty cart is not foldable, its design doesn’t allow it. However, it can be easily fit inside the trunk of a car by removing its wheels which can be effortlessly done. Its balloon wheel makes it easy to be pushed/pulled on the sand with a heavy load inside. In fact, they are designed to move over soft sand so smoothly that even a child can pull it.

The handle is not padded so users have to face a little inconvenience there.


Although this cart is specifically designed for the beach, it can do well on different terrains too. The most predictable clue that makes it a beach cart is its large-sized balloon wheels. They can tread well on the sand with absolutely no chance of getting struck. It can carry all the gear in a single trip with its huge weight carting capacity of 220lbs. From table, chairs and cooler to tanning cream, towel and umbrella you can well all sorts of items in it.

Apart from the beach, you can perfectly carry it to other places. It can be used to take care of your fishing and hunting equipment, or on a very small scale, it can be used in beach cleanup operations. This cart is equally suitable to be taken to environmentally sensible places, as both its frame and tub are highly resistant to the effect of harmful chemicals.

Maintenance Cost:

The only downside of this cart is its high price which stands a little over 400$. But the company compensated it well by keeping the maintenance cost to the minimum.

If the opinion from scores of users is to be rejected as biased, it’s simple, yet sturdy, built-up is a profound precursor of its longevity. The two materials from which it’s built, marine-grade aluminum and polyethylene, last several seasons and may serve for a lifetime if you do not follow trendy fashions all the time.  You might have to pay a fairly high price for this cart, but you will save a handsome amount on the maintenance.


This cart doesn’t have a lot to offer in terms of extras. It comes with a mesh beach bag that caters to all your sensitive accessories. The major benefit of meshed fabric is the ease of cleaning it offers, as there are ample chances of beach sand getting into your items. Moreover, the bag is equally durable and strong.

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