Rio Wonder Wheeler Beach Standing Cart Review [Wide and Foldable]

Any regular visitor to the beach will acknowledge the fact that it is no fun to go there without a beach cart unless, obviously, you don’t have many things to carry.  A beach cart cut short a number of tedious and laborious trips from your car parking to the beach. It has a pretty good room to carry all the essential belongings of a person and is definitely a valuable addition to life.

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As beach carts come in all shapes and sizes, you will find yourself in a quandary to find the right one, provided that you are a beginner and buying your very first cart for the upcoming beach trip. Some heavy-duty carts, like the Wheeleez Beach Cart, have a price tag of 400$ and are definitely off-limits to a tight-budget buyer. Here, we will only be discussing the cart that provides the best value possible in the minimum amount spend.

Before moving to the review, let’s make certain things clear. The price isn’t always a determiner of good quality. You can find all top-notch qualities in a budget cart: given, first, you have made a list of all your needs, and secondly, you have a thorough understanding of all necessary parameters.

As far as your needs are concerned, make a list of all your essentials and then decide the storage capacity for them. Also, you must be very concerned about the storage space in the car trunk for the cart. Tight space in the trunk makes the foldability of the cart a must requirement. Later, you must move to the beach cart where you must know about all the essential constituents: frame material, wheels, and fabric quality.

Once you have all your essential needs at your fingertips, look out for the highly inexpensive cart that covers all your essentials. Well, of course, you have every right to do that yourself, I have added my two cents regarding the cheapest beach cart below.


Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart Review


  • Considerable weight carrying capacity of 100lbs.
  • The storage capacity of 15-cubic feet.
  • Deluxe removable tote bag to carry sensitive accessories.
  • Wide wheels that can adjust to nearly all types of terrains.
  • Sturdy Steel Frame
  • Can hold 48 quarts cooler on the bottom rack
  • Dirt Cheap.
  • All-terrain beach cart
  • Foldable
  • Durable
  • Some users reported that wheels quality is not up to par.

Wonder Wheel standing beach cart by Rio is one of the most inexpensive carts available out there. With an under $80 price tag, the company has tried to offer the most demanded features in a beach cart: strength, durability, and convenience. It has been acclaimed by hundreds of buyers, and some, who often demanded more than it can provide, came up with the harshest comments.

Anyways, without further ado, let’s go through all of them one by one. I have structured this review in a way that delves deeper into every detail of the cart.


The wheels of a beach cart determine two things: the ride quality and versatility of the cart. Many inexperienced buyers fall prey to carts with small-sized wheel, due primarily to the powerful marketing campaign of the company, and then lament their decision later.

The first and foremost thing to consider in a beach cart is the size of the rear wheel. It must be as large as possible so that the cart must not sink in the sand when subjected to heavy load. Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart doesn’t disappoint in this respect, and soon we will know why.

This wonder wheeler wide beach cart features wide all-terrain 10in wheels in the back and relatively small articulating wheels in the front. It must be noted that the cart must be pulled in the sand to take the best advantage of large wheels. The wide geometry of the wheels ensures that the cart treads well on the sand irrespective of the fact that it is dry or wet or deep or shallow. The small 360 wheels are conditioned to use on more even surfaces, where it aid in turning around the sharp corners.


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I would highly recommend you not to compromise on the capacity of the beach cart. It is primarily there so you don’t have to make several trips, and if a beach cart could not do that, there is no point buying it.

The essential items on a beach trip don’t weigh more than 100lbs for a small family. For a single person, 100 lbs. capacity is more than enough. Therefore, many beach carts have made this number, 100, as their benchmark and are built to carry weight a little under the labeled capacity. Rio Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart is no different.

Its 15cubic feet messed bag can carry almost 100lbs quite effectively.  A buyer reported that she carried all sorts of beach trip items in the cart without even having room to spare. Her list includes a cooler, a sun shelter (beach tent), 2 boogie boards, 2 beach chairs, a beach umbrella, a child’s slide, a beach blanket, a bag of beach toys, and another bag with our Bluetooth Speakers and Beach towels. I don’t think your list will be as expansive as that, so capacity will not be an issue with this beach cart.

Quality of frame and fabric material:

To be very honest, the frame of this cart isn’t made up of the strongest material on the earth.  It will definitely fail if you put pressure on it beyond its capacity, or subject it to extreme abuse. Also, you can’t expect it to last forever. There is an extent to which you can expect something from a cart, beyond which, any good cart will be a low-quality product for you.

This rio beach cart is featuring stainless steel which is pretty much a baseline frame material. It has an edge in strength and durability over other materials, but it adds to the overall weight of the cart. The messed fabric in the beach cart is not a surprise, as it is a must in all beach carts. It makes the cart easy to clean and does not allow the sand particles to accumulate in the bag.

Convenience of Use:

If you are short in storage space, the foldability of the cart must be your top priority. Fortunately, this cart can collapse to a size of nearly half, thus saving a lot of space in the car trunk.

The design of the cart’s handle defines the user experience. An ill-designed cart handle will discomfort you greatly while pulling the cart on the sand. Wonder Wheeler Beach cart features an extended, stroller-style handle with neoprene grip to maximize the convenience of use and comfort of the buyer. It is ergonomically designed to save space.


This cart offers only a few extras: a deluxe removable tote bag, side umbrella holder, and bottom rack. The bag is messed to keep it free of sand particles. It keeps your sensitive accessories like electronic products away from the luggage and makes them readily available.

The side umbrella holder ensures that your one hand remains free while pulling the cart, whereas, the bottom rack can be used to store a cooler. There is also a stand to carry beach chairs which should be carefully used as it is the most vulnerable section in the cart.


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